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Blue Route- Corporal Adrian Fay, along with the 105th New York Regiment, leaves Camp Reliance, two miles east of Alexandria, Va. and marches to Catlett Station, Va. From April 26th - June 12th, the 3rd Corps of the Army of Virginia under the command of Major General Irvin McDowell are in reserve during Jackson's Valley Campaign. The 3rd Corps did not engage in battle.

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Red Route- Corporal Fay and the 105th New York Regiment were stationed at Weaverville, Va. from June 24th - July 4th; Warrenton, Va. from July 13th - July 21st; and Waterloo, Va. in early August. Fay was involved in small skirmishes through out this time during the Northern Virginia Campaign. The Northern Virginia Campaign climaxed at the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Aug. 9th, near Culpeper, where both the 94th and 105th New York Regiments engaged in battle. Both regiments were also engaged in the Second Battle of Bull Run on August 29th and 30th.
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Green Route- After the Northern Virginia Campaign on September 12, 1862, the Army of Virginia was combined into the Army of the Potomac. Corporal Fay and the 105th New York Regiment marched north and engaged the enemy at the Battle of South Moutnain & Battle of Antietam, Sept. 17th. The 105th suffered 74 casualties. The regiment continued to engage the enemy until the Battle of Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 13th, where Fay suffered a gunshot wound to his left shoulder.
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From December 28, 1862- January 29, 1863 Adrian Fay was on furlough and went back home to Little Valley, N.Y. On January 5th, the 105th Regiment was transferred from the 2nd Brigade to the 1st Brigade. The 1st Brigade consisted of N.Y. 104th & 105th Regiments; 107th Penn; and Maine's 16th Regiment. Later that year in early March the 105th & 94th Regiment will be combined under the 94th.

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