A Partial List Reviews** of Books by Jim Bishop

The Birth of the United States

A Bishop’s Confession

The Day Christ Died

The Day Christ Was Born: A Reverential Reconstruction

A Day in the Life of President Johnson

A Day in the Life of President Kennedy

The Day Kennedy was Shot

The Day Lincoln was Shot  

The Day Lincoln Was Shot (Runger),  Audio Version  

The Days of Martin Luther King, Jr.

FDR’s Last Year: April 1944- April 1945

The Glass Crutch: The Biographical Novel of William Wynne Wister

Go with God: A Treasury of the Great Prayers of All Times and All Faiths

The Golden Ham: A Candid Biography of Jackie Gleason

Honeymoon Diary

Jim Bishop: Reporter

The Mark Hellinger Story

The Murder Trial of Judge Peel

Some of My Very Best

*Included in the collection
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