Movement of Adrian Fay in 1864 Movement of the 94th Regiment

From January to March 27 of 1864 Adrian Fay was stationed at Camp Parole in Annapolis, Md. Fay was discharged Feb. 13th, 1864 and re-enlisted as a veteran the following day. From the end of March to May 9, 1864 Fay was on furlough and returned home.

On May 11, Fay rejoined the 94th regiment and began to move south during Grant's Overland Campaign. May 16 to 19 he was in Alexandria, Va. He then ferried to Belle Plain Landing, Va., on the Potomac River. On May 26, Fay was near Milford Station, Va. On May 31, he was engaged in the Battle of Cold Harbor and on June 3, 1864 was captured by the enemy.

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The Army of the Potomac, now under the command of General Meade, pushes towards the interior of Virginia. The Union victories of Grant's Overland Campaign would eventually lead to the Union's victorious Richmond-Petersburg Campaign.

From May 28 to 30 the regiment participated in the Battle of Totopotomoy Creek (Battle of Bethesda Church); participated in the Battle of Cold Harbor from May 31 to June 12: and the Battle of the Globe Tavern from August 12 to 14. These battles were crucial to the Siege of Petersburg.


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