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Transcription of a diary kept by 20-year-old Sarah Flint, later Mrs. Adrian Fay, during the time that Adrian was away in the Civil War in Company I, 94th New York Infantry.  The diary entries have been punctuated for ease of reading.  Passages that are underlined in the original diary appear in Italics for emphasis.  References to Adrian are in red.


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Sarah Flint, Great Valley, Catt Co. N.Y.  Bought Dec 13th


January 1 – January 6

[Pages are missing.]

Thursday, January 7, 1864.


At School of course.  All went off well.  Got stuck this forenoon but finally waded through.  Knitting in the evening.  “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick”.  True enough in my case.  Not very cold tonight as one year ago.


Friday, January 8.


At School as usual.  Quite cold and snowy.  K went to Ellicottville.  No letter.  What can be the matter?  Guess though I shall get one tomorrow.  Ironing and knitting in evening.  Hope our folks will come down and get “Old Sal”.


Saturday, January 9.


At School.  Compositions today.  First rate too.  Did not go home tonight.  Am going afoot in the morning.  Sewing on Baby’s night dress in the evening.  Anna & Daniel went to Napoli this P.M.  Still as nice here and it seems good as can be.


Sunday, January 10.


One year ago today I was enjoy myself hugely.  Walked home afoot from K’s.  Almost tired to death.  Found a letter here for me.  Was real glad to get it.  Wrote to Add this evening.  Am going to eat some more goose before I retire.  Cold & windy.  Good news.


Monday, January 11.


Noon.  At School.  One new Scholar today.  Orville came down with me today and we came near being blown back again.  Made the sleeves to Agg’s Garibaldi.  Warm & thawing in eve.  Went to meeting with Add a year ago today.


Tuesday, January 12.


At School of course.  Promoted Daniel this P.M.  Chopping mince meat and knitting in evening.  Thawing.  K and Agg started for Machias tonight leaving Daniel Pa and I to keep house while they are gone.  “Why cant I be like others”.


Wednesday, January 13.


Thawing.  School is half out tonight and I am very glad.  Some trouble in school today with Daniel.  I must hurry home and help Pa.  Agg & K came home tonight.  Knitting in the evening.  Have money enough to buy a broom.


Thursday, January 14.


At school.  Some trouble today with Daniel.  Kept him after school and gave him a talking to.  Mr Scobey sent me a nice broom this morning.  Knitting in evening.  Hope Mother will come down.  Warm.


Friday, January 15.


At School as usual.  Cynthia told me some news.  Myra was mared yesterday.  What a happy girl I was one year ago tonight.  I wish I was just where I was then.  Heard from Weston.  K went up home.  Snowballed with Horace & Frank till I could scarcely see.  Had lots of fun.  Knitting eve.


Saturday, January 16.


At school but few scholars.  K and Agg went to Wealtha’s this morning.  D left school this P.M.  Came home with Pa and Mr. Fay.  Ma is sick today.  Very sick.  Oh these awful times.  Clear and cold.  Frosty.


Sunday, January 17.


At home doing house work &c.  Mother is some better.  Mrs. Fay was here in the P.M.  Wrote to Weston in evening.  Very warm and thawing.  Pa went to Warren’s with Joe Foster.  Not much sleighing.


Monday, January 18.


In School as usual.  Pa brought me home this morning.  K and Agg are away yet.   I sewed.  Dolph has been here all the evening and I never go so tired of any one in all my life.  Brushed K’s socks.  Raining.  Warm.


Tuesday, January 19.


At school as usual.  Rained most all day and snowed in the evening.  K has not got home yet.  Wrote to Marie Willoughby in eve.  The pine trees looked perfectly splendid this morning.  All ice and white with icicles.  It was a pretty sight.


Wednesday, January 20.


At School.  Kept 3 scholars after school.  K and Agg got back tonight.  Cold but clear.  One beautiful evening.  Moonlight.  Wish I could get a letter from Add tonight.  Wonder where he is.  Wish I could see him.


Thursday, January 21.


At school of course.  No trouble.  K and Agg went up home tonight.  I took care of Stella and knit on Agg’s stocking.  Got a letter from Add tonight.  Was very glad to hear from him.  Cold & snow.


Friday, January 22.


At School.  Came home with Orville in the eve.  Found Pa sick and Mother gone.  Had lots of popcorn &c &c.  Cool & clear.  Wish I was in Dixie away.


Saturday, January 23.


At home all day.  Went up to see Mate in the evening.  She came down with me in the evening and stayed all night.  Had a gay old time one year ago tonight at K’s.  Thawing.


Sunday, January 24.


At home.  Got a letter from Add.  I hope he will not reenlist.  Came down to K’s with them.  Found Isaac there and I[saac] was crosser than a bar.  Warm and thawing. Wrote to Add in evening.


Monday, January 25.


At school.  Nothing unusual.  Warm and the snow was all gone.  Knitting in the eve.  Baby is sick.  Not any thing happened to put down today.  Hope I shall not feel so bad tomorrow.  Got an order from Scobey.  One year ago.  One year ago tonight.


Tuesday, January 26.

At school.  Whipped Horace & Frank today.  Horace told K this evening that I was the best teacher they ever had in this Dist cause I didnt humor the large ones more than the small ones.  Knitting in evening.  Warm.


Wednesday, January 27.

At school.  Punished Daniel for spilling.  Was so warm today that we had no fire and had the windows open.  Kie came home this morning and hope Add has got home with those Soldiers.


Thursday, January 28.

At school.  Had visitors.  Uncle Weston & Persis.  James Wright was here and we had the best visit ever.  Jim gave me his likeness.  Awful warm today.  Did not have any fire and had the windows open.


Friday, January 29.

Came home tonight with K and mother.  Baby is a little better.  James went away this morning and no one knows whether I shall ever see him again.  One year ago today Add left.  Colder.


Saturday, January 30.

At home all day doing house work.  Do not feel very well.  Have an awful cold.  Mrs. Fay & Montrose were here.  Raining most of the time all day.


Sunday, January 31.

At home part of the day.  Orville brought me down to K’s in P.M.  Found Anna and young ones there.  Awful muddy and rainy.  Got letter from N.A. Kingsley.  Wish I could get one from Add.


Monday, February 1, 1864.

At School.  Awful weather.  Only 5 scholars today.  Rained all day.  Oh dear me.  I should go crazy if I had two young ones.  My legs ache so.  I am almost dead walking so much in the Schoolroom.


Tuesday, February 2.

At school but few scholars today on account of the weather.  Saw Mrs. Carver for the first time.  Had lots of time in school.  What hateful young ones Anna’s are.  I should go crazy with them.


Wednesday, February 3.

At School.  Nothing unusual occurred.  K and Agg went… I took care of Stella.  Kie was sick and Anna acted like a fool.  Sat up till after midnight.  Am awful sleepy.  No letter come.


Thursday, February 4.

At School.  Only 8 scholars today on account of the weather.  Horace wishes me to keep right on teaching.  Found a letter from Add here for me tonight.  Was awful glad to hear from him.  I dont know whether I am glad or sorry that he has reenlisted.  I am glad he is coming home any way.  Kie was sick.  Anna went off in a huff.


Friday, February 5.

At School of course.  Nothing unusual occurred but I am sick.  Have got a pigpen on my eye.  Oh I shall be so glad to see Add when he comes home.  Baby is sick.  Knitting in eve.  Snow & warm.  Agg is coming.


Saturday, February 6.

Surprise Party.  Noon.  The boys are snowballing and raising Old Ned genrally.  Came home with Father & Et.  Mother gave me a hemlock sweat.  Feel somewhat better but have an awful roaring in my ears.  No letter from Weston.  Major Flint.


Sunday, February 7.

At home all day.  Jim was here & we carried on like all… Jim is the same old sixpence.  We sparked in eve.  Uncle W. & Pert were here.  Wrote to Add in evening.  Agg and baby were here.  Warm.


Monday, February 8.

Came down to my school with Pa & Jim.  Snowed like fur in the winter.  Awful weather.  Agg did not come down.  Oh how I wish I could see Add.  …


Tuesday, February 9.

School all day.  Samuel came home today.  He told lots of stories.  Nothing unusual occurred to write down.  Marion Anna & youngones were here.  Had a gay old time with Samuel.  Milder.


Wednesday, February 10.

At School.  Nothing unusual occurred.  Samuel went away in the P.M.  Kie Poe and I had to sleep on the floor and Oh dear me most broke my bones.  Samuel did not come & I crawled into bed with Agg.  Awful cold.  10° below zero.


Thursday, February 11.

At School.  Nothing happened worthy of note.  Samuel came back tonight and we all have had a gay old time this evening.  What shall I do.  Wish I could see Add tonight.  Warm and looks like rain.


Friday, February 12.

At School all day.  Came home tired and went up to Mr. Smiths and sat up all night.  Wish I had lots of charity but I have not for I believe Anna makes a great more fuss than she need to.  Ellen sat up with me.  Cool after midnight.


Saturday, February 13.

Came home with Samuel and Kie from Mr. Smith’s.  Anna is playing up as usual.  Found Stephen here.  Came home this morning.  Came up home with Father.  Samuel came as far as the postoffice with us.  Cooler.


Sunday, February 14.

At home in A.M.  Orville Esther Minia Irving came down with me.  Found Anna here “a moaning & a groaning” as usual.  Had an awful good visit with S & S in eve.  Sung and spun…  S sat up.  Heard that Add was coming home this week.  Hope he’ll come.


Monday, February 15.

At School.  Went to school with K. & S promised the sugar & had the promise of a little canoe.  Wonder if he was really in earnest about it.  Anna’s “groaning continues”.  Samuel left for Bloomington.  Stephen is full of fun.


Tuesday, February 16.

At School of course.  Got a letter from Weston.  Stephen K…went up to our house to see Irving.  Anna is here yet.  Have not heard from Add yet.  Wonder when he’ll come home.  Cold and windy.


Wednesday, February 17.

Awful cold and windy.  At school.  Lots of scholars.  Cold going home.  George Hitchcock here in eve.  I made a great goose of myself.  Said something I did not mean.  Wish I could hear from Add.  I am so afraid he will not come home.  Anna got out into the kitchen.


Thursday, February 18.

Cold.  Mercury 22° below 0.  Most friz going to school.  Anna got out.  Kie is setting here warming her toes.  Stephen and Flora went to Luther’s.  Oh Dear wish I could hear from Add.  I believe – well I wont say what now.  Cool.


Friday, February 19.

Cold.  Mercury 22° again.  Stephen smashed everything to pieces, cutters all broke to smash.  Mended a jacket for a Soldier.  Stephen goes away tomorrow.  How lonesome it will be without him.  Got a good letter from Add.  He’s coming home.


Saturday, February 20.

At school.  Came home with Father and Esther.  Wrote Nelson Kingsley in eve.  Bought my prizes.  Stephen went away tonight.  Warmer.


Sunday, February 21.

At home.  Wrote to Add today.  Came down to K’s in evening.  Anna here yet.  How can I ever wait for my darling to come.  I wish the days would fly away but I dont want them to fly after he comes.  Isaac here.  Kie and I went to bed and left him.


Monday, February 22.

Anna went home today.  At school.  Wrote to Weston in eve.  Thawing.  Took care of baby.  K and Agg went to Carvers.  School closes Friday and aint I glad.  Lonesome tonight.  I’d give all the world if I could see Add.  Dear one.  Dear one.


Tuesday, February 23.

My school goes off well.  Mr. Shults had an “indignation meetin’” with the boys..  Orville and Pa came down from Townmeeting.  Orv stayed all night.  Rained all the evening.  Kie and I carried on till Midnight.  Knitting.


Wednesday, February 24.

Esther’s birthday.  15 years old today.  Wonder if she’ll feel as I do when she’s 20.  Wish I could look ahead in my life for a few years.  Noon & the scholars are playing Consequences.  Knitting in eve.


Thursday, February 25.

At School.  Only one day more and then I free.  How I wish Add would come home.  Had the old affair settled between the boys and girls.  All mad.  Dont blame them much.


Friday, February 26.

School closed today.  All passed…pleasantly.  Isaac came to visit me just before school was out.  K and all the rest awful tickled.  Wish Add would come home tonight.  K nearly dead with the…


Saturday, February 27.

At K’s in forenoon.  Irving came down and brought me home.  Kie came too and was sick after she got here.  Warm today.  Dan went.  K went to Olean to have his tooth pulled.  Baby is awful good.  How can I be patient.  Heard some queer news.


Sunday, February 28.

At home.  Kie and I carried on like fury.  Mr Fay was down here.  We laughed till we could hardly see in evening.  Reading all day.  Most wish I could see Add.  Oh we will see him soon.



Monday, February 29.

Washed till two oclock then went up to Perts with Kie.  Had some new molasses.  Had a gay old time.  Told my experience with Isaac.  Laughed till midnight.  Myra came with her niece.  Cold.


Tuesday, March 1, 1864.

Partly cleared out the Kitchen.  Washed the cupboard and table.  Kie went home in eve.  Orville went to Mr Rust.  Made tatten in eve.  Cool.  Oh Dear I am so anxious for Add to come.  Shall I tell him what I am…


Wednesday, March 2.

Finished clearing out the Kitchen.  Am awful tired.  Mili got on her … Have got lots of work to do tomorrow.  Wish I could hear from the office tonight.  Minia & Orville are staying here now.  Windy.


Thursday, March 3.

Cleared out the middle room.  Ironed in eve.  Ma & Pert went to Mr Howe’s.  Irving went to Ellicottville in eve for D…  Brother Harvey mad.  Minia sick.  I’m awful tired.  I want to get a letter from Add so much.  Warm.  Pleasant.


Friday, March 4.

Stayed home all day.  Went up to Mr. Fay’s and Howe’s in fore noon with Minia.  The boys drew their buckets to the bush.  Beautiful weather.  Got a letter from Add and I wish Add will be home soon.


Saturday, March 5.

At home.  Went to Mr. Ward’s and made oath to my roll.  Awful muddy and rainy.  Saw nothing unusual to put down.  Doing housework and “such things”.  Read aloud in Les Miserables in eve.  Am waiting impatiently for Add.


Sunday, March 6.

Home of course.  Went to meeting.  Heard Mr. Hill preach from James 4-14.  “For what is your life”.  Wrote to Jim Wright & Add in eve.  How I wish Add was here tonight.  I’d like to see him awful well.  Muddy.


Monday, March 7.

Sick all day.  Did not do anything.  Fixed my dress and belt.  Minia washed and baked pies and cakes.  Am lonesome today.  Oh how I do want to see my own precious Soldier.  Pleasant.


Tuesday, March 8.

Felt better today but some weak.  Sewed some and went up to Mr Rust’s in P.M.  Had awful good visit but I felt very tired when I got home.  Heard some queer stories about folks.  Warm.  Sugar.  Ma’s birthday.  50 years old.


Wednesday, March 9.

Washed all day.  Ma & Minia went over to see Sister Kelley.  Read a story and was foolish enough to cry over it.  Hope that my lot will not be like Faith’s.  Went to meeting.  Heard Elder Potter from 2 Kings 2-13.  Good sermon.  Very.


Thursday, March 10.

At home all day.  Mopped and ironed some.  Patched my dress.  Rainy in P.M.  Feel very lonesome and heartsick.  Wish I could see my Darling.  Why dont he come.  What makes him wait.  Thunder storm.


Friday, March 11.

Started for K’s in forenoon.  Rained like “…” all day.  Rode on a load of hay…and sick.  Walked up to K’s.  Agg came home with us.  Hope Add will be home in one week.


Saturday, March 12.

At home.  Mopped & did other housework.  Mother Agnes Herminia went to Quarterly Meeting in P.M.  I took care of Stella.  Went over to Prayer meeting in evening.  Had a good time but did not feel right.  Such howling I never heard.  Oh! How I do wish Add was here.


Sunday, March 13.

Went over to meeting in fore noon.  Heard Elder Newton preach from Ephesians 2-8.  Love feast and communion.  Did not go to prayer meeting in evening.  Had a good sing.  Hope I shall see my Darling a week from tonight.


Monday, March 14.

Home.  Washed till I was almost tired out.  Wish I knew what was in that letter whether Add was coming home or not.  Hope I shall go to Ellicottville tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 15.

Went to Ellicottville.  Bought me a new dress.  Rode upon a double wagon.  Almost shook my head off.  Heard that Add was not coming home.  Oh Dear.  Oh Dear.  What shall I do if he dont come.


Wednesday, March 16.

At home all day.  Ironed and pieced some.  Did not feel very well.  Oh I am so disappointed about Add’s not coming.  I want to see him so much.  I cant stand it hardly.


Thursday, March 17.

Home.  Mopped & baked.  Went up to Mr Fay’s in eve.  Had an awful good visit with Rob & Mati.  Had lots of puzzles & fun.  Had a party last night.  Whew!  Whew!  Got a letter from Nelson. 


Friday, March 18.

Mopped & did other house work.  Nothing unusual occurred.  Thought last week that Add would be home but now guess he wont come at all.  I would awfully like to see him.  Cleaned out the parlor.


Saturday, March 19.

Mopped & did Saturday’s work.  Rec’d two notes from Mati.  Finally went up to see what she had for me.  Two kisses from Rob.  Carried on like fury most all night.  Stayed with Mati.  Throat awful sore.  …& cold.


Sunday, March 20.

Came home from Mati’s in morning.  Helped do her…work.  Read &c.  Got letter from Weston & Pert.  Feel very bad today.  Guess I’ve got the dipferryNo letter from Add.  Wonder if he is coming home.  Cold & snowing.


Monday, March 21.

Did not feel very well to day.  Throat awful sore and am about sick.  Made tatten and sewed some.  Oh Dear I am so afraid Add will not come.  Cold as Greenland.


Tuesday, March 22.

Cold but warmer than before.  Mrs Fay was here all day.  She dont think Add will come home but I do.  Hope he will come home this week any way.  Wrote part of a letter to Nelt.  Mr & Mrs Rust, Mr Howe & Linus & John were here.  Pas got through drawing wood.


Wednesday, March 23.

Washed and did other house work.  Mr Norton was here.  Got a letter from Add.  He is coming home this week & I am awful glad.  Went over to meetin.  Heard Mr House preach from 1 John 4-19.  Feel well.


Thursday, March 24.

Did divers work such as mopping & cleaning.  Harrie & Erastus were here in eve, also Mr Fay.  Oh how I do hope Add will come this week.  Talked some with Ma.  Splendid weather.


Friday, March 25.

Mopped and did other housework.  Read the “Home” that Weston sent me.  Found it very interesting.  Got nothing from the office.  Oh how I hope Add will come this week.


Saturday, March 26.

Mopped & did housework.  Saw a Soldier & thought it was Add but it was not.  Was awful disappointed but hope he will come tonight.  Was tired tonight but soon I shall feel better.  Rainy.  Got letter from Stephen.


Sunday, March 27.

Reading &c.  Went over to meeting.  Heard Elder House preach from Rev. –3-20.  First rate sermon.  Lonely.  Add has not come yet.  “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick but when the desire cometh it is a tree of life”.


Monday, March 28.

Washed & mopped.  Was awful tired.  Howard Washburn stayed here all night.  Had a good visit and enjoyed myself.  Felt very sick & tired.  Cold & Sunny but good sap day.  Orville & Irving tapped the bush.


Tuesday, March 29.

Doing nothing most all day.  Read a novel then went over to Mr Kelley’s & French’s.  They are going west in a few weeks.  Wrote to Nelson in eve.  No Add yet.  What shall I do if he dont come.  If he dont.


Wednesday, March 30.

Working around the house &c doing lots of things.  Felt awful lonesome and tired.  Went upstairs & cried myself half out of my wits because Add does not come.


Thursday, March 31.

Learned how to spin.  Irv K Agnes & Stella were here.  Had lots of warm sugar.  K eat so much he was sick.  Felt awful sick & lonely.  Oh dear!  Oh dear!  I’m just dying to see Add.


Friday, April 1, 1864.  fool

Mopped & did other house work.  Ida Benedict came here this morning before breakfast.  Felt better but not very well yet.  Am afraid I’ve got the heart disease.


Saturday, April 2.

Not doing much of anything.  Feel that awful burning in my heart yet.  I do not believe I shall live long.  Got a letter from Weston.  Dont know how to answer or what to think about what he writes.  Can I give up all that…Wish Add would come so that I could talk with him before I write to Weston.  Stella’s birthday.


Sunday, April 3.

At home doing nothing.  Wrote to Weston & answered him the best I could.  Dont know what he will think of it but I cant give up all my happiness when I have hardly felt it.


Monday, April 4.

Got all ready to go down to Ks & had company.  Mati Willoughby & Mati Palmer came up from K’s.  Went with them to sugar bush.  Eat lots sugar then went to Mr Fays with Mati then came home eat dinner & walked down to K’s.  Awful tired.


Tuesday, April 5.

Helping Agg some.  Took care of Baby.  Agg sewed on my dress all day.  Did not feel at all well.  Tired yet.  Baby worried some in night.  George Fowler here.  Rainy & cool.


Wednesday, April 6.

Sewing all day on dress.  Agg sewed all day.  Got my dress all done but finishing.  Tired some & head aches.  Rainy & sunshine.  Some talk with Agg.  Wish I could hear from Add.  Sewed some.


Thursday, April 7.

At K’s.  Sewed some & took care of Baby.  Father Mother & Herminia were here.  Came home with them & nearly broke my back.  An awful ride & Oh so lonesome!  Will Add ever come.  Finished my dress.  Warm.


Friday, April 8.

Doing nothing particular.  Read the “Saracin” & moped round.  Mother went over to Mr French’s.  “Ratty” & “Sue” were married Wednesday and did not pay the preacher.  Whew!  If I’m ever married I’ll have the preacher paid the first thing.  What am I talking about.


Saturday, April 9.

Doing housework &c.  Went up to Mr Howe’s in P.M.  Phercy[?] is very sick.  Came home got supper & while I was washing the dishes Add came. I was very very glad to see him.  He stayed till Midnight & then went home.  I had a very good visit with him.


Sunday, April 10.

At home all day reading &c.  Saw Add but did not speak with him.  Mother gone up to Mr Howe’s & Fay’s.  All the folks are sick.  Saw Harrie & his young bride pass by.  Wish Add had stopped so I could see him.  Wonder if I did right last night.


Monday, April 11.

Did not do much today.  Went to Mr Howe’s & Mr Fays.  Staid all night.  Sat up with Granny.  Like wise with Adrian.  Oh I enjoyed myself very much with him.  Pa came up to get some sugar.  I love Add more than I dare to tell but he loves me just as much.  Went to sleep on Add’s shoulder.


Tuesday, April 12.

Came home from Mr Fays.  Ate breakfast & went to bed.  Slept till 10 oclock.  Ate dinner.  Saw Add & went back to bed again.  Slept till 5.  Oh what a gay old time I did have last night with my Dear Add.  Wonder how I shall answer his question.  Yes or no. Cold.


Wednesday, April 13.

Not doing much of any thing.  Went to the sugar bush with Minia.  She hurt her leg.  Came home & Add came here.  Coaxed him to stay in the eve.  He stayed till 1 oclock.  Had an awful good visit with my Darling.  Promised to marry him if I ever did any one.  He told me some queer things.


Thursday, April 14.

Washing & doing other work.  Add came down towards night & we all went to Mr Rusts.  Got home about 11.  Some tall joking.  Add came home with me.  Had quite a talk with him about some things.  Aunt M… & Uncle O came here tonight.


Friday, April 15.

Mopped all over then went to Mr Fays.  Saw a Soldier.  Henry Davis.  Sue & Angeline were here in eve.  Add went to Little Valley.  Heard lots of news.  Whew!!  Letter from Weston & Nelson.  Wonder how I shall answer them.  Pleasant.



Saturday, April 16.

Doing housework.  Expecting Harrie but he did not come.  Went to Mr Fay’s and sat up all night allalone.  Awful sleepy, wish Add had been there to sit up with me.  How long it seems since he went away.  Agg & Stella came home with Pa.  Cool.


Sunday, April 17.

Came home from Mr Fays.  Slept about an hour then took a stroll all over the swamp & woods.  Came home & eat warm sugar.  K came up & would not let me sleep.  I’m lonesome today.  What shall I do when Add goes away.  Cold.


Monday, April 18 through Saturday, April 23.

[Pages are missing.]


Sunday, April 24.

At home.  Mati and Add her to breakfast.  Had some fun this morning.  Did up the work & went into the woods & to Mr Fays.  They came down to meeting with me & after church we went to see a bears track.  Reading in eve.  Saw Add.  Kissed him fast asleep.


Monday, April 25.

At home doing nothing particular.  Add came down in P.M.  He went woodchuck hunting & then came home with Orv & took supper here.  I was some disappointed because he did not stay in eve.  Sewing some but not much.  Rainy all day.  Funeral.


Tuesday, April 26.

At home cooking some & doing other housework.  Saw Add twice but did not speak with him.  Ma came home from K’s.  Oh Dear.  I’m afraid I’ve done wrong unknowingly.  I’ll see what Add thinks about it.  Rainy AM.  Pleasant P.M.


Wednesday, April 27.

At home of course.  Washing.  Add here in A.M.  Said he would come down this evening.  Came about dark & stayed here until two oclock.  Very good time.  Minia & Orville called on us.  Sallie read.  Wish I knew what was the best way to do.  Add gave me his ring but I dare not wear it now.  Add says it’s all right.


Thursday, April 28.

At home.  Mopped & went up to Mr Fay’s.  Add gone.  Granny gave me a holder.  Oh I was so mortified but I cant help it now.  Mati came part way home with me.  Saw Hanks likeness.  Wish Add was here. 


Friday, April 29.

At home doing all sorts of work.  Nothing particular however.  Ironed in eve.  Ma cross.  Add not back yet.  How lonesome it sees without him.  What shall I do when he goes away.  I would like to have stay always with his Sade.


Saturday, April 30.

Mopped & swept all over.  Pa Et & Minia went to the village.  Add came home towards night.  Said he would come down in the morning.  Hope he will come.  Wrote to Weston.


Sunday, May 1, 1864.

Pa’s birthday.  School ma’ams dinner.  Went to church.  Add here all day.  Stayed in eve.  Add told me about the pictureWent to the grave yard.  Agg & K up.  Agg mad.  What a fool he is.  I shall be glad when he is gone back to the ...  Those are not my sentiments.  Sal.  But it is the real truth in a …  But I went till … so.


Monday, May 2.

Orville moving.  Every thing all tore up.  Working at every thing most.  Did not see Add at all to day.  Mrs Howe here after roots.  Stormy & cold.  How I’d like to see Add.  I will trust him anyway.  He told me some funny things.


Tuesday, May 3.

At home as usual.  Rained & snowed.  Some awful cold.  Cooking &c.  Add came down towards night & we went over to Orville’s.  Stayed till after dark & Add came home with me.  Oh me.  How fast time flies.  Add will go away next week & then I shall be awful lonesome.  Irvings birthday.  Funeral.


Wednesday, May 4.

At home.  Washed & mopped & ironed.  Went to meeting I eve with Add.  Awful tired but what shall I do when Add goes away.  Oh it will be so lonesome here.  I shall go wild.  Pleasant but cold.  Baked.


Thursday, May 5.

Working round.  Mrs Fay here in A.M.  Add Mati & I cleaned schoolhouse in P.M.  Had a gay old time but awful nasty.  Took supper at Orvs.  Add came home with me.  Pleasant & warm.


Friday, May 6.

Worked butter.  Doing all sorts of workAdd here to get his papers.  Et gone to K’s.  I beg in … dread his going away but it must be so.  I may as well be reconciled but it seems hard to let my Darling go.  Went to Perts in eve.  Add here in eve.   Promised to go over to Orville’s tomorrow night.


Saturday, May 7.

At home.  Went up home with Mati.  Did all sorts of work.  Cleaned out some.  Went over to Orv’s in eve.  Add came there & we sat up till 4 oclock.  Had an awful good time.  Kept school &c.  How I wish I could keep my Darling with me always.  Went to bed about 4 oclock this A.M.  Got up at ½ past 8.  Came home.  Rainy in eve.  Stayed at Orv’s in breastworks.  What a note.


Sunday, May 8.

Helped do up the work & went up in the woods.  Went to Mr Fays.  Add Davis Mati & I went back to the woods & stayed till 3.  Went to Association.  Add came home with me & stayed in eve.  Wonder why I’m not mad.  I ought to be.  Agg worries herself about me.  Wonder … I believe what he said.  I know so I never would have thought it but I as much as he. 


Monday, May 9.

Commenced school.  Went over to Orville’s at noon.  Add came there to bid me goodbye.  It seemed as though twould kill me to have him go.  Poor Darling.  He felt as bad as I did for he kissed me but could not speak for sobbing.  My precious.   I wish I had told him what I intended to.


Tuesday, May 10.

At school as usual.  Nothing unusual happened to put down.  Lonesome without Add but then what is to be will be whether it happens or not.  Rainy.  10 new scholars today.  Mati here to work.  Rainy. 


Wednesday, May 11.

At school.  Awful rainy & cold.  5 new Scholars today.  Sewing in eve.  School goes off quite well.  Better than I expected.  Oh how lonesome it seems without Add.  I wonder if Add really thought I would do as he said.  He did not have much confidence in me.


Thursday, May 12.

At school of course.  Nothing unusual.  Rained.  Went over to Orville’s at noon.  Had a good time.  Pshaw.  Mother is worried.  Oh I want to see Add.  Heard that they would not let Soldiers write for 60 days.  Wish I knew just what Add thought Sunday night.  How queer he acted.  I would not have believed such a thing if any one had told me so but him.  Line from Mati.


Friday, May 13.


 Noon.  Only 16 scholars today.  1 new one.  Rainy, rainy, rainy. Dreary, lonesome, heart sick night.  Water so high that I cannot get home.  What shall I do.  Stay here & starve & freeze I guess.  How I wish my darling was here with me.  Rode home on Jerry.


Saturday, May 14.


At home all day.  Worked awful hard.  Whitewashed & cleaned house.  Had lots of fun with Mati.  Bina here in eve.  Heard lots of news but no letter yet from Add.  What shall I do.  I can hardly wait.  Rainy.


Sunday, May 15.


At home.  Agg Mati K and Baby came up here.  No letter from Add.  Went up in the woods with Mati.  Wrote to Add in eve.  Did not go to the partridge nest today.  Started twice but rained so I had to come back.


Monday, May 16.


In School.  6 new scholars.  Went to Orve’s at noon.  Finished my letter to Add.  One week ago I parted with my Soldier.  I wish he was here now though.  I dont want him to go away again.


Tuesday, May 17.


At School.  Sent letter to Add.  Came home from school at noon and found a letter here for me from my Darling.  7 new scholars today.  Awful noisy school.  What shall I do with them.


Wednesday, May 18.


In School as usual.  Nothing of note occurred.  Mary washing.  Put down the first butter this summer.  Lots of fun.  Went to Meeting in eve.  Went Ed’s.  Awful nice over there.  Wonder if I’ll ever be so happy.  Went to Mr Fay’s.


Thursday, May 19.


Think of me today Darling and think how much I would give to see my Darling Sadie Add.  In School.  Wrote to Add.  How much Sadie would give to see her Add today.  I cannot help but think of you Darling.  I got Davis likeness.


Friday, May 20.


In school with lots of scholars today.  I’ve about given up all hope.  I believe I’ve got the consumption.  Oh its hard to think of dying so young when life seems so bright.  Mati went home…


Saturday, May 21.


In school but almost sick.  Sent letter to Add.  Came home at noon but did not get any letter from my Darling.  Some disappointed.  My lungs feel awful sore.  Am afraid I shall have to give up my school.


Sunday, May 22.


At home.  Went up I the woods.  Came home & found K & Stella there.  Bina & Mati came up & I went home with Mati.  Wrote a company letter to Add.  Had lots of fun doing nothing in eve.  Went over to Orv’s.


Monday, May 23.


At School.  One new scholar.  Large boy & good one too.  At Orv’s for dinner.  Doing nothing in eve but trying to sew some.  Feel better.  Hope I shall get a letter from My Darling.


Tuesday, May 24.


At school.  Went over to Orve’s & meant to go home but they told me there was a letter there so I didn’t go.  But at night I found a letter there for me.  6 new scholars today.  Oh Dear.  Add has left Camp Parole & now perhaps he will get killed.


Wednesday, May 25.


In School as usual.  Came home for my dinner.  Came home at night and went up to Mr Fays & to the partridge nest.  Mrs Fay gave me some cough drops.  Hope they will do me some good but haven’t much faith.  Played Anteover with the scholars at noon.


Thursday, May 26.


At school as usual.  Nothing of note occurred but few scholars today.  Rained some.  Quite a thunder shower in the afternoon.  Orpha brought me a lot of wintergreens and berries.  Wish I knew where my Darling was tonight.  Spect I’m gittin a … in Ma’s letter to Weston.


Friday, May 27.


At school of course.  Mary Fay there in P.M.  Lots of fun with Dora.  She played Ante over with the boys.  Went up home with Mati & stayed all night.  Heard about the Cornelian Ring.


Saturday, May 28.


Came home from Mr Fays.  Helped do the work.  Mopped and did other house work.  Nothing special going on.  Did not get any letter from Add to-day.  Ma & Pa worried about the Soldier.


Sunday, May 29.


At home.  Went down to K’s.  Got a letter from Add.  Oh I’m so sorry he’s gone to the front.  Wrote to Add in eve.  Wonder what he’ll think of my letter.  I guess he will think I’m crazy.


Monday, May 30.


In school as usual.  Two new scholars today.  Nothing going on.  Wrote to Add at Recess.  Copied if off in eve.  Went over to Orve’s in eve & borrowed a postage stamp.


Tuesday, May 31.


At school.  Asa brought me a letter from Mati & one from Add.  Was awful mad at what Russ Miller said.  I’d like to give him a piece of my mind.  Sent a line to Mati.  Ma went to Uncle Abrams.


Wednesday, June 1, 1864.


At school.  Nothing unusual.  Riley fell down in the mireWrote line to Mati but she did not come to meetin.  Made hats for the girls.  Agg & Baby came up with Pa.  Got my money.


Thursday, June 2.


At school.  Good time but awful noisy.  Nothing unusual.  Baby & Et  came over to school at noon.  Mati Fay here towards night.  Had lots of fun.  Braided a hat.  Bought me a Shawl.  Paid 10 dollars.  Pleasant but cold.


Friday, June 3.


At school.  Worked some in morning.  Played Anteover with the scholars at noon.  Lots of fun.  Pa went to Olean.  Oh I want to see my Darling so much.  Laughed all the afternoon almost at Dora Lemon.


Saturday, June 4.


At school but few scholars today.  All sleepy & cross.  Went over home to dinner.  No letter yet.  Went down to Mr Wards with Mati.  She stayed all night with me.  Had a good time shearing a sheep.


Sunday, June 5.


At home.  Went up in the woods.  Came back and wrote letter to Add.  Wish I could hear from My Darling.  Worked butter & Swept all over.  Orville & Minia were here to supper.  Went over to Orv’s in eve & borrowed Postage stamp.  Warm.


Monday, June 6.


In school of course.  Played Anteover with “Riley” at noon.  One new scholar today.  I like Riley very much indeed.  He is the best boy I have in school.  Sewed on my pink dress in eve.  Got breakfast this morning.  One month ago today.


Tuesday, June 7.


Everything froze solid this morn.  In school.  Good many scholars.  Played Anteover.  Riley calls my Cynthia.  Et over there today.  No letter from Add.  Went up to Mr. Fays in eve.  Lots of fun in school.  Mrs. Fay here.


Wednesday, June 8.

In school.  Played at noon.  Had a gay old time.  Riley funny.  Tired.  Sewed a little in eve.  Wish I could get a letter from my Dear Add.  Wonder if he is alive yet.


Thursday, June 9.


At School.  Mr. Gladden visited the school this fore noon.  May Fay in Afternoon.  She sat with Riley & carried on like all possess.  No letter from Add.  Lucius here.  Want to go down to K’s but Pa wont let us go & I’m mad.


Friday, June 10.


In School.  Almost sick.  Got two letters from Add this morn but he may be dead before this time.  Et brought me some dinner.  Played with the children but had not ought to for I’m sick.  Oh Dear.  What shall I do.


Saturday, June 11.


In School.  Went to the river today.  Bought me a hat.  Visited my old School last winter.  2-4-2.  Went over to K’s and Mati W. cam up home with us.  Ma stayed.  We went to Chapelsburg in eve but went on a “tom fools Errand”.


Sunday, June 12.


At home.  Mati Et & I went to Sunday school but nothing was did so we came home.  Got dinner.  Did up the dishes & then went as far as Peth with Mati.  Saw Miss Hoxie.  Got no news from Add.  Oh I hope he is safe.  Friz up solid.


Monday, June 13.


In school as usual.  One new scholar today.  Went over home at noon.  Wrote to Add.  Started a letter to Montrose.  Wrote in eve.  Warm & pleasant.  Ma came home crosser than fury.  Oh I wish I could hear from Add.  Worked butter.


Tuesday, June 14.


In school.  Riley back again.  Went over to Orv’s at noon.  No letter from Add.  What shall I do.  40 scholars today.  Awful noisy & uneasy.  Worked around.  Made pies &c.  Went fishing.


Wednesday, June 15.


In school of course.  “Copperhead” all the go.  Dora cut up a great shine.  Laughed haft to kill myself.  Riley sober.  Don’t resent the “copper” at all.  I’m sorry he’s that stamp.  Got supper &c.  Whipped Dora.  Filled pt.


Thursday, June 16.


I wish I could hear from Add.  Oh the agony of waiting.  I cannot bear this suspense much longer.  I shall go crazy.  In school as usual.  Very warm.  How are you Copperhead.  Picked wool and washed dishes.  Went to Mr Fay’s night.  No letter.


Friday, June 17.


In school.  “Dora Riley” fun.  Put Dora with Riley in P.M.  He laughed till he cried.  No letter yet & I’m half crazy.  Hank shot.  Mrs. West here.  What shall I do.  I can never wait much longer.  Warm.  Awful.


Saturday, June 18.


In school as usual.  Speaking pieces & compositions.  Mrs West here yet.  I went over home at noon but got no letter.  Aunt M. there.  Went to Mr Fays in eve.  Boys went the office.  No letter.  Oh Dear.  What shall I do.  Strawberries for tea.


Sunday, June 19.


At home.  Worked butter.  Commenced filling 2nd firkin.  Went to S.S.  Came back and went to meeting.  Almost sick with suspense.  Cried myself half wild.  Mrs. Fay here.  Went home with here.  Saw Mrs Howe.  Wish I could hear from Add.


Monday, June 20.


In School of course.  Riley there.  No piece yet but will have one.  Not a word from Add yet & I’m half crazy.  Good time in school but awful warm.  Drank about a dozen pails of water.  No Dora.


Tuesday, June 21.


Worked butter then went to school.  Riley there.  Lots of fun.  “Heartburn & cigars”.  “Grandma & Grandpa”.  Pa went to K’s.  Baby & Poe came home with him.  No letter.  I shall die seems to me if I cant hear soon.  Awful warm.


Wednesday, June 22.


In School.  No Riley today nor Dora either.  Poe Et & Stella there in P.M.  Worked around some at night.  No letter yet from Add.  Hank Kelly home.  Went down below Mr. Houghtaling’s in the creek.  Pa went to Waverly.  Warm.


Thursday, June 23.


In school as usual.  Riley & Dora both here again.  Kate Foster here in P.M.  Riley answered for Dora.  Lots of fun.  Mrs. Fay there.  Mati got a letter from Ed Booth that Add was taken prisoner.  Oh I hope he will live to come back.  No rain.  Warm.


Friday, June 24.


In school.  Nothing unusual.  Ghosts &c.  Riley Carpenter.  Lots of fun.  Spoke his piece.  Angeline helping Mother.  Went to Mr Fays & Howe’s in eve.  Oh when shall I hear from my Darling again.  I’d give all the world to get a letter from him.


Saturday, June 25.


At home all day washing &c.  Weston came about two o’clock.  Worked awful hard.  Cynthia here in the afternoon.  Cool reception.  No more news from Our Darling.  Mati came home.  Wonder when I’ll get my lectures.  Feel very sad tonight.  Pa went to Waverley.


Sunday, June 26.


At home.  Went to S.S.  Firstrate lessons & scholars.  Mati went over with me.  She dont seem to fell very bad about Add.  Got a ring of a dead Soldier.  Weston home.  He & Mother & Minie went to Ks.  Wrote to Jim.


Monday, June 27.


In School as usual.  Nothing of note occurred but few scholars today.  Cool and cloudy.  No rain yet and every thing is dying.  Oh my precious Darling.  When shall I hear from you.  I’m half crazy with suspense.  No Dora or Riley.  Ironed at night.  Wrote to Jim.  Mrs. Ward unfeeling “mourning”.  Surgery.


Tuesday, June 28.


In School as usual.  Riley back again.  Played ball at noon.  Nothing unusual occurred in school.  Stayed with Minia all night.  Oh how I wish I could know where my poor Darling is tonight & if he is well & happy.  God be merciful & do not let my Adrian die.


Wednesday, June 29.


At school as usual.  Nothing unusual occurred to put down.  Elder Potter here to …  Mrs. Fay also.  Went over to meeting.  Mrs. Potter stayed here all night.  Poky as fury.  Awful still and awful lonesome.  How I do wish I could se my own Darling.  I’d like to know where he is.  Warm.  Hot.


Thursday, June 30.


At school.  Lots of fun.  Played base Ball with the scholars & laughed my self half to death.  Riley would act like fury.  Went down to K’s after school.  Tore my dress.  Irv & Orv came home with us.  Letter from Weston.  No news from My Darling yet.  No rain.  Riley full of fun.  Eddie’s lice.


Friday, July 1, 1864.


In School.  Some fun showing Riley how to work examples.  Played ball at noon.  Riley acted like all possess.  Laughed myself half to death but after all what else shall I do to keep from crying.  No news from my precious.  Rain once more.  Rain.  Rain.  God bless and keep my Darling.


Saturday, July 2.


In school.  Company.  Amanda, Evvie, Norman, Marvin, played ball after school was out till the ...  Riley gone.  Good time at the …  Agg up but did not see her.  Tired half to death & I shall die if I cant hear something definite from my Soldier.


Sunday, July 3.


Went to S.S.  Good time.  Came home.  Went down to the graveyard & then went up to Mr. Fay’s.  Read the chaplains letter about Add.  Jim there.  Mati & I went up in the woods & then she came a piece with me.  Saw Lucius Wooster.  Had a ride with him.  Cool.


Monday, July 4.


At home all day.  Washed & did all sorts of work.  The folks all went to Rock City.  Irv & Riley had a 4th all to themselves.  Went to Chapelsburg in eve with Riley Houghtaling.  Got home about midnight.  Lots of fun.  Weston’s birthday.  Cool.  Almost friz.


Tuesday, July 5.


In school but awful sleepy.  Riley had the “gapes”.  All the rest ditto.  Riley left at recess.  Dr John Palmer in school in A.M.  Mati came down at night & we called on Mrs. Houghtaling.  Saw Riley fire off his Roman candle.  Fun with him.  Warm 7 hot.  Saw Mary W.  & Eliza Wilcox.  Heard Eveline was married.


Wednesday, July 6.


In school.  Lots of fun with Riley.  The boys all went in swimming & he brought me a whip to punish him with.  Went down to P. Ward’s in eve with Minia.  Stayed with her all night.  Riley asked me to help him weed garden. 


Thursday, July 7.


In school all day.  Riley awful tickled about something.  Put Ase on the floor & Fan on the boys side.  Mary Ann farrow cow.  Stealing apples.  Scolded them some.  Not much use however.  Scholars full of fun.  Riley at the board.  No more news from my Darling.  I cant bear to think of him.  Rained last night.  Ironed.  Riley B.


Friday, July 8.


In School of course but few scholars.  No Riley.  Mati down in P.M.  How can she feel so light hearted when perhaps her brother is starving in a Southern dungeon.  She does not love him as I do.  Weston home again.  Oh this cruel war when will it end.Minia told me some things Agg said but I don’t care.  I will not give up my happiness.  Mag & Marion called.  Mati stayed with me.  Mother & Weston went to Uncle Abram’s.  Lonely.  Lonely.  K up.


Saturday, July 9.


At home all day working at everything almost.  Went over to the school house at night and trimmed it.  Spot tried to bite Fannie & I was scared almost to death.  Two months since my darling left me & now I do not know whether he is living or not.  Oh the terrible anxiety that is eating my life out.  I cannot live so I must know.


Sunday, July 10.


At home.  Went to S.S. in A.M.  Came back.  Found Agg & K there.  Got dinner and went over to Association.  Awful warm & rainy.  Wrote to Jim & a line to Minnie.  Wonder what she will think of Sallie.  Weston gave me a gold ring.  Sick most all day.  Worked butter in eve.  Charlie Palmer here.  Oh if I could only hear one word from Add.  I’m dying to hear from my darling.  Mati went to Mr Woosters.


Monday, July 11.


In School as usual but few scholars.  Only 16.  Went over home at noon.  Ma & Brother gone to Ellicottville.  Went home.  Just escaped a bath.  Went up to Mr. Howe’s in eve.  9 weeks ago today I little thought of the sorrow I now endure.  Ma opposes me every time but its hard.  I went up to Perts with Martha M.  I speak of going up to Mr. Fay’s.  No … from Weston yet.  Wish he would.


Tuesday, July 12.


In School.  Weston went away this morning but it dont seem like parting with Add.  My fear was true.  It may be that I shall never see him again in this world.  God forgive me but I should not wish to live if that were so.  But “though he slay me yet will I put my trust in Him” for He doeth all things well.  Put on Add’s ring.  God bless my own Darling & keep him from all danger.  Not mine but thy will be done.


Wednesday, July 13.


In School as usual.  Mrs. Howe & children at our house.  Went home with her & carried Frank.  Went up to Mr. Fay’s.  Et went up berrying.  I was tired and did not go.  Mrs. Fay talked about Add but I could not bear to hear it.  Seems just like a knife to hear his name spoken.  Wonder if I ever shall hear from him again. I can only pray for My Darling & hope for the best.  Wearing Add’s ring.  Oh my precious one.  God bless him & bring him back to Sadie.  Poor fellow.  He must be so lonely.  I wish I could write to him.


Thursday, July 14.


In School of course.  Nothing new.  Polly left Hannah.  Goodbye.  Lawsuit about the Skunk.  Awful mean.  Went home tired and sick.  Sewed some on my dress. Not but little thing.  Warm & pleasant.  I feel worse & worse about Add.  I cant bear this suspense.  Seems as though I must hear from him or go crazy.  Time must seem very long to him while he is there a prisoner.  May God hasten the time when he will be released & once more be free to fight for our own starry flag & then may this war soon be over & My Darling come home to enjoy the peace he has fought for so long.  “As thy day they strength shall be.”


Friday, July 15.


In School.  Some less scholars today but enough to make a terrible racket.  The lawsuit came off to-day.  Went over to Orve’s at noon and got some dinner.  Played ball and awful warm.  Went over to Orve’s after school.  Took supper there.  Sewed some on my dress.  Helped Minia do up the work.  Got a letter from Jim right.  Jim is coming home.  Oh how I wish I could get one from Add.  My own precious Darling.  I hope it will be true that “sorrow may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.”


Saturday, July 16.


At school of course.  Had no school in the P.M. but there was no funeral after all.  Mopped & went down to the grave.  Saw Mr. Whitely & Mary Ward.  Had a long talk with Mati but nothing special.  Came back & ironed.  Ma scolded because I stayed so long with Mary.


Sunday, July 17.


Went over to S.S. then came home and went to the Celebration ground.  Heard Mr. Bement preach firstrate sermon.  He advanced some queer ideas.  Baby came home with us.  K & Agg came up.  K went home but Agg & Stella stayed all night.  Awful warm.  God bless & keep my Darling and bring him back to Sadie.


Monday, July 18.


In School of course.  Went over home at noon.  Only 14 scholars today.  Went home with Agg after school.  Riley back again.  He read & spelled all alone.  Wouldn’t let me take his knife.  Hatefulness!  Po came home with me.  I wonder if I ever shall hear from Add again.  Will kill me if I dont.  Filled second firkin.


Tuesday, July 19.


At school but few scholars.  Went berrying up to Mr. Fays with Poe then came back and helped rake hay.  Went over to Uncle Weston’s at noon to see Dick and Lizzie.  Good visit but short.


Wednesday, July 20.


At School as usual but few scholars.  Went home & went berrying up in the back field.  Got a basket of berries.  Riley for sale.  Also Sallie.  Price 10 cts.  Warm & a slight shower.  Oh that I had wings like a dove for then I would fly to Add.


Thursday, July 21.


At School of course.  Riley there & full of fun.  Alice & A… ditto.  Commenced 3d firkin.  Squeezed currants at night.  Nothing new occurred to put down.  Nothing breaks the monotony of every day’s waiting.  How long Oh Lord how long must we wait with anguished hears weeping blood for lost ones.


Friday, July 22.


At School of course.  Commenced with only 4.  Riley went away at noon.  Went home & went berrying with Et & Minia in the slashing.  Nothing of importance.  R. S. Gordon was buried today.  Poor fellow.  It seems hard for he was killed after his time had expired & he was expecting to come home.  Letter from Weston.  [Ransom Gordon, Great Valley – 3rd Artillery.  Enlisted May 1861.]


Saturday, July 23.


At home all day.  Washed till I was almost tired out.  Pa killed “Dexter”.  Riley & Irving went hunting.  Oh what would I not give to hear from My Darling to know that he was alive and well.  I must have patience & control myself.  God be merciful to us all & help us to be patient.


Sunday, July 24.


At home.  Went over to S.S. then came home & stayed at home all the P.M.  Looked over Add’s old letters.  Wish I could get some more from him.  Mrs. Fay & Mary were here in P.M.  Also Lucius.  Heard of Rants crime.  Awful.  Mother & Father went to Uncle Abram’s.  Heard Bill got home.  Warm.


Monday, July 25.


At school of course.  Only 6 scholars today.  Rainy.  Went over home at noon but felt almost sick.  Rained like fury when we went home.  Mary & Sarah Snow stayed all night.  Oh Dear.  My Darling My Darling.  Nervous at night but got to sleep at last.


Tuesday, July 26.


At School of course.  Nothing unusual occurred.  No Riley today & it seemed lonesome all alone but few scholars.  Eliza Wilcox came here & gave me an invite to her party.  Went up to Mr. Fay’s berrying.  Oh how shall I ever live without hearing from my Soldier.


Wednesday, July 27.


At School of course but few scholars.  Went home.  Helped get supper.  Ironed my dress & Garibaldi then went & raked hay till dark.  Went down to Mr. Houghtaling’s after water.  Got ready & went to the party with Riley.  Had a gay old time.  Carried on like fury with Rosalie.  Riley gave me the mittens & Rosal came home with me.


Thursday, July 28.


At School as usual.  Tired & sleepy.  Only 6 children today.  Lonely.  Went up to Mr. Fay’s and picked berries.  Talked as perhaps I had not ought to but let folks mind their own buisness.  Picked a basket of berries.  Oh how long will it be before I can hear from my Darling.


Friday, July 29.


At School.  9 scholars today.  Asa back again.  Went over to Orville’s at recess.  Got some dinner.  Wrote to Mate & sent it down by “Lucius”.  Went berrying up on Adds with Et & Minia.  Could not help thinking of him all the time.  Oh this cruel cruel war!  Terrible will be the anguish before it is ended.  Worked butter.


Saturday, July 30.


In School as usual.  Came home & went up to Mr. Fay’s berrying then nothing else happened.  Tried to sing but could not make out much.  Lonely lonely.  Wish I could wrote to Add.  Wonder if he ever thinks of his Sade down there or thinks of what he said while he was at home.


Sunday, July 31.


At home.  Went to SS.  Poor sing.  Came home & went over to the bridge afoot with Mary Myron Et and Charlie.  Came home with K and Agg.  Got some butternut meats from “Jake”.  Saw Mate & had a good visit.  Twelve weeks today since we were up in the woods & now Davis is back but where is Add.  Twelve weeks ago tonight & how happy I was.


Monday, August 1, 1864.


In School as usual.  Some more scholars.  Riley back in afternoon.  Gave me a pencil to pay for breaking Pa’s.  Lots of fun playing ball.  Twelve weeks ago I parted with my Darling & now I do not know whether he is even alive or not.  Thunder shower in eve.  Sick.


Tuesday, August 2.


At School as usual.  No Riley.  Rained all day most.  Played Anteover.  No letter from any one.  Freed my mind about Mrs Ward.  Ma scolded me about it but I am not sorry.  I remember Mrs Wards heartlessness in what she said to me about Add.  Its none of her business whether I love him or not.  Ma Pa & Minia went to Uncle Abram’s.


Wednesday, August 3.


In School.  Rainy, rainy.   What shall I do.  Cool so that we had to have a fire.  Charlie Fay here in P.M.  No Riley.  Cross as a bear.  Ma scolded.  Wrote to Uncle John.  Not much of a letter though.  Wish I could see My darling.  Orville Irv & Minia went to…


Thursday, August 4.


In school.  Found Riley’s … on the blackboard.  But few scholars today.  So cool that we had to have a fire & then like to friz.  Dr Barrows making Mother’s teeth.  Looked like fury.  Wrote another letter to Visitor.  No news from Add.  How long must I wait.


Friday, August 5.


In School as usual.  Helped get breakfast this morning.  Dr Barrows here yet.  Tired & but few scholars.  Not any thing from Weston yet.  Wonder if Minnie will answer my scribbles.  Rainy some but not much.


Saturday, August 6.


At home.  Lots of company.  Mrs Barker & Cordelia both here.  Tired almost to death.  Oh how I do wish I could hear from Add.  I’d give all the world to know where he was if he is alive.


Sunday, August 7.


Went down to K’s.  Agg & Baby came home with us.  Went to S.S. down there. Some grand singing low & faint.  Flora with her hair cut off looks good though wish mine was off too.  No letter from Weston.  Saw Hank & Mollie.


Monday, August 8.


At school.  Riley back again.  Threw plaster & apples.  Nothing to put down new.  Tired and got an awful cold.  Some more scholars today but not many.  Headache & tired at night.  Nothing of Add.  Oh Dear.  How long must I have to wait.


Tuesday, August 9.


In school of course.  Riley here & lots of fun.  Mayweed tea & cat tail flag.  Copied off my letter to Uncle John.  K up.  Took Agg and Stella home.  No news yet from Add.  Three months today since he went and perhaps he is dead ere this.


Wednesday, August 10.


At school as usual.  Sick and have got an awful cold and tired half to death.  Did not send my letter to Uncle John after all.  Heard of Jim.  Nothing from Weston.   But few scholars.  Am glad School is so near out.


Thursday, August 11.


At school as usual.  Pa Ma & Mr Fay went to the River.  Went over to Orve’s at noon.  Nothing heard from Add.  How long must I hope in vain!  Will the war ever end.  Tired and sick.  Oh if I could only hear one word from My Darling.


Friday, August 12.


At school as usual.  But 3 scholars today.  Almost sick.  This anxiety is killing me.  I think of Add constantly & cannot help it.  I cant sleep nights.  Mother scolds because I’m lazy but I’ve no ambition to try to do any thing for I’m just wearing myself out by worrying about Poor Add.


Saturday, August 13.


At School of course.  Only 3 scholars.  Rainy.  Lots of fun in school.  Went home.  Made pies & went over to Orville’s to the sing.  Stayed all night & had a good time.  Et & Pert went to Uncle Abram’s to carry up the hoops.  Thunder shower.


Sunday, August 14.


At home.  Came from Orv’s after breakfast.  Went over to S.S.  Came home & went over to the grove to hear Wm. Norton preach.  Came home.  Helped do up the work & went over to church in eve hear Elder Potter preach.  Lonesome without hearing any news from my Darling.


Monday, August 15.


At School.  Some more scholars today.  Went over to Melvin’s at recess.  He’s very sick.  Went up to Mr Fays in eve.  Oh when shall I ever hear from Add again.  14 weeks today since he left & no news from him.  Would almost be a relief to know even if he were dead.


Tuesday, August 16.


At school of course.  Quite a number of scholars but not enough to keep me busy.  Went over to Melvin’s at recess.  He is very sick.  I do not believe he will get well.  Rainy somewhat tonight.  God keep my Darling.


Wednesday, August 17.


Awful tall water this morning.  So tall I could not get to school.  Pa Et & I went to Ellicottville.  Pa made bridges & Et & I had to walk part of the way.  Mati Fay here.  She stayed all night with me.  Came home about 11.  Pleasant.


Thursday, August 18.


At school as usual today.  Some tired and my lungs ache like fury.  Went over to Melvin’s at recess.  Wrote to Melbourn in eve.  Went to Melvin’s in eve & went to Mr Wilcox’s & sewed on a shirt for Melvin.


Friday, August 19.


At school as usual.  Went over to Melvin’s.  Finished my letter to Melbourn & went over home at noon.  Found a stranger there.  The children & I trimmed the school house.  Tired some.  Oh my Darling.  Do you really love me.


Saturday, August 20.


At school.  The last day of school.  Rainy & very unpleasant.  Some company.  Persis Esther Irving Freman Calkins all passed off pleasantly.  Gave Riley his primer.  Went to Melvin’s and sat up with Irving & Riley.  Poor Melvin.  He will not last long.


Sunday, August 21.


Came home about 5 oclock.  Slept till breakfast.  Got ready & went to S.S. with Mollie.  Came back & slept till 5.  Awful lonesome & homesick.  Oh if I could see or hear from Add. [In Adrian’s writing: Add.  No more than I do you.  Add]


Monday, August 22.


At home all day.  Almost sick.  I wonder if it is really consumption that has settled on my lungs.  I will not deceive myself.  Any way it seems hard to think of dying so young but God knows best.  Went down to Mr Wards.



Tuesday, August 23.


At home washing.  Feel very bad.  My lungs ache worse & worse.  Pert down here.  Oh! I’m so tired of waiting to hear from my Darling.  I’m afraid I shall never see him agan.  Pleasant & warm.  No letter.


Wednesday, August 24.


At home as usual doing every thing almost.  Lying abed some.  Granny here.  Oh!  my.  I should die with her.  Went down to Mr. Wards but both gone.  Hattie Norton here.  I got a letter from Edward Clark.  Cold & looks like rain.


Thursday, August 25.


At home doing all sorts of work.  Hattie here yet.  Mother went to Mr Rusts.  Minia came home & Hattie went home with her.  I went home with Granny then went over to Orville’s.  Nothing new.  Where is my Darling I wonder. 


Friday, August 26.


At home.  Helped churn and took care of the butter.  Swept &c &c.  I believe if I could hear from Add & hear that he was alive & well that would cure me but I cant bear this suspense.  Tis worse than to know that he was dead.  4th firkin.


Saturday, August 27.


Rainy.  Went to Ellicottville.  Bought a dress & medicine but if I could hear from Add twould do me more good than all the medicine.  Saw Riley about a dozen times.  Went over to the sing & stayed all night.


Sunday, August 28.


Came home & went over to S.S. then came home and read till time to get supper.  K and Irving & baby came up.  Mother went home with him.  Tired some.  Angeline & Norman here.  Rainy & cold.


Monday, August 29.


At home.  Cold & rainy.  Did not do much of any thing today.  Wrote to Ed & Weston in eve.  Et wrote to Stephen.  Irving stayed all night at Orvilles.  He wrote to Stephen.  Cold and rainy yet.  Minia over here.


Tuesday, August 30.


At home.  Mr Fay came down and paid me four dollars.  Gave me an order of $28.74.  I had to draw it off.  Churned.  Orville killed his sheep.  There were here to dinner.  Went over to Minias & from there to Melvin’s.  Wrote to Stephen.  Pa & Irving went to Ellicottville.


Wednesday, August 31.


At home washing.  Sent letter to Ed Weston & Stephen.  Orville went down to Ks, & brought Mother home.  Got letter from Weston & Marie went over to Orvilles & visited with Amelia & George Buck.  Good time eating watermelons.


Thursday, September 1, 1864.


At home.  Oscar and Minda here.  Went berrying then went over to the sing.  All mad as fury.  Nothing new.  Wrote a protest to the Chorister.  Came home & gave it to him.  Oh if I only could see or hear from my Darling Adrian.  Warm.


Friday, September 2.


At home ironing.  Agg & K came up & we went up to Uncle Abram’s.  Saw Angeline John Nettie & Baby.  R. J. Miller also.  I was so mad when I saw him for I thought of what Add told me last spring and what he wrote to me but I tried to treat him decent when I fairly ached to blow him sky high.  Agg’s birthday. [25]


Saturday, September 3.


At home.  Worked & took care of the churning then went berrying with Pert.  Pa & Orville & Irving went to the river.  Doing nothing at night.  Et sick.  Cool.  Heard that some prisoners had been exchanged.  Oh how happy I should be if Add was among them.  Got my order for … Paid 5.62.


Sunday, September 4.


Helped do up the work then went to S.S.  Paid my share towards the flag and Herminia and I were voted Com.  Orville, Mr. Rust and all interested.  Firstrate Sabbath School.  Hope it will be a good day next Tuesday.  Got Supper and went up to Mr. Fays.  Stayed till noon.


Monday, September 5.


Helped do the work.  Went down to Mr Wards and made Oath to my …  Orv & Father went to the village.  Sent for some candies.  Baked pies jell cake & number cake.  Went over to Orvs to help make the flag then went to Mr Wilcox’s to get ribbon.  Rainy.


Tuesday, September 6.


Cloudy this morn but going to celebrate.  After worked like all possess in mow.  Went Schoolhouse.  All ready started at 10 & got there about 11.  Had a grand time at the Cel.  I was Com but did not get anything to eat.  Our school had the nicest table & flag of any and the most No. of verses.  Got home about ½ past 5.


Wednesday, September 7.


At home washing.  Et & Pert went blackberrying.  John Wright has enlisted & perhaps K.  It will seem lonesome to have K go but after all he’s no better than thousands of others.  Went over to Orville’s.  Came home & went over to Melvins and sat up with Amanda.


Thursday, September 8.


Came to Orv’s about 5 o’clock.  I never want to pass another night like that.  Came home and tried to sleep but could not for a long time.  Pert came down here and stayed a spell.  Et & Lydia went horseback riding to Peth.  Oh when shall I hear from my Darling.


Friday, September 9.


At home.  Worked butter.  Ironed &c.  Some tired at night.  Mother & Irv Orv Father went to Johns.  Pa got some sheep.  4 months ago today since Add went back & now where is he.  Oh! if I couldonly know but must hope for the best & take what God sends.  I hope I may.  Mrs. Fay here worsting thread.


Saturday, September 10.


Spun 4 knots in the morning then went down to Aggs.  Caught the horse for K to go to Dunkirk.  Pa & Mati came up but I did not go home with them.  Stayed at Agg’s all night.  Slept with Poe & Stella.  Stella cried some in night.  Thunder shower.


Sunday, September 11.


At K’s.  Wrote a line to Stephen.  K Agg & Stella came home with me.  Found Orv & Minia here & Ellen Benedict was here to dinner.  Mollie came down to go to meeting but I did not go.  Did not go in eve.  Stayed at home & read & thought of Add.


Monday, September 12.


At home.  Worked butter & spun 26 knots.  Some tired & lonesome.  Oh what would I not give to hear from Add.  I am hoping against hope.  Almost seems instead of wearing off to grow worse & worse for me.  Wrote to Jim Wright.


Tuesday, September 13.


Spun 40 knots & awful tired.  Sung & carried on and laughed most all day.  I don’t act much as if I cared for Add but no none can tell how my heart is aching all the while I am fooling so.


Wednesday, September 14.


Spun 30 knots.  Orv & Minia went to Ellicottville.  Pa went to Johns.  Got his pig & some more sheep.  I’ve almost got tired of hoping to hear from Add.  Blind fool that I was.  Why could I not see.  Orville’s birthday.


Thursday, September 15.


Washed then spun 20 knots.  Tired at night.  Irving went to the Office in eve.  Got the Visitor.  Topsy on the reserveCorps will come out next time.  Irv sat up at Melvin’s.  Nothing new to put down.  Rainy.


Friday, September 16.


At home.  Spun 40 knots.  Very tired.  Ma went to Mr Houghtalings.  Minia & Orville got back from visiting.  Orv sick.  Saw that they talked of an exchange.  Oh I hope they will.


Saturday, September 17.


At home.  Spun 20 knots.  Then looking like fury.  Warren Wright, wife & Cousin Stephen Wright came here then Weston & wife Oscar & wife then Alice & Katie Ward.  Got supper.  Tired awful.  Aunt M & O stayed all night.  Talked myself half blind.


Sunday, September 18.


At home.  Went to S.S.  Good time.  Then came home.  Wrote to Marie then went down to K’s.  Rained so we couldn’t get home.  Stayed all night.  Quite a catastrophe.  Milk swimming all over.  Lots of fun.  Oh! my Darling.


Monday, September 19.


My birthday.  Et went to K’s.  [Someone else’s handwriting:]  Stephen Wright.  Think him ugly.  Add is to.  Sarah is ugly as she can be to night.  She is.  I will take this all back Dear.  You are not ugly.  You are great as you can be.  Sadie.  Add.  [Sarah’s writing:]  At home.  Commenced reading the Bible. 


Tuesday, September 20.


At home.  Stephen Wright here to dinner.  Orville & Minia ditto.  Granny ditto.  Heard Grandfather Wrights experience.  Pa & Stephen went to Sugartown.  Mrs. Snow here also.  Stephen stayed all night.  Had a good visit.  First rate.  Tired most out.


Wednesday, September 21.


At home.  Stephen went home.  Pa went to the Depot with him then went to work and Samuel L Kelsey came up here.  Flew round & got dinner & Samuel gave me the mitten and eat over to Orv’s.  Had a good visit with Samuel.  Went to Mrs Rusts in eve.  Came home from Orv’s along about 11.


Thursday, September 22.

At home.  Worked round a spell & Uncle Abram came down.  Went to Uncle Weston then came down here to supper.  Tried to spin but not much.  Irving went to the Office.  Mr Fay & Uncle Abram talking politics.


Friday, September 23.

At home.  Ironed.  Pa & Uncle Abram went to the River.  Lots of folks enlisting.  None for our town.  Et mopped & did other work.


Saturday, September 24.

At home working round.  Swept upstairs &c &c.  Spun a little.  Two or three knots.  Mrs Carver called here.  She’s crazy.  No letter from Ed.


Sunday, September 25.

At home.  Went over to S.S. but few in attendance.  Mr & Mrs Benedict called here a short time.  Got supper.  K Agg & Stella up.  Went over to church.  Heard Elder Potter preach from the text.  Be thou faithful unto Death & I will give thee a crown of life.  Felt convicted & did my duty.


Monday, September 26.

At home.  Worked butter & spun about 20 knots filling and about 4 knots warp.  Et washing.  Answered the list of questions Weston sent.  Wonder if I better send them.


Tuesday, September 27.

At home.  Some tired and heartsick.  Oh if I only could hear from DearDear Add.  I’d give all the world if I had it just to hear one word from him.  Went Chestnutting with the rest up to Mr Hollidays.  Took supper at Mr Halliday’s.  Stopped to Mrs Howes.


Wednesday, September 28.

Spun 26 knots today.  Am some tired.  Getting all ready to go to the fair.  Hope I can have a good time over there.  Ironed in evening.  Nothing new to put down.  No news from Ed yet.  Orv paid 25 dollars.


Thursday, September 29.

At home.  Rained like fury.  Irv & Harl went to the fair.  Like wise Pa & Et.  I stayed at home and spun 30 knots of warp.  Charley here.  Did the chores then staid all night.  Irv & Harl got home about 10 oclock.


Friday, September 30.

At home.  Spun 20 knots.  Pa & Et came home about noon bringing Agg & Stella with them.  Minia here all the afternoon.  Good visit all the way round.

Saturday, October 1, 1864.

At home.  Spun only 10 knots of warp.  Made pies &c.  Pa went to John’s.  Got the bees & then went to Ellicottville.  Agg & Mother went over to Orvs in afternoon.  Rainy.  God help me!  God help me.


Sunday, October 2.

At home.  K came up about noon.  Borrowed Aggs shoes & went to Mr Howes & Fays.  Pa & Mr Clements came in the afternoon.  Got supper & rode over to Orville’s with K and Stella.


Monday, October 3.

At home.  Did house work & made pies & so on.  Et washed.  Mr Clements is a very pleasant man.  I like him quite well.  Better than I expected.  He mended my shoes & commenced some others.  I sewed on them.  4 months today since Add was taken prisoner.


Tuesday, October 4.

Went to Olean with Pa Orville & Minia.  Bought me lots of new things & saw lots more that I wanted to buy but had no money.  Came home tired and half sick.  Got chestnuts & apples.


Wednesday, October 5.

At home doing house work.  Mr Clements full of fun & nonsense.  Granny called here in eve.  No news from any quarter only glorious news from the Army.  Aunt M & Uncle O here.


Thursday, October 6.

At home.  Nothing unusual to put down.  Et went to K’s.  I spun a little.  Mr Clements here yet.  Went over to Orv’s then went up to Mr Fay’s with Irving & Mr Clements.  Rainy.


Friday, October 7.

At home.  Mr Clements left today.  Pa went with him to the Depot.  Spun 10 knots of warp.  Went over to Orville’s in eve.  Came home with Charley & Irving.  Loud times over there.  Mrs West called.  First snow this season.  Rainy.


Saturday, October 8.

At home.  Spun 20 knots of warp & did other work.  No news to put down.  Oh my darling my darling!  Talked some with Mother.  Did not make out much.   May 1st /64.  Sunday night.  Happy.  Oh my Darling where are you now.


Sunday, October 9.

At home all day.  Read some & thought a good deal.  Cold & snowy.

Monday, October 10.

Spun some & did other work.  Oh I’m so lonely.


Tuesday, October 11.

Spun &c.  Some troubled.


Wednesday, October 12.

Washed.  Came down to K’s.  Pa got some apples.  Stayed all night.


Thursday, October 13.

Spun some.  Went home from K’s.  Nothing much going on.


Friday, October 14.

At home all day.  Did divers[e] work.


Saturday, October 15.

At home.  Went to Orv’s in P.M.


Sunday, October 16.

At home all day.  Read &c.  Oh! will the world ever look brighter to me.  “’Tis dark ‘tis chill ‘tis dreary”.  God help me.  Wrote to Weston.


Monday, October 17.

Pleasant this morning.  Pa went to Ellicottville.  Concluded to have my party tonight.  Wrote a note to Angeline & Eveline.  Had a good time in the evening.  Broke up about 11.  Starlight.


Tuesday, October 18.

At home.  Somewhat tired & sleepy.  Went to Orv’s to a paring bee in the evening.  Stayed till two o’clock.  Charley came home with Et & I.  Rainy.  Granny here.


Wednesday, October 19.

At home.  Washed & did other work.  Awful tired & sleepy.  Nevertheless went over to Melvin’s to an apple cut with Charley.  He came home with me.  Pared apples most all night.  Rainy.


Thursday, October 20.

At home.  Worked all day.  Got ready to go to Ellicottville but did not go.  Went to a copper head meeting in the evening.  Had a gay old time.  Cops awful mad.  “Pubs” jolly.


Friday, October 21.

Went to Ellicottville with Lucius Evvie Zina & Manda.  Had a good time.  Did not get my dress cut however bought me a Lincoln medal.  Cold and dark when we got to Orv’s in eve.


Saturday, October 22.

At home all day.  Got note from Agg.  Hurried as fast as I possibly could to get ready to go down there.  L… came for me to go to Mr. Wilcox’s but I could not go.  Went to Uncle M’s in eve.


Sunday, October 23.

At home.  Pa went after Mrs West.  They all came down here.  Agg K & Stella came up.  Orv & Herminia over.  Went up to Uncle M’s  & then came home with K & Agg.  Read a sermon.


Monday, October 24.

K called me up about one o’clock.  Found Agg was sick.  Stayed with her till Mrs Herrick came about three then took Stella & went to bed again but not to sleep.  Got up early & found a wee little baby girl.  Worked like fury all day.  Went to bed.  Mother here.


Tuesday, October 25.

“Aunt Mickey” here washing.  Worked hard all day.  Sat up till after midnight.  Agnes very uneasy & in a great deal of pain.  Awful awful tired.  Stella very cross & worrisome.


Wednesday, October 26.

K carried Mother home & left Stella & brought Herminia down.  Ironed till 10.  Oh I’m getting so tired I cant stand it hardly.  [Written in margin in Adrian’s hand:  My thoughts are ever with you Sadie.  Add.  Is that true?]


Thursday, October 27.

Worked hard all day.  K took Herminia home.  Nothing especial happened to put down.  Wonder if I shall ever hear from my darling.  Cold & rainy.


Friday, October 28.

Worked hard all day.  Made pies & baked other things.  Washed & dressed the baby.  Isaac & Mr Hitchcock here in P.M.  Feel almost sick.  My throat is very sore.  Isaac stayed all night.


Saturday, October 29.

Felt very sick.  I can scarcely swallow.  My throat is so sore.  Did not do any work only what was absolutely necessary.  Feel very bad.

Sunday, October 30.

Throat some what better.  Irving brought me a letter from Marie W.  Read a sermon in eve.  Rainy.


Monday, October 31.

A work as usual.  Washed out some baby clothes.  Mopped &c.  Agg real smart.  Rainy.


Tuesday, November 1, 1864.

Worked at every thing.  Took care of baby &c &c.  Pa here in P.M.  Went home & Et & Stella came back with him.  Rainy.


Wednesday, November 2.

Washed in awful big washing.  Tired as fury.  Et here.  Pa went to Waverly.  K went to the River twice.  Rainy.  Pa got back after dark.


Thursday, November 3.

… out the clothes & did other work.  K butchered & went to the river.


Friday, November 4.

K started for Harmons this morning.  Awful cold & rainy.  Some snow.  Stephen came home towards night.  Isaac Dolph here all night.  Awful sickish &c &c.  Ironed.


Saturday, November 5.

Got up & built a fire twice in the night.  Like to friz.  Mopped & baked &c.  Stephen full of fun & nonsense.  K got home just after dark.  Visiting.


Sunday, November 6.

Here of course.  Got breakfast & helped do up the work then read the rest of the time.  Wrote till quite late.  Worked &c.  [In margin in Adrian’s writing: Oh shall we ever meet again Sati.  Add.  I pray that we may Darling.]


Monday, November 7.

At K’s.  Worked & did other house work.  Some tired at night.  Stephen full of fun.  But oh! if I could only hear from my Darling.


Tuesday,  November 8.

Election day.  S brought me home.  Rained like fury all day.  K, S. & O here to supper.


Wednesday, November 9.

Home.  Nothing unusual to put down.  Went to Mr Wilcox’s in eve.  Saw Ed Joe & all the rest.  Rainy.   [Ed & Joe Foster]


Thursday, November 10.

Home & doing housework as usual.  Went to Orv’s in eve & Mati & I stayed all night.


Friday, November 11.

Went to Uncle A’s in forenoon.  Stayed till night & Jim came home with us.  Went to Orv’s in eve.  All the young folks there.  Mr Clements phillipined me as …


Saturday, November 12.

James took the cars.  I came as far as K’s.  Found them all sick.  Worked hard all day.  Stephen here yet.  Snowy & wet.


Sunday, November 13.

At K’s.  Did up the work & read & visited with Stephen the rest of the time.  Irving here.


Monday, November 14.

Mopped & did other house work.  Took care of baby & Stella.  Stephen left today for Troy.  Nothing unusual to put down.


Tuesday, November 15.

Washed & churned.  Some what tired.  Baby awful good.  Agg not so well.  Poe little better.  Lots of snow today.  No.  Rain I mean.


Wednesday, November 16.

Did general house work.  Ironed in eve.  K full of fun.  He gets on the ridiculous once in a while.  Saw a dead “bar”.


Thursday, November 17.

House work as usual.  Cooking for the soldiers.  I sent two chickens.  Agg made pies &c.  Helped K pack the box in eve.  Poe worse.  Guess she’s got more cold.  Rainy.


Friday, November 18.

House work as usual.  K took the box to the river.  Water very high.  Poe quite sick.  Gave here some medicine & went to bed.


Saturday, November 19.

House work as usual.  All sorts of work.  Poe better.  Et here is P.M.  Brought us some venison.  Pleasant today.


Sunday, November 20.

K brought me home.  Found a letter here for me from Weston.  Went up to Mr Fays after supper.  Mrs Howe sick.  Angeline & … babies stayed here.  Also J & Clark Wilder.  Mild.


Monday, November 21.

Came home at daylight.  Worked around all day.  Some sleepy.



Written in margin in Adrian’s hand: 

Yes I would this war was over.  Add.


Written at bottom in Sarah’s hand:

Oh My Darling may God keep you safe.


Saturday, November 26.

Thank God for his goodness.  Mr Fays folks got a letter from Add.  Went up there to see Rob.  Had a good time.  But oh I am so thankful to have heard from my Adrian.








Friday, December 16.

Agg & K & Stella came up here in eve.  Sewed all day most & did other housework.


Saturday, December 17.

Agg here all day.  Sewed for me all day & sat up in eve till almost midnight & finished my dress.  Awful sleepy.


Sunday, December 18.

At home.  Read some then went up to Mr Fays.  Mati came home with me & we went over to Angelines & Orville’s.  Mati staid all night.  Had a good time.


Monday, December 19.

Washed & did other work.  Some tired.  Some think Add is exchanged but I am afraid not.


Tuesday, December 20.

Did house work.  Had threshers.  Tired at night.  Wonder where my Darling is now.  Oh! I hope he is exchanged but am afraid not.  God protect him.


Wednesday, December 21.

At home.  Threshers again.  Worked real busy all day.  Tired at night & almost sick.  If I only dared hope.


Thursday, December 22.

At home.  Worked very busy & in eve went to a party to Mr Hallidays.  Had a first rate good time.  Got home about two oclock.




Friday, December 23.

At home.  Some…but expecting to go again tonight.  Ironed…Charlie here…got awful mad & went to Mr. Houghtaling & the boys came after me.


Saturday, December 24.

At home.  Some sleepy on account of our late hours.  Got my magazine & read till my…


Sunday, December 25.

At home.  Mother went to Uncle Abrams…all alone.  Mother came up & I went home with her.  Clark was here in eve.  Al…K Poe & M…




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