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"No men were credited to New York for service in the navy and marine until Feb., 1864, and then credit was received for 28,427, as having been enlisted in the state since April 15, 1861. The adjutant-general of the United States army, under date of July 15, 1885, credits New York with 35,144 enlistments in the navy, which includes no doubt those enlisted in the marine corps, a few hundred only. From the statements of the assistant provost-marshals-general it appears, however, that they credited the state with 41,380 such enlistments. The secretary of the navy, under date of April 10, 1884, in a communication to the United States senate, reported the number enlisted in the navy between April 15, 1861, and Feb. 24, 1864, to have been 67,200, of whom there were credited to this state 28,427 men; that the number enlisted between Feb. 24, 1864, and June 30, 1865, was 37,577, of whom were credited to this state, 13,728; that the number enlisted during the war, but not credited to any state was 20,177, of whom were enlisted in this state, 6,817, making the total number of men, who served in the navy, not including those in service April 15, 1861, 124,954, of whom 39.192 per cent., or 48,972 are due to New York. This report of the secretary of the navy, although it places the number credited to this state at a higher figure than even the records of the assistant provost-marshals-general, is here accepted as the correct statement. But to it must be added the number of men in service April 1, 1861, which an annual report of the navy places at 7,600 men; and of this number there is claimed as due to this state the same percentage as has been found of those enlisted between April 15, 1861, and June 30, 1865, namely 39.192 per cent., or 2,964. This would make the total number who served in the navy during the war, 132,554, of whom there came from this state, 51,936. As with the regular army, so were for a time volunteers permitted to enlist in, or to be transferred to the navy, and it is estimated that at the most 1,000 men were thus transferred, and these require to be deducted from the claims made here for additional credit. It is accepted as a fact that 42,155 men were duly credited to New York, and the remainder, deducting those transferred from the volunteers, of 8,781 men is fairly due the state." from The Union army: a history of military affairs in the loyal states, 1861-65 -- records of the regiments in the Union army -- cyclopedia of battles -- memoirs of commanders and soldiers

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George H. Bandfield

Com. William B. Cushing

E. Macomber


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