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Beckett Graded Cards

Gem Mint 9.5

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Leaf) 

This card is an Andrew Nicholoson autographed rookie card, which features him wearing his Bonnies jersey, his autograph, and a small inscription from Nicholson which reads “Oh Canada.” It is from the 2012-2013 Leaf Signature series, under the Silver Inscription set. It is the only Andrew Nicholson card graded by Beckett from this set, and is graded at 9.5 for the card alone, while the autograph is graded as a 10. 

Jaylen Adams (2018-19 Panini) 

This Jaylen Adams card is from the 2018-2019 Rookie Signature Platinum set of cards and is the only Jaylen Adams card which Beckett has graded from this set. The card received a 9.5 grade for the four marks which Beckett grades cards on, and a score of 10 for the autograph.


Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Prestige)


This card from the 2012-13 Prestige set Prestigious Picks, features Andrew Nicholson and his autograph. The card is one of just three Andrew Nicholson cards which Beckett has graded from this set, and received a grade of 9.5 for the card and a 10 for the signature. 

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Totally Certified) 

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Totally Certified) 

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Leaf Signature) 

Jaylen Adams (2018-19 Panini Chronicles) 

Mint 9

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Select) [Jersey Patch]


This Andrew Nicholson card features both his signature and a piece of his jersey. It is the only Andrew Nicholson card that Beckett had graded and it received a 9

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Panini Intrigue) [Jersey Patch] 

Jaylen Adams (2018-19 Panini Chronicles) 

Brett Dobson
(2022 Topps Premier Lacrosse. Orange Series)
Beckett graded 9 mint.

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Near Mint/Mint 8

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 National Treasures) [Jersey Patch] 

Gustavo Ayon/Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 National Treasures) 

Near Mint +7.5

Andrew Nicholson (2012-13 Leaf Signature)