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The three types of “proofs” that are present in our collection are Galley Proofs, Master Proofs and Page Proofs.


Galley Proofs

A proof taken from the 'galley '(the long shallow metal tray used by compositors to hold type after it has been set) before the copy has divided into pages; in modern terms, a proof taken before taken before the division of the copy into pages.


Master Proofs

A typesetter's  proof, read and marked with corrections and queries; a marked proof.


Page Proofs

The proofing stage galley proofs, but before machine proofs, in which the matter has been segregated into pages (with or without illustrations).

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The University of Texas at El Paso has a much larger collection of S.L.A. Marshall's papers in their Special Collections.

Libertary is a website that provides entire books to read online for free. They include John Marshall's book Reconciliation Road: A Family Odyssey, a memoir of his grandfather, S.L.A. Marshall, and the family breach caused when the younger Marshall sought conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War.

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