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PSA Graded Cards

There are 6 “qualifiers” which contribute to the way a card is graded by PSA. The two most important are “marks," which includes any marks of writing on the card, and “miscut” which includes any outstanding mistakes made in the process of making the card or making the card “atypical.” The four other qualifiers that PSA lists as “optional” are “off center," “staining,” “print defect,” and “out of focus.” These four are not required to be used by PSA graders. 

Gem Mint 10 Graded Cards

Ted Marchibroda

This 1953 Ted Marchibroda card produced by Bowman, is the only PSA graded 10 card of its kind out of 125 total Ted Marchibroda cards. 

Andrew Nicholson (2012 Panini) 

This Andrew Nicholson card is from the 2012 Panini Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call set, and features Nicholson's autograph at the bottom of the card. This is the only PSA graded Andrew Nicholson card from this set, and is graded the highest grade it can receive at a 10. 

Chuck Daly 

This Chuck Daly card is from a 1989 set of cards produced by Hoops. It is one of just 36 existing PSA graded cards and is graded at the grade it can be, a gem mint 10. 

Mint 9 Graded Cards

George Carter 

This George Carter card is from a 1971 Topps collection and features George Carter during his playing time with the Virginia Squires, an ABA team. There are 111 total George Carter cards graded by PSA from this set, the card in this collection is graded at a PSA 9, in the top 30% of those 111. 

Bob Lanier (1971 Topps) 

This Bob Lanier card, is from the 1971 Topps set of cards, and features Bob Lanier in his rookie season playing for the Detroit Pistons. There are 777 Bob Lanier cards from this particular set which have been graded by PSA; the card in this collection has been graded a PSA 9, placing it the top 7% off PSA graded Bob Lanier cards from the 1971 Topps set. 

Fred Crawford (1970 Topps) 

Near Mint - Mint 8

Danny McDevitt 

This Danny McDevitt card is one of 77 which is graded at a PSA 8, and one of 248 cards total Danny McDevitt card from the 1958 Topps collection. 

George Susce

This Rodeo Meats Athletics George Susce card is one of just two cards graded as high as it is, a PSA 8. That being said both of these cards are graded an 8 “Q.” The “Q” which stands for qualifier, is due to the fact there is just a slight miscut on the backside of the card. There are 18 total PSA graded George Susce cards from the 1955 Rodeo set, and this particular card is one of the two highest. 


Near Mint 7

Ed Don George 

This Don George card is rated a PSA 7, and is one of 180 total Don George cards from this collection. There are 21 total other Don George cards from this collection rated at a PSA 7.

John McGraw

This John McGraw card is from the Sovereign collection, and was produced for 10 years from 1901-1911. There were four versions of the John McGraw cards in this collection; this is known as the “Glove on Hip” version. This particular card is graded at a PSA 7, one of 14 “Glove on Hip” cards graded at a PSA 7 out 799 total cards. There are only 7 cards graded higher than the one in this collection. 

Excellent - 5

George Kenneally 

This George Keneally card is rated a PSA 5, and is one of 215 cards. 

PSA Graded Autographs

Paul Owens

This Paul Owens card is from a 1984 Topps collection and features Paul Owens as the manager of the Phillies, with his autograph on the lower half of the card. It is one of just four autograph certified cards by PSA. 

PSA Graded Non-Cards

1910-12 Sweet Caporal John McGraw Pin