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This page lists St. Bonaventure University's archival holdings of S.L.A. Marshall's book, Pork Chop Hill. Publication information, and reviews, about the book and movie are included.

Story Description:
"Pinpoints the action of the 16 April 1953, 48 hour battle in Korea, according to the men in the action" (Book Jacket)






Archival Holdings



Pork Chop Hill (Opening Pages: typescript)
23 p.; 21.5x28

Physical Description:

Tan or white pages of varying textures; good condition.  Black dark finger-print smudge marks, some pages have large numbers along left margin.  All pages contain horizontal creases, either two or one in middle, probably where paper folded to fit in envelope.  Contains: caption cup pages; page with title in middle in small letters; other books published page; more detailed title page; copyright page, with writing on both top and bottom; dedication page; contents page; map listings page; preface.  Pages contain small hole in upper-right hand corner.  Editorial corrections in green ink, pencil and blue, pink, red, and purple colored pencils.  Corrections deal with margins, spelling, or appearance of page.  Green check mark appears on top of most pages.  Introductory pages numbered in bottom right-hand corner by hand.  Preface pages numbered in top right-hand corner in roman numerals by hand; some pages have a type-written number, either crossed out or written over with a roman numerals.  Preface page numbered one through fourteen.  "Marshall-Pork" written in top left-hand corner of some pages in various colored pencils. 


Pork Chop Hill (typescript)
253 p.;  21.5x28cm

Physical Description:

Tan, thick-textured pages (similar to stationary) with vertical crease in the middle and minimal smudge marks.  Editorial corrections in pencil; blue, red, pink and black colored pencil; and two (2) forms of green ink; one green ink the same as appears in other pages.  Large number of corrections, in various handwritings, for grammar, and insertion and deletion of text.  "Marshall-Pork" appears in top left-hand corner of first two pages in pink pencil and underlined. 

Pages numbers in top center with 5-digit stamp, containing a range of zeroes at beginning of number (ex: 00001, 00055, 000230, etc).  Pages numbered from 1-249.  Pages also type-numbered in top right hand corner and crossed out in blue ink: numbers correspond to the respective number particular page is in chapter.  First pages of each chapter do not contain typed-number and have title of chapter typed beneath stamped number.  Page 91 does not have the stamp number or type-number in right-hand corner: has "91" in top middle in type; contains three pages, stapled together: 91, 91A, 91B, with 91B facing different direction than all other pages.  Text contains title page for each book: "Book I Pork Chop Hill" and "Book II The Patrols."  Book numbers in Roman numerals, but crossed out and written as word numbers.



Pork Chop Hill  (typescript: index) 
23 p.; 21.5x28cm

Physical Description:

White paper with some dark discolorations; massive numbers of black finger print smudge marks and two horizontal lines perceived to be envelope folds.  "INDEX" at top center of first page, with "1" at top in pencil; following pages numbered 2-23 at top center in type: “Marshall – page #”; page 23 has the number “1” in pink ink and circled in pink at bottom.   Text typed along left-hand margin of page.  Editorial corrections in pencil, pink colored pencil and black ink.  Revisions deal mostly with indentations, spelling errors, and various points for insertion.   



Pork Chop Hill (galley proofs)
86 p.; 18.5x59.5cm

Physical Description:

Long, tan paper with crease approximately in middle horizontally.  Some pages discolored, mostly those towards the front.  Rips along vertical sides of certain pages,  mostly those in front; pages 1-2 very ripped up along vertical edges and taped along side.  Tops of later pages frayed.  Small, human-created (?) prick in upper right-hand corner above right-hand margin of most pages; smaller than hole punch and bigger than pencil prick.  Black fingerprint smudge marks on some pages, mostly on bottom of paper. 

Typed heading: "[Page Number]-MARSHALL: Pork 11 Electra 24X14 Kaines [Date] (11)" appears on top of each page and spans width of page.  Dates run from April 27-May 7; pages run 1-83.  Handwritten letters in green ink appear on top right-hand corner of text pages: E/J pgs. 1-31; E/B pgs. 32-34; K/J pgs. 35-38; K/B 39-83. Pages 1 and 2 stapled together with title page of first book (approx. 8.5inX11in.) between: "Book One~ Pork Chop Hill"; page very ripped up and right side very frayed.  Page 52 has title page of second book (approx. 8.5inX11in.) stapled to it approximately in middle: "Book Two~ The Patrols."  Page 83 has blank page of equal length stabled to back.

Numerous editorial markings appear on each page, in green ink,  pencil, and red and pink colored pencil.  Green ink corrections mostly circled.  Corrections deal with grammar, insertion of words or phrases, or reference to illustrations.  Check-marks appear on various pages.  Green lines appear next to selected text.  Some editorial marks are questions followed by answers; pg. 44 "See gal 40.  Which way?" (green ink, question circled) "OK.  it's 'James'" (red colored pencil).

Page following book text with typed header: "MARSHALL-PORK (Captions: 9 Electra 24X10) Gould June 4     6".  "E/N" in green ink in upper right-hand corner.  Corrections in green ink and pencil.  Slanted pencil-written "A57" followed by writing in upper left-hand corner.  Listing of captions, with green slash through them; numbered in pencil along left-hand margin, 2-23 and "12a" and "12b".


Pork Chop Hill (master proof)
approx. 151 p.; approx 15.5x47.5cm   

Physical Description:

Long, tan paper with crease approximately in center horizontally.  First few pages discolored, but rest in mostly fair condition.  Some pages frayed on vertical side, mainly towards front.  Small, human created (?) prick in upper right-hand corner above right margin of selected pages; smaller than hole punch and bigger than pencil prick.  Corners of some pages folded over in small creases.  Black fingerprint smudge marks on some pages, primarily in upper left-hand corner of page above text.

Pages divided into two sections, with 2 pages worth of print on each; even-numbered pages at top and odd-numbered pages on bottom.  Numbered 32-304, with index afterwards.  Foot  of  first page  has "Book I~ Pork Chop Hill" and "31" in lower right-hand corner printed in green-ink; book text starts at bottom.  Even-numbered pages: page number in upper left-hand corner of text and "Pork Chop Hill" in center.   Odd-numbered pages: title of chapter centered italicized and page number in upper right-hand corner of text.  Green-ink, handwritten "T" in far upper right-hand corner of each page.  Some pages have a page or pages stabled to back  of same length; another copy of same page or blank page.  First page of each chapter thick, black, dotted horizontal line and the title in large print beneath.

Few editorial corrections on each page; many appear on title page and on selected other pages.  Corrections in green ink, pencil, and pink and purple colored pencils.  Check-marks appear on most pages in margins.  Both sections of page have vertical slash (or two) in pencil, spanning whole section.  Pictures and maps included in text with captions under.

INDEX: Format same as above, with two pages of text on each page; even-numbers on top and odd-numbers on bottom.  Pages numbered 308-314.  First page: "Index" on top with thick, black, dotted horizontal lines on top and bottom margins; bottom section has line on top margin and "Index" under; "306" and "307" written in green ink on first page for respective section.  Minimal editorial corrections in green ink, pencil, and green and pink colored pencils.  "Marshall Pork" in first page, upper left-hand corner in green ink and underlined.  Green vertical line with three horizontal lines underneath it appears in upper right-hand corner of each page, above text; "triple T": upper-case "T", but with three vertical lines instead of two.  "Index"  in center of each page; even-numbered pages have number in upper left-hand corner and odd-numbered pages have number in upper right-hand corner.  One or two vertical pencil slashes on center of each page section, spanning whole section. 



Pork Chop Hill  (page proof {cut}: introductory pages) 
11 p.; 21.5x28cm

Physical Description:

Tan paper with some fingerprint smudge marks.  Includes: prefatory page; other books by Marshall page; title page; two (2) different copyright pages, one clear revision of the other; dedication page; two (2) table of contents pages, one clear revision of the other; two (2) pages with title “Lists of Maps”; and list of maps page, containing list.  Pages numbered at bottom in green ink; some numbers crossed out and new page number added in pencil.  “Marshall-Pork” in top left-hand corner of each page, mostly in green ink, but pencil on some pages.  Vertical slash (in some cases, two) through all pages, either in pencil or green ink. Editorial corrections in pencil, pink ink and green ink.  Revisions concerning length of text, position of words on page, numbering of map pages, etc. 


Pork Chop Hill  (page proof {cut}: Preface A)
15 p.; 28cmX21.5cm

Physical Description:

Tan paper with text centered in middle with large margins.  “Preface” page followed by all pages numbered in type, “14-27” at top of text, altering from upper-right and left-hand corners.  “Marshall-Pork” in upper left-hand corner of “Preface” page in green ink.  Green-ink “A” in upper right-hand corner of all pages.  Minimal editorial corrections in pink colored pencil, green ink, and pencil, concerning margins and indentation.  Two vertical pencil slashes through middle of all pages.



Pork Chop Hill (page proofs {cut}: Preface R) 
14 p.; 21.5x28cm

Physical Description:

Tan paper, some edges frayed and few black fingerprint smudge marks; text centered in the middle with large margins. "R" in green ink appears in upper right corner of each page above text. Limited editorial corrections in green ink, pencil, and red and purple colored pencils. Editorial questions appear on side of some pages, and answered beneath in different handwriting.  Pages numbered above text in roman numerals; left sides for even and rights side for odd.  Numerals crossed out and numbers written in pencil.  Numbers range from thirteen to twenty-six.  Vertical line down middle of every page in green ink.  Last page contains white page of different texture stapled to bottom; page twenty-seven.   


Pork Chop Hill (page proof: maps and pictures) 
23 p.; 21.5x28cm

Physical Description:

Tan pages in good condition with some black fingerprint smudge marks.  Pages have picture or map on white paper typed to it in the middle.  Pages numbered in top right-hand corner in purple colored pencil.  Green checkmark on each page.  "Gal" and a number appear on each page in purple ink.  Pictures and maps have "OK" followed by comments in red colored pencil either below, above, or next to.  "#" and a number next to it, circled, in pencil, appear on all pages.  Most pages have "galley" followed by a number in pencil. 


Pork Chop Hill (parchment/vellum page layout)
6 p.; range in sizes: all approx 26.5 tallXx14.5-19.5cm wide

Physical Description:

Tan, transparent vellum paper, some with black fingerprint smudge marks.  Introductory pages: title page; other books page; cover page; blank page; list of maps page; contents page; and cover page for book one.  All pages have same size double "border" around text, like a picture frame. Text hand-written, as layout might appear in book, in pencil; pages contain lines so writing is straight.  Numerous editorial corrections in red and purple colored pencils, regular pencil and green ink, mainly for layout of page.  All pages contain green checkmark at top; some have small pencil checkmarks along right or left margin.  Wide array of page numbers in bottom right-hand corner, circled in red pencil; range from page 1-25 in no particular order.  Cover page and other books page connected and open up in a way books do.    








Below are the listings of the published versions of Pork Chop Hill, as well as a note about St. Bonaventure's Autographed copy.

Pork Chop Hill; The American Fighting Man in Action, Korea, Spring, 1953.  Maps and Drawings by H. Garver Miller.  New York: Morrow, 1956 [reprinted 1968]

Autographed inscription on front page in red ink:  "Dear Father Brian: You will find lads here whose profiles are familiar; they have that look which you are trying to give young Americans.  As ever, S.L.A. Marshall." 

    1959    New York: Permabooks

    1959    New York: Panther Books

    1959    Um Aussenposten und Patrouillen; letzte
         Kampfe in Korea/ tr. Fridolin Meier. Frauenfeld:
         Huber [German Translation]

    1959    Pork Chop Hill [Motion Picture] 
        directed by Lewis Milestone
        screenplay by James R. Webb
        motion picture information

    1986    New York: Jove Books

    1986    Nashville: Battery Press

    2000    New York: Berkley Books



(alphabetical order by publication name)

America.  96:17 ( 26 January 1957) 485-486 

Booklist. 53 (1 January 1957) 222

Christian Science Monitor. (19 November 1956)  9

Kirkus. 24 (1 October 1956) 774

Library Journal. 81 (1 November 1956)  2582

New York Herald Tribune Book Review. (December 12 1956) 5

New York Times. (18 November 1956)  3

Saturday Review. 39 (22 December 1956) 26

Time. 68 (19 November 1956) 117






The film version of Pork Chop Hill came out in 1959.  It starred Gregory Peck, Rip Torn, and Harry Guardino; directed by Lewis Milestone, screenplay by James R. Webb and produced by Sy Bartlett.  This movie was not rated.  The Archives owns a VHS copy of this film.


These reviews are listed alphabetically according to title of publication; year of publication on all 1959.

America. 101 (30 May) 397

Catholic World.  189 (May) 153

Commonweal. 70 (12 June) 278

Library Journal. 84 (1 June) 1801

New Republic. 140 (15 June) 22

New Yorker. 35 (3 June) 117

Newsweek. 53 (1 June) 94

Saturday Review. 42 (16 May) 60

Time. 73 (8 June) 19



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