FOCUS - An Online Career Development Tool

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Who should use FOCUS?


You!!!!  .......if you are:


  • Unsure of what careers best suit you
  • Having trouble choosing a major
  • Uncertain of how SBU majors relate to career possibilities

FOCUS will help you select the right major and  develop a career plan!

How much time does it take?

FOCUS takes about 45 minutes to complete, although you can spend additional time researching occupational choices and viewing over 300 career videos.


How can I get started?



New Users


Create an account using your
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What's next?

The best way to understand your results is to share them with key people who can help you interpret the information you have learned about yourself, potential majos and careers.  Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a career counselor in the Career Center to discuss FOCUS 2 results.  Additionally, it is recommended that you share this information with your parents, academic advisors, faculty members, and others that you feel are invested in your career planning success.