Fr. Ralph A. Antonucci Collection


Religious Items

Antonucci chalice case


Antonucci chalice case 2

altar cards
altar easel
Fr. Ralph's chalice case (2018.24.15) Altar cards (2018.24.16)
black silk chalice pall white silk ciborium cover
white lavabo towel w/ red cross
Black silk chalice pall (2018.24.18) White silk ciborium cover (2018.24.19) White lavabo towel w/ red cross (2018.24.20)
white and black silk paten covers oil and water bottles
cruet tray
Black and white silk paten covers (2018.24.21) Oil and water bottles (2018.24.22)

brass oil burners


brass oil burners 2

altar bell
flask of holy "water"
Brass oil burners (2018.24.24) Altar bell (2018.24.25)

brass candlesticks


brass candelsticks 2



pyx 2


pyx 3

shoulder cape/shawl
Brass candlesticks (2018.24.27) Pyx (possible gold-plated) (2018.24.28)
vestment cinctures w/ crocheted tassels shoulder and arm stoles
crocheted surplice
Vestment cinctures w/ crocheted tassels (2018.24.30) Shoulder and arm stoles (2018.24.31)
tatted surplice black cassock w/ Roman collar
2 missals (fused together)
Tatted surplice (2018.24.32.2) Black cassock w/ Roman collar (2018.24.33)
missal prayers for sacrament rites manual

ordination of a priest manual


the chaplain manual

Mass missal and Sodality of BVM manual (2018.24.35) Prayers for sacrament rites manual (2018.24.36)

hymnal in french from John Boyle, St. Bonaventure Seminary


hymnal in french from John Boyle, St. Bonaventure Seminary 2


hymnal in french from John Boyle, St. Bonaventure Seminary 3

Catholic Action and Young Christian Workers Movement book
The Priest and the YCW book
Song book [hymnal] in French (from John Boyle, St. Bonaventure Seminary) (2018.24.38) "Catholic Action and the Young Christian Workers Movement" book (2018.24.39.1)
religious instruction cards application blanks for mixed  marriages
Religious instruction cards (2018.24.40) Application blanks for mixed marriages (2018.24.41)
altar card    
Large Altar Card (2018.24.57)    



During the period of December 1938 to May 1939, Dalinda Orlando crocheted the altar border trim and the tabernacle veil for her son, Rev. Ralph Antonucci's, first mass in June 1939. Additional items were gifts from family and parishoners. Thereafter, Fr. Ralph used the blessed items until he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1943. His mother kept the items. When he was killed in May 1945, the family preserved the collection until the June 1953 ordination of a second son to the priesthood. Rev. Claude Antonucci, OFM was ordained in Washington, D.C. and celebrated his first mass in Buffalo, NY in June 1953 using these same items. Fr. Claude was a Franciscan in the Holy Name Province, Order of Friars Minor. He was first assigned to the provincial office in New York City. In 1964, he was assigned to the missionary parish of Our Lady of the Angels in Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. The collection was subsequently returned to the family and is now part of the Rev. Ralph A. Antonucci Collection. The items are shown below.

Woven Linen Altar Frontal Cloth (2021.16.1) Crocheted Frontal Altar Border Trim (2021.16.2) Crocheted Tabernacle Drape (2021.16.3)
Woven Linen Priest Humeral Veil (2021.16.4) Woven Linen Altar Frontal Overlay (2021.16.5)  



Fr. Ralph A. Antonucci Collection