Box Two: News and Publications

Box Two of the collection contains news clippings within the time period from 1966-1996 that had any relevance to the Seneca lease, negotiations, and the conflict after an agreement was reached. Also included are published journal articles concerning the unique case of the Salamanca-Seneca lease, several written histories of the area and the Seneca Nation and other publications concerning land claims and Indian affairs. Several highly important documents in this box are the Byington and Perry reports. These reports are background studies into the City of Salamanca and its relationship to the Seneca Nation, the information used in these reports was used by SILA in negotiations with the Seneca nation.

JLC=Joint Lease Committee
SCOUT=Salamance Coalition of United Taxpayers
SILA=Salamanca Indian Lease Authority
SNI=Seneca Nation of Indians


2.1- Clippings 1966-1969.
2.2- Clippings 1971-1979.
2.3- Clippings 1980-1989.
2.4- Clippings Olean Times Herald 1990.
2.5- Clippings Salamanca Press 1990.
2.6- Clippings Salamanca Press 1990.
2.7- Clippings Olean Times Herald 1991.
2.8- Clippings Salamanca Press 1991.
2.9- Clippings Buffalo News 1992
2.10- Clippings Olean Times Herald 1992.
2.11- Clippings Olean Times Herald 1992.
2.12- Clippings Salamanca Press Jan 1992-May 1992.
2.13- Clippings Salamanca Press Jun 1992-Dec 1992.
2.14- Clippings Salamanca Press 1992.
2.15- Clippings Miscellaneous Sources 1992.
2.16- Clippings Salamanca Press 1993.
2.17- Clippings Buffalo News 1994.
2.18- Clippings Salamanca Press 1994.
2.19- Clippings The Chronicle 1995.
2.20- Clippings Olean Times Herald 1995.
2.21- Clippings Salamanca Press Feb 1995- Aug 1995.
2.22- Clippings Salamanca Press Sept 1995- Dec 1995.
2.23- Clippings The Chronicle 1996.
2.24- Clippings Olean Times Herald 1996.
2.25- Clippings Salamanca Press 1996.
2.26- News article about Tonawanda Seneca and their land claim to Grand Island.

Published Articles
Hard Copies

Byington Report- A comprehensive study of the City of Salamanca, used to create a starting point for lease negotiation.
Perry Report- A report similar to the Byington report, but with updated numbers and more in depth background information.


2.27- "Salamanca Leases Background and Analysis", a report created for presentation to the House of Representatives Committee on Interior in 1985.
2.28- Journal article "Inversion of Power: Leasing on the Allegany Reservation" written by Dr. Randy John in response to another journal article written by Randy Hogan.
2.29- Journal article "City in a Quandry: Salamanca and the Allegany Leases."
2.30- Excerpt from the book Palm Springs first Hundred Years references leased land from Native Americans.
2.31- Journal article explaining the history, and current status of Native American land claims.
2.32- Copy of a speech given by Wa-o-wa-wa-na-onk, an Indian Chief.
2.33- Research paper presented to 1998 conference on New York State History, on the topic of renewability for the Seneca Leases.
2.34- Excerpts from the book The Claim of the Ogden Land Company
2.35- Notes taken by Daniel Shongo concerning lease discussion in 1892
2.36- Excerpts from "The History of Cattaragus County"
2.37- Case study of SNI v. Harrison Christie, a highly important court case in terms of Seneca Land claims.
2.38- Presentation on the history of leasing land in the Allegany Reservation.
2.39- Allegany Oxbow, History of Allegany State Park and the Allegany Reservation.
2.40- Article on the factional disputes of Seneca poltiics in the 1800's.
2.41- Excerpt from a book of New York State History, history of the treaty of Fort Stanwix in 1768.
2.42- Maps of the SNI reservations, and a map of the NYS Canal system in 1905.
2.43- Town and County magazine article talking about the lease negotiation, and response letter from SILA.
2.44- Copy of the magazine The Realist, political cartoons concerning the Seneca nation.
2.45- Miscellaneous news article talking about a mafia conspiracy during Salamanca Lease negotiations.
2.46- Research paper "With Liberty and Justice for All" summarizes the lease controversy in 1986.
2.47- Journal article "Senecas and Subdividers" explaining Indian land allotments in 1875-1906.
2.48- Journal article about the value and meaning of Native American soverignty.
2.49- Journal article on the state of Native American soverignty in the 21st century.
2.50- Publication on who owns the improvements on the leased land under the 1990 lease agreement.
2.51- Another copy of the case study from folder 2.37.
2.52- Magazine article on NYS Indian affairs and policies.

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