Box Three: Book Materials

Box Three contains research information, publication correspondence, and materials that were used for a planned book that would tell the story of lease negotiations. The book was left unfinished and unpublished, however the materials and rough drafts of the book, contained in this box provide valuable information and summarization of the lease controversy. The numerous chronologies contained in this box help to provide an overview of the entire time period in which lease negotiations took place.

JLC=Joint Lease Committee
SCOUT=Salamance Coalition of United Taxpayers
SILA=Salamanca Indian Lease Authority
SNI=Seneca Nation of Indians

Book Materials

3.1- SNI Policy on research.
3.2- Research proposal for book.
3.3- Expense materials and grant proposal.
3.4- Timelines and outlines for book.
3.5- Emails to co-writer Dr. Randy John.
3.6- More timelines, outlines, and raw materials for book.
3.7- Another set of timelines outlining entire lease controversy.
3.8- Index of Indian Law resources at the University of Buffalo.
3.9- Bibliography of Native American materials at the University of Kansas Law Library.
3.10- Background information, raw materials for book, lease agreement, correspondences, laws, court cases.
3.11- Copy Seneca Settlement Act of 1990, copy of lease agreements.
3.12- Rough draft of preface, chapter one, and a rough chronology.
Rough draft of entire book.
3.13-Rough Draft of first half of book.
3.14- Roles for a role play activity concerning the 1990 Lease Agreement.

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