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Gem Mint 9.5

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Leaf) 

This card is an autographed rookie card of Andrew Nicholson, which features him wearing his Bonnies jersey, his autograph, and a small inscription from Nicholson which reads “Oh Canada.” It is from the 2012-2013 Leaf Signature series, under the Silver Inscription set. It is the only Andrew Nicholson card graded by Beckett from this set, and is graded at a Beckett 9.5 for the card alone, while the autograph is graded as a 10. 

Jaylen Adams (2018-19 Panini) 

This Jaylen Adams card is from the 2018-2019 Rookie Signature Platinum set of cards and is the only Jaylen Adams card which Beckett has graded from this set. The card received a 9.5 grade by Beckett for the four marks which Beckett grades cards on, and a score of 10 for the autograph.


Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Prestige)


This card from the 2012-13 Prestige set Prestigious Picks, features Andrew Nicholson and his autograph. The card is one of just three Andrew Nicholson cards which Beckett has graded from this set, and received a grade of 9.5 for the card and a 10 for the signature. 

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Totally Certified) 

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Totally Certified) 

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Leaf Signature) 

Jaylen Adams (2018-19 Panini Chronicles) 

Mint 9

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Select) [Jersey Patch]


This Andrew Nicholson card features both his signature as well as a patch of his jersey. It is the only Andrew Nicholson card that Beckett had graded and it received a 9

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Panini Intrigue) [Jersey Patch] 

Jaylen Adams (2018-19 Panini Chronicles) 

Near Mint/Mint 8

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 National Treasures) [Jersey Patch] 

Gustavo Ayon/Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 National Treasures) 

Near Mint +7.5

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Leaf Signature)