Roi Ottley Collection  

St. Bonaventure University

No Green Pastures

Published: 1951 Charles's Scribner's Sons New York, NY  

Price: $3.00

Pages: 234

Reviews:  " Ottley records the facts surrounding the situation of the Negro in Europe today with all the verve and color employed during his tours on duty as a war correspondent for Liberty Magazine, PM, the Pittsburgh Courier and the Overseas News Agency  ...Ottley Rips the veil of illusion from the face of racial serenity in Europe.  --Michigan Chronicle

"To (Europe) Ottley says, 'Look for the mote in your own eye.'  It is there, and this sharp and documented report finds it."  Thomas Sugrue The New York Times October 18, 1951

"A skilled reporter who sets down the facts as he sees them, he writes with verve and a sharp eye for colorful detail, dramatizing his comments with episodes and portraits and filling in the historical background whenever necessary....Only a Negro writer could treat this subject with such intimate understanding, and Mr. Ottley is virtually the only American Negro with the special experience necessary.  His book is intensely readable and a work of first importance."  --The Reporter Berlin, NH  January 17, 1952

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