Jim Bishop: Reporter  --  Syndicated Columns by Jim Bishop

Jim Bishop wrote a column for King Feature Syndicates from 1957 until 1983.  The column, "Jim Bishop: Reporter", appeared in more than two hundred newspapers.  He followed this with "Now and Then".

The following is a partial list of titles from Mr. Bishop's columns.  Titles often varied from one newspaper to another, though the dates of publication were usually within a day of each other.  Dates and titles given are normally those dates in which the columns appeared in The Olean Times Herald, Olean, NY, or the Buffalo Evening News

In some cases keywords have been added to aid searching for particular pieces.  These only appear in a small percentage of the list, so far. 

The list is still in progress, with new columns being added on a regular basis.

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January 2: "The Big Story Of 1957" (sputnik)
January 3: "We Learn From History?"(family,teenagers)
January 6: "Seek Among The Poor"(endurance,John Foley)
January 8: "A Letter From Home"(Kim Novak,family)
January 10: "Story Behind A Window"(Dan Healy,Helen Kane)
January 13: "Where The Preacher Fails"(clerical humanity)
January 15: "A Great Jazz Pianist"(George Feyer)
January 17: "The City Editor"(journalism)
January 20: "Right Is Right"(family,Aunt Alice)
January 22: "Memory Problems"(Harry Lorayne)
January 24: "Meanest of Emotions"(jealousy)
January 27: "He Fell In Love"
January 29: "The Hobby Of Boating"
January 31: "Max, The Magnificent--"(Max Blouet)
February 5: "'Marine Of The Month'"(Matthew c. McKeon)
February 7: "No One Can Keep Beauty"(Jayne Mansfield)
February 10: "The Day Lincoln Died" 
February 12: "A Little Bit Of Lipstick" (fatherhood)
February 14: "Mark Of The Deliquent" (discipline)
February 17: "Why Write A Book?" (writing)
February 19: "The Law Of The Sea" 
February 21: "A Big Business" (Edward Condon)
February 24: "St.Paul Has A Wristwatch" (Jackie Gleason, celebrity donators)
February 26: "The Doctors Are Angry" 
February 28: "The Mayor Was A Bonehead" (politics)
March 5: "It Didn't Do Any Good" (horse races)
March 7: "Jim Bishop Tells How He Wrote' Day Christ Died'" (factual writing)
    Regular Column- "A Soft Touch" (givers and takers)
March 10: Special Article- "
The Day Christ Died" continued daily through April 4
    Regular Column- "'You Got It Made'" (failed dreams)
March 12: "A City Of Character" (San Francisco)
March 14: "Nobody To Say 'No'" (widowerhood)
March 17: "St. Patrick Not Irish"
March 19: "'See, I Remembered'" (Harry Reutlinger)
March 21: "She Was The Greatest"  (Helen Kane)
March 24: "The Battle Royal" (family loyalty)
March 26: "An Itch To Help People" (Corinne Hardesty, perseverance)
March 28: "Three Men I Admire" (Cardinal Spellman; Dwight Eisenhower; Toots Shor)
March 31: "Face Out Of The Bible" (role models; loyalty)
April 2: "'My God!  My Good God!'" (Enola Gay; Robert A. Lewis)
April 4: "They Giggle All The Time" (teenage girls; fatherhood)
April 7: "Paar's A Winner Now" (Jack Paar)
April 11: "Sweating Out Clock" (Gayle Bishop; fatherhood)
April 14: "Marx, The Communist" (Karl Marx)
April 16: "Ten Million Windows" (Joey Adams)
April 18: "Then I Will Loaf" (Bishop books)
April 21: "Much Ado..." (Rocky the dog)
April 23: "Don't Give Up" (alcoholism; alcoholics)
April 25: "A Boy and His Doctor" (perserverance)
April 28: "The Writer And TV" 
April 30: "Dad Is A Man's Man" (Mr.Bishop Sr.; dads;family)
May 2: "Cost Of Truth Is Cheap" (Radio Free Europe; crusade for freedom)
May 7: "The Mailman" (Marvin Fowler; daily servants)
May 9: "'How Sweetly He's Dying...'" (Lloyd Rosenfield; Sarah Spitzmesser)
May 12: "Little Man In Little Town" (small town paper; small town editor)
May 14: "'I'm Heading For The Barn'"(Washington,D.C.; politics)
May 16: "They Weren't Acting" (Lynne Fontanne & Alfred Lunt)
May 19: "My Oldest Friend" (John Dundas; friendship)
May 21: "Never Clean A Desk" 
May 23: "Jim Bishop Likes Olean And St. Bona’s Enthusiastic Students"
May 26: "Come On Home" (runaways;raising teenagers;family)
May 28: "Dept. Of Paternal Pride" (Ginny & Gayle Bishop;family;fatherhood)
May 28: "'They Are Good Kids'" (Ginny & Gayle Bishop)
June 2: "One Of The Great Jews" (Samuel Belkin;Yeshiva University)
June 4: "Junior Makes Climb Himself" (Samuel Goldwyn Jr.)
June 6: "The Wrestling Game" 
June 9: "Star Of The Silent Films" (Daisy Devore)
June 11: "Father's Day" 
June 13: "28 Years Ago Today" (Elinor Dunning Bishop;wedding days)
June 16: "A Little Place At The Shore" (home;family,friends)
June 18: "The Quality Of Mercy" (workplace ethics)
June 20: "We've Come A Long Way" (Lincoln runs for Senate)
June 23: "Spying A Hysterical Business" (spying;cold war)
June 25: "His Daughter Graduated" (Gayle Bishop;graduation)
June 27: "Big Sports" (Ginny Bishop Frechette;daughters,family)
June 30: "32 Years On The Santa Fe" (Emil Martinson;train engineer)
July 2: "Behind Bars All Day" (Edward O'Donnell;Monmouth Park Race Track)
July 5: "Handcuff Of Civilization" (watches;time)
July 7: "Serving Life In Studio City" (Jack Webb;Jackie Loughery)
July 9: "Aunt Fanny" (Fanny Schulein;friends)
July 11: "He's Got A Nerve" (Jack Webb's house)
July 14: "Evil When Suppressed" (sex education)
July 16: "City Is Big Kid" (Los Angeles)
July 18: "He Has An Impersonator" (predators)
July 21: "Children, Joy Of Life" (maturation;ego;family)
July 23: "Big Night In Hollywood" (movie opening)
July 25: "Fabulous Disneyland" (Walt Disney;Roy Disney)
July 28: "The Magic Of Hemingway" (movies)
July 30: "We Were Not Swindled" (Admiral Sowell;U Boat;Bermuda)
August 1: "Gayle Is A Lucky Girl" (Los Angeles;family)
August 4: "Could Have Been--Friend" (alcoholism;deceit;harmful intent)
August 6: "But, He's My Dog!" (man's best friend)
August 8: "Here Is My Cue" (Wannabe writers)
August 11: "Never Meant To Be" (Meg Witwer;infatuation;friendship)
August 15: "In Perpetual Night" (Admiral Richard E. Byrd;South Pole)
August 18: "The Long Wait Begins..." (birth of Gayle's child)
August 20: "Twins.  Both Girls" (Gayle's twins)
August 22: "Sleep Only Fear" (trains;accidents on rails)
August 25: "The City Hasn't Changed" (New York City)
August 27: "The Field Of Discipline" (education;lack of discipline)
August 29: "'He's Real Shook'" (teenagers & their jargon)
September 3: "The World Of Books"(literacy)
September 5: "He Loved The Dog" (man's best friend)
September 8: "Three Instead Of One" (dreams;priesthood)
September 9: "The Loser Really Was a Winner" (Quigley; religious life; chance) Same as 9/8 piece.
September 10: "The Stars Slept Through It" (family)
September 12: "Killed By What Gun?" (murder;sloppy investigating)
September 15: "'If You Have Faith'" 
September 17: "Not Hospitable" (fighters;life lessons)
September 19: "Behind Every Window" (Marty Brill;dreams)
September 22: "The Goal Was The Same" (Moishe Broderson;Russian Holocaust;cold war)
September 24: "The Cure Was Dramatic" (Alfred Adler)
September 26: "Humor Is Indefinable"
September 29: "Who Saved Whom?" (Bob Pierce; World Vision)
October 1: "No One Will Ever Know" (John Bishop;Pres.Roosevelt;railroads)
October 3: "Log Of Away We Go II" (boat trip-NYC to Sandy Hook)
October 6: "Substitute Milkman" (abusive spouses)
October 8: "'Who Forgot Us?'" (Adm.Nimitz;Capt.Charles McVay III;Lt.com.M.Hashimoto;warship Indianapolis;R.F.Newcomb)
October 10: "A Proper Lady" (family secrets)
October 13: "The Cleanest Show" (Dan Healy;vaudeville)
October 15: "It Changed His Life" (Roger Williams alias Louis Weertz)
October 17: "The Man I'd Like To Be" (John Bishop - father)
October 20: "'He's A Priest, Isn't He?'" (Pope Pius XII)
October 22: "Best Nightclub Act" (Joe E. Lewis)
October 24: "His Stories Are Hopeful" (Eddie Hough; convicts)
October 27: "Problem Of Growing Old" )
October 29: "Ginny's Twins" (twin granddaughters Pamela and Robin)
November 3: "A Fine Artist" (Burris Jenkins: Atlanta, GA)
November 5: "Bombing Of The Temple" (Atlanta, GA)
November 7: "Frederick, Md., Long Ago"  (President Abraham Lincoln) 
November 10: "Poetry In Flight" (John Gillespie Magee, Jr.)
November 12: "It Tells A Story" (seeing eye dogs) 
November 14: "New Cars Are Like Women"  
November 17: "Ask The Questions" (honesty in journalism) 
November 20: "The Story Of A Man Who Knew Libel Law" (Patrick Henry Maley) 
November 22: "Boys Discuss Patrons During The Horse Hour" (bartenders)
November 24: "Girls Spoiling Him: They Are So Many" (fatherhood; daughters)
November 26: "Bramhall Street Looks Old And Tired To Today's Man" (childhood)
December 1: "Reminds Christmas Is Birth Of Christ" (Stream of Conscienceness)
December 3: "Lincoln Findings Considered Absurd" (falsehoods about Lincoln) 
December 5: "Straus Street Makes Mark In The Movies" (Paul Muni; NYC)
December 8: "My House, Not Much; It's Home, No Sale"
December 10: "God Looks Down On And Shakes His Head"  (over population) 
December 12: "Settle Problem; Send Mom To County Home" (old age)
December 15: "Our Author Caught Up With Solicitors" (charities)
December 18: "Santa Claus Is Real And He's A Spirit" (St. Nicholas)
December 19: "Beautiful Snow, But Jim Can't Take It" 
December 22: "Prayer Secret Thing, Some Are Answered"
December 24: "Christmas Sermon Made An Impression" (Father Peter Kramer; Christmas memories) 
December 26: "The 'Almost' Writers" (wannabe writers; Mark Twain) 
December 29: "New Year's Resolutions" (dieting) 



January 2: "Thirty Years Ago" (Rookie Journalist - himself)
January 5: "Sunday Social" (memories of family and friends)
January 7: "Three Places To Visit" (Salekard, Hwaining, Riyadh, cities NOT to visit)
January 9: "Traveling With Twins" (train trip with twin granddaughters Pamela and Robin) 
January 12: "Retirement In Florida" f(friends Mr. and Mrs. May) 
January 14: "A Lot In A Short Time" Anna Marie Alberghetti, Ed Sullivan Show) 
January 16: "A Great Vacation" (family vacation in Miami)
January 19: "A Crook At Heart" (childhood memories, office boy for Lehman Bros.)
January 21: "Thanks For The Medal" (Eddie Haugh, The Keystone)
January 23: "The Marie Torre Case" (literary license)
January 26: "A Romantic Person" (romance, Valentine's Day)
January 28: "'Prehistoric Times'" (1924)
January 30: "A New Playmate" (Rocky's new best friend Duke)
February 3: "My Terror Of Dentistry" 
February 4: "An Emotional Revolution" (Fidel Castro, Batista, Cuba) 
February 6: "Bearded Ones Hold Havana" (Castro, Barbudos, Batista and Jack Paar) 
February 9: "No Need Of It" (Cuba, Batista, Senor Garcia)
February 11: "Say A Prayer For Me" (Alfredo Monsignor Muller, Cuba) 
February 13: "Most Likely To Succeed" (success/failure, Elliott Clemson)
February 16: "Who's In The Hills Now" (Cuba, Castro, Jack Paar)
February 18: "The Smile Never Fades" (handicaps; physically challenged)
February 20: "About Agents" (literary agents)
February 23: "Write It To Me" (writing)
February 25: "Most Beautiful Writing" (favorite writings; Carl Sandburg)
February 27: "Behind Every Window" (Marguerite Piazza; Met)
March 2: "One More Fast One" (life with alcoholism)
March 4: "The Miracle Of Birth"
March 6: "Uncle Bert" (family wills; uncle Bertram O. Murphy)
March 9: "Cleaning Up The Desk"
March 11: "One, That Is..." (family - twins Pamela and Robin; Ginny Bishop Freshette)
March 13: "Must First Be Afraid" (courage; Alvin York; Jockey DeSpirito; Jackie Pung; Joe Louis)
March 16: "The Dentists Write Back" 
March 18: "People In Shock" (patriotism; "Faith in American" bonds) 
March 20: "A Lot Of Hospitalization" (Blue Cross; J. Albert Durgom; increasing medical costs)
March 23: "Just To Itself?" (Judge Irving Kaufman) 
March 25: "The Moment Of Victory" (Jesus Christ's burial)
March 27: "Spring"
March 30: "'Et Tu, Brute'" (family dogs Rocky and Duke; rabies shots)
April 1: "Why Stereo?" (high fidelity sound)
April 3: "The First Movie Queen" (Pearl White; "Perils of Pauline")
April 6: "So Far On So Little" (William Henry Harrison)
April 8: "I Made It Last Week" (doctors; dentists)
April 10: "It Was Not To Be" (Gettysburg)
April 13: "Day-Dreaming" (family members - Mother-in-Law Maggy; Gayle)
April 15: "'A Buck Well Spent'" (one dollar bill and it's travels)
April 17: "The Vega Lute" (playing a uke from Arthur Godfrey)
April 20: "The Ideal Immigrant" (Simon Baruch) 
April 22: "I'm A Harbor Master" (boating)
April 24: "The First House" (inflation)
April 27: "The Early Riser" (Frank Blair)
April 29: "Big Enough For All" (religious bigotry)
May 1: "A Literary Formula" (writing form)
May 4: "It Just Ain't Right" (young criminals)
May 6: "Justice" (spirit of the law)
May 8: "Little Funny Stuff" (Jack Douglas)
May 11: "Hotel Without Transom" (alcoholism)
May 13: "Who Do You Like?" (horse racing; William Houghton)
May 15: "The Last Stop" (narcissism)
May 18: "A Difficult Task" (going straight; Stan Mockford)
May 22: "They Were Good Boys" (Jessie W. James; Frank James; William Wallace)
May 25: "This Is Your Chance" (voting for the worst actor, actress, movie, etc.)
May 27: "This Man Has Heart" (Louis Prima; Dorothy Keely Smith)
May 29: "Men Of A New Breed" (stock brokers)
June 1: "Death Humbles A Man" (Richard Newberger, Senator; cancer survival)
June 3: "June 6, 1944" (Sainte-Mere-Eglise; D-Day; Capt. George Mabry; Gen. Maxwell Taylor)
June 5: "Famous Leading Words" (newspaper leads; Ray Erwin)
June 8: "Broadway Columnist" Louis Sobol; Peggy Marlowe)
June 10: "Broadway Columnist" (Louis Sobol)
June 12: "The Older I Get..." (desegration)
June 15: "Her Number One Fan"(family siblings; unselfishness)
June 17: "A Sunday At The Airport" (radio preacher; Tallahassee, FL)
June 19: "'No Integratin'" (segregated courthouse; Tallahassee, FL)
June 22: "A Really Big Man" (William D. Hopkins; rape; segregation)
June 24: "Home"
June 26: "What's Jack Paar Like?"
June 29: "Poll For The Worst" (entertainment; worst actor)
July 1: "Becoming Simple" (the English language or lack of)
July 3: "The Last Of August" (August von der Planck, trolley car)
July 8: "The Super Spy- Part One" (Dr. Klaus Emil Fuchs)
July 10: "The Super Spy- Part 2" (Klaus Fuchs)
July 13: "The Super Spy- Conclusion" (Klaus Fuchs)
July 15: "'The Least Of These'" (Mary and John Foley, Roberta Lane - housekeeper)
July 17: "You Just Can't Tell" (Raymond Leslie Metcalf - horse trainer)
July 20: "Opener Of Wrong Doors" (Irving Kolker "Kokey", Sammy Davis)
July 22: "There's Nothing Wrong" (boat - Away We Go II)
July 24: "Rock Of Shrewsbury" (family dog Rocky)
July 27: "'Here It Is'" (Paddy (writer), Leslie (librarian), quite a love story)
July 29: "Nothing Matches Faith" (Billy Graham)
July 31: "Of Course It Can't" (wanting to spend time with friends while on vacation, Gayle, Jack Paar)
August 3: "The Story Of Laurel Canyon"
    Guest Columnist Martin Kasindorf, 19, of the Los Angeles Examiner
August 5: "For Worn Out Women"
    Guest Columnist John Vosburgh of the Miami Herald
August 7: "Cameramen Are Soft"
    Guest Columnist Clarence Leino, staff photographer of the Milwaukee Sentinel
August 10: "The Count Is Nine"
    Guest Columnist Edward F. Lapos, City Editor of the Leader-Herald, Gloversville, N.Y.
August 12: "It's Over So Soon"
    Guest Columnist Clarissa Start of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
August 14: "Flashes Of Memory"
    Guest Columnist Howard Mobley of the Star-Beacon, Ashtabula, Ohio
August 17: "Problem Of Intoxication"
    Guest Columnist John M. Murtagh, Chief Magistrate of the City of New York and author of the book 
    "Who Live In Shadow"
August 19: "The Blind Can Bowl"
    Guest Columnist Jerry Ribnick of the Houston Chronicle
August 21: "An Unimportant Story"
    Guest Columnist Fred C. Shapiro of the Baltimore News-Post
August 24: "Gov. Long's Young Friend"
    Guest Columnist Martha Wilson of the Baton-Rouge Star-Times
August 26: "A Sordid Life"
    Guest Columnist Ormund Powers of the Orlando Sentinel in Florida
August 28: "Hot Day, Violent Night"
    Guest Columnist Douglas Hearle of the New York Journal-American
August 31: "A Soldier With A Bible"
    Guest Columnist Fred Cederberg of The Telegram, Toronto, Canada
September 2: "Boat Trip To Atlantic City" (vacation, Gayle, boat - "The Richardson"
September 4: "Thoughtless Blasphemy"
September 9: "A Man Afraid Of Marriage" (Joe Walsh)
September 11: "A Wino" (Arabella - substitute housekeeper, Gayle, "Chief")
September 14: "We Must Show Solidarity" (Nikita Khrushchev, Randolf A. Hearst, Dwight D. Eisenhower)
September 16: "Behind Every Window" (Mr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, weight, sad turn of events)
September 18: "The Sweet Season" (summer is over and autumn sets in)
September 21: "It's Your Mother Or Me" (Mom's moving with...)
September 23: "'Render Unto Caesar-'" (Nakita Khrushchev,  President Dwight Eisenhower)
September 25: "The Paar Family" (friend Jack Paar, boating)
September 28: "A Hard Boiled Bunch" (New York City firefighters help needy family on Christmas Eve)
September 30: "'You Must Be Very Proud'" (President Richard Nixon, Carl Crim, "Driver of the Year")
October 2: "'I Used To Live Here'" (Lt. General Leslie Groves - top boss of The Manhattan Project)
October 5: "It Was Mine" (Elinor, Gayle, wedding rings)
October 7: "'Colossal, Ain't It?'" (World Travelogues - criticsm from other countries) 
October 9: "The Music Man" (actor Robert Preston)
October 12: "Menhaden Oil" (Menhaden - a type of fish)
October 14: "He Became Pope John" (Angelo Roncalli becomes Pope John XXIII)
October 16: "She's A Lot Of Woman" (Prisoner Ole Lindquist from Sweden, Addie takes notice) 
October 19: "It Doesn't Pay" (Jim's father and his patrolman friend Tommy O'Connor)
October 21: "Sick Of Himself" (Horatio Alger - novelist)
October 23: "A Great Game" (golfing)
October 26: "Bring The Lady Out" (Detectives Dan Fogerty and Joannides)
October 28: "Maggy Was A Sport" (Jim's mother-in-law Maggy, "Dodger fan")
October 30: "I Just Couldn't" (Jim and Elinor's home)
November 2: "A Joke- I Think"
November 4: "Police Slang"
November 6: "At 15" (teenage problems)
November 9: "Our Wireless Set To God" (prayer)
November 11: "'Next'" (police laboratory - collecting evidence)
November 13: "Such Talk" (twin granddaughters Pamela and Robin)
November 16: "Benedict Arnold"
November 18: "The Age Of Breast-Beaters" (confessions)
November 20: "It's Nice To Be Sure" (jealousy, Elinor)
November 23: "It's A Dog's Life" (family dog Rocky)
November 25: "Hitler's Gigantic Blunder" ("The Longest Day" by Cornelius Ryan)
November 27: "The Irish- Poor But Proud"
November 30: "Henry L. Stimson, Prophet"
December 2: "Billy Rose Story, Part I- His House Is A Rare Jewel" (framer, song writer)
December 4: "Billy Rose Story, Part II- A Luxurious, Lonely Home"
December 7: "Part-Time Work" (working after school) 
December 9: "An Audience Of One" (Art Carney from The Jackie Gleason Show")
December 11: "Christmas In Our Family"
December 14: "No Ex-Alcoholics"
December 16: "It's That Or No Bird Seed" (Sullivan's Bar, Willy and Silky Sullivan, mynah birds)
December 18: "The Matter Of Speeches" (opposed to making speeches) 
December 21: "But First A Word From..." (news reports being interrupted by TV commercials)
December 23: "'No Room At The Inn'" (modern Christmas story)
December 24: "The Town Of Bethlehem"
December 28: "Celebrity Register"
December 30: "Big John" (Jim's father John comes home from the hospital, his sister Adele)



January 4: "The Lambs" (Men's Club, Dwight Eisenhower, Joe E. Lewis, Richard Carle)
January 6: "The Class Picture" (1922 graduation picture - remembering classmates)
January 8: "Party Fun" (Memories of partying with friends)
January 11: "Flight To Miami" 
January 13: "Miami Diary" (Jack Paar, Gayle, Tony Bennett)
January 15: "Max Lewis" (friend)
January 18: "Picking The Losers" (horse racing)
January 20: "Ted Husing"
January 22: "The Man I Envy" (his brother John Bishop, Jr. and John's wife Anna)
January 25: "My Silent Friends" (he considers his books to be his "silent friends")
January 27: "The Mary Celeste"
February 1: "One Of Those Days" (daughters Ginny and Gayle and friend Ray Hart)
February 3: "I'm Still Wondering" (Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista)
February 5: "I'm Old And Callous" (good reporters)
February 8: "Life Of The Party" (Penrose Smyth)
February 10: "It Couldn't Be That" (bowling, friend Father Linehan)
February 11: "The 20's Were Like This..."
February 15: "A Family Evening" (grandchildren Pamela and Robin)
February 17: "An Informal Party In D.C." (dinner with friends) 
February 19: "A World Of Kind Souls"
February 22: "Additions To The Family" (family dogs Rocky and Sandy with her new pups, Gayle)
February 24: "It Will Happen Like This" (on being an astronaut)
February 26: "Enough Food For Future?" (Dr. Byron Shaw, Dept. of Agriculture in Washing, DC)
February 29: "FBI Best In World"
March 2: "'Good Luck, My Friend'" (friend Jack Paar)
March 4: "Quite A Man" (Francoise de la Rochefoucald)
March 7: "What A Pity" (his father John Bishop as a young student, letter written by Sister Wenzicalaus) 
March 9: "It's A Quiet Farm" (Camaldolese Hermits) 
March 11: "Nature's Controls" 
March 14: "Paperback Books Are Grown Up"
March 18: "Hildegarde's Climb To Fame A Long One" (entertainer; The Persian Room) 
March 22: "He Can't Understand" (conversing with kids - their words and their definititions)
March 23: "Entries Made In His Diary"
March 25: "Police Job Is Tough" (Edward Feely)
March 30: "Expensive Addition" (home improvements) 
April 2: "Power Of Suggestion"  (size doesn't matter) 
April 5: "Spring A Lovely Time" (Gayle; Fr. Joseph Sullivan; neighbors) 
April 8: "The Pilot- Part Two" (Miami)
April 11: "The Pilot- Conclusion" (Jack Young)
April 13: "Durante- Big Heart" (Jimmy Durante; Dinty Moore's) 
April 15: "The Age Difference" (Gayle; age difference between father and daughter) 
April 18: "One Pup Stays Home" (family dog Rocky) 
April 20: "Is It Going To Rain?" (weather reports; commercials) 
April 22: "Tiros Is His Baby" (Herbert I. Butler) 
April 25: "The Only Student President" (Dwight D. Eisenhower) 
April 27: "Who Is Going To Listen?" George Jessel "Toast Master General of the United States) 
April 29: "His Name Is Tommy Sands" (Nancy Sinatra) 
May 2: "We Are Casual Friends" (boating: Billy Vessels an All American football player for Colts)
May 4: "'You're Killing This Boy'" (Buddy Hackett; Martha Stewart; Jackie Gleason) 
May 6: "Man, That's Living" (vacationing in Miami; Gayle; Jack Paar)
May 9: "The Columbus Voyage" (Christopher Columbus)
May 11: "'I Wish I Could Help...But'" (widower takes care of his children; dies a poor man) 
May 13: "Godfrey Was Home Again" (Arthur Godfrey; Jack Benny) 
May 16: "Candidate For 'What's My Line?'" (Public Relations; Press agents; Joe Willicome, Jr.) 
May 18: "The Thin Professor" (Thomas Woodrow Wilson; Theodore Roosevelt; William Howard Taft) 
May 20: "Taken Down A Peg" (Columnist; Gayle; Ginny; twin granddaughters; Jim's mother) 
May 23: "A Real addict For Boats" (Jim the boat lover since childhood) 
May 25: "A Duel In Dodge City" (Sheriff "Bat" Masterson; Levi Richardson; Frank Loving)
May 27: "Mass Hysteria Made Witches" (witch craft) 
May 31: "Looking Backward" (advertisements) 
June 3: "The Doctor's Examination" (poked and prodded - all is well) 
June 6: "Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses"
June 8: "His Daughters' Mother" (boxer Jack Dempsey; Hannah Williams)  
June 10: "Fan Mail" (humorous letters from children re: Columbus article) 
June 13: "A Regular Inmate" (Intoxication and jail time; Stevie Hirsch) 
June 15: "Just A Bunch Of Cops" (old photograph of Jersey City's Fifth Precinct) 
June 17: "The World Of A.D. 2000" (predictions; changes in the world) 
June 20: "The World Of A.D. 2000"
June 24: "The Badge Of Success" (fur coats; Gayle; Ginny; Maggy)
June 27: "The Day Was The Payoff" (Mount Herman Prepatory School; proud parents of graduates) 
June 29: "A Head Full Of Ideas" (glass maker Mike Owens; 45 patents including the "bottleneck")
July 1: "Launching The Boat" (Pamela and Robin; Chief; christening the boat) 
July 5: "Button Gwynett" 
July 6: "'All In The Hands Of God'" (John and Mary Foley) 
July 8: "He's A Selfless Man" (Robert B. Meyner, Governor of NJ; Adlai Stevenson) 
July 12: "Delegates Like Tourists At A Convention's 'Brazen Party'" (John F. Kennedy) 
July 13: "I Want To Visit Hawaii"
July 15: "A Graceful Liar" Captain John Smith; Pocahantas) 
July 18: "Fury Of The Thunderstorm" ("giant orchestra") 
August 1: "Flight An Awesome Thing" 
August 3: "The Age Of Man" (Scope Monkey Trial; Clarence Darrow; Mr. Scopes) 
August 5: "His Last Deadline" (journalist George Rothwell Brown)
August 8: "That Man Said 'Awful Things'" (Richard Nixon and his family) 
August 10: "Less Than A Year" (Alice; dreams of owning the big house on the hill)
August 12: "McKinley's Death"
August 15: "Why The Fat One Drank" (living with a politician) 
August 17: "Jenny Bishop" (Jim's mother; the Cold War) 
August 19: "He Became An Outcast" (Aaron Burri; Alexander Hamilton) 
August 22: "How We Put Castro In Power"Jack Paar)
August 24: "Home Town's History" (Sea Bright, NJ) 
August 26: "Security And Old Age" (insurance; Social Security; Henry La Chossee)
August 29: "A Problem Of Bartenders" (Jim Sullivan; Bill Armstrong)
August 31: "Give 'Em What They Want" (Sam a club owner)
September 2: "Follies Girl's Ups And Downs" ( Doberman from the Bilco Show; Peggy Fears; A.C. Blumenthal) 
September 6: "The Trick Didn't Work" (jealousy doe not pay) 
September 9: "A Grandfather Again" (baby grandson Kevin; Ginny) 
September 12: "The Farmers' Almanac"
September 14: "Heading For Miami" (vacationing) 
September 16: "A Dismal Picture" (car accidents) 
September 19: "A Meeting With Donna" (Hurricane Donna) 
September 21: "Religion As An Issue" (bigotry) 
September 23: "A Memory To Cherish" (Mother's death; huge influence on young prisoner who had also lost his Mom) 
September 26: "'He's All Mine'" (ticketed for driving the wrong way on a one-way street) 
September 28: "No Unforgiving Parent" (fatherhood) 
September 30: "Baseball Changes Very Little" (Charles Waite; Roger Brenahan; Mr. Spalding)
October 3: "The Council Meeting" (Mayor Thomas Farrell; Mrs. Joan Axelsen_
October 5: "The Great Naval Victory" ("Remember the Maine") 
October 7: "A Veteran Spoofer" (Carl Winston; books written on every subject) 
October 10: "The Greatest- Part One" (Jackie Gleason) 
October 12: "The Greatest- Part Two" (Jackie Gleason) 
October 14: "The Greatest- Part Three" (Jackie Gleason) 
October 17: "Playing The Game" (Theodore Roosevelt; Dwight D. Eisenhower; politics) 
October 19: "Dissemination Of Filth" (censorship) 
October 24: "I Marvel At Many Things"
October 26: "Not My Kind Of Man" (Robert Kennedy); Senator Jack Kennedy) 
October 28: "'You're Too Old For Me'" (Kathleen Stone - a 5 year old girl who wants to marry Jim)
October 31: "Good Day For A Wedding" (Unwed mother gives her child to her sister & husband to raise; Aunt Alice) 
November 2: "Castro Has Majority Support"
November 4: "Don't Knock Our Country"
November 9: "A Letter To Dad" (Happy 77th birthday to Dad; reminicing)
November 11: "The Expense Account" (An honest accountant?) 
November 14: "The Barber Was Talking"
November 16: "Thy Will Be Done" (Pride in his writings) 
November 18: "It's His First Love" (The Broker is in love with a married woman but doesn't know that she's married) 
November 21: "Base Alert To Danger" (golfing; Guatanamo Bay, Cuba; Castro)
November 25: "The People Hoard Happiness" (Bahamas - a poor but happy people) 
November 30: "'No Wisecracks Please'" (review of his book The Day Christ Was Born; Gayle; Elinor; his Dad) 
December 2: "Get The Real One" (advertisements for Santa Clauses) 
December 5: "'It's A Quiet Night'" (police hear gun shot; find couple making out in a car; car tire blows out) 
December 7: "A One-Man Airline" (George Theodore Baker) 
December 12: "Santa Is Real" (Nicholas of Patara, Asia Minor) 
December 14: "He Is A Champion" (William Hartack; jockeys and horseracing) 
December 16: "Afraid Of The Next One" (writers; Carl Sandburg, Ernest Hemingway; John Steinbeck) 
December 19: "'Little Miss Nobody'" (Christmas gifts for a young girl; Sister Evelyn; Sister Filomena; Charle Pearl) 
December 21: "'You Play Dem All Different'" (Bahama humor; friend Bill Armstrong) 
December 23: "All Of You Come To See Me" (Christmas greetings to old friends, coworkers, and celebrities) 
December 28: "What Is Happiness?" (Hank Meyers; Hy Gardner; Arthur Godfrey; Jimmy Powers) 
December 30: "They Built It Big" (Claude Renshaw; building Florida's beaches and hotels) 



January 4 "A Good Family Touch" (Where President Eisenhower slept, secrets from Master Sergeant Moaney--Ike's valet, James Hagerty)
January 6: "An Orderly Bedlam" (Christmas with daughter Ginny, son-in-law (Freschette), and kids) 
January 9: "Part One- The Crash" (2-airplane collision over Staten Island--134 dead; George Tamalis, Flight Operations Inspector for Federal Aviation Agency;Lewis Dymond, VP of Operations& Maintenance at National Air Lines; Sam Stoia, Chief Pilot at NAL; General Pete Qesada, head of FAA.)
January 11: "Part Two- The Crash" (detailed description of events before and after plane collision over Staten Island)
January 13: "Not In The Same Parish" (biography of comedian Joey Bishop a/k/a Joseph Gottlieb, member of the "Rat Pack," a/k/a the "Summit" or "The Clan")
January 16: "The Lack Of Male Aggression" (Review of Mental Health or Mental Illness? (Harper) 1st book by Dr. William Glasser (Control Theory, Reality Therapy, Quality Schools).
January 18: "Mr. Primrose Magoo" (Jack Paar; American author, radio/television comedian & talk show host; tries unsuccessfully to travel incognito)
January 20: "A King-Sized Conscience" (Biography of Roy McAndrews, entrepreneur & owner of Dania Palace jai-alai sports arena--Dania, FL)
January 23: "The Devil's Dictionary -I" (Excerpts from new edition of Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary (Citadel Press), ed. by C.Fadiman)
January 25: "The Devil's Dictionary- II" (More satiric definitions from Bierce's Dictionary)
January 27: "My Father Looks Great" (77-year-old Dad Bishop comes to Florida for a visit)
January 30: "The Old Man's Last Race" (Death of a gambler whose last long-shot bet paid off)
February 1: "The Old Man And The Sea" (Biography of Capt. Wm. Gray, Director of Collections & Exhibits at the Miami [FL] Seaquarium, hunter for the aquarium)
February 3: "Chick Is Golf" (Biography of Chick Harbert, executive director of golf for General Development Corp and golf expert)
February 6: "'What's Next?'"(Dad's time in Florida is improving his outlook and health)
February 8: "The Castaways" (Description of large hotel in Miami and matchmaking bartender named Stanley Klim who works there)
February 10: "Death Did The Driving" (Fictionalized historic carriage ride to the Ford Theater for President & Mrs. Lincoln & Senator & Mrs. Ira Harris)
February 13: "Biggest Hand Of The Evening" (A Miami stenographer, Ruth Williams, sings opera and receives an ovation)
February 15: "Dial F-R-I-E-N-D-S" (Case study of an organization that answered suicide calls in Miami)
February 17: "A Surprising Change" (Bishop's father takes his first airplane flight without fear)
February 20: "A Big Exquisite Tombstone" (History & description of Vizcaya, an Italian palace outside Miami, built by James Deering with McCormick harvester money)
February 22: "The Case Of Jack Gregson" (Lack of loyalty in the media industry for talented man with temporary illness)
February 27: "Bankers With Muscles" (Changing world of boxing where the boxers are intelligent and have business savvy)
March 1: "The Chillingworth Case" (Details of a murder of Miami judge and his wife. Corrupt judge suspected of hiring the hit men)
March 3: "'We Will Name Her Elinor'"(Bishop's youngest daughter has a baby whom she will name after her deceased mother. Gayle & Frank Gerace)
March 6: "The Act Is Over" (Schizophrenic patient fakes life-threatening allergy.  Margaret Haney, Eva Hannenfent, Drs. John & Alma Handwerker, Judy Meadows)
March 8: "Big John Has Gone Home" (Details of the two months during which John Bishop lived with JB in FL)
March 10: "Policeman Is Always On Trial" (Rude policemen cost the department money at budget-voting time. Case study of rude Miami cop)
March 13: "The End Is The True Beginning" (Dignity with which elderly people in the Bishop family have died.  Mary McSwiggen Tier, Mary Murphy Bishop)
March 15: "Man, I Dig You" (Professional biographies & interesting finds of Ed and Marion Link, ocean archeologists.  Capt. Bill Thompson)
March 17: "Fort Pierce Is Quiet" (Accused murderer, Justice Joseph Peel, awaits trial in the jail of a small town, Fort Pierce FL.  Phillip O'Connell, FL State Atty)
March 20: "I Like Them Best On Old Pennies" (Personal opinions & random facts to debunk the myth of the Indian as a noble savage)
March 22: "'You Looking For Me?'" (Obstacles encountered while covering the Peel trial in Fort Pierce. Ross Anderson, Henry Lovern, State Atty O'Connell)
March 24: "Over Miami, Stars Were Bright" (Storm delays private plane from taking JB & Bill Mullin to Patterson-Johanssen fight.  Bill Dodd, Ray Anderson--pilots)
March 27: "'We Must Stay Until You Die'" (Illustration of Christian love through story of 2 crucified martyrs and their Roman guards)
March 29: "To Jerusalem On The Passover" (Passover celebration in Jerusalem in 3200 (Jewish Calendar) or April 13, -561 (Gregorian))
March 31: "If He Was Dead, We Are Dead"  (Crucifixion & burial of Christ.  Apostle John, Joseph of Arimathia, Pontius Pilate, Pharisee Nicodemus, Mary of Alpheus, Mary Magdalen, Blessed Virgin Mary)
April 5: "'Motion Denied'" (Gallows humor of reporters at murder trial. Ben Funk-AP, Bill Tucker-Miami News, Bill Mullin-Ft. Lauderdale News, Andy Taylor-UP, Theo Wilson, Tom Cope-Ft. Pierce News Tribune, Bobbie Lincoln, P.O. Wilber, Judge D.C. Smith)
April 7: "One Last Fling in Florida"  (JB's vacation in FL after Peel trial before returning home to Sea Bright NJ)
April 10: "The Richest People" (Remembering deceased friends Barney & Annie Kelly during a gin rummy game)
April 12: "A Nation Without Honor" (Strategies used by the Soviet Union to reach world domination goal)
April 14: "'The Kid Has Talent'" (7-year-old child prodigy Ginny Tiu played piano concerts & helps support family in America )
April 17: "Uniform Criminal Code Needed" (Juries should only decide guilt or innocence & law prescribe punishment based on verdict in Peel and Finch murder trials)
April 19: "'There Is No End'" (Lou Walters a/k/a Louis Wolters, made & lost fortunes as a booking agent for "big, flashy, girly shows" during & after The Depression)
April 21: "My Golf Unnerves Good Players" (Catalog of crazy strokes of bad players, including JB, that adversely affect good players' games). 
April 24: "The Joys Of Bachelorhood" (Bitter reflection on married life now that he is a bachelor/widower)
April 26: "Eichmann On Trial" (How ABC TV gets 1 hr. of Nazi death camp creator, Adolf Eichmann, trial footage down to 1/2 hr. news bite with commercials. ABC staff:  Joe Stamler-mgr., Al Hollender-program director, Vincent Dempsey-producer, Roger Shope-director, John Korak-tape technician, Jesse Masse, Gil Hodges-commercial narrator, Jim Flood & Jerry Fritz-camera directors)
April 28: "The Mists Aren't Choosy" (Nostalgic taxi ride through NYC remembering people: John Barrymore-actor; Charles Becker-beat cop, Jimmy Walker, Mark Hellinger-reporter, Arthur James Pegler, George Buchanan Fife-writer, Evelyn Nesbit, Damon Runyan, Gene Fowler-editor/author, Martin Green, Karl Kitchen, F.P.A., Don Marquis, Quentin Reynolds, Frank Carson, Jeff Burke, Tom Cassidy, Jack Miley, Red Dolan, Gerald Chapman.  Places: The Lambs, Jack's, Welfare Island, Park Row, Woolworth Building, Suerkin's Restaurant.
May 1: "He Is Alive Forever" (Gene Fowler eulogy-Hearst's NY American editor & author: The Great Mouthpiece, Beau James, Good Night Sweet Prince, Skyline)
May 3: "Fanny Schulein" (Biography of German Jewess forced to move to US by Nazi forces in 1933.  Appeal for funds to support her in old age)
May 5: "As She Appears To Me" (Baptism of JB's granddaughter Elinor with gathering of the Bishops and Geraces)
May 8: "Betrayed By A Whistle" (Whistle of liner United States reminds JB of last time he saw wife, Elinor)
May 10: "Just Stardom" (Biography of Deborah Walley, starlet replacing Sandra Dee in "Gidget" sequels.  Reflection on fleetingness of fame)
May 12: "It's Called The Happy Home" (Day in the life of a guy who is spending the week drunk)
May 15: "'Only Two To A Customer'" (Eye diseases: acute conjunctivitis and glaucoma.  Dr. Milton Berliner)
May 17: "As Mr. Minow Pleases" (Newton N. Minow, new chair of FCC, proposes censorship of television industry by withholding license renewals)
May 19: "No Tears For Lucky" (Respective sentences Chillingworth murders: Floyd A. Holzapfel-death penalty, Bobbie Lincoln-immunity & Judge Peel-life in prison)
May 22: "On My Way Home" (JB returns to NJ after 7 months with mixed emotions)
May 24: "'Tell It To The Marines'" (President Woodrow Wilson was skeptical of ease of victory in race for 2nd term against Rep. Charles Evans Hughes)
May 26: "A Good District Reporter" (Biographical eulogy of Ray Doyle, American Weekly editor & district reporter who would find stories & deliver them to writers)
May 29: "It's Rubbed With Teazles" (JB lampoons ad for $15,000+ Rolls Royce which seemed astronomically expensive in 1961)
May 31: "About Americans Abroad" (How to conduct oneself in a foreign country: be polite, don't brag, remember that you are a guest, make a good impression of US)
June 2: "'She Hung Up'" (Biography of actor Richard Arlen.  Having dinner with JB, Arlen is importuned by drunk to say hello by phone to drunk's wife)
June 5: "The Worst Is To Be Caught" (Advisor to President Eisenhower, Sherman Adams' book "explaining" his resignation for corruption charges.  Bernard Goldfine, Jim Hagerty)
June 7: "'I Forget Which Two'" (Extolling the journalistic talents of Robert Bernard "Bob" Considine based on coverage of Brinks Robbery in 1950. Joseph J. "Specs" O'Keefe, Damon Runyon, Bill Corum, Ben Hecht, Gene Fowler, Lowell Thomas, Charles MacArthur, Mildred Anderson Considine.)
June 9: "A Renewed Interest In Life" (JB's father has snapped out of his lethargy through exercise, affection, and interest and is a lively septuagenarian)
June 12: "As Nourishing As Bread" (Dr. John R. W. Thompson, member of British commission analyzing Hitler & Eichmann through the Nuremberg trials, comments on  prejudice and child-rearing)
June 14: "60 Percent Is A Majority" (Cuban man in Guantanamo claims Castro has 60+% support & helps poor by raising wages, building housing, closing casinos, giving American businesses to Cubans & creating jobs.  Castro better than previous governments for Cubans (Batista, Machado). Confirmed Russian military support of Cuba.)
June 16: "'It's About Time...'" (After a cold and dismal spring, summer finally arrived in New Jersey.  Frank Sarpolis)
June 19: "Rocky Thinks He Is People" (JB's dog, Rocky, gave his puppies tongue baths, eats table scraps and candy, watches TV, and sleeps on the bed)
June 21: "Keep Away From All Sharks" (Capt. Gray of Miami Sequarium says sharks are not deliberately man-eaters. Describes how sharks captured for aquariums)
June 23: "The Little Owl" (Last assignment for bespectacled, retiring NYPD officer George Joannides & partner Dan Fogarty: "the considerate burglar," early morning bar robbery scam, and attempt to hijack priest's car--by NYPD)
June 26: "When The Switch Cut Out" (Scene of NYC blackout:  traffic jams, people stuck in elevators, excessive heat, media can't relay info, hospital equipment fails)
June 28: "No Boat Is A Toy" (Practical tips for ocean boating.  Cautions against pilot drinking and failing to check weather and sea-worthiness of boat before going out)
June 30: "A Second Honeymoon" (Reflections on honeymoons as oldest daughter prepares to take her husband & 4 kids to CA for a dubious "second honeymoon")
July 3: "It May Lead To The Road Gang" (Alcohol involved in 1/3 of US violent crimes, so AA meeting in prisons no surprise as prevention for recidivism)
July 5: "After All, Who Needs Them?" (Case study of depression experienced by single, middle-aged women whom sleep eludes)
July 7: "Men Know Little About Women" (Some men dislike women for superior talent, lateness, neatness, strength, insecurity, presence, swearing, poor fashion sense)
July 10: "The Bell Tolled For Him" (Reflections on Hemingway after his death: hard-working atheist writer, done in by his secret pity and ignorance about how to die. Mark Hellinger, Fidel Castro, Franco, Gary Cooper)
July 12: "To Sit And Observe" (Observes the innocuous things that men do that their wives unfairly complain about: all-night projects, unfinished projects & stonewalling)
July 14: "Man With Carbonated Blood" (Rollo's desire to be his wife Liz's hero yields a real-life Walter Mitty story of desire to please, effort & contempt)
July 17: "There's The Story" (JB--reporter, re-write man, feature writer, columnist, author, editor, book publisher, literary agent.  Lucky breaks, humility & good friends)
July 19: "Plotting Is The Word" (JB seeks honeymoon site for new bride that will combine business with pleasure.  Chooses Berlin.  No one but JB impressed)
July 21: "One Must Never Admit Defeat" (How empty-nest mom started a restaurant for "something to do" and made more money than her husband & sons)
July 24: "There Are Many Eichmanns" (Eichmann is epitome of inferior man wanting recognition & power.  His Nuremberg trial showcased many egos & many agendas)
July 26: "The Name Of It Is Guest House" (History & philosophy of Guest House, treatment center for alcoholic priests in MI.  Alcoholism as physical & mental illness)
July 28: "Dimples Died With The Smile"(Eulogy for war veteran MD overcome by pain, heart disease, and addiction.  Good doctor with kind heart and many issues)
July 31: "On Borrowed Time" (In The Conquest of Tension by oldest psychiatrist in US, Richard H. Hoffman, autobiography shows wisdom & serenity )
August 2: "Children Keep Women Young" (Real story behind title: activity & noise level of grandchildren’s regular Sunday visits push all participating adults to limits of endurance)
August 4: "Vacation Memories" (Sen. B. Goldwater provides highlights of his family’s vacations on Navajo Mt, Colorado River, Salmon River, Nassau, Acapulco & Arizona while JB in Europe)
August 7: " Needs A Reliable Tenant"(Actor T. Mitchell reflects on his life, having discovered that happiness is an illusion and hardship and disappointment are the norm while JB in Europe)
August 9: "Show Business" (Actress Helen Kane outlines her rise to stardom as the “Boop-a-Doop” girl and subsequent slide into a quiet life Jackson Heights NY while JB in Europe)
August 11: "Bring Money" (Editor Abel Green bemoans that Europe has become more prosperous since WWII & is less charming and more entrepreneurial while JB is in Europe.
August 14: "We Meet The Crew" (On honeymoon flight to London, pilot takes special interest in Mrs. Bishop, introducing her to the Italian crew and assuaging her fear of flying)
August 16: "The Sights Of London" (JB discusses British cigarette prices, the Palace, Grosvenor Square, Westminster Abbey, Scotland Yard, Picadilly Circus & fat women on motorbikes.
August 18: "Charm Of Heidelberg" (Vacationing in Germany, JB notes WWII history, site of “The Student Prince,” Heidelberg Schloss, University Dueling House & Hotel Zum Ritter)
August 21: "In West Berlin" (JB bemoans the amorality of W. Berlin youth who are not inclined to work, believe A. Hitler was a great man, drive fast cars, and do not know much about WWII)
August 25: "The Pants Came Back" (JB tries to throw away a pair of badly stained pants in Berlin but was foiled by the hotel staff who kept returning them to him)
August 28: "Rome Is Exciting" (Impressions of Roman people, fashions, pasta and pizza (or lack thereof), favorite restaurants, crazy drivers, and the difficulty of getting an American breakfast)
August 30: "Just Second Class" (Bishop’s Roman driver recommended a “second class” restaurant low on ambience but providing good Neopolitan food after a day of shopping.
September 1: "At Wiener Neustadt" (JB searches for grave of his cousin, a WWII navigator shot down over WN. Learned that American graves had been moved from there to Germany in 1956)
September 6: "Ballet Of Death" (JB describes the work of the matadors, band, bull, picadors, and banderilleros during a bullfight in Madrid)
September 8: "A Joy To Get Home" (Recap of impressions of Europe while on vacation.  Examples of how inexpensive Spain is to visit & “funniest” experience of being lost in Vienna.
September 11: "The Television Set" (A NJ PTA gives TV set to the school nuns who enjoy it until their provincial supervisor visits.  They expect that she will forbid it but she enjoys it too)
September 13: "The Story Of The Teeth" (JB’s father took Bishop’s mother-in-law to dinner.  They ate & drank & she misplaced her front bridge of teeth in the WC.  Bishop’s father conned the restaurant owner into calling a plumber to retrieve the teeth & no one mentioned it again.)
September 15: "Restore The Birch Rod" (A reluctant member of the PTA, JB is fed up with teachers, nuns, parents & school kids, except for his grandchildren who love school)
September 18: "No Enemies" (George Dixon is a D.C. columnist who has no enemies although he accurately lampoons the town, the politicians, the policies, the hangers-ons & himself)
September 20: "'Dear Dad” (Daughter Ginny chronicles“2nd Honeymoon-with- 4-Children” in Hollywood, Disneyland & Vegas.  Dad provided intros to friends & family got royal treatment.
September 22: "Communist Mismanagement"(Post WWII conditions in Magdeburg,E Germany: shortages of faith, merchandise, industry, basic necessities, food, organization, & freedom)
September 25: "Music In The Smallest Brook" (lyrical musings on the interim period between seasons, most particularly the change from summer to fall)
October 2: "An Ill Wind Indeed" (Explains the origins, average size, velocity, path, construction, and affects of hurricanes that are generated in the Caribbean).
October 4: "'Where Are The Fish?'" (On a day when everyone else was catching bluefish, the party in JB’s Away We Go IV came back with nothing).
October 6: "Big John A Yankee Fan" (Sr. B says Mantle, Ford & Maris worse than Ruth, Cobb, Mayo, Maglie, Mays, Stanky, DiMaggio, Spahn, Feller, Roberts, Ruffing, Hubbell & Pierce)
October 9: "The Great Miscalculators" (German people are too complacent in believing that the Russians would not go to war with the US over Berlin; Germans were wrong in WWI & WWII
October 11: "He Needs Nerve Pills" (When the laundryman comes to the Bishop house he encounters broken pipes, many family members & a hostile dog, all of which make him nervous)
October 13: "'I Do Not Know'" (Men who won’t admit they don’t know: Author, dentists, car-penters, barbers, students, Churchill, FDR, Hitler. People who do: Eisenhower, Einstein, Fermi)
October 16: "The Street Gang" (Victor Alicea explains the rules of gang membership in Harlem NY while he works to convince teenage boys to choose another path.)
October 18: "Responsibility To The Public" (Thoughts on accountability for Atty Gen, Congress, public utilities, Speakers of the House, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, radio, & TV)
October 20: "Newark Looks, Smells Bad" (Bemoans Newark’s decline in population, cleanliness, safety, neighborhoods, progressive politicians, and civic pride)
October 23: "Spoonerisms" (Celebrating media malapropisms from K Schaefer’s Pardon My Blooper by H Shriner, B Furness, B Ives, J Daly, R Merrill, JR King, HJ Anthony, F Knight.
October 25: "Shopping Alone" (Saturday at dry goods, barber shop, pharmacy, hardware, jewelry store, music shop, Army Navy, gas station. Talked grandchildren & fishing.  Forgot gasoline, shoe polish and haircut.)
October 27: "Getting Dial Phones" (Sea Bright NJ is late to changeover from 6-digit phone numbers with 2 letters to 7-digit numbers with common exchange and area codes on dial phones)
October 30: "I Couldn't Remember Anything" (Great Ideas Today about dreams, novocaine in aging, cancer virus, porpoise speed, migratory calendar,  radioactive moths, centrifugal force etc)
November 1: "Gratitude..." JB touched by Mexican sponsor M Davila who brings gifts & good wishes, but wants nothing but a job in the Land of Opportunity.)
November 3: "Uale's Funeral...'It Reeked Of Good Taste...'" Big Mafia Racket Boss Uale murdered & buried in opulent funeral in 1927.  Expected to leave millions but did not.
November 6: "Wilson's Magic" (Magician Mark Wilson performs 10,000 variations on 7 magic trick using dexterity, timing & misdirection.  Animals and colored pencils among the props used)
November 8: "Business Story Of The Year" (Bill Fugazy added travel agencies, trains, fight pro-motions, oil wells, loans, airport insurance, bowling alleys & hospitals to family bank business)
November 10: "Erasing The Name Of Stalin" (Krushchev seeks to expunge Stalin’s name from Russian History.  Both broke up a triumvirate to become sole leaders, both sought world control)
November 13: "Peggy Lee" Concert by jazz singer Ms. Lee at Basin Street East in NYC.   Song “Why Don’t You Do Right?” made her career, but she suffers from stage fright.
November 15: "Not A Dull Life" But not an exciting one. Life at Bishop home with 5 grandchildren, 2 children, father, sister, brother, wife, in-laws on JB’s 54th birthday.
November 17: "The Spanish Civil War" H. Thomas’ The Spanish Civil War outlines atrocities against Masons, unionists, left-wing politicians, & clergy by both Nationalist & Republicans.
November 20: "An Insoluble Problem- Part I" (“Carmen” fights drug addiction in NYC’s lower East Side. Paraphernalia includes eye dropper with jagged edge, baby nipple, portable flame)
November 22: "An Insoluble Problem- II" (Carmen and Garcia became hooked on heroin.  To support their habit they stole things & beat up women for their purses.  They had 2 children)
November 24: "An Insoluble Problem Part III" (Carmen went to the Jewish Educational Alliance & the hospital to get off drugs.  She went home, got a job & began working with EA)
November 27: "Not Asking Too Much" (Christmas gift ideas from N. Dine sleep center: robot ash tray, eye shades, anti-snore gadgets, time projector, mood horn, contour bed & satin sheets)
November 29: "Fight Game Good Theater" (TV Entertainment brokers pit Tom McNeely vs. Sonny Liston & Albert Westphal vs. Floyd Patterson to make money not  to show a fair fight)
December 1: "A Revolution Gone Wrong" (In 1958 Castro falsely promised US reporter Andrew St. George that the revolution was not communist. Now St. George is not welcome in Cuba)
December 4: "Still Think You Can Win?" (John Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling’s best horse race betting system is Martingale way of doubling losing bets. Women bookies clean up)
December 6: "San Antonio" (Mexican food on river boat with Gaines’, Bennacks, Stanley Campbell, Jack Shelley, Capt Tom& Mrs Shields. Ref Geronimo, Mr & Mrs Eisenhower, Mrs. N. Dwight Allison.)
December 8: "Sullivan's Saloon"(JB plays pool with owner James the Last & invents a publicity scheme involving kidnapping the myna birds. Cameos by Bill, the Polish chef, A. Keating)
December 11: "Some Funny, Some Un..."(Quotes from new Joke Dictionary by Joey Adams)
December 13: "U.S. Air Force- Part I" (US & Russia have enough bombs to destroy continents, no upper limit to power of nuclear weapons, enemy has first strike, retaliation is all out)
December 15: "U.S. Air Force- Part Two" (US defense based on fully operational weapons & strike force spread over large area. Russians had no base close to US. US has many launch sites)
December 18: "U.S. Air Force- Part Three" (B-52 bombers main defense; B-47 main offense with ICBMs Atlas, Titan, Minuteman.  Between terror & military superiority, US chooses latter)
December 20: "Cleaning The Desk" (Inventory of author’s desk top papers & debris)
December 22: "Kelly Was Sicker" (Mrs B hired a housekeeper who was an alcoholic and was upset that she had hired badly)
December 27: "Feast Of St. John" (St. John the Evangelist was admirable apostle given respon-sibility of caring for Christ’s mother & who lived into his 90’s, preaching by word & example)
December 29: "The Place Was Dodge City" (In 1884,7 witnesses testified that Thomas Nixon shot Dave Mathers, who did not have a gun.  Nixon was acquitted despite eyewitness evidence)



January 3: "We Never Learn" (Dinner at a restaurant with 6 children produces a predictable  amount of bedlam)
January 5: "Good Writing"(Advise for people who want to be writers: practice)
January 10: "To Be A Busy Year" (Resolutions: write more, spend more quality time with family, more golf-- less TV & improve charitable works, daily prayers & sleep habits)
January 12: "Planning Ahead" (Lecture on meal & grocery inventory planning backfires when JB runs out of gas)
January 13: "Defends The Cigarette" (“Because-my-whole-family-does-it-it-must-be-okay” defense of smoking & free advertising for the tobacco industry by a 3-pack-a-day man)
January 17: "The Stock Market" (Investing in the stock market is a gamble that JB is losing, by acting on tips from random people)
January 19: "I'm All Right, I Think..." (Diagnosis, treatment, history, cultural attitudes towards mental illness in Emil Kraepelin & Abnormal Psychology by Coville, Costello & Rourke)
January 22: "A Fount Of Trivia" (List of factoids from the New World Almanac and the Information Please Almanac)
January 24: "The Eichmann Affair"(14-week Eichmann trial was used as propaganda by Israel & thus lost effectiveness. Hanging anticlimactic: Eichmann deserves more lasting, humiliating end)
January 26: "Are Sports Writers People?" (Review of Tom Meany’s There’ve Been Some Changes, humorous anecdotes on sports writers, e.g., Hype Igoe, Bugs Baer, Caswell Adams, Damon Runyon, Jack Miley, Stanley Woodward)
January 29: "He Is Alone"(Actor Glenn Ford’s career is going strong & he will live alone in a 14-room house in CA.  Biggest thrill: seeing 3 countries from the summit of Mr. Blanc)
January 31: "It Can't Happen?" (Fictitious scenario where tiny Guatamala threatens superpowers with nuclear weapons with intent to disarm the world and become the only nuclear threat)
February 2: "The Human Heart" (Explains the workings of the human heart, lungs & arteries.  Seeks donations to the AHA on behalf of “young, ambitious men who make sudden exits . . . .”)
February 5: "Producer Bronston" (Russian immigrant& film producer Samuel Bronston sells his own films to avoid cost of selling through studios.  Got his start producing Jack London novels)
February 7: "Nervous Women"(Takes inventory of nervous & self-conscious habits of wives, siblings, mothers, in-laws, and friends.)
February 9: "A Mechanical Wizard" (JB has much interest and enthusiasm, but not much luck, in fixing things that go wrong in his house—especially those involving fuses)
February 12: "A Portrait Of A Soul"(Excerpt from Arthur Cavanaugh’s My Own Back Yard that gives a wrenching portrait of a lonely man, well worth reading.)
February 19: "A Smile In Religion"(Excerpts from Towson MD high school version of the na-tivity in contemporary newspaper style with eye-witness accounts and amusing advertisements)
February 21: "Opinions On The A.M.A." (Louis Lasagna, MD’s Doctors’ Dilemmas is open to interpretation.  JB finds AMA arrogance in causes opposed & sponsored, spending & policing)
February 23: "Fireside Reflections" (Lyrical description of a middle-aged man sitting by the fire after the family has gone to bed and reflecting on his life, his values and what he has learned)
February 26: "A Nutty Dog?" (Puzzling change in dog’s hole-digging behavior due to housekeeper throwing away the bone he had buried in the back yard)
February 28: "Pass It Up, Jim" (Bar owner, Jim Sullivan & fiancé, reminisce about Spanish, the border guard,  dog walker, cost of liquor & their souvenirs from recent vacation in Mexico)
March 2: "This Man Is A Catalyst"(Film director Wm Wyler has coached Laurence Olivier, Jennifer Jones, Walter Brennan, Fay Bainter, Bette Davis, Greer Garson, Fredric March, Olivia de Haviland, Audrey Hepburn, Burl Ives, Charleton Heston and Shirley MacLaine to Oscars)
March 5: "The Taylor Model Basin" (US Navy has man-made basin in MD where model ships tested so questions involving real ships can be answered.  Brain child of Adm. D.W. Taylor)
Match 14: "Bishop: American In Paris" (Crillon Hotel in Paris: actor Maurice Chevalier, un-friendly cashier in hotel restaurant, cigars & German officer after WWII & wife locked in BR)
March 20: "A Story About The Holy Land" (Jerusalem & Bethlehem pilgrimage to Via Dolo-rosa, Golgotha, Holy Sepulchre Church, Nativity Church owned by Jews, Moslems & Christians)
April 2: "Chinese Meal Sparks Animated Eating" (Bishops share Chinese food with Hawkinsons, Sullivans, Chen & Fong.  Diners were squeamish about eating unfamiliar animal parts)
April 11: "As Bishop Sees Our 50th State" (Bishops & friends enchanted by sights, smells, people, impressions & music of Hawaii. Ex-pats have no plans to return stateside)
April 16: "Bishop On Hope: His Feet Are Tiny Trampolines" (Bishops visit Bob Hope & wife. Hope has memorabilia, 4 kids, copies of all his films, millions of dollars & new movie contracts)
April 18: "Producer: Ulcered Genius" (Former Liberty Magazine colleague & assistant to Daryl Zanuch, David Brown has become a movie producer.  Work is stressful but he has 4 prospects)
April 20: "Magic Of Air Travel Speeds Global Trip" (Statistics of around the world vacation: weather, distance, speed, altitude, safety, mileage, comparison to historic trips in other vehicles)
April 23: "It's A Secret Symbol" (The Murfrees divorced over Paddy’s dancing obsession.  They remarried later, and Paddy took out the garbage, a secret symbol that he was home to stay)
April 25: "Dear Mr. President" (Open letter to Kennedy, Army Corps of Engineers, Lt. Gen. Davidson & A.D. O’Connor for disaster relief for jetties to prevent destruction of Sea Bright NJ)
May 2: "Whaddya Know?- Part I" (Highlights of events & statistics listed in the Guinness Book of World Records by the McWhirters, which JB claims was written to prevent bar fights)
May 4: "Whaddya Know?-Conclusion" (JB claims that rather than end arguments, the Guinness Book of World Records will start them by statistics like the World’s worst driver is a woman)
May 7: "Musical Chairs" (Bishops on vacation with kids and grandpa to Miami.  Everyone is constantly moving in the plane and in the hotel so it is hard to keep track.  JB is weary)
May 9: "The Season Is Over" (In the off season, Miami’s hotels, parking lots, hospitals, tourist attractions, golf courses and beaches are almost empty, and JB is glad)
May 11: "You Didn't Catch Me Here" (Jealously, JB watches while his wife catches 23 fish on a day of fishing off the coast of Florida while he caught nothing)
May 14: "Found What He Was Seeking" (Jaded golf writer, Bob Brumby, left journalism to help manage the Jack Tar Hotel in the Bahamas. The Bahamian people restored his faith in humanity)
May 16: "Family Crisis- Part I" (On vacation in the Bahamas, Grandpa Bishop begins decline due to congestive heart failure.  JB must get him to a good hospital on a plane with oxygen)
May 18: "Family Crisis- Part 2" (Good Samaritan pilot takes almost comatose John Bishop to hospital in Miami, and makes sure that an ambulance, doctors, and hospital are standing by)
May 21: "Family Crisis-Conclusion" (Although former policeman & athlete John Bishop (78)improves, he will never fully recover as his heart is badly damaged. JB prays for a miracle)
May 23: "Pork Chop In A Pool" (JB mentions that he would like to buy a house in Florida and is swamped with advice and offers of houses for sale)
May 23: "A Spot Of Blood" (Dream conversation where God asks Atheist to allow his children to decide their beliefs for themselves. Atheist agrees & wakes to find lingering proof of visit)
May 28: "Politics Has Noble Side" (Politicians are mostly incompetent & corrupt—all because today’s young people are apathetic & take no interest in politics)
May 31: "There Stood Bridget..." (Fictional story about Irishman who lies & cheats on his wife with surprise ending that she is the call girl who shows up at his room)
June 4: "'All Else In Vanity'"(Highlights of R.I. Gannon’s The Cardinal Spellman Story with JB’s personal anecdotes claiming Spellman to be one of the great clergymen of our time)
June 6: "Extrasensory Perception" (2 incidents where John Bishop had premonition of the deaths of main women in his life; one involving a light, the other hearing a voice calling his name)
June 8: "A Fun Kind Of Charity" (Medicare for the aging is legitimate form of government charity. Doctors are against it because they see it as a threat to their life-style.)
June 11: "She Has A Story" (Mrs. Budinger offering all her possessions for furnishing an empty hospital she built in St. Cloud FL with the help of indigent clock repair man and FL tourists)
June 13: "Mao Holds The Cards" (Prediction that the British will lose British Hong Kong when Mao decides he wants it because he controls an enormous army and the water supply)
June 15: "Once I Was A June Bridegroom" (JB describes 1st marriage to Elinor from church service to reception to honeymoon.  Irish clansmen from both sides made uneasy guests)
June 18: "They're Too Busy" (Previous column about Miami being quiet in summer retracted in face of press agent criticism.  Hotels claim 98% capacity business in May.  JB stands corrected)
June 20: "We Love Sports" (Humor description of the lack of athleticism in the Bishop family despite enthusiastic love of the games).
June 22: "One More Duty" (W.R. Hearst has one of  his real estate developers place homeless Indian squatters in a house in order to sell his land to the Army at a large discount)
June 25: "Two Ways To Do Things" (Screw-ups in the Navy involving ships, planes, & misunderstanding the officer-peon relationship)
June 27: "Art Carney" (Actor Carney is a talented, shy man with a good sense of humor, hu-mility & loyalty to family who plays his role in Take Her, She’s Mine with depth & confidence)
June 29: "Safety On The Water" (Laments the lack of licensing laws for boaters which allow inexperienced pilots to put their passengers and fellow boaters in danger every year)
July 2: "'We're So Lucky'" (John & Mary Foley live on welfare because both are physically handicapped.  Both consider themselves lucky even though there is little money & few vistitors)
July 5: "I Grew A Mustache" (JB grows mustache & joins the ranks of Hitler, U.S. Grant, Castro, Ronald Coleman.  He is somewhat defensive about it)
July 9: "Nobody Ever Loved Bessie" (Bessie Cullen was the hired black woman who worked for JB’s family. She had no family & died alone in a state hospital.  JB attended her funeral)
July 11: "Impossible Aspiration"(Proposal by McNamara to aim missiles only at military targets foolish because neither side will do it. History from Civil War, WWI & WWII proves his point.)
July 13: "Park Avenue Vet" (Highlights from Park Avenue Vet by veterinarian Louis J. Camuti who treated the pets—mostly cats—of the rich and famous)
July 16: "Want To Write It?" (Shrewd woman married older man for money & was unpleasantly surprised husband did not spend it on her.  Left to get a divorce & husband married her mother)
July 18: "To Make School History" (Childless Principal William Madden begins tenure in new school with strict dress code designed to improve student scholarship.  Expects some opposition)
July 20: "A Rare Woman"(Highlights of Jean & Kathy Godfreys’ Genius in the Family about the mother of Arthur Godfrey who was optimistic despite dire circumstances after her husband died)
July 23: "Shore Pollution" (Fishing wars begin among the Koreans, Japanese, Norwegians, Icelanders and British due to US pollution driving fish to seek other, safer feeding grounds)
July 25: "Fights Clock With Words" (Editors Frank Carson, Harvey Deuell, Arthur Brisbane, Jack Lait, Charles Colebaugh, Wm. Chenery, Ben Hibbs, Fulton Oursler, Wm Lengel, Tommy Thompson, George Beebe, Paul Schoenstein, Eddie Mahar, Don Shoemaker, Jack O’Connell, Glenn Nevill, Eddie Markel)
July 27: "Any Questions?" (Doing the complex math involved in space travel according to Dr. Sebastian von Herner of Heidelberg Germany)
July 30: "What's An Alcoholic?" (Yale School for Advanced Studies in Alcoholism, Johns Hop-kins University & NJ Carmelite retreat house develop questionnaire on alcoholic tendencies)
August 1: "What's New?" (JB’s daughter Ginny turns 25 with 4 children & one on the way.  They all go out in JB’s boat Away We Go.  Much has changed since Ginny was born)
August 3: "In For A Four" (A typical married golf outing: bad shots & bad attitudes.)
August 6: "To Stand Final Retreat" (Ted Berkman’s Cast a Giant Shadow, a biography of Col. David “Mickey” Marcus: boxer, West Point grad & Israeli soldier killed by friendly fire in 1948)
August 8: "Memories Of Jerry Wald" (Film Producer Wald offered JB chance to make it in Hollywood.  JB declined, Wald got rich & died of a heart attack)
August 10: "MCA- A Dead Whale" (Music Corp of America monopoly jettisons its literary/film agency, formerly headed by JB, in government crackdown.  JB mourns agency’s lost talent)
August 13: "'The Kid Has Nerve'" (Aspiring comic, actor, director Skip Rooney asks JB for career advice)
August 15: "A Weekend...On The 'Go'" (Cardinal Spellman, Jerry Lewis, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Gertrude Algase, Montauk, Brielle Yacht Club, Lorraine Wiesling, Away We Go)
August 17: "What We Learn From History" (Hard luck story of talented allergist Dr. Frank who married 2 of his nurses, divorced them, supported their children, then committed suicide)
August 20: "God Didn't Shut The Door" (Frechette grandchildren—Pamela, Robin, Kevin & Jim—mixture of sauce and charm.  Learn that God works in mysterious ways)
August 22: "I Became A Blackmailer" (JB obtains Theodor Dreiser’s autograph on Sister Carrie by threatening to write an unflattering article about an apparent sex scandal)
August 24: "'Scamper Is Fine, I Am Fine'" (JB’s desk: Jack Philbin, Jackie Gleason, Roul, Tunley, Alfred Kay, Rev. Geo. M. Murphy, Bob Brumby, Sen. Geo. Norris, Lester Byck, Jayne Mansfield & Mickey Hartigay, Gladys Glad, Mark Hellinger, Toots Shor, Burris Jenkins)
August 27: "Word Intent Is Important" (Support for the Supreme Court decision denying “any group of government officials—state or national—to sponsor a prayer” in NYS public schools.)
August 29: "Spaniards Treasure Heritage"(Spain is a favorite inexpensive vacation spot for Bishops with pretty landscapes, good food, and poor people.  Thailand also a favorite)
August 31: "To El Escorial"(Cathedral built by Phillip II outside Madrid. Also found 55 Days at Peking, Sam Bronston, Boxer Rebellion, Ava Gardner, Charleton Heston)
September 4: "'A Very Good Day'" (Bullfights in Madrid with matadors Giron, Murillo,& Segura.  No one was gored)
September 7: "The Secret Of Paul Lukas-I" (Actor Lukas fears cancer of the larynx)
September 10: "The Secret Of Paul Lukas-II" (Lukas volunteered at NYC Memorial Hospital to “pay” for his benign diagnosis so he knew his part as doctor in 55 Days in Peking)
September 12: "Valley Of The Fallen" (The mountain cathedral built by Gen. Franco in Spain in 1940 was headed by Benedictine Abbot Justo Perez de Urbel & commemorates the Civil War)
September 14: "Part 2: Valley Of The Fallen" (Cathedral dimensions, many sections dedicated to  the military.  Jose Antonio, founder of Falange; artist Padros, Abbot Perez, Gen. Franco)
September 17: "This Dictator Laughs" (Gen. Franco & JB laugh at stories of how individuals have learned to work the Spanish economic system)
September 19: "Need Rules For Commercials" (Too many commercials in radio & on TV are result of failure to regulate or enforce existing laws. “Private industry sells what US Govt owns”)
September 21: "Expert On Communism" (1 of J. E. Hoover’s 3 books: Persons in Hiding, Mas-ters of Deceit, Study of Communism has record of Russian’s billion $$ debt to US after WWII)
September 24: "She Isn't There" (Sr. M. Pulcheria retires from Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck NJ after many years in her beloved nursery.  Dr. Frank McCormack)
September 26: "Two Crones On the Phone" (Fictional conversation between Mabel & Alice filled with malapropisms, complaints about husbands, and sympathetic listening. Red Skelton)
September 28: "Best Throw all Season" (Rookie pitcher blows his chance. Ebbetts Field, Dodgers, Pirates, Dazzy Vance, Wilbur Robinson, Paul & Lloyd Warner)
October 1: "Sign Stealing"(Dugout tries to decipher signals between opposing baseball players. Dolf Camilli, Phil Cavaretta, Eddie Dyer, Joe McCarthy, Franki Frisch, Joe Garagiola, Shanty Hogan, Hank Schenz, Bill Meyer, Roy Campanella, Fred Haney, Baseball is a Funny Game)
October 3: "The Family Moves Onward" (How 5th grandchild came to be named after his father & his delivery doctor)
October 5: "'I Thought It Was A Throw Rug'" (The trials and tribulations of redecorating the dining room)
October 8: "'I Just Can't Spell The Word'" (JB explains the globe, compass directions, and how the sun works to his step-daughters who only needed to know how to spell geography)
October 10: "The Big Sport" (Steve Mannion pretended to be a “sport” but most of what he did showed no sportsmanship)
October 12: "Oh No Fellas. Not That."(JB surprised by his respect for the career & personal choices of Jayne Mansfield & Mickey Hartigay)
October 15: "It Was An Old House" (History of old house near JB’s home that recently burned down.  Builder Parmalee, son Edgar, Wallace Reid, Fletcher Pratt & wife)                         October 17: "Add Multos Annos"(JB describes father, John M. Bishop, as he approaches 80.)
October 19: "'There Goes Tomorrow...'"(JB pinch-hits for Eleanor Roosevelt at Bowling Green State University and is impressed by the students and relieved for the future.)
October 22: "I Stood Quietly. And Listened" (Poor care heard and seen by JB in hospital result of overworked medical staff)
October 24: "What I Don't Like About Women" (JB’s 95 Theses on the Efficacy of Women)
October 26: "One More Autumn" (Bittersweet description of Fall in the NE as a time of natural beauty, of silence due to the absence of tourists, and of nostalgia for warm summer days)
October 29: "Berman Took The Case"(Lawyer wins reduced sentence for drill sergeant accused of abuse of recruits. Sgt. Matthew McKeon, Emile Zola Berman, Hon. James McNally, Lt. Gen. Chesty Puller, Clarence Darrow)
October 31: "Watch Him Fly" (Lewis B. Maytag, Jr. previous owner of Frontier Airlines bought  National Airlines. NA’s debt refinanced, got paid, and airline is now making a profit. Ted Baker)
November 2: "You Never Beat This Game"(Golfer Chick Harbert advises would-be golfers to focus on 3 targets: fairway, green & cup.  Vic Ghezzi, Sam Snead, Paul Runyon, Ben Hogan, Henry Ransom, Julius Boros, George Dixon)
November 6: "Slavery Just The Same" (History of slavery in Europe & US. Claims slavery today in Russia & Cuba. Christopher Columbus, Pietro Alonzo il Negro, Queen Isabella, Governor de Ovando (Hispaniola), Pres. John Q. Adams, Bartholome de Las Casas, Adm. Diego Columbus)
November 7: "George P. LeBrun"(Centenarian LeBrun’s It’s Time to Tell details the creation of NYS gun law (Sullivan Law). David Graham Phillips, Fitzhugh C. Goldsborough, Big Tim Sul-livan, John D. Rockefeller, John Wanamaker, Nathan Strauss, Bishop Grier, Dr. Simon Baruch)
November 9: "'Back To Bellevue'" (Actor John Barrymore checks out & back into Bellevue asy-lum. Jos. Urban, Eva Tanguay, Joe Penner, Victor Moore, Jack Pearl, Geo. Shelton, Dan Healy)
November 14: "Clancy Put Him There"(Det. Clancy exonerated jewelry store employee by using informant (Bella) to show how theft was committed)
November 16: "Estonia Today"(Warning for all in saga of small Russian satellite country whose people were systematically enslaved so that they could not raise protest in the United Nations)
November 19: "I'm Going Back To Runyon" (Quotes posthumous Credos & Curios dialogue on puns between James Thurber and Graves Moreland.  For humor, JB prefers Runyon)
November 21: "Here Comes 55" (JB’s 55th birthday brings gratitude to family & mentors: Mark Hellinger, Bill Lengel, Phyllis Jackson, Frank Conniff,  Roger Strauss, Jack Paar, F. Braucher, B. Hearst, E. Thomas, B. Kelly, T. Thompson, Fr. R. Gorman, C. Colebaugh, J. Stamler)
November 23: "Supplying The Human Touch" (Human interest column denounces F. Castro as back-stabbing communist egomaniac bent on world domination along with Krushchev)
November 26: "Indictments Against Men" (95 Theses on the Efficacy of Men provided by female readers)
November 28: "Which Was The Sinner?" (Girl seeking abortion is about to be cheated by false doctor until Fallen Woman steps in)
November 30: "'Don't Mention It'"(Popular, aging editor remains solitary while wife dies. Martin Green, Richard H Davis, Floyd Gibbons, Hecht & Lait, Geo. B Fife, Gene Fowler)
December 5: "'The Lady In Red'" (John Toland’s The Dillinger Days tells the true story of the John Dillinger & how the FBI failed to reward the woman who helped them catch him)
December 7: "Drinking V. Writers"(Besides “drank too much”: tilted a glass, clobbered himself, oiled the inhibitions, put on a pretty good bag, a few hookers, getting bagged, hoisting a few)
December 10: "The Only Gift He Got" (Boy excited about snow at Christmas time, remembered to buy Jesus a present)
December 12: "'How About A Nice Pizza?'" (Disastrous Chinese dinner in Madrid. Doug Kingman, Ralph Wheelwright, Howard Newman & Sam Bronston)
December 14: "'Did You Know My Crimes?'" (Murderer of 3 priests does penance in the Church of the Valley of the Fallen instead of death sentence or life imprisonment, befriends the abbot)
December 17: "Spain Is Complex" (Spanish weather, courtesy, daily routines, treatment of women, drinking habits, food, clothing, beliefs & quirks)
December 19: "Never Little Mistakes" (Work on novel Honeymoon Diary keeps JB from joining his boat, which he paid over $1,000 to have sailed there from NJ, in FL .  Big mistake.)
December 21: "'They Say It's A Riot'"(Joys of pre-9/11 on flight from Lisbon to NYC: Captain, 1st Officer, Engineer, Navigator & JB on flight deck. Full meal served.  Doris Day/Rock Hudson.
December 24: "A Success" (Woman sings praises of world’s best husband with “massive mind and small ego.”  Mimi J. and Conrad S. Geier, Jr.)
December 26: "End Of Movie" (Inoperable throat cancer impoverishes Jack Mehler, WWII veteran, former lawyer, and gubernatorial candidate.  Money and friends have vanished)
December 28: "Jerusalem To Bethlehem" (Christian church built over cave where Christ was born claimed by many sects. St. Jerome did Biblical translation nearby & shops have sprung up)
December 31: "A Painting A Day" (JB given a paint set for Christmas in response to his claims that he could do better.  His critics are non-plussed)



January 2: "Plots?"
January 4: "The Word Is Cheap"
January 7: "But I'm Glad I Went"
January 9: "'It's Counterfeit'"
January 11: "Needs A Code Of Ethics"
January 14: "Only She Knows The Crime"
January 16: "Bishop Writes To People"
January 18: "A 192-Page Vacuum"
January 21: " 'Rocky' Will Be Six In March"
January 23: "Meet Satchel Paige...Pilot"
January 25: "Made Good...On His Own"
January 30: "What Is True Greatness?"
February 1: "'Who Needs West Berlin?'"
February 4: "Open Letter To The President"
February 6: "An Orphan Twice"
February 8: "Childishness"
February 11: "An Untold Story"
February 13: "Rising Tide Against JFK"
February 15: "Clubbing St. Valentine"
February 18: "'Darndest Thing Happened'"
February 20: "There Is No God..."
February 22: "Free World Should Speak Up"
February 25: "Kennedy's Are Almost Normal"
February 27: "My Father's Watch"
March 1: "He Cultivates Enemies"
March 4: "There Was A Man"
March 6: "A Lady Taxi Driver"
March 8: "Portus Baxter"
March 11: "Boeing Is Big"
March 13: "The Manly Kidding Was Over"
March 15: "St. Patrick's Day"
March 18: "Disagreement On What I Said"
March 20: "Stay Home, Signora"
March 22: "Insurance Policy For All Of Us":
March 25: "The Questions Seldom Vary"
March 27: "Just Send Care Packages"
March 29: "The Mach 3 Plane"
April 1: "Judas' Betrayal"
April 3: "The Moral Is:"
April 5: "Unwanted Wakefulness"
April 8: "Fishing Philosophy"
April 10: "'Marlin, Mon'"
April 12: "The Texan-Part One"
April 15: "The Texan-Part Two"
April 17: "The Third Man"
April 19: "You Can't Legislate Weaknesses"
April 22: "I've Never Known Him To Lie"
April 24: "The U-Drive Car Business"
April 26: "Small World"
April 29: "Beautiful, Vicious Hussy"
May 1: "Hungry Kid From Cleveland"
May 3: "Woman Horse Handicapper"
May 6: "Must We Buy Friends?"
May 8: "A Happy Assignment"
May 10: "They Still Make Them Like Her"
May 13: "Angels Indeed!"
May 15: "11 More Pounds To Go"
May 17: "What Was The Cause?"
May 20: "Notes About Britain"
May 22: "Supposed To Have No Value..."
May 24: "'Isn't It A Lovely World?'"
May 27: "A Beautiful Young Man..."
May 29: "Madrid: Steak Dinner $1.25"
May 31: "It Was Paco's Day"
June 3: "'I Just Made It Up'"
June 5: "Tomorrow's Wings Today"
June 7: "Tomorrow's Wings Today-II"
June 10: "Governor Holds Up Train"
June 12: "Lilly: A Heart Inside?"
June 14: "What Is A Newspaper?"
June 17: "A Special Birthday"
June 19: "The Election Of A Pope-I"
June 21: "The Election Of A Pope-II"
June 24: "Daydreaming"
June 26: "A Dismal Story"
June 28: "In A Time Of Rebellion"
July 1: "'...About My Friends'"
July 3: "Summer Is Here Again"
July 8: "This Time It Was Regan"
July 10: "Stain On West's Conscience"
July 12: "His Name Was Rudy Vallee"
July 15: "Ah, Vacation Time..."
July 17: "A Shooting Gallery"
July 19: "Pretty Much As He Left It"
July 22: "Quite A Business"
July 24: "The Real Hero"
July 26: "What's So Funny About Golf?"
July 29: "He Would Not Bend"
July 31: "Las Vegas"
August 2: "'You Like Vegas?'"
August 5: "Give Us Another Round"
August 7: "Granite In My Father"
August 9: "Wrote 'And' In Funny Way"
August 12: "Some Are Always At Sea"
August 14: "A Lazy Sunday At Home"
August 16: "Fire Can't Be Trusted"
August 19: "Character Revealed"
August 21: "Hair-Or Lack Of It"
August 23: "The Wink Of A Star"
August 26: "Accidental War?"
August 28: "Shadow Cast By Prosperity"
August 30: "What Is Love?"
September 3: "Ypres Is A Hard Luck Town"
September 4: "An Annual Phenomenon"
September 6: "An Old Sorrow In The Hill"
September 9: "My 1,000th Column"
September 11: "Two Letters"
September 13: "A Strange, Strange World"
September 16: "It Is Worth A Try"
September 18: "Mr. Henry, Go Back"
September 20: "By Now, You Have Enrolled"
September 23: "Summer Spawns Autumn"
September 25: " 'A.A.' Is Backing Up"
September 27: "The Dodgers...Always Crazy"
September 30: "Less Than A Grain Of Sand"
October 2: "He Wrote 'Their' Books"
October 4: "They Spy On Each Other"
October 7: "Had Faith In His Dream"
October 9: "One Not Easily Forgotten"
October 11: "Ah, My Stupidity"
October 14: "The Last Man"
October 16: "'You Do Also For Me'"
October 18: "149,760 Words"
October 21: "Blood Bank Driver"
October 23: "The Kid Matured"
October 25: "That's Living?"
October 28: "'Dear Shari'"
October 30: "Our Bridge To The World"
November 1: "'A Living Saint'"
November 5: "Death As A Topic"
November 9: "Two Old Friends"
November 11: "He Didn't Think It Was Funny"
November 13: "We'll Be Delighted To Leave"
November 15: "He Whipped Himself"
November 18: "'Don't Ever Feel Sorry For Me'"
November 20: "A Touch Of Dutch"
November 22: "So Full Of Music"
November 23: "'A Living Saint'"
November 25: "A Cold Night Long Ago"
November 29: "So I Bought The Place"
November 30: "Who Weeps?  She Does" (Jacqueline Kennedy)
December 2: "Never Mind The Name"
December 7: "Retardation Wing On Each Hospital"
December 9: "What Dallas Lacked"
December 11: "Must Learn To Lose Temper"
December 13: "Arthur Godfrey"
December 18: "The Left-Handed Dictionary"
December 20: "Proof..."
December 23: "Herbert Lehman"
December 24: "Christmas Day"
December 27: "A New Man Emerging"
December 30: "The Deadly Parallel"



January 2: "Joan Crawford"
January 3: "I Remember This Child"
January 6: "A Quiet Night"
January 8: "A Monumental Victory"
January 10: "She Had Guts"
January 13: "Just Too Much"
January 15: "Pool Table Coming Back"
January 20: "Wanna Be President?"
January 22: "'All Our Hard Luck'"
January 24: "A-Secrets-Funny!"
January 27: "I Plead The Fifth"
January 29: "So Few Remember"
January 31: "Feel Sorry For Yourself?"
February 3: "Am I Angry?"
February 5: "Senator Goldwater"
February 7: "The Mormons"
February 10: "The Car Is A Toyapet"
February 12: "Helen Kane"
February 14: "Who's Afraid Of An X-Ray?"
February 17: "In Debt? Don't Fret"
February 19: "'Riviera' Of America"
February 21: "A Luxurious Lean-To"
February 24: "'It Will Never Happen'"
February 26: "World's Best Pilot"
February 28: "It's Worth It"
March 2: "A Visit To The Kennedy Home"
March 4: "What Do I Believe?"
March 6: "I Envy All Poets"
March 9: "I'm Scared Of Mrs. Smith"
March 11: "Believe It Or Not"
March 13: "They Are Us: Tomorrow"
March 16: "Fanny Schulein"
March 18: "Henry Ford"
March 20: "Help From The Cops"
March 23: "He Has Long Since Paid"
March 27: "'I'll Be Your Tiger'"
March 30: "Dallas Did Its Duty"
April 1: "Helpless And Hopeless"
April 3: "No Betting"
April 6: "The Sea Always Wins"
April 8: "Teach Me That System"
April 10: "Natural Enemies Of The Press"
April 13: "'Mos Be A Great Country'"
April 16: "A Good Samaritan"
April 17: "The Computer Is Our New Boss"
April 20: "He Doesn't Work"
April 22: "The Horse Is A Pinhead"
April 24: "Everybody Has An Image"
April 27: "His Courage Isn't Phoney"
April 29: "It Is Saturday Night..."
May 1: "38 Indians On A Rope"
May 4: "'I Have A Few Small Chores"
May 6: "Moscow Papers Please Copy"
May 8: "But One Life"
May 11: "Food A Distressing Subject"
May 13: "A Kid With Character"
May 15: "At The Mercy Of A Boob"
May 18: "A People Dog"
May 20: "Pox On Both Your Houses"
May 22: "Impossible Assignment"
May 25: "JFK's Love Letter"
May 27: "Few Trees...Lots Of Rats"
May 29: "The Gray Stone Steps"
June 1: "I'm Her Favorite"
June 3: "The Mafia-Part One"
June 5: "The Mafia-Part Two"
June 8: "'They Will Not Come Tonight'"
June 10: "'I Know You Can Hardly Wait'"
June 12: "What Is Vietnam?"
June 15: "Lament Of Middle-Aged Man"
June 17: "Does Evil Triumph?"
June 19: "Dear Dad"
June 22: "The Killing-Part One"
June 24: "The Killing-Part Two"
June 26: "Ah, The Lazy Summer"
June 29: "Who Is Kay Starr?"
July 1: "Anybody For Archery?"
July 3: "The Practical Joker"
July 6: "A TV Set For The Nuns"
July 8: "The Liner Was Dying"
July 10: "They Expose You, The Sucker"
July 13: "Our Best Life Preserver"
July 15: "Tracking It Down"
July 17: "The Silent Hero"
July 20: "That Big Fling"
July 22: "A Chain Of Recollections"
July 24: "Something In Common"
July 27: "What Is Secret Of Long Life?"
July 29: "He Has Done It Almost Alone"
August 3: "Trivia"
August 5: "The Great Novelist"
August 7: "An Enormous Talent"
August 10: "A Footnote To History"
August 12: "The Old Man Was Dying"
August 14: "Conrad: Fight Promoter"
August 17: "Takes A Year To Be a P.N."
August 19: "Teenage Tribal Rites"
August 21: "Does Child Learn From Travel?"
August 24: "There Is Serenity Here"
August 26: "Faith In Tomorrow"
August 29: "The Eternal City"
August 31: "Just Send A Care Package"
September 2: "'You Are For Kings"
September 4: "Having Fun"
September 8: "A Lot Of Peaceful Shooting"
September 9: "The Great Pyramids"
September 11: "Eichmann The Prisoner"
September 14: "'David Is Ready'"
September 16: "'Here I Walk Freely'"
September 18: "Israeli Finances"
September 21: "Sweet Irony"
September 23: "No City Like This One"
September 25: "'Only Bad Answers"
September 28: "'Home Was Never Like This'"
September 30: "The Day Of The Exodus"
October 2: "Part Of The Fairy Tales"
October 5: "The Danes Really Eat"
October 7: "Are They To Be Forgotten?"
October 9: "Enroute Home"
October 12: "The Trip Is Over"
October 14: "It Doesn't Speak To Me"
October 16: "A Little Terrifying"
October 19: "'I Have A Grave'"
October 21: "No One Like Max"
October 22: "He Belongs To Us"
October 26: "Our Image Abroad"
October 28: "Then Blessed Silence Will Ensue"
October 30: "Golf Hates Me"
November 2: "What Is Justice?"
November 6: "It's Still Leap Year" (family, father)
November 9: "Your Faith Is Misplaced" (psychiatry)
November 11: "Portrait Of A Mayor-Part I" (Robert Ferdinand Wagner)
November 13: "Portrait Of A Mayor- Part II" 
November 16: "Portrait Of A Mayor- Part III"
November 18: "Who Can Get Hurt?" (investing)
November 20: "Okay, Podner, Draw..." (Old West newspapers)
November 23: "He Asked.  And He Gave..." (John F. Kennedy)
November 25: "To Those We Remember" (WWI, Copeland)
November 27: " 'Gene' Just Left"  (Gene Fowler)
November 30: "She Does It Alone"  (Jayne Mansfield)
December 2: "Washington What You Make It"  (D.C.)
December 4: "Laughter Beyond Analysis"
December 7: "Oldest Dixieland Band" (Phil Napoleon and the Memphis Five)
December 9: "Surface Fleet Fading From Sight" (Navy)
December 11: "A Lucky Man" (family, father)
December 14: "Childhood Not a Happy Time" (family)
December 16: "Cleveland A Live City"   
December 18: "'Merry Christmas'" (robbery, cripple)
December 21: "They Are My Teachers" (books)
December 23: "The First Christmas"  
December 28: "The War Of Silence" (Cold War)
December 30: "An Uncurly Permanent" (family)



January 4: "That Was Quite A Year"
January 6: "He Was A Skeptic"
January 8: "The American Mecca"
January 11: "His Son Left His Mark"
January 13: "There Must Be A Better Way"
January 15: "The Captain's Address"
January 18: "Social Life Hurts"
January 20: "The Peace Of Being At Sea"
January 22: "The Bahamas"
January 25: "The Bay Street Boys"
January 27: "The System Works"
January 29: "This Is Thinking Time"
February 1: "Jai Alai"
February 3: "Only Standards Are Altered"
February 5: "My Heroes Fall Apart"
February 8: "No Voodoo Like Astrology"
February 10: "There Will Be More Salvos"
February 12: "A Tiger On The Green"
February 15: "Tony Bennett's Talent"
February 17: "She Cannot Be A Nut"
February 19: "Always Seeing Things"
February 22: "'Big John' Made Honorary Chief"
March 1: "Stand Behind Our Police"
March 3: "A Remarkable Document"
February 5: "Bigger Than It Thinks"
March 8: "Jackie: Do It Again"
March 10: "Five Billion Years To Go"
March 12: "The New Mathematics"
March 15: "Loneliness"
March 17: "Spring..."
March 19: "Marinaectomy"
March 22: "Baltimore Has Character"
March 24: "The Sun Had Set..."
March 26: "They Hold Their Heads Up"
March 29: "We Are A Nation Of Slobs"
March 31: "It Can't Be Done"
April 3: "The Ageless Lover"
April 5: "Hardly Worth The Agony"
April 7: "He Wouldn't Need It Anymore"
April 9: "Yes, A Stroke"
April 12: "The Age Of Medicine"
April 14: "The Sympathizer"
April 15: "I Owe It, And More..."
April 16: "The Night Of The Wake"
April 21: "Art On Stilts"
April 23: "'...The Dangerous Part'"
April 26: "Small Town Bank"
April 28: "Matt Is Waiting"
April 30: "Listen To A Man"
May 5: "Dad Has Checkup"
May 7: "'I Don't Like To Fight'"
May 10: "In Their Fathers' Shadow"
May 12: "Washington Attorney And His Astronauts"
May 14: "Washington Attorney And His Astronauts"
May 17: "What Is Whiskey?"
May 19: "New York, The Cemetery..."
May 21: "Quiet Night In A Hospital"
May 24: "'This Is A Stickup'"
May 28: "'How To Protect Yourself'"
June 2: "A Story Of Courage"
June 7: "Who Do You Like?"
June 9: "Summer Comes Early"
June 11: "The Miccosukee Of Florida"
June 14: "Edifying Literature"
June 16: "Can't Fool Children"
June 18: "A Lazy Day"
June 21: "The Do-Gooders"
June 23: "Shock Therapy"
June 26: "He Heard The Bell"
June 28: "'Hypocrite'"
June 30: "The Old Lady"
July 2: "Try The Milwaukee Method"
July 6: "He Had A Lot Of Hard Luck"
July 7: "A Place For Swindling"
July 9: "The Problem"
July 12: "We'll Make This One Together"
July 14: "Most Lavish Show Of All Time"
July 16: "I Am A Blade Of Grass"
July 19: "Doesn't Want To Be Old"
July 21: "Sleep"
July 23: "Caso Paco"
July 26: "Vienna"
July 28: "The Hotel Imperial"
July 30: "The Plot That Failed"
August 2: "A Day In The Life Of A King"
August 3: "A Day In The Life Of A King"
August 4: "A Day In The Life Of A King"
August 6: "'What Else Is New?'"
August 9: "He Was A Writer"
August 11: "No One Will Suppress It"
August 13: "Someday You May Need Him"
August 16: "Richard Cardinal Cushing"
August 18: "The Desire For A Home"
August 20: "A Secret Vice"
August 23: "He Needs To Be Right"
August 25: "'Giving Up Already?'"
August 27: "Orphan Of The Americas"
August 30: "A Vacation...Far Away"
September 1: "He Got What He Gave..."
September 3: "Haiti Needs Everything"
September 7: "Haiti Needs Everything"
September 8: "Golf Spelled Backwards Is Flog"
September 10: "What Is A Fact?"
September 13: "The Mark Of The Pro"
September 15: "Four Men At Sea"
September 17: "Yes, I Have Learned Something"
September 20: "Biggest Playpen In The World"
September 22: "Politicians Are Humans"
September 24: "The Sea Has Many Faces"
September 27: "Can't Look Down On Tradition"
September 29: "Molokai"
October 1: "A Day In Julie Andrews' Life"
October 4: "The Real Chan"
October 6: "Each Had A Fish Story"
October 8: "Hawaii a Beautiful State"
October 11: "Living Partners In Special World"
October 13: "Villa's Raid On Columbus"
October 15: "Autumn"
October 18: "We Need A Teddy Roosevelt"
October 20: "A Lot Of Mileage"
October 22: "No Car A Bad Buy"
October 25: "The Society Maitre D'"
October 27: "Many Died Here"
October 29: "African Gin"
November 3: "Stain On National Conscience"
November 5: "On The Edge Of A New Speed"
November 8: "Can Animals Reason?"
November 10: "A Clever Man"
November 12: "Poetry In A Growing Girl"
November 15: "Dr. Paul Dudley White"
November 17: "State Of The Unions"
November 19: "18 Successive Miracles"
November 22: "A Colossal Enigma"
November 26: "My 58th Milestone"
November 29: "'Hughes And Sills'"
December 3: "Exterminate Smut At Home"
December 6: "Never Lose Your Head"
December 8: "The Unwed Mother"
December 10: "How I Feel About The Sea"
December 15: "Looking For The Big Fish"
December 17: "Bahama Fishing Captain"
December 20: "She Can Run For Anything"
December 22: "A Startling Awakening"
December 29: "Arrested For Careful Driving"



January 3: "An Organized Virtue"
January 5: "'How's Bernie?'"
January 7: "I Know A Hundred Like You"
January 9: "A Duty Incumbent On All"
January 14: "The Lie Detector Lies"
January 17: "Last Sport To Be Desegregated"
January 19: "Built In The Wrong Place"
January 21: "Too Many Ships Sunk"
January 24: "Ambushed Daily"
January 26: "What This Country Needs"
January 28: "Saving 'One Solitary Soul'"
January 31: "A Dog Is Only Human"
February 2: "How To Lose Your Case"
February 4: "He Never Hates The Sinner"
February 7: "And Migraine Is Chronic"
February 9: "Murder Trials Are All Ugly"
February 11: "Crisis On The Road"
February 14: "A Knotty Problem"
February 16: "Bankruptcy"
February 21: "An Enemy No One Could See"
February 23: "It Goes Where The Horses Are"
February 25: "Now He Disowns Us"
February 28: "All Of Us In Shades Of Gray"
March 2: "Two Letters"
March 4: "A Dozen Pills A Day"
March 7: "A Strong Young Man"
March 9: "Nobody Was Ever Safe"
March 11: "Children Are Dangerous"
March 14: "Unselfish Leadership Required"
March 15: "Passionists Monastery Is Proving Grounds"
March 18: "The Sneaky Six"
March 21: "Only Beat By Time"
March 23: "Crime And Vengeance-Part I"
March 24: "Crime And Vengeance-Part II"
March 25: "Crime And Vengeance-Part III"
March 28: "I Walk The Cold Streets"
March 30: "Anticipatory Logic"
April 4: "The Greatest School
April 6: "A Friendly Ghost"
April 8: "Anything To It?"
April 11: "'You Shoulddna Done It'"
April 13: "Sports?"
April 15: "Go Make A Seed..."
April 18: "O. Henry"
April 20: "Too Sneaky To Be Good"
April 22: "Brought Closer By Little Fiend"
April 25: "The Moment Of Triumph"
April 27: "'Typical Bowery Bum...'"
April 29: "Lanson Still Singing"
May 2: "Stop The Presses"
May 3: "Errors Terrify Editors; Some Are Amusing"
May 4: "The Real Springtime"
May 6: "The Optimist"
May 9: "The Rescue Man"
May 11: "The Mark Hellinger Award"
May 11: "St. Bona Helping To Perpetuate Hellinger’s Name"
May 13: "A Lucky Irishman"
May 16: "The Intelligent Thief"
May 18: "Poor Time For Jokes"
May 20: "Didn't Turn Chicken"
May 23: "The Escobedo Case"
May 25: "Medical Research- I"
May 27: "Medical Research- II"
May 28: "'Peter's Father'"
May 31: "Ironies In Civil Rights"
June 1: "The Beauty College"
June 3: "Can Press Prejudice A Jury?"
June 6: "A Tough Life"
June 8: "The Roof Leaks Venom"
June 10: "A Day With Lyndon"
June 13: "Stories Of The Presidents"
June 15: "President's Pampered Plane"
June 17: "A Mild Flirtation"
June 20: "Wheels Within Wheels"
June 22: "Time Never Cured Love"
June 24: "Monumental Conceit"
June 27: "Blood On His Roses"
June 29: "Kuwait: Richest Country"
July 1: "The Game That Maims"
July 5: "Dear, Dead Weak Ends"
July 6: "Barbers And Baseball"
July 8: "Stop Shooting From The Hip"
July 11: "Safety On The Family Boat"
July 13: "A Letter From A Mother"
July 15: "A Maddening Quiz"
July 18: "Defending The Eichmann Trial"
July 20: "He Was Not A Merry Monarch"
July 20: "Henry VIII’s Hunt For Heir Toppled Pope In England"
July 22: "What It Was Like In 1900"
July 27: "The Pink Pom-Poms"
July 29: "The Watchdog Is Muzzled"
August 1: "A Gallant Old Lady"
August 3: "An Old Classmate"
August 5: "The Circadian Cycle"
August 8: "Most Notable Dropout"
August 10: "Handcrafts Antique Cars"
August 12: "'I'm Daddy Chicken'"
August 15: "A Most Exacting Job"
August 19: "Personal Service"
August 22: "His Mission Is Difficult"
August 24: "Boob Tube In A Rut"
August 26: "'I Was Also Their Judas'"
August 29: "The Smile Remains"
September 2: "Take The Children To Court"
September 6: "The Best Faith There Is"
September 7: "'Let Cupid Take It From Here'"
September 9: "The Happiest Fish"
September 12: "Won $947,399, Tax Free"
September 14: "Sunset For Man And Dog"
September 16: "A Sweet, Sad Season"
September 19: "Can't Recall The Lines"
September 21: "Should I Tell Them?"
September 23: "Warsaw On Its Knees"
September 26: "'Uncle Tom' Is A Bad Word"
September 28: "The Right Man, The Right Ship"
September 30: "Teaching The Value Of Money"
October 3: "A Town Full Of Memories"
October 5: "Some Funny Headstones"
October 7: "'The Curtain Is Down'"
October 10: "'When It Rains...It Bores...'"
October 12: "'The Awful Handyman's Book'"
October 14: "'Frankie'"
October 17: "'We Both Loved Him'"
October 19: "Commandments Of Reporting"
October 21: "What Wrath Hath Wrought"
October 24: "Rather Write Than Be President"
October 26: "We Punish Ourselves"
October 28: "Off To Another Kingdom"
October 31: "How To Make Money"
November 2: "Commandments Of Reporting Still Hold True"
November 2: "My Cocoon Of Thoughts"
November 4: "Murder Is A Lonely Business"
December 7: "The Mind Of Thomas Merton"
November 9: "It Was A Good Bash"
November 11: "Finds Winner In A. Lincoln (R)"
November 14: "Arthur-Itus"
November 18: "A Man Needs Drive"
November 21: "We're A Minority Too"
November 23: "I Don't Believe In It"
November 25: "What's A Breakfront?"
November 28: "Winter"
November 30: "Winter Vacation Popular"
December 2: "Money Is Negotiable Paper"
December 5: "When Insects Took Over"
December 7: "The Mind Of Thomas Merton"
December 9: "He Died Broke"
December 12: "The Talker"
December 14: "Christmas With The Bums"
December 16: "He Thinks Funny"
December 19: "The Old Lady Of Fifth Avenue"
December 21: "The Psychedelic Church"
December 23: "The Plaza Has Character"
December 24: "Tale Of The Precious Eternal Gift Retold"
December 28: "An Insulting Question"
December 28: "Writer Attests To Affection Of L.B.J. For Jackie"
December 30: "The Retreat From Reality"



January 3: "We Were Blotters"
January 4: "Big John's Christmas"
January 6: "It's Only Money"
January 9: "Just An Intimate Little Gathering"
January 11: "All Alone, He's An Odd Couple"
January 12: "Writer Calls Mobility Key To Long Life"
January 13: "Age Is No Victory"
January 18: "The Cop's Cop"
January 20: "Daffy Over The Ouija"
January 23: "Wolves Are An Endangered Species"
January 25: "'The House Of Tomorrow'"
January 27: "Could We Learn From All This?"
January 30: "'I'm A Lucky Man'"
February 1: "The Calypso Revolution-1"
February 3: "The Calypso Revolution-II"
February 6: "The Calypso Revolution- III"
February 8: "The Deepest Heartbreak"
February 8: "Misfit Babies Live On Love From Sisters"
February 10: "There Is A Real Boy"
February 13: "None Of It Is Dull"
February 15: "The Tiger And The Mouse"
February 17: "Doctor Who Taught Sex" (Dr. Arthur P. Trewhella)
February 20: "'O' Is For Orange"
February 22: "It’s Called Aplomb"
February 24: "Peticare"
February 27: "More Quantity, Less Quality"
March 1: "A Loner All The Way"
March 3: "The Average Man"
March 6: "Henny Youngman"
March 8: "No Nudes Is Good Nudes"
March 10: "Such A Joy When We Stop"
March 13: "Miss Liz"
March 15: "Maria, I Love You"
March 17: "'The Broken Seal'"
March 20: "People Give A Town Character"
March 22: "'Freeze'"
March 24: "Income Tax Count-Down Time"
March 25: "Jim Bishop’s Crucifixion Report: He Did It For You, Me"
March 29: "Give Us The Same Odds"
March 31: "Now No One Is Clean"
April 3: "An Appointment With Death"
April 5: "It Is Safer To Fly"
April 7: "Spring Is A Tease"
April 10: "Man Learns Slowly"
April 11: "Considine’s Book Is Exciting Yarn Of Newspaper"
April 12: "Considine Good At Anything"
April 12: "Joe E. Lewis Describes How He Got Rosemary"
April 14: "How About That Rosary?"
April 17: "I Stopped Crying For Miltie"
April 19: "She's Hooked"
April 21: "No Joy To Match The Frechettes"
April 22: "Public Opens Heart, Purse To 2-Cent Babies"
April 24: "What A Country"
April 28: "Places I'd Like To See Again"
May 2: "Tiny Spark Ignited The World"
May 3: "An Instinct For Isolation"
May 5: "O'Brien Is Asking Blunt Questions"
May 8: "Me, I Daydream"
May 10: "Shickey, Shakey, Shikey"
May 12: "Sleep Is A Burglar"
May 13: "Writer Recalls Boyhood Weekend At Highlands"
May 15: "Fans Discovering Boros"
May 17: "'...We're Just Dead'"
May 19: "The Boy Will Marry The Girl"
May 22: "The Years Had Gone"
May 24: "Show Respect For The Office"
May 26: "How 'Reverend' Worked Racket"
May 29: "One Hundred Years Late"
May 31: "No One Knows His Ceiling"
June 2: "A City That Knows How To Live"
June 5: "The Interview Shows"
June 7: "Hammerhead Hennessy"
June 9: "The Old Lady Of Wall Street"
June 12: "Experimental Education—Part One"
June 13: "Experimental Education—Part II"
June 14: "Experimental Education—Part III"
June 16: "A Profit Prophet"
June 19: "A Bad Day At Sea"
June 23: "Art Of Speaking Has Fallen To Low Repute"
June 23: "Dear Old Dad"
June 26: "A Brick Jungle"
June 30: "'Doctor, Heal Thyself'"
July 3: "'He's a Riot'"
July 5: "I Am Anti-Cemetery"
July 7: "Cool Table, Hot Awning"
July 10: "I Liked Jayne Mansfield"
July 12: "Jerusalem: Old And New"
July 13: "Jerusalem: Old And New (Part 2)"
July 14: "The Annual Domestic Puzzle"
July 17: "Hidden Aspects Of Character Revealed"
July 19: "Some Capable Of Telling All In Few Words"
July 19: "College Waste Of Time For Some"
July 21: "A Weapon Called Scrag"
July 24: "'Give Him A Guide'"
July 26: "International Shopping Bazaar"
July 28: "Times Are Going To Be Better"
July 31: "A Successful Vacation"
August 2: "El Casino"
August 4: "How Can We Get To You?"
August 7: "Fishing Is Always Exciting"
August 9: "A Riot Of Greed"
August 11: "Mr. G. Had Discovered Golf"
August 14: "The Rat Is An Expensive Leech"
August 16: "On Making A Will"
August 18: "Something True On TV"
August 21: "Memories Of My Mother"
August 23: "From The Birds And The Bees..."
August 25: "Breaking TV Boredom"
August 28: "'I Listen To Children'"
August 30: "Impersonal Medicine"
September 1: "They Support Her-Her Way"
September 5: "Count Up The Dead"
September 6: "Who Remembers Billy Durant?"
September 8: "The President Isn't Insulated"
September 11: "You Remember Duncy"
September 13: "Rocky Is The Greatest"
September 15: "Many Sports Leave Me With a Chill"
September 18: "He's One Of A Kind"
September 20: "All Is Calm, All Is..."
September 22: "Tomorrow, A New Driver"
September 25: "Golden Tongue, Brassy Suit"
September 27: "Only The Stone And I Remember"
September 29: "Come Along With Me"
October 2: "A Valiant People, Indeed"
October 4: "A Chronic Naughtiness"
October 6: "Important Word In Paris Is 'Non' "
October 9: "The Hotel de Crillon"
October 11: "A New Age In Berlin"
October 13: "City With A Cover Charter"
October 16: "Timeless Town"
October 18: "Who Went Up?"
October 20: "'Love Ye One Another'"
October 23: "Istanbul"
October 25: "A Determination To Heal Schism"
October 27: "Constant Leaps Of The Clock"
October 30: "Touring India"
November 1: "They Know How To Die"
November 3: "'It Ain't Hot Money'"
November 6: "Thailand Means 'Free Land' "
November 8: "There Are No Facts"
November 9: "There Is No War"
November 10: "It Isn't A Pretty World"
November 15: "Wally Kissed The Boss"
November 17: "Japan Is Contagious"
November 18: "Hong Kong" 
November 20: "Welcome To Hawaii"
November 22: "A Flower On The Sea"
November 24: "Trip On Last Legs"
November 27: "Bad Impressions In The Main"
November 29: "Best News All Week"
December 1: "The Real Crook"
December 4: "Suite 850"
December 6: "Success In Failure"
December 8: "A Story Yet To Be Told"
December 11: "Four Years Later"
December 13: "In Defense Of The Grouch"
December 15: "A Con Game"
December 18: "A Tough Man, Charlie"
December 20: "How To Become A Hippie"
December 23: "He Walked Toward His Judgment"
December 26: "Christmas Was Good"
December 27: "Party Night"
December 29: "The Keeper Of The Bs"



January 2: "There Goes 1967"
January 3: "Daughters"
January 5: "We're Superficial In Election Year"
January 8: "The Dear, Dead Days"
January 10: "Comedy Difficult To Define"
January 12: "How To Write An Autobiography"
January 15: "Boozer Needs More Than Help From Radio"
January 17: "Weight Watchers"
January 19: "What Is A Threat?"
January 22: "He Lied To Me Only Once"
January 24: "An Astute Observation"
January 26: "The New Puzzles"
January 29: "A Letter To The President"
January 31: "The Season Is Over"
February 2: "'You Don't Look Ahead'"
February 5: "This Is The Season"
February 7: "A Problem Of Communism"
February 9: "Stop Being Neutral"
February 12: "The Clock Had Stopped At 10:15"
February 14: "Fashion Is Big Business"
February 19: "Heart Disease Is A Sneak"
February 21: "Washington Come Back"
February 23: "This Book Is Dynamite"
February 26: "I Miss The Lord Of Blarney"
February 28: "It's Nice To Think Warm"
March 4: "He Loved Everybody"
March 6: "It's Going To Be A Dirty Campaign"
March 8: "A Night Out"
March 11: "Not A Pick On Her"
March 13: "Progress In Acquiring Knowledge"
March 15: "This Summer, Dream Big"
March 18: "His Merchandise Is Sarcasm"
March 20: "A Hard Day For Susie"
March 22: "'You're Too Good To Us'"
March 25: "A City Called Khartoum"
March 27: "How Does It All Look To God?"
March 29: "Pick One..."
April 1: "A Lucky Father"
April 3: "Must Win One More Fight"
April 5: "Writer Doubts Garrison Has The Answers"
April 5: "The Character Assassin- Part I
April 8: "The Character Assassin- Part II"
April 10: "The Character Assassin- Part III"
April 12: "'Like A Million Dollars'"
April 15: "Durante Will Not Die"
April 17: "Friendship Cooks Slowly"
April 19: "How About A Little Tap"
April 22: "The Pro Steps Down"
April 24: "Love Isn't Words"
April 26: "A Chinese Dinner"
April 29: "Mikka Moush"
May 1: "Why Must We Elect Another?"
May 3: "Condemned Trees
Outlive Him"
May 7: "Dream A Little"
May 8: "Visiting the Dentist"
May 10: "A Death In The Family"
May 13: "Mulligan A Friend On Golf Course"
May 15: "The Most Productive President"
May 17: "'The Work Is Getting You'"
May 20: "The Poorest Prognosticators"
May 22: "The Quiet Man"
May 24: "If The Dead Could Speak"
May 27: "Don Solved His Problem"
May 31: "Selling Himself"
June 3: "A Great Heart Wins Top Award"
June 5: "Knowledge Without Judgment"

June 5: "Campus Unrest Laid To Lack Of Judgment"
June 10: "The Big Fish"
June 12: "Incomprehensible Truth"
June 14: "Man Reacts"
June 17: "Mr. Dunn's Notions On Mr. Bishop"
June 19: "The Complete Cipher"
June 21: "We Need To Grow Up"
June 24: "What Can The Computer Do?"
June 26: "You Need A P.R. Expert"
June 28: "Anticipation Is Beautiful"
July 1: "The System Is Obsolete"
July 3: "Old Romances Never Die"
July 5: "Rocky To Be Retired"
July 8: "Broadway Had Its Time"
July 10: "The Best Of His Breed"
July 12: "The Best We Have"
July 15: "Summer Is Special"
July 17: "Want To Debate This Kid?"

July 19: "This Is What It Is Like"
July 22: "Willy Never Had A Bike"
July 24: "The Madness Is On Us"
July 26: "Politics, An Artful Science"
July 29: "Oriental Fact"
July 31: "Tragedy Of The Decade"
August 2: "Nothing Going For Mamie"
August 5: "A Year To Remember"
August 7: "A Hippy-Yippee Cruise"
August 9: "The Go-Go Ship"
August 12: "The Word Has Been Handed Down"
August 14: "A Debris Of Memories"
August 16: "Goodbye To 'Toopid' Mary"
August 19: "The Press...And The Put-Down"
August 21: " 'I Married Too Early' "
August 23: "He Didn't Finish His Drink"
August 26: "Senator Ted And The Time Bomb"
August 28: "Our Health Is Better Than Ever"
August 30: "Violence"
September 3: "'You Just Gotta Have Faith'"
September 4: "The Hangup Is Hunger"
September 6: "An Instrument Of Discipline"
September 9: "Bitter Lessons Were Learned"
September 11: "He Really Had A Heart"
September 13: "Telling It Like It Is"
September 16: "The True South"
September 18: "Cemeteries For Pets"
September 20: "Who Needs Civilization?"
September 23: "Good For Another Year"
September 25: "He Tucked Little Moshe In"
September 27: "Masochistic Frustration"
September 30: "One More Small World"

September 30: "Few Doctors Offer Views On Homosexuality"
September 30: "Maria, I Love You"
October 2: "Era Of The Dead Ballgame"
October 4: "The Other Side Of The Negro"
October 7: "'Land Ho'"
October 7: "Columbus Tale Enmeshed In Vague Details"
October 9: "At 85, John Bishop Is Still Competing"
October 9: "The Retreat Is Steady"
October 11: "A Journalistic Surgeon"
October 14: "How To Turn A Wife Off"
October 16: "A Need To 'Reassess'"
October 18: "'Number One Or Nothing'"
October 21: "No Reporter Quits"
October 23: "A Most Sophisticated Sport"
October 25: "Sammy, The Wrestler, Quits"
October 28: "The General Had A Son"
October 30: "Rose Had Her Serenity"
November 1: "Thankfully, It's Almost Over"
November 4: "A Comedian's Comedian"
November 4: "Former Comic Is Forgotten Man to Most"
November 6: "A Special Private Treatment"
November 8: "It's Autumn"
November 11: "Birth Pill Issue Creates Wide Church Division"
November 11: "The Pill Is Here To Stay"
November 13: "LBJ’s Story Never Told"
November 13: "L.B.J. Book Could Become A Best Seller"
November 15: "Everyone Has A Theory"
November 18: "Nixon Walking A Lonely Road Of Vast Power"
November 18: "Nixon Walks The Lonely Road"
November 19: article "St. Bonaventure Will House Reading Room For Bishop's Writings"
November 20: "What Happened To Whatshisname?"
November 22: "Jingles, Joy! Christmas Just 6 Weeks Away"  
November 22: "Ah, Christmas"
November 25: "Obscene Telephone Calls"
November 27: "A Born Loser"
November 29: "Courage Difficult To Define"
December 2: "Olean Cares For Its Brethren"

December 2: "Olean Termed Typical Of Best In Small Towns"
December 4: "Ambition A Flogging Master"
December 6: "On A Cross-Country Creep"
December 9: "Stories Of The Cosa Nostra"
December 10: "U.S. Memorialized By Its Shame"
December 11: "The City Has Lost Its Character"
December 16: "Philip Wrigley An Unusual Man"
December 18: "A Rare Woman"

December 20: "A Night To Remember"
December 23: "Merry Christmas, Tiger"  



January 6: "He Was Not My Man"
January 9: "'Sentence Suspended'"
January 10: "My Position Was Copy Boy"
January 13: "'She's A Born Cheat'"
January 15: "Politics A Cruel Hypocrite"
January 17: "A Bold Step Into The Unknown"
January 20: "Everybody’s Old Man"
January 22: "Postscript"
January 24: "Now He Knew"
January 27: "Being Ill Makes Me Sick"
January 29: "Evil Never Stops Trying"
January 31: "Lowenstein Started The Revolt"
February 3: "Both Sides Should Be Color Blind"
February 5: "Grand Bahama Island"
February 7: "Best Golf Played In Saloons"
February 10: "Fishing Is Gambling"
February 12: "The Proper Way To Gamble"
February 17: "Remember Buffalo Bob?"
February 19: "Walter Winchell"
February 21: "'The Joys Of Yiddish'"
February 24: "He Finally Achieved His Freedom"
February 26: "Death's Step-Brother"
February 28: "Florida Season At Its Height"
March 3: "'She Has Not Left'"
March 5: "Four More Years Of This?"
March 7: "A Land Of Compulsive Eaters"
March 10: "Hiccupping A Serious Business"
March 12: "Still Hammering At 85"
March 14: "Lying Sam"
March 17: "St. Patrick's Day"
March 19: "'Warts And All'"
March 21: "Eighth Graders Discovered"
March 24: "The System Is Wrong"
March 26: "The Cyrano Of Semantics"
March 31: "Most Oversold Country Since Israel"
April 2: "After Eight Years, Be Patient"
April 4: "A Men's Locker Room"
April 7: "He Had Trouble Enough"
April 9: "The Touch"
April 11: "'Gigantic Burst Of Birth'"
April 14: "Cruise Director- It's Not Easy"
April 16: "'I Was Busted Once'"
April 16: "Book’s Success Takes Writer Out of Hock"
April 21: "He Searches For Truth"
April 23: "The Bridge Of Sighs"
April 25: "Hard To Detect Truth From Fiction"
April 28: "Beaten By A Perfectionist"
April 30: "A Smokeless, Nervous House"
May 2: "Silence Is A Harsh Weapon"
May 5: "'Man In Prison Whom I Respect'"
May 7: "Love: When It Comes, You'll Know It"
May 9: "Mental Patient Not Ready For Society"
May 12: "'We Took Dead Aim On Contentment'"
May 14: "The Heart Transplant- Part One"
May 15: "The Heart Transplant- Part Two"
May 16: "Gulf Stream Wonder of Wonders"
May 19: "'A Critical Look At The World
May 23: "Pathologist's Jokes Keep Grief Out"
May 24: "America: Five Years To Tear Down"
May 26: "Hemingway: A Hero Who Wasn't"
May 28: "True Sailing Is Slow And Sneaky"
June 2: "Police Report Doesn't Tell All"
June 4: "Miami Herald Editor Receives His Doctorate"
June 6: "A Woman For President? Ha!"
June 9: "View From A Mountain Bottom"
June 11: "The Limerick Is My Kind Of Humor..."
June 13: "Sometimes Gambler Tells How It Is"
June 16: "Couple Tell Of Meeting 'God'"
June 18: To Grads: Time Your Prime"
June 20: "The 'Good Times' We Had As Kids"
June 23: "Bringing Peace To The 'Family'"
June 25: "Little Drops Of Water..."
June 27: "Every Family Has Its 'Skeletons'"
June 30: "Middle Class Getting Wiped Out"
July 2: "Heroes Are Needed By Communists"
July 7: "Peg: He Lived And Died On Sword"
July 9: "A 'Thing' About Horses-Stuff 'Em"
July 11: "The Will To Be Just Is Not Enough"
July 14: "...A Century On Our Knees"
July 16: "Trapped In Agriculture Carousel"

July 18: "Will The Real Jackie Please Stand?"
July 21: "The Loneliness Of A Grandfather"

July 23: "Bishop Family Off For Hawaii"
July 25: "Honolulu—Luxurious Indolence"
July 28: "Hawaiian Days Flip By Fast"
July 30: "Battleship On Last Cruise"
August 1: "Moon Flight Easier Than Plane Trip"
August 4: "July-Good And Bad Of Summer"
August 6: "The Rich Hang Onto Their Money"
August 8: "Whatever Happened To Mary Jo?"
August 11: "Navy Acts As Watchdog"
August 13: "Nixon's Trip Led Him Nowhere"
August 15: "Life On Other Planets? Why Not."
August 18: "'That's Where He Belongs...'"
August 19: "Doherty: Full Swing On Pendulum"
August 20: "Ex-Reporter, Ex-Agnostic, Is Now Priest"
August 21: "How Sweet It Wasn't For Fields"
August 25: "Forbidden Dreams Of Ice Cream"
August 27: "'Rock Of Shrewsbury' Totters On Cliff"
August 29: "1999: Meanwhile, Back At Home..."
September 2: "Sirhan Jury Perpetrated Murder"
September 3: "Hollywood Bread Made Her Dough"
September 5: "Namath: 'Mr.Clean's' Doubletalk"
September 8: "This 'Bum' Understood Mothers"
September 10: "'Richard, Rise And Come Forth'"
September 13: "Marciano: A Boy All His Life"
September 15: "'Few Brides Show Their Claws'"
September 17: "Worst Kids From Best Families"
September 19: "Bahamas Are Squeezing Everyone"
September 22: "Sick Fun Is In Worrying"
September 24: "Books A Prison Do Make"
September 26: "Happy Families Are A Myth"
September 29: "The Wisdom Of The Insane"
October 1: "Lindy's Closes An Era"

October 3: "Writer Discusses Clergymen He’s Liked, Disliked"
October 6: "Incurable Boatman All His Life"
October 8: "Driving Reveals Character"
October 10: "Bad Day At The Typewriter"
October 13: "Brother-In-Law Drilled In Facts"
October 15: "Can't Remember Jokes"
October 17: "Trivia Takes Thinking And Drinking"
October 20: "The Knack Of Growing Old"
October 22: "Playboy Preaches Prayer"
October 24: "Considine Book Is On 'Toots'"
October 27: "Art Of Growing Old Is Trimming"
October 29: "Stupidity Caught The Gunmen"
October 31: "Doesn't Dig Hippy Music"
November 5: "If I Were President"
November 7: "Bridgit Was Accident Prone"
November 10: "Irish Have Lovely Vices"
November 12: "Ding-A-Lings Like Boats"
November 14: "Gleason Is A Pool Shark"
November 17: "Wants Nothing For Birthday"
November 19: "Grandpa Meets Granddaughter"
November 21: "Boston Irish Exclusive Lot"
November 26: "Breakfast As They Travel"

November 28: "Missed The Fine Print"
December 1: "'Only Humorless Are Nutty'"
December 3: "Grandfather Offers Advice On Raising Grandchildren"
December 5: "If I Were A Black Man..."
December 8: "Could Charlie Be Charlotte?"
December 10: "Winter Memories Of Summer"
December 12: "Hope-Portrait Of A Great Heart"
December 15: "Charity Golf Was A Big Laugh"
December 17: "Jamaica Is A Sensual Spot"
December 19: "The White Witch Of Rose Hall"
December 22: "Margie Creator Tamed By Blonde"
December 24: "Ho Ho Hum Christmas Mail"
December 26: "A 1908 Christmas With Broun"
December 29: "No Room At The Inn"
December 31: "Scotch And Auld Lang Syne"  



January 2: "Vows Not To Make More Vows"
January 5: "Quits, Can Never Smoke Again"
January 7:   "'Front Page' Re-Visited"
January 9: "Mourns The America Of Old"
January 12: "The Day The Sea Ran Dry"
January 14: "How To Explain Nervousness?"
January 16: "Saga Of The Lost Generation"
January 19: "A Son Remembers Mama"
January 21: "The Rocky Road To Byblos"

January 23: "A Good Editor Is Watchdog For Community"
January 26: Keeps Golf In The News"
January 28: "Folly Of Pride Takes A Life"
January 29: "A Man's Last Will"
January 30: "Happy Ending"
February 2: "He Isn
't Punchy"
February 4: "Have A Little Human Interest"
February 6: "Picking Winner For Boxing Brawl"
February 9: "Human Heart: A Precious Pump"
February 13: "Flatwheel Was Always Hungry"
February 16: "Humor Mingled With Philosophy"
February 18: "Born Loser Just Couldn't Win"
February 20: "The Many, Many Faces Of Love"
February 23: "Amazing-How The Sucker Bit"
February 25: "Meaningful Life, After All"
February 27: "Double-Cross: An Old Game"
March 2: "'My Wife Kelly' Quite A Girl"
March 4: "Which fight Was The Better?"
March 6: "Old Time Gotham Has Lost Its Soul"
March 9: "Strange How Evil is Blessed"
March 11: "'Gentle Giant' Stood Five Ten"
March 13: "Glint Of Glass Is Revealing"
March 16: "Nixon's Style: Spartan Life"
March 18: "Pathos Make Comedian Funny"
March 20: "Kicking Around My Hostilities"
March 23: "Reflections On The Ould Sod"
March 25: "No Two Children Are Quite Alike"
March 27: "Guiltless Dies After Lincoln"
March 30: "Caiaphas Finds Jesus' Betrayer"
March 31: "'Let This Cup Be Spared Me'"
April 1: "His Death Was Not a Defeat"
April 3: "Only The Dead Escape Next Fix"
April 6: "Dead Soldiers Numbered Two"
April 8: "This House Dick Outlasted 'Em Al"
April 10: "Bird Cages Have Codes Of Honor"
April 13: "Cannot Erase Memory Of Lady"
April 15: "Quiet Night In Emergency Room"
April 18: "Life Is Now Of Little Value"
April 21: "Bone Fishing On The Mako"
April 23: "'It's A Father!  I'm A Girl!'"
April 25: "The Jury Ruled It Was Murder"
April 28: "Governor Dirk Got His Dollar"
April 30: "Family Followed Fate Of Apollo"
May 2: "Black Factions Need To Meet"
May 5: "Big John Didn't Like The Doctors"
May 7: "Our Schools Lack The Fundamentals"
May 9: "It Was Time For Dog To Die"
May 11: "Credibility Gap Is Still Wide"
May 14: "Nixon Has Not Fulfilled Promise"
May 16: "Women Sure Are Unpredictable"
May 19: "Hollywood Drags Sex In By Heels"
May 21: "How Accurate Are Newspapers?"
May 23: "He Dreamt Of Men On Moon"
May 26: "'Only God Knows What Is Right'"
May 28: "Time For Peace In Middle East"
June 2: "You Know He's The Better Man"
June 4: "
Conversing Clears Mind"
June 6: "Had To Catch Queen Trigger"
June 9: "Bahamas: Not What They Used To Be"
June 11: "Reader Fed Up With Rough Letters"
June 13: "Gap Due To Loss Of Love, Respect"
June 16: "World Facts Are Earth-Shattering"
June 18: "American Pride A Basic Heritage"
June 20: "Express Views By Retriever"
June 22: "And Whatever Became Of...?"
June 24: "Muhammad Ali Ousted By Cult"
June 26: "Conserve Power-Stop War Now!"
June 29: "Vacation Time Not Like Before"
July 1: "Integration Will Not Come Easily"
July 3: "'Golfitis" Disease Hard Bug To Cure"
July 6: "Pancake Fiasco Proves The Girl's No Cook!"
July 8: "If Equality Is What The Ladies Want..."
July 10: "'Nixon Doesn't See It As Colossal Mistake'"
July 13: "Writing-Boozing Don't Correlate"
July 15: "Vacation Was Like This Long Time Ago..."
July 17: "An Open Letter To James Letcher"
July 20: "Better To Be Safe Than Sorry Boater"
July 22: "Constitution Needs Updating"
July 24: "Crew Perishes Saving Our Lives"
July 27: "Poor Boy Makes Good"
July 29: "Killers In Cars Should Advertise"
July 31: "Tragedy Within Prison Walls"
August 3: "Prayer Is Never To Be Outdated"
August 5: "New York Is Not Town I Knew"
August 7: "The Poorest College Of All"
August 11: "American Society Has Never Been"
August 12: "What Kind Of Ship Being Run?"
August 14: "Rembrandt Bishop Has A New Hobby"
August 17: "Vietnam War Is Awful Accident"
August 19: "Cruising Under The U.S. Flag"
August 20: "Easy To Take Shipboard
August 21: "New Career For The Rock At 77"
August 24: "Living Longer To Suffer More?"
August 26: "Press Freedom Put In Jeopardy"
August 28: "Human Progress: Dead Or Alive"
August 31: "Waking To A Bad Dream" 
September 2: "The Icing On The Cake"
September 4: "Education Hits State Of Collapse"
September 9: "American Tourist Not To Be Taken"
September 11: "They Play It By Ear"
September 14: "What Youth Knows Today"
September 16: "Many Sights Along The Way"
September 18: "Blacks And Whites Fear Hypocrite"
September 21: "Travels Through Death's Workshop"
September 23: "The Long Journey Which Has No End"
September 25: "Nature's Burial In Awesome Style"
September 28: "The Daylight Sage Of The Night-time"
September 30: "Thought Processes Of Other Worlds"}
October 3: "And Where Have All The Rich Gone"
October 5: "Nature's Revenge On Man"
October 7: "The Perfect Engineer"
October 9: "It Had More Love Than People"
October 12: "A Nation Of Sappy Sentimentalists"
October 14: "What Do The Indians Want?"
October 16: "In Sports, I'm A Voyeur"
October 19: "Thoughts On Longevity"
October 19: "The Magazines Are Dying"
October 23: "The Big Fight In Atlanta"
October 26: "Hilarious Characters"
October 28: "They Demanded, Got 'Justice'"
October 30: "A Vase Of Flowers"
November 2: "Love Is The Greatest Gift"
November 4: "They Had Done Their Best"
November 6: "They Are Both Here To Stay"
November 9: "Flash"
November 11: "Ship Board Confessional"
November 13: "Computers Bug Me"
November 16: "Revenge Destroys The Destroyer"
November 18: "Joe Robbie Is Football Mad"
November 20: "Duke Was A Born Boozer"
November 23: "Life Has Neither Been Harsh Nor Easy"
November 25: "The Holiday Endures"
November 27: "Two Drinks For The Road"
November 30: "He Talks Like Poe Writes"
December 2: "The All-Time Loser"
December 4: "Christmas Is Business"
December 7: "We're A Nation Of Hypocrites"
December 9: "Whither We Go?"
December 11: "Stop Running For Re-election"
December 14: "'Goatella'"
December 16: "Saying One Thing, Meaning Another"
December 18: "Catholic Church Will Stand"
December 21: "Fire Engine In A Window"
December 23: "The Season To Be Extra Careful"
December 28: "The Born Spinster"
December 30: "'Make Them, Don't Keep Them'"



January 4: "A Dog's Life"
January 6: "The Annual Dry Cleaning"
January 8: "My Reading Habits"
January 11: "The School I Never Attended"
January 11: "Spinster's Love Story"
January 13: "Be Prepared For Worst"
January 15: "A Bad Move"
January 18: "The Arguments Do Not Equate"
January 20: "Winter"
January 22: "I Decided To Become A Painter"
January 25: "A Confraternity Of Spirit"
January 27: "Las Vegas"
January 29: "His Last Will And Testament"
February 1: "What Are The Achievements?"
February 2: "'I Have Me Doubts"
February 5: "Our Land Is In Revolution"
February 8: "Sin Has Always Been With Us"
February 10: "Only One To A Customer"
February 12: "The Old Daily Mirror"
February 15: "'Curse You, Red Baron'"
February 17: "Gabbing on the Golf Course"
February 19: "Fifty Years With The Right Woman"
February 22: "Incomprehensible Economics"
February 24: "A Vicious System"
February 26: "George First But Abe Was Right" 
March 1: "No Way To Play The Game"
March 3: "A Study In Futility"
March 4: "D
on’t Twist Historical Fact"  
March 5: "A Study In Futility"
May 5: "Stick to Your Pulpit, Padre"
March 8: "Nixon Makes Johnson Look Good"
March 10: "Winter Has Worn Out His Welcome"
March 12: "Trouble Comes Near The Ground"
March 15: "There Ought To Be A Law"
March 17: "Irish Knock The Irish"
March 19: "Only The Ants Were Free"
March 22: "Hacks Do Well In Hollywood"
March 24: "She Had The Best Man"
March 26: "Just For The Record"
March 29: "Another First"
March 31: "The Most Esoteric Of Professions"
April 2: "Idiot Box Outgrown"
April 5: "Arrivederci Frankie"
April 7: "With Friends Like These"
April 9: "Bishop's Baedeker"
April 12: "The Rosenberg Case"
April 14: "'A Bintel Brief'"
April 16: "The OSS Wasn't All Grim"
April 19: "Flashback to a Brief Flame"
April 21: "Called S Squad For Stupid"
April 23: "Tee-Time Double-Talk"
April 26: "The Panty Hose Put-On"
April 28: "The Harvest Of The Postwar Years"

April 30: "Columnist's Typical Day Is Examined"
May 3: "A Klan Without Sheets"
May 7: "One Man's Junk"
May 10: "America The Beautiful? No Wonder!"

May 12: "The Real School Of Journalism"
May 13: "One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure"
May 14: "United Nations: House Divided"
May 17: "...And The Man Ain't Got A Chance"
May 19: "Here's The Sheik Of Bramhall Ave."

May 21: "One Of The Most Cynical Words"
May 24: "The Magic Is Still There..."
May 26: "Old Stories...New Twists"
May 28: "Who Would Steal Pop's Car?"
June 2: "And Big John Still Lives On"
June 4: "Padres God Hot Under Collars"
June 7: "Atlantic Highlands' Romeo, Juliet"
June 9: "Big Event at Riverview Hospital"
June 11: "Emphysema: Terrifying"
June 11: "Top Secret or Top Cover-Up?"
June 14: "False Fronts and Phony People"
June 18: "True Meanings of Romance"
June 21: "The Real Willie Sutton"
June 23: "Fascination of the Sea"
June 28: "A Columnist's Reflections"
June 30: "Bowling Balls, Lightning Strikes"
July 2: "Lenny Bruce Remembered"
July 6: "Quest Eternal for Long Green"
July 7: "Entertainment Then and Now"
July 9: "Sportscasting With Flair"
July 12: "Buddy, Can You Spare a Ride"
July 16: "'New' World in an Old Eden"
July 19: "These Are the Good Old Days"
July 21: "50th State First in Penal Reform"
July 23: "Understanding Practical Politics"
July 26: "This Charlie Chan Is Unusual"

July 30: "Author Claims Dismal Plots Never Die"
August 4: "Methadone Dim Ray Of Hope For Walking Dead"
August 6: "Getting to Bottom of Top Secret"
August 9: "We Need Another Bricklayer"
August 10: "Mamie Was Real"
August 11: " And Away-y-y He Went"
August 13: "A Love Story-In Real Life"
August 16: "Facts of Life: Dobbin to Dame"
August 18: "No Gourmets on Galway Bay"
August 20: "Background to Tragedy"
August 23: "Toughest Job in the World"
August 25: "Generation Gap Isn't New"
August 27: "Crime and Punishment"
August 30: "FDR Library's Romantic Void"

September 1: "Scribe Registers His Dolor In Quest For Sense"
September 3: "Doctors vs. Tobacco Growers"
September 8: "Reflection of a Personality"
September 15: "Cure-Not Cage-Sex Criminal"

September 16: "Wealth Of Laughter Softens Misery Of Poverty"
September 17: "On the Way to the Holocaust"
September 20: "A Sentimental Remembrance"
September 22: "Driving Is Boring-Sometimes"

September 24: "It's The Stops That Make Long Car Trips Bearable"
September 27: "It's Sill a Helluva Town"
September 29: "Show Must Go On. Why?"

September 30: "Biographers Flayed by Friends, Enemies Alike"
October 1: "Word From 'Walking Dead'"

October 1: "Writer Offers Guest-Eye View Of Television Gabmen"
October 6: "Seaboard Tour Reveals Racism To Be A Tragic Riddle"
October 8: "Ripe Old Age May Be Defeat, Not Victory"
October 10: "Nazi Who Flew Into the Coop"
October 11: "An Affliction- A Miracle"
October 13: "52nd Street Remembered"

October 15: "Miracle Of Virgin Of Guadalupe Haunts This Reporter"
October 18: "Brer Fox and Mother Goose"
October 20: 'Short-Lived Cuba Freedom"
October 22: "The Flight of a Byrd"
October 25: "Job Applicant's Q and A"
October 27: "A Brief, Strange Encounter"
October 29: "The Passing of a Salesman"

October 29: "Solly The Salesman Was Real Pro At Con Game"
November 1: "One Hungarian's Rhapsody"
November 3: "Holy Wisdom A La The Divines"
November 3: "'Liberty' Magazine Had More Questions Than Answers"
November 5: "Ch

November 5: "The Christmas Shopping Daze"
November 8: "Food Is Filling But Foolish"
November 10: "Kennedy Affairs: All Rumors..."
November 12: "Lost Eden Of Innocents"
November 15: "Why Politics Is Fascinating"
November 16: "Have Questionnaires Ever Angered You? Yes? No?"
November 17: "An Old Man Has A Right"
November 17: "Waiting in the Wings..."
November 19: "Everybody Had High Old Time"
November 22: "The Doctor Did His Duty"
November 24: "Here, Have A Handful Of Aphorisms"
November 24: "Levinson's Loads of Laughs"

November 24: "Silly Book Has Lots Of Laughs"
November 26: "The Truth Killed Him"
November 26: "Learning a Deadly Truth"
November 29: "Dining With Walking Dead"
December 1: "A World in Rosy Hue"
December 3: "Germans Are Perplexing People"
December 6: "Banana Nose: Still a Winner"
December 8: "Pearl Harbor: Who's to Blame?"
December 10: "December Is Mixed-Up Month"
December 13: "Frank Hague Taught Them All"
December 15: "Santa Skips Skid Row"
December 17: "Dreams Are Dozing Stuff"
December 20: "Good Will Toward...?"
December 22: "Just Follow the Bouncing Ball" 
December 23: "Jesus’ Birth: An-Age Old Story Ever New"
December 27: "Ghostly Story No One Knows"
December 29: " A Close Man With A $"  



January 3: "New Year's Prayer"
January 3: "Belated Greetings to a Friend"
January 5: "Hellinger Offers Thanks"
January 7: "Rabbi's Song Is Souring"
January 10: "Success Leaves Many Failures"
January 12: "Big John's Rye Rationale"
January 14: "All The Best (?) From Bishop"
January 17: "Kid Made It The Hard Way"
January 19: "The Perfect Child Of God"
January 21: "Far-Out Facts From Fairways"
January 24: "Lo! The Poor Editor"  
January 24: "Editors Are Human, Too"
January 26: "Two Sides Of Nixon"
January 28: "Super Bowl Revisited"
January 31: "Folklore: It's Phoney, Funny"
February 2: "Jackie Gleason Has Learned To Kneel"
February 4: "Gleason's Gold Mine"
February 7: "Sotting By The Seaside"
February 8: "Story About A Kid Who Made It The Hard Way"
February 9: "Tripping Boards In Beantown"
February 11: "Harry Golden Is Master Of That Special Jewish Humor"
February 14: "The Pooch People Crazies"
February 16: "On Love, There Is No Copyright-Everyone Has A Star"
February 16: "Let's Leave Love Alone"
February 18: "Uncle Tom On The Block"
February 21: "My Old Man: Sore Winner"
February 23: "Words To Live By: Be Good To Your Heart"
February 23: "Hey, Fellow…Have A Heart"
February 25: "F.D.R’s Maverick Son Ranching In Florida"
February 28: "The Good Old Days?"
March 1: "All Show And Tell"
March 3: "Success Story The Irish Way"
March 6: "Fattening Or Fetish?"
March 8: "A New Sphere In Geopolitics"
March 10: "Tee'd Off Over Teeing Off"
March 13: "In Serivce Of Presidents"

March 15: "Nightspot Owner Recalls An Unelevating Evening"
March 17: "Nixon Needs The Press"
March 20: "Navy's Billion Dollar Baby"
March 22: "Ladies Have Had Their Day"
March 22: "Men, Women, Equality"
March 24: "No Opinion Is No Decision"
March 27: "A Solomon With Scissors"
March 29: "Experiment In Hope"

March 30: "Jesus Makes No Defense"
March 31: "Three Days Of Passion"
March 31: "The Day Of Passion: Christ Chooses To Take Cross"
April 3: "Part Two: Day Of Passion"
April 5: "We've Come A Long Way Since Bonus March of 1932"
April 5: "Part Three: Day Of Passion"
April 6: "Let Us Have Equality-Not One-Sided 'Lib'"
April 7: "Black Day In Anacostia"
April 7: "Leader of the Jet Set"
April 10: "Carbon Copy To J. Edgar"
April 12: "And The Band Played On..."
April 14: "If: 'A Pall Upon The Land'"

April 17: "Success Has Its Price"
April 19: "The Good…And The Dead"
April 19: "Gentle Dopey John Lucky He Couldn’t Be Shooflied"
April 21: "O.Henry..On The Couch"
April 24: "'The Godfather': Reel to Real"
April 26: "Big John's Way With A Buck"
April 28: "Nixon Vs. Press: Round…"
April 28: "Former Aide Carries Nixon Banner In War On Press"
May 1: "What Did He Say?"
May 3: "John Kennedy- Gutter Politcian"
May 5: "Bishop House Is A Home"  
May 8: "World Of Law In 45 Words"

May 9: "'A Republic…If You Can Keep It'"
May 10: "Central Park Can Be Murder"

May 12: "Horace Was An Artist But He Didn’t Get The Picture"
May 15: "Patient Is All You Can Be"
May 16: "A Little Bit Of Hospital Room Goes A Long, Long Way"
May 17: "Mr. Lincoln's Wooden House"
May 17: "Lincoln Has Last Laugh, Trades Wooden Horse"
May 19: "A Word, A Sign From Beyond"
May 22: "The GP Was A Baby Doctor"
May 24: "Alcoholism Is Not Anonymous"
May 24: "Our Edifice Trembles"
May 26: "My Disc Is Missing!"

May 31: "What Greater Agony Is There Than Not Knowing?"
May 31: "Who Had Problems?"
June 2: "Formula Preempts Television News"
June 5: "A King's Tale Of Cabbages"
June 7: "Honk's Shakedown"

June 8: "White House Secret Service Agents Dedicated Men"
June 10: "Part One: Nixon Today"
June 12: "Part Two: Nixon Today"
June 12: "Nixon Is Unlike Any Previous American President"
June 14: "Courage Shines On The 8th Floor"
June 16: "There's No Truth In Age"
June 19: "Memories Of Mama"
June 21: "Miami Braces For The Blow"
June 21: "Miami Beach Shines Armor for Bearded Armageddon"
June 22: "Admirals Urge Billion-Dollar Carrier Be Built"
June 26: "Two Thieves On An Island"
June 28: "Prayer 'Hot Line' To Heaven; Collect Calls Accepted"
June 30: "White House Is A Health Hazard"
July 3: "Old Age Ain't For Me"
July 5: "Clifford And Edith: An Ugly Suspicion"
July 7: "Watch For The Slow To Blow"
July 7: "Presidential Death Toll Spurs Call For Bill Of Health"
July 10: "Unsung Hero With Heart"
July 11: "Despite Myth, Fixing Big Races Is Almost Impossible"
July 12: "Shenanigans Have Soured This Reporter On Conventions"
July 14: "Bons Mots In Brine"
July14: "Those Bons Mots Not in Ecstasy Are Happy In Agony"
July 17: "Sound, Smiles Of Summer"
July 19: "The Silence, Then The Storms"
July 21: "Mario Puzo's Sequel Falls Far Behind 'The Godfather'"
July 24: "We Gave Till It Hurts"
July 26: "Suddenly—A Ringing Surprise!"
July 26: "Father Is Hopeful As His 'Porcelain Statue' Gets Engaged'"
July 28: "FDR Mastered The Press Corps"
July 28: "F.D.R.’s Laughing Gas Helped Pull Teeth Of Press"
July 31: "'Ol Sully's Stumblebum Mouth"
August 2: "Mr. Chan Shies At Marital Leash"
August 2: “Old Age Kissed Off As Figment of Imagination”
August 3: "Look Upon Pundit With Suspicion Accorded Candidates”
August 4; "The Pundits Play Politics”
August 4: “Despite His Foibles, The Poor Editor Is Only Human”
August 7: “New Consciousness Leads Blacks to Fight School Shift”
August 7: “Thank You, But No Thanks”
August 9: “A Bright Spot In A Dark Cloud”
August 9: “Cruise Opens Silver Lining in Dark Clouds”
August 10: “Sully Had Lots Of Heart But His Head Wasn’t Too Good”
August 11: "Many Facets In An Island Jewel"
August 14: “Fuzzy Fotos Not On File”
August 16: “Some Midsummer Night’s Dreams"
August 17: “If I Were President, There Would Be Changes”
August 18: "Fears Of Mind Are Not Funny"
August 21: “‘Windmill’ On A Treadmill…”
August 21: “Eagleton Sought Psychiatrist-That Shows He’s Normal”
August 23: "A Lesson Learned From Black Angel"
August 25: "The Badge Has Just Two Sides"
August 28: "Mark Hellinger Lives At St. Bonaventure"
August 30: “Pushing Broccoli With Politics”
August 30: “One Lesson Remembered From Sister Marie Eustelle”
August 31: “‘White Fox’ Is the Autocrat of Dining Table”
September 1: “Remembrance Of Friends Passed”
September 5: “Recollections On Thumbing Through a Yearbook”
September 6: “Unsinkable Jocko McCormack Drifts Into Sales”
September 7: ‘Signs Of a Dirty Campaign Already Show Up In Wash”
September 8: "Come Back Little Pigeon"
September 11: “Man’s Overdrawn On Earth”
September 13: ‘Quality Of Mercy Strained”
September 15: “Portrait Of A Comer”  
September 18: "Yesterday Is Tomorrow"

September 20: “Jamaica: Caribbean’s Joyous Jewel Has A Few Flaws”
September 20: "The Best Time of the Year"

September 21: “Gentle Players of Autumn Begin To Enter Summer’s Stage”
September 22: "Suzie Does Her Thing"
September 25: "Pooper Goes To A Party”
September 27: “Tour By Force—God Willing”
September 27: “Wife, God Continue Partnership As Ace Travel Agents”
September 28: “Deposits in Planetary Bank Overdrawn By Man”
September 29: ‘Welcome Home, Neighbor”
October 2: "Changing Style Of Reporting"
October 4: “Father Kelly’s Unusual Parish”  
October 6: "Filmland Has Cwasiest People"

October 9: “All The News That’s Fit…”  
October 11: "Love Leads To Go
d's Kingdom"
October 14: “Swift Crime; Slow Justice”
October 14: “Quiet Man Potentially Dangerous”  
October 16: "Nobody Loves A Cop Killer"

October 18: “Four Days Of Loud Love”
October 18: “Loud Love Marks Visit For 4 Days”
October 20: “Fantastic Flight”  
October 23: "Fun City No Longer Is"

October 25: “Ex-Addict’s Misdeeds Are Taped”
October 27: “Day on the Beach in Kerry”
October 30: “Wine And Man –Part One”
November 1: “Champagne Master’s Life Spared”
November 1: “Wine And Man—Part Two”
November 3: "Wine And Man- Part Three"

November 4: ‘New, Old Clashing In London”
November 6: “Ocean-Hopping Back Home”
November 8: “Epitaph For A Crude Campaign”
November 10: “A Little Song Going Nowhere”
November 13: ‘Manners Maketh Man—Sometimes”
November 15: “Great Day At The Races?”
November 17: "Don Quixote Tilt With Time"

November 20: “2—Seed On The Wind”
November 21: “Seed On The Wind”
November 22: “3—Seed On The Wind”  
November 24: "A Bumper Crop Of Blessings"
November 27: "A Story I Couldn't Write"

November 29: “The Wonder Woman”
December 1: “Soviet Jews—Human Pawns”
December 4: “Special Gift For Jesus”
December 6: "Private Peek at Jack Paar"
December 8: "It Was The Worst Of Times"

December 11: “A Promised Not Realized”
December 13: “Death Opened Gates For Eddie”
December 15: “Mumblings Of A Misfit”
December 18: “Quoting The Quotee”
December 20: “Bremer’s Diary Gives Mumblings”
December 22: “One Night In Bethlehem”
December 23: “No Christmas Cheer For Them”
December 27: “Retired Living Ain’t Easy”
December 29: “Bishop’s Best For New Year”
December 30: “The Horrors OF Hanky Panky”  



January 3: "Don’t Wave At Me, Officer"
January 3: "Retirement Transition Not Easy"
January 5: "Seasonal Sights And Sounds"
January 6: "Vignettes Of Winter Complied"
January 10: "Hollywood Hacks And Literary Lights"
January 11: "When The Mighty Have Fallen"
January 12: "Living Ain’t Easy For Mr. Irving"
January 16: "Love Letters to A Little Lady"
January 17: "The Years Rolling By For Mother"
January 17: "Some Men Confused By Money"
January 17: "The Funeral Coach Just Won’t Be Back"
January 19: "Fascinating Story Never Learned…"
January 19: "The Scales of Punishment"

January 22: "Does Punishment Fit The Crime"
January 24: "New Times…Same Crimes"
January 24: "This Time, Mr. Nixon!"

January 24: "Inflation, War, Greed Old Stories"
January 26: "Please Bring Us Together"
January 26: "New Times, Same Crimes"

January 29: "White House Cook 'Saved The Bill'"
January 29: "A House Without Honeys"

January 31: "No, There's More To It Than That!"
January 31: "Landing a Blue Marlin"
February 2: "Memories of a Country Boy"

February 4: "Real Lyndon Johnson Emerged At Ranch"
February 5: "The State of My Union"
February 7: "Problem Children, But Whose?"

February 9: "The 'Big' Graves 'All In A Row…'"
February 9: "Oscar Was Wilde, But Witty"
February 12: "Peace With Honor—But No Joy"
February 12: "FDR's $1,000 Inaguration"

February 14: "St. Valentine 'Lost His Head'"
February 16: "Oscar Was Wilde, But Witty"
February 14: "Valentine Died for True Love"

February 17: "Vietnam Armistice Different"
February 19: "The Press Under Siege"
February 20: "'Star Of David' Grows Dim..."

February 21: "Newspapers Are Playing Hari-Kari"
February 21: "The 'Secret' of Old Age"

February 22: "Count Numbers; Not Troubles"

February 23: "Problem Children---But Whose?"
February 23: "Peace With Honor, But No Joy"
February 24: "The Nazi Eagle Born In Flames"
February 28: "Sunshine State Losing Old Glow"
February 28: "Paean to a Pioneer"

March 2: "Give To Life Then Take It..."
March 2: "Some 19th Hole Aggravation"

March 3: "Golf Good To Create Tensions"
March 5: "Welcome Back, POWs"

March 7: "Did The Saint Tell A Lie?"
March 7: "When the Saint Lied"

March 8: "Climb Aboard A Windswept World"
March 9: "A Sentimental Re-Assignment"
March 12: "Being 'Dumb' Pays Off"
March 14: "American Buck Baffles Many"

March 16: "'My Beauties..' To The Beasts"
March 19: "Ma And Pa May Not Be Enough"
March 21: "When Rabbits Run Rampant"  
March 23: "A Cop, Even In Pajamas"
March 26: "How To Catch A Con-Man"
March 28: "Odds And Ends From The Folio"

March 29: "Death Called At Room 306"
March 30: "Getting There Is Half The Fun"
April 2: "Roosevelt's Head On A Platter"
April 6: "Fly The Funny Skies Of…"

April 9: "Everybody Wants To Tell His Story"
April 11: "Millions Long To Be Writer"
April 11: "The Locker Room 'For Lovers Only'"
April 13: "Encounter Games Can Bend Minds"
April 14: "Some Groups Encounters Dangerous"

April 16: "Bierce Was Fierce With A Dictionary"
April 17: "Mrs. Luce Brews A Stomach Turner"
April 18: "A Last Favor For Tim Murray
April 20: "The Prelude To An Act Of Love"
April 23: "Most Honors '
Ain't So Hot'"
April 25: "Illusory World Of Freedom"
April 27: "As Hijackers Come to Earth"
April 30: "Body Skin Is Heavy"
April 30: "Hijackers Come to Earth"
May 2: "What You Didn't Know"

May 4: "This Is The House That Jim Built…"
May 7: "Poisoners Have A Deadly Habit"
May 9: "All The News Printed To Fit"

May 11: "The Passing Of A Priest"
May 14: "Some Words In Parting"
May 16: "To The Students Unapplauded"
May 19: "Happiness In Summer Of…"
May 21: "Once Was Enough for T.T God"

May 22: "Hail To the Last Vestige Of An Era"
May 23: "A Daughter Ought-A…"
May 23: "Reflections on One-of-aKind"
May 23: "Shore Exciting For Boys"  
May 25: "'Plead Stupid' For The Record"
May 28: "An Olio of Odds and Ends"

May 30: "Mail Order Policies Hazardous"
May 30: "A Merry Ole English Lass"

June 1: "They’re Spending Your Money"
June 2: "Presidents Frequently Freeloaders"
June 4: "Expressing Himself To A 'Tee'…"
June 8: "'Nobody Reads The Policy…'"
June 9: "Barking Up A Family Tree"
June 9: "Women's Lib Pitfalls"
June 11: "Big John- The Wheelman"

June 13: "Big John Loved Hupmobile"
June 15: "What’s Your Big Beef, Libbers?"
June 15: "Talking Dad to Cleaners in Tux"

June 18: "Nixon Fumbled With The FBI"
June 19: "'Insane' World On The Outside"  
June 20: "The Daughter's First 'Orangutan'"
June 22: "This Duke Was A Drunk"
June 23: "Hippie Date Slugged"

June 26: "Last U.S. Invasion From A Friend…"
June 27: "Eddie's Record Was Unbeatable…"
June 27: "Vacation Roulette"
June 29: "'I-Want-To-Know' Must Be Rekindled"
June 30: "Last Invasion Of U.S."
July 2: "Our Skies Are Full Of Junk!"
July 3: "'Summer Roulette' At Vacation Time"
July 7: "FDR Had A Babysitter"
July 8: "Facts, Figures, Fiddle-Faddle"

July 9: "My Maggie Was Some Old Gal"
July 11: "Mike: One Of A Kind"

July 12: "I) Nixon: A Personal View"
July 13: "II) Nixon: A Personal View"
July 14: "Look For The Cliché"
July 16: "The 'Critic' On The Hearth"
July 18: "Twelfth Man On The Team"

July 20: "Image-Makers Becloud View"

July 23: "Bargains Can Leave You Broke"
July 25: "The People Rise Above A Scandal"
July 27: "Eddie O'Donnell: A Winner"

July 28: "PR: Stunts And Money"

July 30: "When Someone Dies So Do The Flowers"
August 1: "Humor Hard To Define"
August 1: "Murderer Who Fears Freedom"

August 4: "Critic On The Hearth"
August 8: "Bestsellers Hard To Pick"
August 11: "Red Dolan: Reporter"
August 13: "Only The Readers Know Bestsellers"
August 15: "Summer Is A Mood"
August 18: "Innings And Outings"
August 20: "Rozelle and the Rentzel Case"

August 21: "Jim Bishop Writes About Menus Using Only Small Amounts Of Meat"
August 22: "Unusual Facts, Figures"

August 22: "When Jocko Went A-Rye"
August 24: "How to Beat the Meat Swindle"

August 25: "Alcoholic Kicks Habit For Good"
August 29: "Vacations Can Be Mighty Hard Work"

August 29: "Real Italian Princess"

September 4: "The Price Of Friendship"
September 4: "That Wild Vacation" (First of a Three-Part Series)
September 5: "That Wild Vacation" (Second of a Three-Part Series)

September 5: "Gotham Thrills Kathi"
September 7: "That Wild Vacation" (Third of a Three-Part Series)

September 8: "Vacations Joyful, Sad"
September 11: "Books Of Crime: Sex And Diet!"
September 12: "When a Man's Best Friend Isn't"
September 14: "Reflections of an American"

September 15: "Reflections On Man"
September 17: "Justice Fell Hard On Lenient Judge"
September 19: "Bring Us Together"
September 21: "Mock Flight Is Scary…"
September 22: "Payoff Judge Bagged"
September 24: "Hague's Flair for Finagling"
September 26: "Remember the Good Old Days?"
September 28: "Succeeding the Hard Way"
October 1: "Back in the Dark Days"
October 2: "Marital Counsel, Minestrone"
October 10: "A Sad Sort of Memory Game"
October 11: "The Drive Over Old, Familiar Roads"
October 12: "Misery  at the Breakfast Table
October 15: "A Tale of Three Shared Lives"
October 17: "Variations on Old Themes"
October 18: "'Leaning Tower's' Sinking Savior..."
October 19: "Dreams Come True-Sometimes"
October 22: "Sad Saga of Big Rudolph"
October 24: "What's All This Loss Talk?"
October 26: "There Was Life in the Old Girl"

October 26: "Good Ole Days Before Ulcers"
October 29: "No Ifs, Ands, or Putts"

October 31: "World History Seen From A Fiat"
November 5: "Friends Cause Sleeplessness"
November 5: "The Company One Keeps"
November 7: "Big John Vs. His Ulcer"

November 8: "Human Drama In the Court"

November 9: "Stand Up, Boys, For Your Seats"
November 12: "Stand Up for Your Rights, Boys"

November 14: "What’s This Love Thing?"
November 23: "…But Dutch Was A Rare Treat…"
November 24: "Shuttered Lens For Emil"

November 27: "The Press And Mr. Nixon…"
November 28: "The Press Vs. Mr. Nixon" (This is the First of Two Articles)
November 30: "The Press Vs. Mr. Nixon" (This is the Last of Two Articles)

December 3: "Nixon’s A Man In Control…"
December 4: "When The Wells Go Dry…"
December 7: "Ebbing Of Sanity On A Park Bench"
December 10: "Recidivism Is High In U.S."
December 10: "Prisons Are The 'Proving Grounds'"
December 12: "Diamond Costs Man's Best Friend"
December 12: "Parakeet Poses Pregnant Problem"

December 14: "1929 Brought To Life"
December 14: "1929 Was an Exciting Year"
December 17: "Diamond Vs. Man's Best Friend"
December 19: "Elmer Came On As Some Candidate..."
December 20: "The Message On Massage"
December 21: "Getting a Message on Massage"

December 24: "Writer Paints With Words"
December 24: "Yuletide Thoughts of a Reader"
December 28: "Beauty and Burden of Winter"

December 28: "He Can Put On A Good Face"
December 29: "Dimes That God Just Never Gets"  



January 2: "A 'Good Face' Of The Doctor"
January 7: "Anti-New Yearer Offers Hope"
January 8: "Five-Minute Friend Lasts The Years"
January 11: "Why All This Inventiveness?"
January 14: "U.S Press: Imperfect, But Great"
January 15: "Just One More Leaves One Less"
January 17: "Let Some Light Into The Closet"
January 19: "Kindness Can Be A Cruel Blow"
January 21: "Big John Is a Favorite Subject"

January 23: "Born Beautiful…Die Skeletons"
January 25: "Julie Eisenhower: 'For The Defense'"
January 25: "Reilly Meets His Match"
January 28: "LBJ Still Casts A Long Shadow"
January 30: "Caribbean Cruising In Style"
February 1: "Beauty Abounds on Marinique"
February 4: "Trinidad Is No Island Paradise"
February 6: "The Caribbean: Study in Contrasts"
February 6: "Burying Is A Grave Business"
February 8: "Canal Is a Help and a Headache"
February 8: "Panama Is Small, Resentful"
February 11: "Safe Harbor After Happy Voyage"
February 13: "Padre Didn't Have a Prayer"
February 18: "Turnoffs and Other Pet Peeves"
February 20: "Monster That Haunts Us All"

February 21: "The Boys Belong Home In America…"
February 23: "Maybe We Need Anther 1929?"
February 25: "John Q. Takes Rigging in Crisis"
February 27: "Game of Life Must Go On"
March 4: "Love-'Til Murder Did Them Part"

March 6: "True Love—With A Few Surprises"
March 8: "Beauty Can't Hide the Beast"

March 11: "Just As Irish As A Hammerlock"  
March 11: "Shecky Is A Funny Guy"
March 15: "The Women in My Life"
March 18: "John Q. Takes Rigging In Crisis"
March 18: "Old Age Is An Angry Time"
March 19: "Canal Is A Help And A Headache"
March 20: "A Very Courageous Lady"
March 22: "A Court of Impeachment"
March 25: "Silver Screen Is Tarnished"
March 27: "Dick Knows The 'Half-Truth'"
March 29: "The Literary Slush Pile"
April 1: "The Good Natured Warriors"

April 1: "Let A Woman In Your Life And..."
April 4: "The Funny World of Sports"
April 5: "Imperfect Press Is Still Great"  
April 8: "Reporter's Pay Can't Last A Week"
April 10: "Congress Is Anti-Indian"
April 12: "Alcoholic Flower In A Bed Of Weeds"
April 15: "Sinatra Still Has His Magic"
April 19: "The Greatest Story of All"
April 20: "Methadone Kills, Too"
April 25: "A Vote That Just Won't Come..."
April 26: "Lepers Commit No Crimes..."
April 29: "A Peace Toast To Israel, Arabia"
April 30: "The Old House Knows Good-Byes"
May 1: "Developing Power 'On Our Own Power'"
May 2: "Tiptoeing Across My Conscience..."
May 6: "All-Purpose Golf Lexicon"
May 8: "The TV Guide That Doesn't!"
May 10: "Israeli Fighters Publish Tactics"

May 11: “Listings Hard To Find”  
May 13: "A Two-Sided Racial Mess"
May 14: "Momma's Mother's Maiden Sister"

May 14: “Lush Cemetery Of The Stars”  
May 17: "After I Stuck My Neck Out"
May 17: "Silent Marquees Trampled In Grass"
May 20: "Don't Ask Harry What Happened..."
May 22: "Bring the Boys Home-To Pay"
May 22: "Other Ways to Spend Our Money"
May 24: "My One True Friend"
May 30: "Write-In Votes Score For Wallace"
May 31: "Portraits of the Season"
June 3: "Marriage Full of Love"

June 3: "Political 'Fencing' Hard To Climb..."
June 5: "Once She Was My Girl"
June 4: "Button Your Lip And Lend An Ear"
June 7: "Once She Was My Shy Girl"
June 10: "A Trip Down Memory Lane"
June 11: "Biggest Bird In The Sky"
June 12: "History While It's Hot"
June 12: "Call Girls as Shrinks"
June 14: "Class Distinction On The Way Out"
June 18: "How Come? More Pay, Less Cash"
June 19: "Has A Passion For Gadgets"
June 20: "Bishop Has a Blue Day"
June 21: "America Now A Bankrupt Land"
June 26: "Tiptoeing Through The
June 28: "Ready to Make a Deal"
July 1: "Beyond a Shred of Doubt"
July 1: "To Durante With Love"
July 8: "A Dog Is What You Make Him"
July 10: "Live a Little: Be a Nut"
July 12: "Equal Rights? Men Left Out!"
July 17: "Prosperity In '24: The Florida Boom"
July 18: "The Growth Of Presidential Power"
July 19: "Levinson's Quips So Very Quotable"
July 19: "The Guy Who Shot Larry Fay"
July 24: "Some Know How to Dress"
July 25: "Bishops Began European Trip"
July 29: "Europe in Tight Shoes"
July 31: "Switzerland is a Fairy-Tale"
August 5: "French Monks Keep Nectar Secret"
August 6: "Irish Filled Cognac Snifters"
August 7: "First Class Trip Through France"
August 9: "Thoughts That Take Flight"
August 9: "Golf-A Lovely Scottish Game"
August 14: "The Land of Scotch"
August 15: "13 Minutes Late London To Miami"
August 16: "I Overdid The Work Ethic"
August 19: "People Come First"
August 22: "Meditations on a Hot Day"
August 28: "Reviewing a Mixed Bookshelf"
August 28: "Nixon Case Needs Judge Or Doctor"
September 3: "Just A Female Fish Story"
September 5: "Florida Keys: Edge Of The World"
September 6: "His Name Was Mudd"
September 9: "Hemingway Wrote Well In Key West"
September 10: "Mr. Butterworth's Friend, The Nun"
September 12: "The Biggest Spy Bust"
September 13: "Last Stop Is A 'Stone Orchard'"
September 17: "Time Wounds All Heels"
September 19: "Going Downhill Without Brakes"
September 20: "The Jennings Boys' Sad Saga"
September 24: "11 Years After JFK Was Shot"
September 25: "Matter Of Simple Chemistry"
September 26: "And For Our Next President..."
September 27: "Picking a New President"
September 30: "Whatever Happened To..."
October 1: "Whatever Became Of So And So?"
October 3: "The Massage Parlor Marauders"
October 7: "The President And The Press"
October 8: "Litchee Nut Larry's Last Case"
October 14: "The Story Behind The FDR Story"
October 15: "Pardon My Oval Office Dream"
October 16: "Valentino Set Your Grandma Aflame"
October 17: "Bishop Diet Works For Him"
October 18: "Let The Boss Beware"
October 21: "The Great Ocean Liners Are Gone"
October 22: "Two Brothers Took Different Life Paths"
October 25: "Beauticians Make House Calls"
October 25: "Laughter and Tears"
November 1: "Boxing Is On The Ropes"
November 4: "Humor in Cold Type"
November 4: "Growing Up With Big John"
November 6: "The Wacky World Of Newspapers"
November 8: "How To Pander To Public Appetites"
November 11: "White House Weather Vane"
November 12: "He Led A Very Private Life"
November 14: "Who's Minding The Store?"
November 18: "Fate Is The Buyer"
November 25: "Crime And The Criminal Code"
November 26: "Cost Of Sin Goes Up 10 Percent"
November 27: "Toots Shor, Proud, Loyal Roughneck"
December 3: "Down With The Women's Page"
December 5: "Gleason Weds His True Love"
December 6: "Fat O'Brien's Confession"
December 9: "What We Need Is A Giant"
December 9: "The High Cost of Congressmen"
December 10: "Grandma, Once She Had Everything"
December 11: "Gulf Stream, An Invisible Giant"
December 13: "Israel: Not Place Of Milk And Honey"
December 13: "Israel Still Endures"
December 19: "Olean Senior Citizen Relies To Jim Bishop"
December 20: "Gift for the Infant Jesus"
December 23: "Jim Bishop Returns Us To The Day Christ Was Born"
December 25: "Listen To An Age-Old Story- The Day Jesus Was Born"
December 26: "Good Works; But No Charity"
December 27: "Little Bishop Of Havana"
December 27: "Getting in the Last Word"

December 28: "Congressmen Are Costly"
December 30: "Paying More; Getting Less"  



January 6: "Let It Be Resolved"
January 6: "Confrontation in Room 4"
January 8: "My Enigmas, and Maybe Yours"
January 13: "Movies Stage A Comeback"
January 15: "Sights And Sounds Of Wintertime"
January 17: "Expense Account Was A Gem"
January 17: "Russia's Deadly Policy"
January 20: "Analyzing World of Sports"
January 22: "Good Excuse For Not Working"
January 27: "How To Fill A Library"
January 20: "No March For The AA"
January 20: "Analyzing World of Sports"
January 24: "The Bishop Assets"
January 30: "Tremors Form San Clemente"
January 31: "Big John Never Stopped Flirting"
February 3: "Count Them: 18 Miracles" 
February 6: "His Daughter Is Getting Married"
February 7: "Can’t Con An Honest Man"  
February 10: "Nobody Could Match The Babe"
February 10: "For medicinal Purposes"

February 15: "True Love And Adversity" 
February 17: "Duke The Drunk Is In Canine Heaven"
February 19: "Waiting Down The Track"
February 20: "Too Late To Dim The Lights"
February 21: "How They Could Fly"
February 25: "Are We True Big Brother?"
February 26: "Waiting Down The Tracks" 
March 3: "Covering a Lot of Territory"
March 4: "Hunger Becomes Dangerous"
March 7: "Darn that Dream"
March 10: "And He Wants To Be A Cop?"
March 12: "We Can Do Without the Zoo"
March 14: "March is Full of Goodies"
March 21: "These are Jokes, Folks"
March 26: "Is Lying An Integral Part Of Golf"
March 27: "Rumors Hard To Disprove"
March 28: "Wedding Day 'Blues'"
March 31: "The Adventures Of Nick And Nora"
April 1: "Air Travel Needs Change"
April 2: "For The Love Of Boats" 
April 4: "Golf Is Addiction"
April 7: "Victims Of The Permissive Age"
April 8: "Facts Concerning Indochina"
April 9: "Tasty Sins Of Yesteryear"
April 12: "A Long Way From Age 17"
April 14: "No Hurry To Even The Score"
April 16: "Crime, Punishment And Mercy…"
April 16: "The Dodgers and Gin"

April19: "They Met At The Gallows"
April 21: "It’s Not Too Late To Pray"  
April 23: "A Small Statue Comes Through"
April 23: "Cutting Big John's Hair"
April 28: "Democrats Have Some Crooks, Too!"
April 30: "My Personal Santa"
May 2: "High-Budget Stupidity"
May 5: "The Wind and Waves"
May 7: "Not the Way it Was Planned"

May 7: "All The Men Are Brave"
May 9: "Just Present The Facts, Sir!"
May 10: "Crooks In Both Parties"  
May 12: "A World of Third-Rate Leaders"

May 14: "Wonder Of All Wonders"
May 16: "Familiarity Breeds Some Truth"
May 19: "It's the Friendly Season"
May 21: "No Quitters on the 'Laffey'"
May 21: "Let JFK Sleep In Peace"
May 23: "A Riot to the End"
May 27: "Terror Reigned Inside The Walls"

June 4: "Too Little Faith In Ourselves"
June 4: "Inside Man All The Way"
June 6: "One-Way Street for Writers"
June 9: "Great Day for the Drivers"
June 11: "What Price Progress?"
June 11: "Poker Played for Every Last Chip"
June 13: "In Honor of a Contract"
June 16: "An Independent Woman"
June 17: "Playing Against All Odds"
June 18: "A Little Conjugal Discipline"
June 20: "One Hysterical Firebrand"
June 25: "Big John's Great Stories"
June 26: "They Met At The Gallows"
June 27: "Some Horrors of the Past"
July 8: "My Enemies Have Four Legs"
July 9: "The Joke's The Thing"
July 10: "Left-Behind Legacy"
July 11: "Let's Smile -- Sports Fans!"
July 16: "Where Arson is King"
July 17: "Nagging Doubts About The Nags"
July 21: "Medical Care Costs On Trial"
July 22: "Overwhelming Hard Luck"
July 23: "We All Share Nixon's Guilt"
July 25: "TV's Phony Black World"
July 26: "Keep Our Old Parents Young"
July 28: "The Paymaster for Liberty"
July 30: "Dangers of Sexual Aggression
July 30: "Only Two Are In The House"
August 2: "Dangers Of Sexual Aggression"
August 4: "Credit Them All"
August 6: "Our Founding Mothers"
August 7: "19th Hole Quizzing"
August 8: "Dancing On My Partner's Feet"
August 15: "Hoffa Couldn't Win Them All"
August 18: "The Rip-Off of Poland"
August 19: "Guest List Decision"
August 20: "Silent Service Tales"
August 21: "It Was Simply 'Common Sense'"
August 22: "Justice, Not Truth, Was Served"
August 22: "Ireland - Love It Or Leave It"
August 27: "A Rookie Needs Experience"
August 27: "A Deadly Numbers Game"
September 2: "The Gentlemanly Bandit"
September 3: "Taking Him Out for a Suit"

September 6: "Behind The Sugar Curtain"
September 8: "Detective Of The Microscope"
September 8: "Shape Up Our Building Blocks"
September 10: "Dr.Hammer: Remarkable Man"
September 12: "Miraculous Bottle of Gin"
September 15: "Reflections on Fun City"
September 17: "Harvest of a Sunny Season"
September 19: "The World is Starving"
September 22: "Stopovers on the Open Road"
September 24: "Some Facts About Sharks"
September 26: "Pity the Beautiful Daughter"

October 1: "Victims Of Stubborn Bravery"
October 3: "Final Deadline is Honored"
October 8: "Stringing Us All Along"
October 13: "Among My Profound Failures"
October 13: "A Plush Place For Retreating"
October 20: "And Guess Who?"
October 22: "...And, It's On The Road In Olean..."
October 24: "There Are Good Samaritans"
October 27: "It Could Have Been A Happier Trip"
October 28: "Winchell Looking Into A Mirror"
November 3: "Lavendar Cadillac Caper"
November 4: "Saturday Like It Was"
November 4: "Taking Ali At His Bad Word"
November 8: "Learning The Lesson Of Humility"
November 12: "Conversing With Franco"
November 13: "Character Incased Behind The Veneer"
November 14: "We Had So Many Plans..."
November 14: "The Price of Stealing a Story"
November 19: "A Gathering of Good Sports"
November 19: "The Star Was Always Late"
November 21: "Inventor for All Occasions"
November 24: "Lunch Hour Profit"
November 26: "Lady Reporter Comes Calling"
November 26: "The High Cost of Big Apples"
December 1: "An Awesome Open Secret"
December 2: "Sharing The Chuckles"
December 4: "Charlie Chan's Message"
December 5: "A Good and Loving Son"
December 6: "Gripping The Steering Wheel"
December 10: "Rocky Hands and Soft Heart"
December 12: "Job Needs Right Attitude"
December 15: "18 Holes of Penance"
December 17: "'The Unspeakable' List"
December 19: "Things That Irritate Me..."
December 22: "A Tale of Christmas Morning"
December 23: "In Answer To Your Letter..."
December 24: "Setting The Record Straight"
December 24: "Perfect Life Flawless"
December 26: "'I Want You To Look For Freedom'"
December 29: "Predictions"
December 29: "Flower Children's Last Trip"



January 8: "The Price Of Friendship"
January 9: "The Sport of Losers"
January 12: "Harsh Truth Is Due This Year"
January 13: "Early Warning From The Arabs"
January 14: "A Losing Sport"
January 17: "Place The Blame On Logic"
January 19: "This Nice Guy Finishes First"
January 21: "Best Of Partners"
January 22: "Hired To Kill"
January 23: "Lost Art Of The Wry Toast"
January 24: "Jocko Goes To The Dogs"
January 26: "Undiscovered Superstar"
January 28: "Football's Effects"
February 4: "They Have Each Other"
February 6: "Naive Nation's Nightmare"
February 9: "Comparing Optimist"
February 11: "No Kidding About Childhood"
February 12: "Spoils Of A Bitter Crop"
February 16: "Duke Is Home"
February 17: "The Dream Of Mother Lode"
February 18: "Happy Birthday, Great Man!"
February 19: "Looking Good Doing Penance"
February 20: "24 Hours A Bowery Bum"
February 23: "The Health of Our Statesman" (First of three articles)
February 23: "Remembering Only The Good Men"
February 24: "On Being Stage Struck"
February 25: "Health of Our Statesman" (Second of three articles)
February 26: "Their Nemesis But Our Decision"
February 27: "Health of Our Statesman" (Last of three articles)
March 1: "And Now Choose One!"
March 3: "50 Years Down The Road"
March 4: "The 'Irony' Of Schorr"
March 6: "Congress Informed 50 Years Ago White House Costs $12,500"
March 8: "No Burden For Roy"
March 10: "Oldest of Man's Joy"
March 15: "Getting The Oriental Goods"
March 19: "Dealing With Network TV"
March 20: "Land Of Brave Isn't Free"
March 22: "And The Jokes Linger On"
March 23: "Mr. Candidate, Tell Me 'How'"
March 24: "My Favorite Failure"
March 25: "Prof Forced Into Retirement Discovers Life-Saving Drugs"
March 26: "Happy birthday, Trooper!"
March 27: "Vince Letros Sails With Jim Bishop In Bahamas"
March 29: "A Degrading Obsession"
April 6: "'Black Swans' Of The Classroom Devoted, Efficient Teachers"
April 8: "Woman Wins Purple Heart For Life With Lazy Spouse"
April 10: "A Boy And His Pet Turtle: Too Good An Event To Pass Up"
April 12: "Tough Laws Apply To All"
April 13: "Black Swans: Teaching Nuns"
April 15: "50% A Good Score On These General Knowledge Questions"
April 15: "Money Isn’t Funny"
April 16: "Letter Written To 4 Daughters"
April 17: "Carnival of Reformed Saints"
April 19: "A 90 Proof Guarantee"
April 20: "Can You Answer These?"
April 21: "Too Good To Pass Up"
April 22: "True Mother Of…"
April 23: "Lots of Loony Legalities"
April 27: "The Way Of The Lone Eagle Heroic Life Broken With Grief"
May 1: "For Some Accident Victims There Are No More Miracles"
May 4: "Washington Drank Nightly Toasts To King George During The War"  
May 7: "Woman Wins A Purple Heart"
May 7: "The Boy Wonders Ride Again"

May 11: "Too Many Miracles..."
May 12: "The Way Of The Lonely Eagle"
May 14: "Turnabout Is Fair Flay"
May 18: "Mystery of God’s Presence Well Designed, Perpetuated"
May 19: "The Ultimate Evil"

May 22: "Scheme Of Creation"
May 22: "Ultimate Evil Told In Its Entirety"
May 24: "Gold Waiting to be Found"
May 25: "Ultimate Evil"
May 26: "My Hazardous Habit"
May 28: "Diamond Jim: And Proud Of It!"
May 28: "Where There's a Will"
June 2: "Well-Designed Mystery"
June 3: "Prejudices Run Deep"
June 4: "Letter to Four Daughters"
June 7: "Keepsake From Fanny"
June 11: "Two Sports in India"

June 14: "Fearless, Fancy-Dressed Doctor Unsung American Revolution Hero"
June 16: "The Wisdom of Big John"
June 18: "Puerto Rico's Plight"
June 23: "Gambling Way Of Life"
June 25: "Odds Against Legalized Gambling"
June 28: "Called Herself Mata Hari"
June 30: "While The Bands Played"
July 1: "Organization And Joey Gallo"
July 2: "The Triumphant Graduate"
July 8: "Chasing Behind The Dollar"
July 9: "The Way it Really Was as Kids"
July 12: "Dog Days For A Coward"
July 14: "High Cost Of Public Servants"
July 15: "What Gives Sex A Bad Name?"
July 16: "Papa Doc's Number One"
July 19: "Dealing With The Big Dealers"
July 23: "One Heck Of A Honeymoon"
July 27: "Blessings For All"
July 29: "Wit Always Finds It Mark"
August 2: "Seasons Images"
August 4: "Epitome Of Tragic Genius"
August 6: "A Boy'
s Scalding Tears"
August 9: "Law Must Punish"
August 11: "One More Quart Of Ice Cream"
August 13: "Inside The Drunkard's Soul"
August 16: "Patron Saint Of Losers"
August 18: "The Most Explosive Formula"
August 20: "Set For Laughs"
August 23: "Tuned In And Soaped Up"
August 23: "The Doctor Upstairs"
August 25: "The Newest Great Criminal"
August 25: "The Great Name-Dropping Game"
August 27: "Animals Stranger Than Fiction"
August 27: "The Most Devout Candidate"
August 30: "Prince Among The Lambs"
August 30: "Redesigning the Two Parties"
September 1: "Immigrants Understand"
September 3: "Thin Man's Dreams"
September 8: "Women Are The Healthier Sex"
September 10: "J. Edgar's Faults And Virtues"
September 13: "Tragic Diseases Wear Disguises"
September 15: "Conventions Sold Out To TV"
September 17: "And Still More Inconsistency"
September 20: "Unremitting
September 22: "Put-Down With A Smile"
September 22: "The Names They Left Behind"
September 24: "Why God Invented Whiskey"
September 27: "Vive La Difference, Baby..."
September 29: "City That Lives On Money"
October 2: "Hitler's 'Personal Architect' Making Fortune From Books"
October 4: "Doing My Best On Camera"
October 5: "Zany Candidates Among 123 Certified To Run For President"
October 6: "A Fortune For Hitler's Architect"
October 7: "Politics Of Past Called Game Of Shaking Hands And Lying"
October 8: "Candidates Galore"
October 8: "Prelates Hit for Interference In Politics On Abortion Issue"
October 11: "Dr. Brown-Upstairs"
October 13: "Great Name-Dropping Game"
October 13: "We Who are About to Tee Off"
October 15: "Most Devout Candidate"
October 18: "Applaud the Change in Seasons"
October 19: "Every Nation Must Be Prepared To Sacrifice Many Young Men"
October 21: "If The U.S. 'Went Honest'"  
October 21: "Remembering About Forgetting"
October 22: "People Who Work Will Continue Supporting The Nonworkers"
October 26: "Comforting A Dying Friend Requires Imagination, Kindness"
October 28: "Indianapolis Cruised To Deadly Fate After Completing A-Bomb Mission"
October 29: "Don't Envy Barbara Walters For Making $1 Million A Year"
November 1: "Anger Turns into Apathy"
November 2: "Newspapers Columnists, Reporters Remembered As A Tough Breed"
November 4: "Automobile In Family Life Rated Single Most Important Item"
November 5: "Five Presidents Guilty Of Mistakes In Backing Chiang Kai-Shek"
November 9: "Toots Shor Is Only Survivor Of Old Broadway Restaurants"
November 11: "Advice To Lovelorn Letters Change Little Over 50 Years"
November 12: "Bog John's Jealous Streak Burden Momma Had To Bear"
November 14: "Uncle Willy Got the Bird"
November 16: "Here's A Test To Determine If You Are Getting Old"
November 18: "It's Pure Velvet Now For Jocko After Degree In Hard Knocks College"
November 19: "Candace Mossler Seemed Surprised When Jury Cleared Her Of Murder"
November 23: "Throngs Of 'Thinking Followers' Little Comfort To 'Gene The Mean'"
November 26: "Humorless Harbingers Of Death Once Diner With Miami Jailbirds"
November 30: "Dachau Inmates, Jews, Catholics All Voted For Hitler In 1933"
December 1: "Ben Hogan Endowed With Courage In Lieu Of A Sense Of Humor"
December 1: "The Silent Scourge"
December 7: "Power Of A Silvery Tongue Proves Effective In Hollywood"
December 9: "Office Of The Presidency Too Big For Any One Man"
December 10: "Finding One Head In Million Solves An Old Murder Case"
December 14: "Socialistic State Of Israel Called A Troubled Place In The Sand"
December 15: "This is Curious Stuff"
December 16: "One Father Gives Son Discipline Second Drowns Offspring In Love"
December 20: "Everybody Got Paid"
December 21: "Some Lottery, Sweepstakes Prizes Bring More Grief Than Benefit"
December 24: "Strangers Smile At Each Other, Dawn Is Special On Christmas"
December 28: "Two Sentences Of His First Speech Started J.F.K. Up Political Ladder"
December 29: "Sentenced to Life"
December 30: "In Hell's Kitchen, They Hold Christenings A Bit Differently"
December 31: "The Great Gleason Takes Flight"



January 3: "As Any Seer Will Predict
January 4: "Jackie Gleason Is Flying Again After Shunning Planes 25 Years"
January 6: "Leprosy Victim Meets Plane Daily In Hope Of Visit By Daughters"
January 11: "Some Writers Lack Quality Of Wit; They Collect Treasures Of Others"
January 13: "Dolphins A Exciting Team Whether They Win Or Lose"
January 14: "Saudi Arabia Amassing Money Faster Than It Can Spend, Invest It"
January 14: "Angel's Boys Never Forget
January 18: "Pathos Of Life In Harlem Unveiled In Tour With The King Cole Cops"
January 21: "James Earl Ray Born Into Family Of Poverty, Alcohol And Crime"
January 25: "Ray Chose Crime As Career Despite Always Getting Caught"
January 26: "Uncle Willy's Worth a Kick"
January 27: "James Earl Ray Bought Rifle For Hunting- 'Deer, Perhaps'"
January 28: "Evidence Points To Conspiracy In Assassination Of Dr. King"
February 1: "Foibles Of The Ruling Class Show Facets Of Oddity, Cruelty"
February 3: "Race Tracks Are Places To Find Most Engagingly Insane People"
February 7: "Who's Afraid of Airplanes?"
February 9: "A Second Honeymoon at Sea"
February 11: "Only Two to a Customer"
February 14: "The Last Thing I Want to Do"
February 15: "High Coffee Prices Blamed On Artificial Economic Controls"
February 17: "Cool, Beckoning Peace Noted At Death Beds Of Some Relatives"
February 18: "Tail Gunner Joe Scared Them All"
February 21: "The Pride of the Santa Fe"
February 23: "It's Hard Work to Get it Write"
February 24: "Spirit Of Brotherhood Lived By Poor, Unsung Confectioner"
February 25: "The Forgotten Service"
February 28: "Tuna Fleets Net a Dilemma"
March 2: "Driving the Judge to Drink"
March 4: "There's Beauty, Grace- And Fear In The Flight Of An Airliner"
March 10: "Catholic Church Honors Women But Excludes Priesthood Service"
March 11: "Keep the Good Parts Together"
March 14: "Half of My Roots"
March 16: "A Birthday Card for Durante"
March 18: "Idi Amin: The Deadly Tease"
March 21: "Open to an Ex-Caddy"
March 22: "Ambition Won Over Talent For William Henry Harrison"
March 23: "The Doctor Earned Her Medal"
March 25: "The Dangerous Emotion"
March 30: "The Down East Sage"
March 31: "Man Behind $100 Window Met All the Big Bettors With Smiles"
April 1: "Identity Crisis of Youth Blamed On Postponing Career Choices"
April 1: "Driving is for the Birds"
April 6: "The Curtain Rises on Spring"
April 7: "A Clown Who Gave Joy to Millions Now Living the Silent Years" (Jimmy Durante, Lou Clayton, Eddie Jackson)
April 8: "It's Only Human to Chuckle"
April 8: "Tuna Fishermen Try But Fail To Stop Netting Porpoises"
April 11: "The Happy Hacker's Game"
April 12: "$300 Loan Was Down Payment For New House Costing $5,990" (First house)
April 13: "It's Not Too Gay in Miami"
April 15: "The Ultimate in Psychotherapy"
April 15: "Coast Guard Must Do Big Job On Trimmed Peacetime Budget"
April 19: "U.S. Awards But Then Rescinds Medal for Rebel Woman Doctor" (Mary Edwards Walker, Civil War)
April 20: "They Who Lie in Their Teeth"
April 21: "Smiles Predicted for New Book Of Witty, Humorous Quotations" (Peter's Quotations)
April 22: "Horse with Long, Difficult Name Challenge for Track Announcer" (Thomas M. Roberts, horse racing)
April 27: "A Business for Nuts"
April 28: "Smiles Predicted for New Book of Witty, Humorous Quotations"
April 29: "The Insurance Rip-off?"
May 2: "Grappling With the Tiger"
May 3: "Phil Wrigley Insisted on Honesty Even for His Double Martinis" (Chicago Cubs owner)
May 4: "We are an Endangered Species"
May 6: "'The Devil's Dictionary' a Way for People to Laugh at Themselves" (Ambrose Bierce)
May 11: "Getting to Know Carter"
May 13: "Israel's Fight with Itself"
May 16: "The Doctoring of Big John"
May 18: "The Trails of Salvador"
May 20: "Climbing the Money Tree"
May 20: "Study Predicts 35,000 New Jobs When Atlantic City Casinos Open" 
May 25: "18 Holes with an Immortal"
June 4: "Don't Try to Be Cute or Smart In Foreign Lands with Their Laws" 
June 6: "The Man Everyone Admired"
June 8: "Pressing Carter Hard"
June 10: "On My Love's Anniversary"
June 10: "'Sudden Money' from First Book Came at Time of Financial Woe" (The Day Lincoln Was Shot)
June 17: "Diabolic Schemes Once Used To Escape from Devil's Island" (Germain Joliton, Geradin)
June 17: "Don't Make Fun of My Town"
June 20: "The Sewing Machine Caper"
June 24: "Cloud on My TV Screen"
June 24: "Presidents Do Go on Vacations But the Office Goes With Them" 
July 1: "Bella Abzug's Chances Good For Becoming New York Mayor"
July 4: "Parents Held Partly Responsible For Children's Dislike Of School" (education)
July 8: "Racism A Stain On U.S. Character; Outlook For Elimination Dim"
July 13: "Committee On Assassinations Branded 'Cruel, Expensive Hoax'" (John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King)
July 13: "The Girls Were Knockouts"
July 14: "Few Think Much About Electricity Until They Must Live Without It" (Northeast blackout, 1965)
July 18: "Plotting Your Movie"
July 20: "The Summer My Ladies Died"
July 22: "The Great Mail-Order House"
July 22: "Columnist Can't Find Much Good To Say About Human Back" 
July 25: "Why Not the Best?"
July 27: "Man's Greatest Enemy"
July 29: "A Promise of Punishment"
August 1: "Everybody Paid Frankie"
August 2: "Dream Still Can Be Realized If A Person Is Willing To Work" (Irving Cowan, Diplomat Hotel)
August 4: "GOP Needs Ideas, New Faces To Be Strong Watchdog Party"
August 5: "Big John Remembered Fondly By C-E Columnist- His Son" (Father)
August 8: "Dogs for All Reasons"
August 9: "Accident Draws Doctor, Boy Into A Beautiful Friendship"
August 10: "The Doomsday Study"
August 11: "World Of Chinatown Changed; Youth Turn To Vicious Crime" (Gangs)
August 16: "Some Of Panhandlers' Stories Would Make B-Movie Plots" (begging)
August 17: "Oiling Our Own Downfall"
August 18: "Meditation Need Not Be Religious; Reflection On Maxims Advised"
August 19: "Imported Rabbits Loved Australia; 12-Pairs Multiplied Into Millions" (Thomas Austin)
August 22: "Big Jim and His Cause"
August 23: "Benedict Arnold Fought Well For Both Sides In Revolution" 
August 25: "TV News Good On Some Events But Often It's Too Superficial"
August 31: "Do Some Return From Death Or Did They Dream, Hallucinate?" (near death experiences)
September 1: "'Temptations' Of Race Track Difficult To Learn, Teach" (gambling, horse racing)
September 2: "The Unfathomable Emotion"
September 2: "Failures In Some Early Jobs Can Be Blessings In Disguise"
September 3: "Character, Righteousness Reigned 201 Years Ago In Philadelphia" (Declaration of      Independence)
September 7: "Keeping Uncle Willy Honest"
September 12: "The Wrong Approach"
September 16: "The Impossible Language"
September 20: "Florida Gold Coast Summer Rated Better Than In New York City"
September 23: "Physician Who Treated Booth Deserves Presidential Pardon" (Lincoln assassination, Dr.     Samuel Mudd, John Wilkes Booth)
September 23: "My Kind of Man"
October 4: "U.S. Trails Enlightened Nations In Buying And Borrowing Books" (libraries, books)
October 5: "The Game that Humbles Man"
October 6: "Byrd Walks Alone In Senate As Our Third Most Powerful Man"  (Robert C. Byrd)
October 7: "Little Men Behind Big Presses"
October 7: "Gem Gift A Big Headache For Ziegfeld Follies' Beauty"  (Gladys Glad, Mark Hellinger, Florence Ziegfeld)
October 10: "She Liked to Nurse the Sick"
October 11: "Girls Treated Harsher Than Boys For Same Victimless Crimes"  (women, criminal justice)
October 13: "Ring Of Doorbell Always Stirs The 'Company' Cockroach"
October 14: "Dark Veins in the Marble"
October 17: "Ali's Blessings, Failings"
October 18: "Karan Ann Quinlan's Story Told By Old-School Journalist" 
October 20: "Controversy Stirs Writers Of Letters To The Editor"  
October 21: "Sage of the Rat Caper"
October 21: "City Editor Ruled Like King In Era Of Yellow Journalism"  (Frank Carson)
October 25: "Autumn In United States: Season With Gold In Hands"  
October 26: "Time to Give Up the Chili"
October 28: "U.S. Friendless Throughout World Even In Nations It Has Helped"  (foreign relations)
November 1: "Castro Seeking To Make U.S. Main Prop Of Red Revolution" (Cuba)
November 3: "Once Decaying Hoboken, N.J. Developing Bright, Clean Look" 
November 5: "Drawing Room On 20th Century Dream Ride For Old Railroader" (father)
November 8: "British Promised Jews A Home; Truman Made Idea A Reality"  (Zionism, Israel)
November 11: "Murphy's Law More Revealing On A Dismal Day Of Cold Rain"  
November 11: "A Day at Bamm Hollow"
November 14: "Lincoln A Hard Man To Beat In Horse Trade Challenge"  
November 17: "Baseball Once Fun To Play; Now It's A Serious Business"  
November 18: "U.S. Dragging Feet On Proposal To Use Alcohol As Car Fuel" (alternative energy)
November 22: "Hole In Center Of Table Oddity For Chinese Dinner In Hong Kong"
November 23: "A Matter of Elimination"
November 24: "Did Old Man Get His Wish To Return As 10-Year-Old?"  
November 25: "'World's Greatest Dad' Starves While Living Alone In Big City"
November 30: "Testimony from Harlem"
December 2: "Abe Lincoln's Last Friend"
December 2: "Strong Conscience, Weak Will Brought Grief  To Horatio Alger"
December 5: "Admiration Finally Arrives"
December 9: "Too Cheap for His Own Good"
December 9: "Hardened Reporter Witnesses Visit Of 3 Wise Men To Jesus" 
December 12: "Paddy's Last Night Out"
December 16: "Fame, Beauty Faded Fast For Some Ziegfeld Follies Girls Of Past"
(Dorothy Mason Walton, Dan Caswell, Jessie Reed, Gladys Glad, Peggy Hopkins Joyce)
December 16: "To Kelly, with love"
December 21: "The Flash Paid Off"
December 23: "The Good Doctor Has Departed"
December 23: "Luck, Writing Success Linked; 50 Years In Journalism Noted"
December 28: "My Most Insistent Teacher"
December 30: "The Substitute Milkman"



January 1: "Characteristic Thrift The Nemesis Of Bald And Proper Bank Teller"
January 4: "Five Friends, Four Popes"
January 6: "Grandparents First Liked Hitler But Later Came To Fear Him"
January 9: "Two Lives Become One"
January 11: "Is This Your Typical Texan?"
January 13: "Disliked 8th Grade Teacher Remembered As The Best"
January 16: "The Female of the Speeches"
January 18: "Sam Always Drew Crowds"
January 20: "Stout Widow's Fat Bank Account Led Uncle Willie Into Big Mistake"
January 23: "Paying an Orphan's Way"
January 25: "Dollar Goes a Long Way"
January 25: "Carter Sitting On Three Sides Of 2-Sided Middle East Question"
January 27: "A Tale of Human Rights"
January 30: "Please Make it Snow"
February 1: "Day at the Races With Henny"
February 3: "Ali's No Contest for Grandpa"
February 3: "Anita Bryant's Child 'Protection' Campaign Objectives Challenged"
February 6: "The 'Great Profile' Gave Up
February 8: "Big John's Liquid Cure-all"
February 10: "Byrd Thanked God For Survival Alone Off Edge Of South Pole"
February 13: "The King of the News Room"
February 17: "Shecky Greene's Miracle"
February 17: "Matron's Conduct An Antithesis Of The Mother She Never Knew"
February 22: "Vaudeville was Short-Circuited"
February 24: "Yale's Old Profs, Young Women"
February 24: "Charm of Professional Gigolo Brings Surprising Marriage"
March 3: "Baruch: The Ideal Immigrant"
March 3: "Extravagant, Unusual Spending A Lost Art Among Modern Rich"
March 6: "The Dionnes: A Sad Story"
March 8: "Country Cousins of 1872"
March 10: "Old New York Remembered"
March 10: "Printing Press Valuable For A Long Auto Trip"
March 13: "A Footnote on a Dying Man"
March 15: "Sea Bright Vacation Remembered"
March 17: "The Mystery of the Fig Tree"
March 17: "'Stupid' Reporter The One Who Becomes Successful"
March 20: "One Indian's 'True Friend'"
March 22: "Carter is Showing Promise"
March 24: "Prisoner Came Within A Crime Of Writing His Great Novel"
March 29: "Duplicity of Twice-Told Tales"
March 31: "Ghost Trains in the Night"
March 31: "Human Brain Is So Complex All Its Parts Never Analyzed"
April 7: "Palestinians To Be Israel's Uninvited Birthday Guests"
April 10: "Coal Strike Reporting Faulted"
April 12: "TV Violence and Children"
April 14: "Prayerful Plea for Old Soles"
April 14: "Monsignor Rebukes Widow For Malice In Confession"
April 17: "Wrestling with the Truth"
April 19: "A Lightweight Hits the Canvas"
April 21: "Flying Feather Nussbaum Thrived On Cheap Sherry Diet"
April 24: "Blossoming of the Taste Buds"
April 26: "The Best of All Seasons"
April 28: "Poison Expert Solves Murder By Enlisting Aid Of Botanists"
May 3: "'Do no thoug forget me...'"
May 5: "Some Kudos are Irresistible"
May 5: "Dutch Schultz, Unsmiling Thug Who Seemed To Enjoy Killing"
May 8: "Dicey Harry's Last Case"
May 10: "Bob Kennedy: Another Doer"
May 12: "A Keeper at Sing Sing"
May 12: "Enthusiasm Key Element In Career Choice, Practice"
May 15: "Our Trips to the Moon, Mars"
May 17: "A Doctor who Fought the System" (Dr. Arthur P. Trewhella)
May 19: "'Air Time' Described as Windy
May 19: "Petition To Unseen God Called Modern Form Of Communication"
May 22: "Jimmy Carter's Performance"
May 24: "Paging a Few Old Friends"
May 26: "Favorite Crook: Jay Gould
May 30: "Retired Pullman Porter Gave Lessons In Manners"
June 1: "Tolerance Low For Tales Of Happy Childhoods"
June 2: "Summer of Our Discontent"
June 2: "Cancer Victim Finds A Rare Inner Peace"
June 7: "A Childhood Remembered"
June 9: "'Won't Power' Lacking To Kick Cigarette Habit"
June 12: "Lots of Lots Cost Lots"
June 14: "The Day Spring Fever Hit"
June 16: "Some Sailors Are All at Sea"
June 16: "U.S. Army Called Third Rate; Budget Increase, Draft Urged"
June 19: "Robert Kennedy, 10 Years Later"
June 21: "The Man Had Drive, All Right"
June 23: "Gambling Way Of Life"
June 23: "A Principle of Manners"
June 23: "Young West Pointer Got Chance To 'Crack It To The Indians'"
June 26: "Up in the Air on a Sunday"
July 23: "One Heck Of A Honeymoon"  
July 3: "Jim Bishop of Sparks, Nev."
July 5: "Boat Accident Rate High For Untrained Operators"
July 7: "A Profession Missed"
July 10: "The Sick Love of Self"
July 12: "Memories of Jimmy Cannon"
July 14: "Displaced Lepers of Hawaii"

July 14: "Spirit Of Pioneers Optimistic Despite Dangers And Hardships"
July 17: "They Find Religion in the Sky"
July 19: "'...And the Livin' is easy.'"
July 21: "Otis Pike Quitting Congress; Disappointed In Many Ways"
July 24: "The Big Send-Off"
July 26: "Carter Fails as a Diplomat"
July 27: "Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is Seen As Another Doer"
July 28: "A Light in the Valley of Death"
July 28: "U.S. Defense is Inadequate"
July 31: "Daley: Last of the Dinosaurs"
August 2: "Requiem for a Ward Heeler"
August 4: "Many faiths, but no peace"
August 4: "Needed: New Priorities In Our Space Program"
August 7: "Blossoming of a Grandchild"
August 9: "Take Yankees and Stowe 'em"
August 11: "Jimmy Cannon Fired Loudly With Words, Hit Mark Often"
August 14: "Pope's Death Leaves Vacuum"
August 16: "Behind the Wall of Secrecy"
August 18: "A Long Time Between Trips"
August 18: "Idealism In Today's World Is No Basis For Diplomacy"
August 21: "Ike's Goof Sealed Berlin's Fate"
August 23: "Richard M. Nixon in Retrospect"
August 25: "The Big Day in Shelby"
August 25: "Hard-Nosed Cop's Mission To Hunt Crooked Colleagues"
August 28: "An Act Intended to Demean"
August 30: "Situation that Needs Doctoring"
September 1: "That King-Kennedy Probe"
September 1: "Doctors Upset Over Criticism; None Offers Cure For Abuses"
September 6: "A Test for Press Freedom"
September 8: "Glossary of Campaign Terms"
September 8: "Parents Of Each Generation Say Teen-Agers 'Going To The Dogs'"
September 15: "Goodbye to an Old Friend"
September 15: "Ex-Housewife Breaks Barriers, Lands Job As TV Co-'Anchorman'"
September 22: "Charity From a Sister of It"
September 22: "Covering Some Latin Revolutions Dull Enough To Sleep Through"
September 27: "As September Leaves Us"
September 29: "Would Americans Be Happier If They Set Smaller Goals?"
September 29: "The Lady and a Shark"
October 4: "A Surprise Has a Cold Nose"
October 4: "Priest-Cancer Victim Thankful For 'Gentle Warning' Of Death" (Daniel A. Lord, S.J.)
October 6: "A Tale of Two Newsmen"
October 6: "Boxing Title Match Once Staged in Rural Montana Town of 1,000" (Shelby, MT, Jack Dempsey)
October 11: "Murder in the Sky"
October 13: "An Ebbing Life is Captioned"
October 13: "Jet Airliner, Cessna Air Crash Costly Lesson In Aviation Safety"
October 18: "A Family on the Move"
October 20: "Salmon Chase Could Weep"
October 20: "Unpaid Bills, Taxes Bring Jail Threat For Heart Patient" 
October 25: "The Mystery of Cancer" (First of two columns)
October 27: "The Mystery of Cancer" (Second of two-part series)
October 27: "Was Swine Fly Serum Fiasco Reason Ford Lost Election?"
November 3: "Horse In Elevator A Surprise For Anti-Gambling City Editor" 
November 3: "A Slight Papal Mistake"
November 10: "ERA: Extension of Errors"
November 10: "Begin, Sadat Strange Holders Of The Nobel Peace Prize" (Israel, Egypt)
November 11: "Roman Autumn, New Pope"
November 17: "Female Dorian Gray An Enigma Of Beauty, Oddity and Cruelty" (Alicia Duclos)
November 22: "The Daily Resurrection"
November 24: "Bessie's Life of Service"
November 24: "Aviation Needs Separation Of Fast And Slow Traffic" (Air traffic control)
November 29: "Most People Are Superstitious But Many Won't Admit It"
December 1: "Love For Puppy Strong Enough To Tolerate 4 a.m. Awakenings" (dogs)
December 6: "Untying Knots in Mideast"
December 8: "Stronger U.S. Role Urged in Winning Mideast Peace"  (Israel, Palestine)
December 8: "Advice for a Girl of 14"
December 13: "Unanswered 'why' of Guyana"
December 15: "Boys Learns How Not to Cry"
December 15: "Reason For Tragedy At Guyana One Great Unanswered Why" (Jim Jones, Peoples Temple, Leo Ryan)
December 20: "Somebody Got the Sheriff"
December 21: "A Christmas Of Long Ago Is Still Fondly Remembered" (family)
December 22: "Desegregation as a Downer"
December 26: "The Bum and the Elusive Lady"
December 27: "Sidney Finally Tastes Life"
December 29: "The Big Story---a Favorite"
December 29: "Freud Can Drive You Crazy But He Makes Good Reading" 



January 3: "New Year's Plea for Guidance"
January 5: "China Ever Changing, Ever Same"
January 5: "Reluctant Lawyer Finally Tasted Equitable Life" 
January 10: "Chinese Children Are Taught They Must Care For The Old" (China)
January 11: "50 Years In Journalism Satisfying And Educational" 
January 12: "Uniform Authority-Sometimes"
January 12: "No Mistakes Allowed Nation's Air Controllers"
January 17: "Walking in a New Guard Dog"
January 19: "Ecology's Bothersome Echoes"
January 19: "Weird, Would-Be Edisons Busy In Padlocked Cells" (Inventors)
January 24: "Now, an Unbelievable Word"
January 26: "High Society and Its Low Lifes"
January 26: "Indian Policy Blamed For Stifling Initiative" (Native Americans)
January 31: "The Last One He Saw"
February 2: "Consumers Pay $12 Billion For Protection From Crime"
February 2: "Grappling with Grim Reaper"
February 9: "A Memento With a History"
February 9: "'Society' Identity Complicated By Spread Of Rusty Wings"
February 14: "Later Days of Lady of the Night"
February 14: "Ex-Coast Guard Mess Boy Finds Fame Is A Despot" (Alex Haley)
February 16: "The Montana Doc's Last Binge"
February 16: "Homes Provide Richest Nourishment For Bigotry" (prejudice)
February 23: "Did Power Of The Press Make And Break Nixon?" (journalism)
February 27: "Manny and the Finger Man"
February 28: "Three Persons with One Goal"
March 1: "Invisible Chains Bind the Pope"
March 2: "Joke Reading Suggested For Chasing Blues Away"
March 4: "Exciting Days for the Bishops"
March 7: "At the Half-Century Mark"
March 9: "The Romance of Chinn Ho"
March 9: "Invisible Chains Held Pope At Pueblo Bishops' Meeting" (John Paul II)
March 15: "Beware Green Tides of March"
March 16: "Survivor Rate Low For Most Past Newspaper Columnists" (Damon Runyon, Walter Winchell, Westbrook Pegler, Ed Sullivan, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bob Considine, Louis Sobel)
March 17: "How Soon We Forget: Ethnicity Fad Is A Sham" (race)
March 20: "Tall Stories in News Shorts"
March 22: "Atomic Energy Came by Chance"
March 23: "Doctor For Elderly Widow Learns Glass Eye Tearless" 
March 28: "I Remember Momma's Cooking"
March 29: "Real Estate is 24-Karat"
March 30: "Solution Is Expected Soon On Nuclear Waste Disposal?"
April 5: "No Hooker, Just Slice of Life"
April 6: "Vitamin C Doses Help Some Victims Of Arthritis"
April 13: "Parts Were Played in Jerusalem"
April 13: "Gold Coast Of Florida Retains Its Beauty"
April 18: "Insurance Adds to Mystery"
April 19: "Modern Adages of Added Age"
April 20: "More Debit Than Credit In Carter's Performance"
April 25: "Big News is About Zbigniew"
April 26: "Age of Consent...To What?"
April 27: "Fame May Be Fleeting But, It Can Be Devastating"
May 2: "Game: Guess Their Real Names"
May 2: "Unusual Murder Mystery Gets Even More Complicated" (Mona Abney)
May 4: "He Lived with Heaven Yawning"
May 4: "Pill Has Altered Structure Of Civilization" (birth control)
May 5: "Ex-Cop, Wife Finally Achieve Retirement Goal"  (Kurland)
May 7: "Right To Drink At 18 Called Big Mistake" 
May 10: "They Know How to Revolt"
May 11: "Even With Aid Of Satellites Weather Forecast Unreliable"
May 14: "Watchdog's a Heavy Sleeper"
May 17: "Says He Made Her Navel Base"
May 18: "Brzezinski Brain Behind U.S. Foreign Policy Change" (Soviet Union, China)
May 22: "Questions Ford Left Unanswered"
May 23: "Comeback for Judge Roy Bean"
May 25: "Girl Golfer Surprises Condescending Old Man" 
May 30: "Safety Back-up Systems Needed For Nuclear Plants"
June 1: "Justice Burger of the Supremes"
June 1: "Return To Horse Power Proposed In Fuel Shortage"
June 3: "Support for Slandered Cardinals"
June 5: "The Punishment Isn't so Capital"
June 7: "Remembrance of a June Bride"
June 8: "Do Other Planets Have Life? Universe Beyond Conception"
June 11: "Greening of Men of the Cloth"
June 15: "Inflation A Chronic Sore; Cure Eluding The Experts"
June 18: "The "Duke" Was a Genuine
June 22: "Misery The Common State For Non-Athletic Golfers"
June 24: "The Host of the Death House"
June 27: "Brezhnev Steps Out of a Dream"
June 29: "Air Force One Jet burns 7 Tons Of Fuel An Hour"
July 3: "Daze of Shine and Dozes"
July 6: "Desire For Money Lowering Quality Of American Books" (publishing, reading)
July 9: "That Summer Never Came Again"
July 10: "Now and Zen Brown Makes Sense"
July 13: "Second Thoughts on First Ladies"
July 13: "Sense Of Humor Lacking In Carter White House" 
July 17: "Mexico is Foreign, but Familiar"
July 20: "Irishmen's View Of Death: Last Thing He Wants To Do" (father)
July 24: "Plain Clothes Set Hoodlums Straight"
July 26: "The Show at Cobra Cabana"
July 27: "Mexican Editor O'Farrill Says 'We Are Not Cuba'" 
July 31: "Eleventh Hour and Oil's Well"
August 3: "How to Eat Up Your Income"
August 3: "New American Goal: Learning To Live Lean" (diet)
August 6: "Bishops of "Royal" Lineage"
August 8: " Worship Real Estate We Walk On"
August 10: "Stationmaster Silent Witness To Horrors Of Death Camp" (Treblinka)
August 16: "A Clambake for Everybody"
August 17: "'3 R' Disciplines Weak In Desegregated Schools" 
August 22: "Show and Telly About Kojak"
August 24: "One Man Stands Aloof Amid Cruise Ship Gaiety" (Mario Castagnino)
August 29: "The Mobilest Roman of Them All"
September 4: "Having Trouble With Words"
September 6: "Unforgettable "missed" character"
September 7: "Sentences Cut For Many German War Criminals" 
September 8: "Tokyo Summit Failed To Take Action On Oil"  
September 12: "Clay Feet of Woodrow Wilson"
September 12: "World Affluence Tempting Increasing Numbers Of Clergy" 
September 12: "Love is Something Apart..."
September 14: "Old Money Important In 1913 N.Y. Society" (Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish)
September 15: "Screen Writers Wrong To Reinvent Holy Writ" (The Day Christ Died)
September 17: "Florida Television Stations Overplay Hurricane Story" (Hurricane David)
September 19: "Aiding Holocaust Survivor Backfires For Widower" 
September 20: "Inseparable: Man and His Wheels"
September 21: "Recalling the Incredible "Husk""
September 21: "Disguised Cops Let Loose On Band Of Hoodlums" (Phillip Leonard, Thomas O'Connor, John Bishop, John Underwood)
September 25: "The End of an Air Legend"
September 28: "How To Get, Keep Men Plaint Of 1926 Women" (Winona Wilcox)
October 3: "Funny What 18 Holes Can Do"
October 5: "Demand Grows for Return To Authoritarian Teaching" (education)
October 12: "Shoo-Fly Squad Leader Hostile to Everybody" (police-internal investigators)
October 17: "Was the Cry Justified?"
October 19: "Wizard in Corporate Finance Turns Zero Into $1 Billion" (Peter S. Redfield)
October 23: "Henry Ford II Joins Models T & A"
October 26: "U.S. Should Stay Out Of Strife in Ireland"
October 28: "Grandfather Advises Grandson"
October 29: "D.A Has a Long Memory"
November 1: "Confession to Frost the Heart"
November 2: "Horseplayer Can't Dampen Son's Interest in Gambling"
November 6: "I Did-and I Still Do"
November 9: "Press Gives President Wrinkles"
November 12: "Carter Misled on Issue Of Soviet Troops in Cuba"
November 13: "Old Friends, Fond Memories"
November 16: "Discipline, Teaching of 3R's Receive Strong Support" (education)
November 23: "We Don't Need Defense It's Offense U.S. Needs" (U.S. Army, military)
November 26: "He Leaves Them Laughing"
November 30: "Prejudice in America Still Alive and Well" (racism)
December 6: "The Saga of Malibu Rock"
December 7: "They'll Dance Till Dawn At Nobel Award Party" (Peace prize, Swedish royal family)
December 12: "Look Gift Horse in the Mouth"
December 14: "Earth Holds Lot of Gold But Few Want to Dig It" (Mining)
December 17: "...And the Defense Didn't Rest"
December 19: "An Unknown Balance of Nature"
December 21: "Real Estate Sales Climb Despite High Interest Rates"
December 28: "Nuclear War Mathematics Both Abstruse and Simple" (Salt II Treaty)


January 1: "Life and Money Cheap In the 'Savage' 1970's" 
January 3: "The Credo of a Cub Reporter"
January 4: "Threat of Power Sometimes Is as Good as Use of It" (Iran hostages)
January 9: "Old Family Better Than None"
January 11: "Hollywood Founded As Prohibition Town" (William Selig, Mack Sennett, movies)
January 14: "Harry Pulled Out the Stops"
January 16: "Birds, Bees and the Beauties"
January 18: "Same Plot but Different Scenes"
January 18: "Love Most Misunderstood Of All the Emotions"
January 21: "If You Thought Things Were Bad..."
January 25: "Word Diet a Mistake, It Sounds Temporary"
February1: "Original Olympic Games Much Different from Now"
February 2: "Memory of Combat Mistake Haunts Vet Rest of Life" (WWII)
February 11: "Summing Up a Body's Part"
February 13: "Feminists Led by Harping Harridans"
February 15: "Has Welfare Aid Created Professional Poverty Class?" 
February 20: "The Forty-Niners are Rushing Back"
February 29: "Hubner's Stint in OSS Is Predictably Brief" (spies)
February 29: "The Editor Stands Behind the News"
March 7: "Trouble in Iran Linked To Crippling of CIA, FBI" 
March 10: "The Lottery That Fleeced Louisiana"
March 13: "The Candidates Meet the Cameras"
March 14: "Numby and Mugg Hit Big Lick at Suffolk Downs" (horse racing, bookmakers)
March 21: "How Draco Got Away with Murder"
March 21: "Charity Fund Raisers Capitalize on Shame" (Joseph Willen)
March 27: "TV Producers, Publishers Hit For Changing Bible History" (fiction, docudrama)
March 28: "FOSDIC Will Tell Us Kind of People We Are" (Census)
April 1: "Five Females Become Sports Fans"
April 4: "A Secret of War Kept Until Death"
April 5: "China's Vice Premier Deng Man of Many Comebacks" (Deng Xiaoping)
April 7: "Long, Happy Life of the Hupmobile"
April 11: "Unusual Events of 1979 Involve Some Good Laughs"
April 18: "Just Watching the Trains Go By"
April 18: "Most Presidents Admitted To Foot-In-Mouth Club"
April 22: "Iran Had Been Changed By 2 Who Ran It from '23" (Shah)
April 25: "5,700-Staff Operates Library of Congress" (Daniel Boorstin)
April 29: "Mysterious Foreigners In Silver Market" (Nelson Bunker Hunt)
May 2: "Capital Punishment: Make it Quick"
May 2: "Supreme Court Justices Have Cause to Sue" (The Brethren, Bob Woodward, Scott Armstrong)
May 8: "Spring, the Pledge of Eternal Love"
May 9: " 'Insoluble Problem' Ex-Alcoholic's Pitfall"
May 16: "Bokassa a 'Monster' Created by the French" (Central African Republic, Giscard d'Estaing)
May 20: "Love for Talk, Theater Distinguish the Irish" (Dublin, Ireland)
May 22: "To Cele Nolte, 'Address Unknown'"
May 23: "Moslem World Veiled For Most Americans" (Islam)
May 30: "Agnew Begs Public Understanding"
May 30: "Original Idea Good For Affirmative Action" (Integration, desegregation)
June 6: "Fame Flickered for Mary Pickford"
June 6: "Practice Big Help For Would-Be Writer" (writing)
June 11: "Obituary Writer Has the Last Word"
June 13: "Questions Guide Marriage-Minded"
June 13: "Vietnam Is Bone Bruise On the Face of America"
June 20: "This Giant in Law Lived In Ultimate Lawlessness" (Samuel Pisar)
June 22: "Oh, for Summer in Sea Bright"
June 27: "A 'Bird Brain' has a Lot of Smarts"
June 27: "FAA Needs A New Head To Apply Our Flight Laws" (Airports)
June 29: "I Can't be Hypnotized...Much"
July 4: "Some Yiddish Humor Originated in Hard Times" 
July 9: "Mr. Fix-it, or Learning on the House"
July 11: "Blacks Want Answers And Aren't Getting 'em" (Miami, Liberty City)
July 12: "Columnist's New York Has Changed a Lot" 
July 13: "Reagan is No Playboy"
July 14: "New York Bids the Night 'Goodbye'"
July 16: "Golf Is a Game of Skill With Foreign Language"
July18: "Money Value Is So Crazy One Can't Afford to Quit" (Dollars)
July19: "F.D.R. Had Laugh on Joe K But It Wasn't a Last Laugh" (Joseph Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt)
July 20: "Potomac Wind and Wisdom"
July 21: "They Don't Build Cars Like That Anymore" (father, Hupmobile)
July 22: "Columnist Remembers Imperious Admiral King" (Navy)
July 23: "It Was Susie's Big Day And, a Big One for Missy" (dogs)
July 27: "88 Keys to a Columnist's Heart"
July 28: "Wife's Sweet Revenge Turned Sour"
July 30: "U.S. Must Assess Skills Of All for Top Strength" (draft, conscription)
August 1: "Regrets? Columnist Has a Head Full" (Grandfather)
August 2: "Socialized Medicine Has Hurt Great Britain" 
August 6: "The Legend of 'Knocko': From Henpecked to Master" (Boston)
August 9: "Mystery of Cele Nolte, A Red-Headed Woman"
August15: "He Lays On the Hands And the Ailing Get Well" (Finbarr Nolan)
August 18: "Billy: A Tragic Figure In Carter Family Saga" 
August 20: "The Show Is Continuous In Drama of Night Court" 
August 22: "There Are Ways in Which You Can Be Dog's Friend" 
August 23: "Case of Lost Can Opener Or, Day Author Moved" (family, Florida)
August 25: "America in Real Need Of Strong Leadership" (Jimmy Carter)
August 27: "Lost Can Opener Case Or, Day Author Moved" 
August 28: "Nuclear Energy: Clean, Safe Fuel
August 29: "Environmentalists Seek Dirty, No-Nuke Future" (Nuclear energy)
September ?: "An Interlude with Aunt Jenny"
September ?: "The Voice Reaches Fever Pitch"
September 1: "The Years Can't Kill Sacco-Vanzetti Case" 
September 3: "Aimee Semple McPherson--She Could Really Preach"
September 5: "JFK Books Show American Gullibility" (Kennedy assassination)
September 8: "Jack, Bobby and Teddy Romances are Legend" (Kennedy family)
September 10: "There Are No New Stings Just Twists to Old Scams" (Imposters)
September12: "Bobby Hill Once Moved Conscience of the World" (Albert Schweitzer)
September 13: "A Happy, Kissing Event--A Golden Wedding Day" (Family)
September 15: "Detroit, Now Hear This!  Here's a Car We Want!" 
September 17: "Teens Might Learn More If They Would Only Read"
September 18: "Once in Love with Aimee"
September 19: "My Car Would Get 55 Miles Per..."
September 22: :New Laws, Movements Fuel Views in Sex Scene" (pornography)
September 26: "Ron-John-Jimmy Show Is Exciting as a Rerun" (presidential election)
September 27: "Swedish Ingrid Bergman Seen As a Regal Tragedy" 
October 3: " 'Taint Funny McGee!  Not to Everyone, Anyway" (Comedy)
October 4: "Japanese Industry Waits For 'Cuckoo's Sweet Song"
October 6: "A Golden Shield of Loving Memory"
October 7: "Don't Battle Editors; They Publish Every Day" (Francis Dawson, H. Rives Pollard)
October 10: "Hoffman's Contempt Appears to Be Boundless" (Abbie Hoffman)
October 15: "Simple Fainting Spell Was Serious Warning" (Smoking, heart disease)
October 17: "Death Gave Mystique To Young James Dean" 
October 24: "Is World's Greatest Lover Behind Prison Bars?" (Dick & Ondina Williams)
October 24: You Can Bet on Saloon Memories"
October 26: "In Dogged Pursuit of Romance"
October 29: "Militant Feminists Think Their New Book Is Funny"
October 31: "Author's New Experience Was 'Trip" in a Hospital" (heart surgery)
October 31: "Chine Learning Tourist Buisness"
November 2: "The Awesome Russian Navy"
November 5: "Red Navy Has Power Without Lifting Anchor" (Soviet Union)
November 6: "He Just Wanted to Be Believed"
November 7: "Admiral King was a Despised Hero"
November 7: "Sea of Lead, Sky of Slate 'Tis Colorful Autumn, Alas!" 
November 12: "Here's Great Way to Live Without Taking a Break" (Vacation travel)
November 14: "Their Mission: to Plaster The Media With Advertising" 
November 19: "Beauty Shop Gets Him Clipped--to Tune of $15" (haircut)
November 22: "The 'Fiesta' Sailed With Song And Music Down Mexico Way"
November 23: "Our Most Popular Edibles"
November ?: "Dolphins Plus Fringe Benefits"
November 27: "The Good News Is Like A Broad, Bright Beam" 
December 1: "U.S. Courts Are Clogged As We Go On a Sue Binge" 
December 4: "The Difference Between Male and Female Thinking" (brain)
December 6: "Fighters in Their 'Prime' Talks Proves Nothing, But ..." (boxers)
December 10: "Jayne Wiggled and Wooed In a Pink World of Fantasy" (Jayne Mansfield)
December 12: "Salvation Army Has Changed Since Days of Joe the Turk" 
December 14: "So You Think Cosell is Bad!"
December 16: "We Can't Ignore Scenarios Describing a Nuclear War" 
December 17: "Here's One Man's Scorn For Our Public Education"
December19: "Mutiny Try in U.S. Navy Ended in Hanging of Three"
December 23: "Toasts Are Still Around But, Wit Does Not Abound"
December 24: "A Birthday Gift for the Baby Jesus"
December 26: "New President and the Press Should Get Off to Civil Start" 
December 29: "Her Blank Eyes Are Teary, Joy Drained From Her Life" 
December 30: "How Useful Are the Groups Pointing Out Anti-Semitism?" 
December 30: "Acupuncture 1,000 Years Old"


January 3: "New Year Has Many Hoping We Voted Right in November" (Ronald Reagan)
January 6: "Teaching Ulster's Sons Not to Hate
January 7: "Three-Bathroom Irish Far From Backyard Outhouse" (Toilets)
January 8: "The Pair Who Pushed NYC To The Brink of Absurdity" (Hector Fuller, Jimmy Walker)
January 14: "Two Events Seen as Major Reasons for Carter's Defeat" 
January 18: "Sights and sounds of winter"
January 19: "The Long-Ignored Platypus:  Can It Be a Missing Link?"
January 21: "TV Is A Bright 'Student,' But Is Lazy and Dishonest" (Television)
January 23: "Say no more than needs to be said"
January26: "The Most Incredible Pilots?  How About Birds and Fish?" (Migration)
January 31: "Here's A Column That Will Really Do Your Heart Good" (Artificial heart)
January 31: "The new underground homes"
February 2: "An Old Sewing Machine Was Once a Cherished Gift" (Mother)
February 5: "Geologist finds oil by computer"
February 4: "Presidency Is Crushing Job For One Person to Handle" 
February 9: "This Little Guide Will Let You Speak Southern Like a Native" (dialect)
February 12: "Amount of Oil in the World Not as Great as Our Gluttony" 
February 14: "Psychiatrists Have Too Much Influence in Our Courtrooms" 
February 15: "'Speaker' John McCormack"
February 16: "Two More Stories in Lore Of 'Big John;' New York Cop" (Father)
February 17: "Why Did Country Succumb To Taunts of Joe McCarthy?" 
February 19: "Constitution Needs Changes, But the Idea Frightens Many" 
February 23: "Catholic Church in Quandary About How to Deal With Sex"
February 25: "Investors Fear That Reagan Will Push for Gold Standard"
February 27: " 'Ghostly Partnership' at Top Silenced News of Holocaust" 
March 2: "Modern Criminals No More Beastly Than Those of Past" (Animal criminals)
March 2: "There Are Stories of Courage In All Aspects of Our Lives" 
March 7: "Early Federal Retirements Costing Taxpayers Billions" 
March 9: "Judges, Doctors Evasive About the Abortion Issue"
March 13: "A Hellinger-Hemingway Short Story with a 'Snapper'"
March 15: "The two Ronald Reagans"
March 16: "The Cowboy and the Editor: A Two-Year Love Story" (Paula, Red McGowen)
March 18: "Checks, Big and Small, Helped Split Atom in WWII" (Atomic energy)
March 20: "Golf Is Really Masochism Not a Rehabilitating Sport" 
March 23: "Heart Is Really Amazing And, So Is Our Abuse of It"
March 23: "Not a jealous bone in body" 
March 25: "The Feared Bengal Tiger Is Now Facing Extinction" 
March 27: "Key to Breaking a Case Is Sometimes Easily Found" (crime)
March 30: "Offerings Today: Bequest, a View of Heaven" 
April 1: "Poor Will Be Always With Us So Will Some Mothers-in-Law" 
April 4: "I swear he can talk Chinese..."
April 6: "Only Lloyds of London Would Insure This Golfer"  
April 8: "You Make Plenty of Enemies With a Well-Trimmed Budget"
April 10: "Springtime a Great Time To Savor Joys of Nature"
April 13: "But for the Canadian Sports, Cable Television's Not Bad"
April 17: "Springtime Is Many Things But, It Is An Easter Bonnet"
April 19: "It's never dull with a dog"
April 21: "'All Men Are Created Equal' Is A Very Cruel Fallacy"
April 23: "California-Style Divorce Has Some Courtly Merit"
April 25: "Some Famous Last Words Evoke Many Wry Smiles"
April 28: "Jerusalem - A Capital City That Was Built Just for God"
April 30: "Hialeah Race Track Waiter Is Now in the Homestretch"
May 1: "Marriage, divorce, California-style"
May 7: "That Tough Question Again: Should a Physician Tell?"
May 5: "U.S. Secret Service Has One Impossible Task"
May 14: "Considine, the Gentleman, Still Fondly Remembered"
May 16: "A Good Policeman's Lot Is Not a Very Happy One"
May 19: "A Million Dollar Check Changed This Man's Life"
May 23: "The New Latin Revolutions Are Revolting Developments"
May 26: "The Best Is Yet to Come? It Depends on Your View"
May 29: "Starvation - What Is Your Answer to World Hunger"
June 2: "If You Hug a Bad Bargain You'll End Up With a Loss"
June 4: "List a Dream Baseball Team And You'll Get an Argument" 
June 6: "Weapons Industry Needs Some Probing by President"
June 7: "Ah, those little news fillers
June 9: "Householder's vow: Never move"
June 10: "Is Anyone Else Tired Of Reading About Sex?"
June 13: "These Jet Pilots Choose The Monastery of the Sea"
June 17: "Desert Yields Girls' Best Friends" 
June 17: "Television seen at its feeblest"
June 17: "Sex is all in your hypothalmus"
June 20: "Hinduism: Complex, Contradictory, But With 500 Million Devotees" 
June 21: "Time and the Bishop family"
June 25: "Fabulous Billy Rose Was Short But, Not in Heart or on Wall Street"
June 29: "Diamonds really are on the beach"
July ? "Sneaky malady acts in a flash"
July 2: "Olean Is Fondly Remembered By Author Selling His Confession"
July 4: "Carl Sagan's Book on the Cosmos Convinced Columnist God Did It All"
July 10: "Time to speak for gun registration"
July 13: "World's All-Time Best Pilot? Here's a Big Vote for Dick Merrill
July 14: "The heartbreak dog owners know"
July 20: "Can a Good Book Be Written From a 10-Million Word Diary?"
July 24: "Nature, in Time, Will Reduce Even Pyramids to Grains of Sand"
July 26: "A tale that wasn't to be told"
July 27: "Murderer Who Lit Fuse to WWII Was in U.S. Hands, Then Escaped"
July 31: "Strident Tongues of NOW Leaders Steering ERA Ship Into Oblivion"
August 7: "In This World of Fakes, Shams, Who Decides What Is Really Art?"
August 10: "Dear Sister Maria Alacoque: After All These Years, Thank You"
August 14: "The cruel facts of a Patton 'raid'"
August 14: "U.S. Should Leave Poles Alone To Increase Pressure on Russia"
August 17: "Jesse James Was No Robin Hood Neither Was His Brother Frank"
August 21: "Termites Build Great Arches But, *%&*!&* Why in My House?"
August 24: "News Reporting Philosophy Rattled by 'New Journalism'"
August 30: "The malice in Wonderland"
August 31: "This One, Huge Bartender Had One, Huge Conscience"
September 6: "A postcard cruises to Alaska"
September 7: "U.S. Abortion Issue Dividing Families, Politicians and Courts"
September 13: "Soap opera in Alaskan waters"
September 14: "Travelers are luxuriously at sea"
September 14: "We Are Now in the 20th Year Of America's 'Rotten Revolution' "
September 20: "Alaska: The virginal expanse"
September 21: "Want to Feel Really Small? Then Get Next to an Alaska Glacier"
September 24: "Shipboard love affairs are short"
September 27: "Alaska, a giant Christmas tree"
September 28: "Aging Isn't Funny But Better Than the Option That Is Offered"
October 5: " U.S. Budget Called Top Fiction With Arms as the Main Character"
October 8: "Autumn is the wild, golden season"
October 11: "Oops! Bishop's best bloopers"
October 12: "Wife of Lindy's Baby Killer Wants to Resurrect the Trial"
October 12: "Two old familiar love stories told"
October 16: "The bestseller Alger didn't write"
October 19: "Advances in TV Election Returns Bring on Specter of Big Brother"
October 25: "Gambler goes 'Home at Last'"
October 26: "He Was the Life of the Party But, Back Home He Pooped Out"
October 30: "There are no nukes in our future"
November 1: "Cornflakes and a rye chaser"
November 2: "Remember the French Police And 4,000 Jewish Chidren!"
November 8: "The train of loving thoughts"
November 9: "We Can't Just Keep Postponing Deadly Atomic Waste Problem"
November 11: "Dogs make the best burglar alarm"
November 13: "Ariel and Will: On wings of love"
November 15: "In praise of crystal yum-yums"
November 16: "Being Lazy Takes Finesse And Take that From an 'Expert' "
November 18: "A British woman worthy of an age"
November 20: "Teaching the communication arts"
November 23: "Legal Bingo or Illegal Numbers Is There Really Any Difference?"
November 27: "A cynical look at a mother's love"
November 30: "The Showgirl and the Sapphire And Another Broadway Lullaby"
December 6: "Guinness reels off film feats"
December 7: "Winter Is Brutal But Beautiful And It Paints in Only One Color"
December 13: "The last guys to let him down"
December 14: "It Was Mickey's First Crime And It Had a Christmas Ending"
December 21: "Play Humble Role in Nature And You're a Carpet for the World"
December 28: "Spanish Guide Well Versed In Throwing Bit of the Bull"


January 4: "Science and Religion Clashing Over Digging of Burial Grounds"
January 11: "This Country's Historical Papers Need Saving from Ravages of Age"
January 15: "Untried indictments against FDR"
January 17: "A toast to the world's worst"
January 18: "Two Indictments Against FDR Linger in Vague Breeze of History"
January 25: "Those That Take Gamble and Win Prove Pioneer Spirit's Not Dead"
February 1: "Ireland Seeking U.S. Businessmen"
February 7: "Bosses Can Come in All Sizes"
February 8: "Science is Making Some Progress In the Battle Against Senility"
February 11: "A father lives on in fond memory"
February 14: "Love is the Eternal Enigma"
February 15: "U.S Teetering on Edge of Hysteria"
February 16: "FDR Didn't Sell Out Poland at Yalta"
February 19: "Florida Crime Getting Bad Press"
February 21: "The Best Moth-and-Flame Story"
February 22: "So-Called Conventional War Is a Dead, Dead, Dead Dream"
March 1: "Pleasure Cruise Ship of the '90s Has a Trim Captain Worthy of Her"
March 4: "Bitter Lessons of Controllers' Strike"
March 8: "Propaganda, Used, Expertly, Can Be Most Dangerous Weapon"
March 14: "A Different Private School"
March 19: "The Village We Call the World"
March 22: "Glemp, Jaruzelski Are Poles Apart In the Power Fight Inside Poland"
March 28: "Why Editors End Up With Ulcers"
March 29: "Drug Menace Has Now invaded Corporations on a Shocking Scale"
April 1: "A Strong and Growing Family"
April 5: "We Love to Read About 'The Best' But, How About 'The Worst' Lists?"
April 11: "The Marvelous Powers of Pets"
April 12: "There's Too Much 'Die' in Diets; Consider Your Weight 'Setpoint'"
April 18: "The Man Behind the Theory"
April 19: "What's New in Television? You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"
April 26: "The Day Bishop Saved $140 And, It Just Wasn't Worth It"
May 2: "Those Were the Good Old Days"
May 3: "War Now Is World Suicide; Bilateral Disarmament Is Answer"
May 9: "Those Kinky Birds and Beeds"
May 10: "Here's One Russian 'Reporter' Who Won't Be Fired By Izvestia"
May 16: "Where There's a Will..."
May 17: "Teeming, Prosperous Hong Kong Might Choke on its Immigrants"
May 24: "Worse Than Writing Your Will Is Mess You Leave Without One"
May 30: "Father's Day in 1982"
May 31: "The Strain Continues to Increase Between Reagan and the Press"
June 2: "War of Misplaced Pride"
June 6: " The Right to Life and to Die"
June 7: "The Ayatolla Khomeini Is Still A Dangerous Force in the World"
June 11: "Protest Won't End 'Overkill'"
June 13: "The Big Apple of Years Ago"
June ?: "Amana: Success and Survival"
June 14: "Unintentional Newspaper Error Can at Times Be Very Humorous"
June 20: "It's a Golfer's Dream"
June 21: "When Stomach Fights Destruction It Goes to War Against Its Owner"
June 28: "Summer Is ... Tiny Bikinis on Girls Tired of Being Seen as Sex Objects"
July 5: "Ray Built a Fence Around Himself That Made Him a Man of Mystery"
July 12: "The Americanization of a Planet: All the World Is Like Philadelphia"
July 16: "Seven Wonders of the World"
July 19: "Won't Our Admirals Ever Learn? Surface Warships Are Doomed!"
July 26: "Somewhere Father's Go Wrong About What It Takes to Be a Man"
August 2: "Sometimes Johnny Cried and Jim Would Have to Do the Dishes..."
August 9: "Rich Grid Monsters Want More; Owners Should Call a Delay"
August 16: "Chuck Had Everything He Wanted From Life, or So It Seemed..."
August 23: "All of Us Know Some People We Never Forget, Like Ed Leach"
August 30: "Letters in Proper Sequence Result In a Book on - Words, of Course"
September 6: "Driver With Fake Tales of Woe Got Costly But Deserved Lessons"
September 13: "Aspirin Television Commercials Are One Big Painful Headache"
October 20: "Hail and farewell, Jocko!" (John "Jocko" McCormack)
October 22: "It Will Be Our 10th Grandchild"
October 27: "Carter Kept the Faith"
October 27: "The Old Reporter"
October 29: "Reagan Press Conferences"
October 29: "Lincoln Didn't Want to Run"
November 1: "He Was Down and Out, too"
November 3: "Russia, Land of Persecution"
November 5: "The Cashier Isn't Cashiered"
November 8: "Gangsters Dealt in Grime"
November 10: "Let's Quit 'Heathenish Rite'"
November 12: "Chicanery Rife in Jersey City"
November 15: "Your Robb Report Is Ready"
November 17: "Age Is Just a State of Mind"
November 19: "IQ Tests Remain a Riddle"
November 22: "Tables Turned on Lothario"
November 24: "Shopping for Non-Gifts"
December 1: "Cruises Can Be Addictive"
December 1: "Duffy Was About to Retire"
December 3: "Christmas Catalogues"
December 3: "Heed Military, Bishops Urged"
December 6: "Caffeine Scene"
December 6: "Phobias Relieve Ennui"
December 8: "Checkmate On U.S Bishops"
December 10: "'A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts'"
December 13: "He Won't Demean Caffeine"
December 15: "Heard Any Good Ones Lately?"
December 17: "Better Beware of Self-Love"
December 17: "Big John's Last Christmas"
December 20: "Are You A Letterman Fan?"
December 22: "It Was the Only Gift He Got"
December 24: "Bethlehem Was Cold"
December 27: "Christmas Long Ago"
December 29: "What Then Is Time?"
December 31: "It's a Guessing Game"


January 3: "Bolt From The Skies"
January 5: "When Momma Lost Her Pride"
January 7: "Let Them Weep"
January 10: "To The Elite Of The Elite"
January 12: "'Catch 22' Snares Uncle Sam"
January 14: "Winter Is..."
January 19: "Animals In The Laboratory"
January 21: "Which Sports Do You Like?"
January ?: "Goats Hung From The Jackstaff"
January 24: "Do You Pray?"
January 26: "Do PACs Control Congress?"
January 29: "My Four Girls Were Home"
February 2: "Buffalo Bill: My Hero!"
February 4: "Big John Was The Big Man"
February 7: "New York: Love It Or Leave It"
February 9: "Be My Valentine"
February 11: "What Is 'Good Behavior'?"
February 14: "Lincoln Was Just 56 Years Old"
February 16: "Mike Healy Has A Secret"
February 18: "Yuri Rules By Fear"
February 21: "We Could Use Sitting Bull Today"
February 23: "My First Car Cost $45"
February 25: "Don't Moon Over Miami!"
February 28: "What Would Marx Say Today?"
March 2: "Frankie Lay In Silver Casket"
March 4: "Who's Planning A Vacation?"
March 7: "The Boss Doesn't Like You"
March 9: "I'm No Exercise Freak"
March 11: "Guatemalan Bowling Champ"
March ? : "Do You Have A Pet?
March 14: "Water If Forever, Or Is It?"
March 18: "Around The World"
March 21: "It Was 50 Years Ago"
March 23: "Insanity Plea"
March 25: "What Became Of Pete Pinella?"
March 28: "It's Kelly's First Grandchild"
April 1: "What Price For Security?"
April 4: "How About A National Lottery"
April 6: "The Great Babe Ruth"
April 8: "How To Write A Column"
April 11: "'How Far Is Too Far?'"
April 13: "A Shocking Love Story"
April 15: "Laugh Till It Hurts"
April 18: "My Favorite Hotel"
April 20: "Marco Polo In Staten Island"
April 22: "Me Against Gulf Stream"
April 27: "Can't Control Weather"
April 29: "John Wayne: Everyone's Hero"
May 4: "The Wonders Of Spring"
May 5: "God in His Wisdom" Server, premature birth
May 6: "Funniest Sports Book"
May 9: "I Was A Teenage Criminal"
May 11: "Who Is My Daddy?"
May 13: "Laugh, Norman, Laugh!"
May 16: "Till Debt Do Us Part!"
May 18: "My Old Man And Bing"
May 20: "Babies Are For Learning"
May 23: "Kelly And Me And Cable TV"
May 25: "I'm Not A Betting Man"
June 1: "The Agony Of Golf"
June 3: "What's Your Take-Home Pay?"
June 6: "My Vanishing Memory"
June 8: "Airline Price War"
June 10: "Meet Hitler's Doctor!"
June 13: "In 1934 At 8:25A.M."
June 15: "Thank You, God, For Kelly"
June 17: "It Takes Two To 'Altar' Facts"
June 20: "Notes From Bookseller's Fair"
June 22: "When I Was A Little Shaver"
June 24: "Fit To Be Tired"
June 27: "Hey There, Sailor!"
June 29: "It Was A Daily Game"
July 1: "Kelly And Her Soaps"
July 6: "Beer Drinkers Of The World"
July 8: "First Came The Abacus"
July 11: "Once Upon A Cigarette"
July 13: "Summer Is Watermelon"
July 15: "Hunger is Slow Suicide"
July 18: "What Is Wit?"
July 20: "You Never Forget Your First Girl"
July 22: "A Day Of Contrasts"
July 25: "Now There Was A Man!"
July 27: "England Paid For Pride"
August 1: "Mausoleums For The Living"
August 3: "Don't Be Dumb With Demon Rum"
August 5: "Nothing But The Best"
August 8: "There's Life After Baseball"
August 10: "Criminal Lawyer: Dramatic Star"
August 15: "And The Rockets' Red Glare"
August 17: "Kelly And Her Yogurt"
August 19: "Age Of Condominiums"
August 22: "Care And Feeding Of Ulcers"
August 24: "Unpredictable Volcano"
August 26: "Does Evil Win? Sometimes..."
August 29: "Here's What A Newspaper Is"
August 31: "Most Likely To Succeed"
September 2: "He Was Alone And Scared"
September 7: "Prayer Is A Secret Thing"
September 9: "Headlines Made In Roaring '20s"
September 12: "When I Was Young"
September 14: "I Grew Up On Horatio Alger"
September 16: "We Were Dreamers"
September 19: "The Father of Communism"
September 21: "From Hero To Traitor"
September 23: "'When You And I Were Young'"
September 26: "Those Were The Days"
September 28: "My Gayle At 13"
September 30: "He Was My First Grandson"




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