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No date or place or to whom written; mentions Express Company, money got through
OK; will write to sister Mary in a day or two; mentions "Peet" — probably Peter Davis of Great Valley, captured on picket duty, Nov. 26, 1863 and died of disease in prison camp at Andersonville, GA on Oct. 4, 1864.



Written to mother, Electa Fay; mentions Aunt Fanny (Field) worrying about her son, Adrian's cousin, Sanford Field, who served in Co. E of the 105th NY between March 9 and Dec. 10, 1862.

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Written to Sarah Flint, mentions her brother Orville enlisting; he served in the 147th NY between August and November 1863.

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Written to Sarah Flint; had only one letter from sister Mary since returning from furlough home; had a letter from mother, Sarah addressed the envelope.

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Probably written from Camp Parole, Annapolis, MD, circa January 1864; mentioned going to "Navy Yard" (possibly US Naval Academy); looked for Nelson "Nelt" Kingsley of Co. G, 154th NY; He was captured July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg and paroled prior to October 31, 1864.

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Written to Sarah; had been home on furlough but not yet with his regiment (94th NY); possibly from Camp Distribution, VA, waiting to rejoin the 94th NY; mentions wanting to get a pass to go to Washington and "Bully for Co. I."

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Written to Sarah on a Thursday and mentions receiving a letter from her written on the
28th of the month. She had written him on May 28, 1865.

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Written to Sarah on a Thursday afternoon, probably from David's Island, NY, circa Dec. 3, 1863; (See Dec. 2 and Dec. 16, 1863 letters); mentions great waves crashing up against an island; says it is so cold his fingers are numb.

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Written to Sarah, probably from Army hospital at 16th & Filbert streets, Philadelphia. Mentions having left Washington, shoulder is all healed, not yet with his regiment (94th NY), doing guard duty.

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