Collection Policy for the Friedsam Library Civil War Regimental Collection            1/12/2016

Inspired by the Mark H. Dunkelman and Michael J. Winey 154th New York Volunteer Infantry Collection, this collection will include material related to other regiments recruited in Cattaraugus, Chautauqua and Allegany counties in New York State and McKean and Potter counties in Pennsylvania. The primary area of interest for the collection will be those regiments recruited in Cattaraugus County. Regiments raised in the two neighboring New York counties and the 42nd Pennsylvania, the Bucktails, the Pennsylvania regiment most closely associated with the bordering counties, are the second tier of interest. The collection will include official documents, correspondence and artifacts relating to individual members of the regiments as well as documents and historical publications written about the regiments themselves.

The collection may also add other regimental histories from the Union and Confederate armies as well as general histories, manuals and other material produced during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The focus outside of the four county area should be New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio regiments. More recent general histories of campaigns and battles where local regiments participated are better placed in the general library collection. Other material is welcome in the collection as donations, but will not be the main focus for acquisition.

1st tier:
New York Regiments
1st Cav. (Vet.)+
2nd Mounted Rifles+
5th Cav.+*
6th Cav.+
9th Cav.+*
10th Cav.
13th Art.+
14th Art.+
37th Inf.*
64th Inf.+
71st Inf.
85th Inf.+*
94th Inf. +* Adrian Fay
100th Inf.+
105th Inf.+* Adrian Fay
116th Inf.+
122nd Inf.*
132nd Inf.+
154th Inf. Dunkelman Coll.+
160th Inf.+
179th Inf.+*
187th Inf.+
188th Inf.+

Other states and Navy
Penn. 42nd Inf. (Bucktails) *
Penn. 11th Cavalry
Conn. 9th Inf.* Fr. Leo Rizzo da Saracena

2nd Tier:
Allegany Cty.
1st Dragoons + Wyoming*
1st Engineers
6th Cav.
12th Cav.
15th Eng. + Chau.
15th Cav. + Chau.
22nd Cav. + Chau.
23rd Inf. + Erie
27th Inf.*
67th Inf.
76th Inf.*
104th Inf.+Wyoming
136th Inf.+Wyoming
149th Inf.
184th Inf.
189th Inf.
Chautauqua Cty.
49th Inf. + Erie
68th Inf.
72nd Inf.*
90th Inf.
112th Inf.
156th Inf.
+ Most of the Cattaraugus County regiments were also recruited from Allegany, Chautauqua, Erie and/or Wyoming counties. Those overlaps in the second tier are noted on the list.
* Regiments which are represented in the collection.

5th NY Cavalry:
Historic records of the Fifth New York cavalry, First Ira Harris guard: its organization, marches, raids, scouts, engagements and general services, during the rebellion of 1861-1865

27TH NY:
History of the 27th regiment N.Y. vols. Being a record of its more than two years of service in the war for the union, from May 21st, 1861 to May 31st, 1863

76th NY:
History of the Seventy-sixth regiment New York volunteers; what it endured and accomplished; containing descriptions of its twenty-five battles; its marches; its camp and bivouac scenes; with biographical sketches of fifty-three officers and a complete record of the enlisted men. By A. P. Smith

85th NY:
The plymouth pilgrims : a history of the Eighty-Fifth New York Infantry in the Civil War / by Wayne Mahood ; edited by David G. Martin.

122nd NY:
Ruggles' regiment : the 122nd New York Volunteers in the American Civil War / David B. Swinfen.

188th NY:
Allegany to Appomattox: The Life and Letters of Private William Whitlock of the 188th New York Volunteers / Valgene Dunham. Syracuse University Press, 2013.

42nd Pa.:
Bucktailed Wildcats, a regiment of Civil War volunteers.

US Navy:
The Diaries of George H. Bandfield: Civil War Marine / edited by Troy H. Hillman and Joan Hillman-Hill. [2019].