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Select bibliography of articles by Ottley:

"Hectic Harlem", New York Amsterdam News February 1, 1936 p.8

"Germans Fear Soviets Most After Defeat", PM Monday August 7, 1944

"Ottley Reports on Negro White-Troop Relations", PM Thursday, September 21, 1944

"Negro Troops Run Supplies to Front Line", PM Monday, September 25, 1944

"German Tank Crew Tortured and Killed French Villagers",  PM Sunday, October 1, 1944

"Famed French Writer Took Nazis for a Ride", PM Tuesday, October 3, 1944

"French System of Justice Works Despite Confusion", PM Sunday, October 15, 1944.

"There's No Race Problem in the Foxholes", PM Monday, January 1, 1945

"Fascists Used Jim Crow Against Allies", PM Thursday, January 4, 1945

"Effects of Nazi Brutality Linger in Liberated Areas", PM Friday, January 5, 1945

"Dark Angels of Doom", Liberty, March 10, 1945

"Pope Praises Conduct of Our Troops in Italy", Pittsburgh Courier, May 19, 1945

"Eyewitness Report on Reign of Terror in Greece", PM Sunday July 15, 1945

"Ottley Says Jackie Robinson Incident Stirs South Side", Chicago Tribune November 22, 1953 

"Ottley Recalls his Private Audience with Pope Pius XII", Chicago Tribune December 20, 1953  

"Ottley Cites Negro Progress During During 90 Years of Freedom", Chicago Tribune January 3, 1954

"Ottley Tells of Lincoln's Confidence in ex-Slave", Chicago Sunday Tribune February 14, 1954

"Army Mixes Races, Morale Rises", Chicago Sunday Tribune March 21, 1954 

"My Talk with Talmadge"  Bronzeville Magazine November, 1954?

"Cubs' Two Colored Players Put Team First", Chicago Sunday Tribune May 30, 1954

"Negro Surgeon Earns Acclaim" Chicago Sunday Tribune March 20, 1955

"Many Negroes Owe Happy Homes to R. R. Taylor", Chicago Tribune May 21, 1955 

"Gibson Lauded for Economic Aid to Negroes", Chicago Tribune July 23, 1955

"Negro Believed First Settler in Windy City", Chicago Tribune September 25, 1955

"Nearing 85, Negro Physician Wants to 'Wear Out', Not Give Up" Chicago Tribune November 27, 1955

"Jesse Ownes Also Winner in Diplomacy", Chicago Tribune January 21, 1956

"Why Negroes Flock to North", Chicago Sunday Tribune April 29, 1956

"Race Relations Studied By Police", Chicago Sunday Tribune May 27th, 1956, p.3

"Chicago Born Negro Surgeon Wins Acclaim", Chicago Tribune September 8, 1956

"Ottley Tells Negroes' View of '56 Campaign", Chicago Tribune October 15, 1956 

"Jefferson Tells Man's Equality", Chicago Tribune December 30, 1956 

"Negro Woman Brings Better Race Harmony", Chicago Tribune January 5, 1957

"Negro Doctor Tries to Cure Dope Addicts", Chicago Tribune April 13, 1957

"White Man Aids Negroes in Hunt for Church Sites", Chicago Tribune October 13, 1957 

"Negro Directs Big Hyde Park Postal Force", Chicago Tribune January 18, 1958

"Social Worker on South Side Tells His Aims", Chicago Tribune July 26, 1958

"A Young Negro Fills Top Job in Realty Firm", Chicago Tribune August 16, 1958 

"Negro Housing Shortage Eased", Chicago Tribune September 21, 1958

"Negro Woman Attains Goal as Accountant", Chicago Tribune September 28, 1958

"Negro Pastor Uses Tithing to Buy Church", Chicago Tribune October 4, 1958

"Negroes Form Company; Film Jazz Documentary", Chicago Tribune October 5, 1958

"Ottley Tells of Pope's Grasp of Race Issue", Chicago Tribune October 10, 1958 

"Grandmother, in 70's Takes Over Company", Chicago Tribune October 19, 1958

(The St. Bonaventure University Archives has several hundred more newspaper articles written by Roi Ottley.)

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