Roi Ottley Collection  

St. Bonaventure University


Roi Ottley's World War II : The Lost Diary of an African American Journalist. Edited with an introduction by Mark A. Huddle.  Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2011.

Based on the typescript of Ottley's journal in the collection. This unpublished piece was brought to Mark Huddle's attention while he was on the history faculty of St. Bonaventure University.  The book chronicles Ottley's experiences from June-Dec. 1944 in Europe and North Africa.  It also includes selected pieces that Ottley wrote concerning the war from 1942-1946.  Huddle's "Introduction: Roi Ottley's War: Black Internationalism and the Long Freedom Struggle" briefly summarizes Ottley's career and the context in which that took place.

The journalistic publications included in the volume include:

"A White folks' war?"
"Roi Ottley sees Negro troops in action in Normandy"
"Progressive trend seen in British colonial policy"
"Cripps Gives Official View on India Issue"
"Belgium to Rule Congo without Major Changes"
"Dixie Invades Britain"
"Famed French writer Took Nazis for a Ride"
"France Plans Sweeping Reforms for Colonies"
"French System of Justice Works Despite Confusion"
"There's No Race Problem in the Foxholes"
"Facists Used Jim Crow against Allies"
"Eyewitness Report on Reign of Terror in Greece : men and women anti-Fascists jailed, tortured by the thousands"
"Nuernberg Trials mold pattern of "collective guilt" principle.

Friedsam Library call number: D811.5 .O86 2011

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