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This page contains various biographical information about Marshall in the forms seen below.












Archives at University of Texas at El Paso
Marshall's alma mater has an extensive collection of his archives, including personal pictures, letters, and his writings.  The link below leads to that page, which also includes a biographical sketch of Marshall.  

Link to UTEP Marshall pages



The following books contain brief biographical sketches about Marshall, some being more extensive than others.

American National Biography. 14 (1999) 

Current Biography.
Current Biography Yearbook.
(1953) 415-417

Dictionary of American Military Biography. 2 (1984) 

Who's Who in America. 25-40 (1948 through 1979) 

World Authors, 1950-1970. (1975) Wakeman


Bringing Up the Rear: A Memoir
    by S.L.A. Marshall, edited by  Cate Marshall

SLAM: The Influence of S.L.A. Marshall on the United States Army
    by: Major F.D.G. Williams  (This item is in the Marshall Collection)



The below articles appear in literary journals or magazines, pertaining to his views or important events in Marshall's life, in order of publication date.

Davidson, Bill.  "Why Half Our Combat Soldiers Fail to Shoot"
Colliers. 130 (8 November 1952) 16-18
-SLAM credited for finding mass instance of soldiers not firing in battle

"Grand Slam"
45:24 (13 June 1955) 96-100
-brief biography; mention River and the Gauntlet and contains an excerpt from the book

"Who's Retiring?" 
. 56:7 (15 August 1960) 75-76
-brief write-up about Marshall's retirement and military/journalistic accomplishments until that point

Ferrell, Tom.  "If the Silent Majority Could Talk, What Would it Say?: This"
Esquire. 73:5 (May 1970) 146-151, 215-223
-essay examining views of Marshall and other members of the press about the Vietnam War

Westover, John. "S.L.A. Marshall: Soldier, Historian, and Reporter"
Indiana Military History Journal. 13:1 (January 1988) 10-18




Current Biography.  39 (March 1978) 46

Current Biography Yearbook. (1978)  473-79

New Leader. 61 (2 January 1978) 2

New York Times. (18 Dec 1977)

New York Times Biography Service. 8 (December 1978) 1659-1660

Newsweek. 91 (2 January 1978) 43

Time. 110 (26 December 1977) 58

Washington Post. (18 December 1977)



Marshall's articles examine various aspects of the armed forces, such as historians, his experiences with foreign armies, and choices by the US Military during his time.  They appear in order of publication date.

"Forward." Fuller, J.F.C., IIIs  Armored Warfare. 1st American Ed. Harrisburg: Military Service Publishing, 1943. (This is in the Marshall Collection.)

"History and the Postwar Situation"
Vital Speeches. 12:20 (1 August 1946) 622-626
(speech delivered before Economic Club of Detroit, Michigan, on 13 May 1946)
-subtitle "Have We Learned enough to Avert World War III?"; examines various aspects of WWI

"Our Army in Korea, the Best Yet"
Harper. 203:1215 (August 1951) 21-27
-article about eighth army in Korea and battle conditions
(condensed from Detroit News and Combat Forces Journal)

"Do the Real Heroes Get the Medals of Honor?" ed. by Davidson, B.
Colliers. 31:18 (21 February 1953) 13-15
-"Sometimes they do, says this expert.  But the selection system is shamefully unfair.  Many of our greatest heroes don't even get a pat on the back while fools and cowards may be rewarded" (subtitle, Marshall is the expert)

"Spokesman for the Rabbits" 
New Yorker. 29 (30 May 1953) 96-100
-examines Mao Tse-Tung and Communist Korea

"General Marshall Replies"
Saturday Review. 40:24 (15 June 1957) 25
-Letter to the Editor, in which Marshall comments on reader's criticism of his artic

"How Ready is Our Reserve?" 
17:5 (3 October 1957) 16-18
-SLAM reviews the army and the influence the government has on it

"Why the Israeli Army Wins" 
217:130 (October 1958) 38-45
-Marshall analyzes the Israeli Army

"The Young Army of Israel"
Atlantic. 208:5 (November 1961) 94-97
-Marshall's experiences with the Israeli army

"The Real Reserves Mess"
New Republic. 146:5 (29 January 1962) 13-14
-Marshall criticizes the army and the confusion of policies

"How Papa Liberated Paris"
American Heritage. 13:3 (April 1962) 4-7, 92-101
-article about August 1944 liberation of Paris

"An Exposed Flank in South Vietnam"
Reporter. 26:12 (7 June 1962) 26-29
-analysis of U.S. military and policies in Vietnam

"Sulva Bay"
Military Review. 43:10 (1963) 60-68
-importance of Sulva Bay and effect on 1915 Gallipolis WWI campaign 

"Samuel Eliot Morison: Admiral and Historian"
Atlantic. 212:5 (November 1963) 87-90          
-Marshall examines naval historian Morison and some of his books

"Why Do They Slander Our Military Men?"  
Saturday Evening Post.
23:20 (5 September 1964) 6-8
-article questioning the negative portrayal of the military in recent movies and books

"McNamara's Last Reform: Why His National Guard Scheme Won't Work"
New Republic. 152:4 (23 January 1965) 13-15
-criticism of Defense Secretary Robert J. McNamara's new military plan

"Chimeras in Vietnam"
Time. 85:11 (12 March 1965) 62
-discussion of U.S.'s cautious involvement in Vietnam

"The Basic Flaw in Vietnam"
Time. 88:17 (21 October 1966) 86
-Marshall criticizes the inferior Vietnam War coverage by reporters

"He's Winning Our War in Vietnam"
Look. 31:1 (10 January 1961) 57
-examination of the young fighters in Vietnam

"Tank Warriors in the Golan"
Military Review. 56:1 (1976) 3-12
-importance of Syrian, Iraqi, and Jordanian use of tank warfare in October 1973's Golan Heights Region



Marshall wrote numerous book reviews.  They appear in alphabetical order, based on the author  reviewed last name.

Bryant, Arthur; Triumph in the West: A History of the War Years Based on the Diaries of Field-Marshall Lord Alanbrooke, Chief of the Imperial General
"Second Fusillade for His Lordship"
Saturday Review. 42:52 (26 December 1959) 18-19

Bryant, Arthur; The Turn of the Tide
"A New Perspective on World War II"
Saturday Review. 40:20 (18 May 1957) 23-24

Codman, Col. Charles E.; Drive
"Bon-vivant's War"
Saturday Review. 40:36 (7 September 1957) 16-17

de Gaulle, General Charles; The Call to Honour
"Definition of Dignity"
Saturday Review. 38:46 (12 November 1955) 11

Finletter, Thomas K.; Power and Policy: U.S. Foreign Policy and Military Power in the Hydrogen Age
"Grim Race for Survival"
Saturday Review. 37:40 (2 October 1954) 25-26

Guderian, General Heinz; Panzar Leader
"How Green were My Steppes"
Saturday Review Lit. 35:36 (21 April 1951) 20

Higgins, Marguerite; War in Korea: The Report of a Woman Combat Correspondent 
"Almost Alone at the Front" 
Saturday Review Lt.
34 (21 April 1951) 20

Moorehead, Alan; Gallipoli
"Disaster and Deathless Courage"
Saturday Review. 39:38 (22 September 1956) 15-16

Morrison, Samuel Elliot; The Invasion of France and Germany
"Invasion of France and Germany: The Book" 
Saturday Review.
40:29 (20 July 1957) 19-20

Morrison, Samuel Elliot; Strategy and Compromise: A Reappraisal of the Crucial Decisions Confronting the Allies in the Hazardous Years, 1940-1945
"Monday Morning with the Admiral"
Saturday Review. 41:19 (10 May 1958) 14

Reynolds, Quentin; Minister of Death
Musmanno, Justice; The Eichmann Komandos
Friedam, Tuviah; The Hunter
"The Spread of Evil"
Saturday Review. 44:14 (8 April 1961) 21,48

Slim, The Viscount William; Defeat Into Victory
Tsuji, Masanobu; Singapore: The Japanese Version
"Thunder Over Burma"
Saturday Review. 44:46 (18 November 1961) 21-22

Toland, John: The Battle of France 1940
"Monstrous Military Surprise"
Saturday Review. 42:42 (17 October 1959) 23

Truscott, Lieutenant General L.K. Jr.; Command Missions: A Personal Story
"Labors of Command"
Saturday Review. 37:16 (17 April 1954) 14 

Tuchman, Barbara W.; The Guns of August
"The Summer of 1914"
Atlantic. 209:5 (May 1962) 102-103

von Mellenthin, General F.W.; Panzer Battles: A Study of the Employment of Armor in the Second World War
"Mars Iron Fist"
Saturday Review. 39:20 (19 May 1956) 27,52

Wedgemeyer, General Albert C. Wedgemeyer: Wedgemeyer Reports
"Memoirs of a Military Man"
Saturday Review.
41:50 (13 December 1958) 20-21

Wheeler-Bennett, John W.; The Forgotten Peace (Out of Print)
"Way of All Reds"
Saturday Review. 36:27 (4 July 1953) 17-18

White, Major General Courtney; McArthur: His Rendezvous with History
"The Commanders Case: Aide's Eye View"
Saturday Review. 39:5 (4 February 1956) 14-15

Willoughby, Major General Charles A. and
Chamberlain, John; MacArthur: 1941-1951
"Apologia for Doug"
Saturday Review. 37:40 (9 October 1954) 12-13 

Wolff, Leon; In Flanders Field: The 1917 Campaign
"Foot Sloggers on a Fatal Front"
Saturday Review. 41:44 (1 November 1958) 35-36



The below articles are ones that more information could not be obtained for, in regards to what type of article it is (biographical, book review, etc.)  The listing is in chronological order.

"How Meet Today's Crisis?"  
Ind Woman.
20 (June 1941) 190

Infantry Journal.
53 (September 1943) 44-6

"One Day on Kwajalein" 
Infantry Journal.
55 (August 1944) 14-25

"Chance Island"
Infantry Journal. 
55 (September 1944) 28-35

"Ordeal by Fire"
Infantry Journal.
55 (October 1944) 36-44

"Action at the Pigpen"
Infantry Journal. 
55 (November 1944) 38-47

"Men Against Darkness"
Infantry Journal.
55 (December 1944) 43-51

"Fight on Saki Night" 
Infantry Journal.
  56 (January 1945) 43-52

"Sports and War" 
Recreation. 46 (September 1952) 192-3

"We're Betting on H-Bomb Air Power" 
Nations Reasons. 
42 (January 1954) 36-7

"Battle Command in Future War" 
Infantry Journal
  appeared in the following issues:
60 (May 1947) 6-10
60 (June 1947) 25-7
61 (July 1947) 27-9
61 (August 1947) 25-6
61 (September 1947) 29-32
61 (October 1947) 16-22
61 (November 1947) 22-6
61 (December 1947) 20-6
62 (January 1948 ) 41-5
62 (February 1948) 31-6
62 (March 1948) 43-8
62 (April 1948) 31-6



The following list is in chronological order and was found in Contemporary Authors.
Asterisked (*) items are held in manuscript, or final published form, in this collection.

*Blitzkrieg: Its History, Strategy, Economics, and the Challenge to America.  Morrow, 1940

Armies on Wheels.  Marrow, 1941

Island Victory.  Penguin, 1944

*Bastogne: The Story of the First Eight Days in Which the 101st Airborne Division was Closed Within the Ring of German Forces.  Infantry Journal Press, 1946

*Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command in Future War.  Infantry Journal Press, 1947

Rendezvous with Destiny  
contributor, with Leonard Rapport.  Infantry Journal Press, 1947

The Price of Peace.  Washington and Jefferson College Press, 1948

The Soldier's Load and the Mobility of a Nation.  Combat Forces Press, 1950

The Armed Forces Officer.  Department of Defense, 1950.  
Reprinted as
The Officer as a Leader.  Stackpole Books, 1966

*The River and the Gauntlet: Defeat of the Eighth Army by the Chinese Communist Forces, November, 1950, in the Battle of the Chongchon River.  Morrow, 1953

*Pork Chop Hill: The American Fighting Man in Action, Korea, Spring, 1953.  Morrow 1956.

*Sinai Victory: Command Decisions in History's Shortest War, Israel's Hundred-Hour Conquest of Egypt East of Suez, Autumn, 1956.  Morrow, 1958

*Night Drop: The American Airborne Invasion of Normandy.  Preface by Carl Sandburg, illustrations by H. Garver Miller. Little, Brown, 1962

D-Day: The Invasion of Europe (with Al Hine) (juvenile) Harper, 1962

The Military History of the Korean War.  F. Watts, 1963.

*Battle at Best.  Illustrations by H.G. Miller.  Morrow, 1964

The American Heritage History of World War I. American Heritage Press, 1964
Reprinted as
World War I (edition adapted by Robert Leckie for young people published as The Story of World War I.  Random House, 1965)

The War to Free Cuba: The Military History of the Spanish-American War.  F. Watts,  1966

*Sinai Victory: Command Decisions in History's Shortest War.  Morrow, 1967

A Special Study of South Africa: The Strategic View.  African-American Affairs Association, 1967

*Swift-Sword: The Historical Record of Israel's Victory, June, 1967.  American Heritage Press, 1967

*Battles in the Monsoon: Campaigning in the Central Highlands, Vietnam, Summer, 1966.  Morrow, 1967

West to Cambodia.  Cowles, 1968

*Bird: The Christmastide Battle.  Cowles, 1968

Ambush: The Battle of Dau Tieng.  Cowles, 1969

with Stephen Sears: The Battle of the Bulge (juvenile) American Heritage Press, 1969

*The Fields of Bamboo: Dong Tre, Trung Luong, and Hoa Hoi, Three Battles Just Beyond the China Sea.  Dial 1971

*Crimsoned Prairie: The Wars Between the United States and the Plains Indians During the Winning of the West.  Scribner, 1972

Other titles by Marshall:

Makin, 1947

The Mobility of One Man, 1949

Critique of Weapons and Tactics in Korea, 1952

Hill 440, 1952

Tactics in Defense Against Atomic Attack, 1954

First Book on Korea, 1964

Vietnam Primer, 1967

History of World War II, 1969

On Urban Warfare, 1973


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