JMC capstone projects

Year	code	Author First	Author Middle	Author Last	Co-Author First	Co-Author Middle	Co-Author Last	Title	Status
1960	C	John		Checkett			Modern Journalism:  A Movement Towards Specialization	
1960	J-1	Robert		Johnson				James C. Haggerty:  Voice of America:  Help or Hinderence	
1960	J-2	Richard		Joyce				Mark Hellinger's Influence of Jim Bishop	
1961	B	William		Burbaum				Is Live Drama Disappearing from Television?	
1961	K	James		Kendrick			Problems in Training for a Career in Communications	
1961	M	Robert		Meteyer				How Has Local Radio Faced the Problem of Television Competition?	
1962	B	Edward		Burnwell			Group Centralization:  A New Weapon for the Suburban Westchester Newspapers in Their Competition with the Large New York Dailies	
1962	D-1	William		Daley				The History of the Warren Observer	
1962	D-2	Sal		DeVivo				"A Study of the Problems of the Management of the Saratogian During Its Merger with the Knickerbocker News, 1959-1961"	
1962	M	Charles		MacRoy				"Secondary Journalism Education:  History, Analysis and Evaluation"	
1962	S	Michael		Shaw				An Analysis of Relations Between the Press and Professional Baseball and Football Teams	
1962	W	Eugene		Wittman				How WMNS  Manages to Compete Successfully with Other Radio Stations of  the Area.	
1963	H	Robert		Hanley				Americans Need News Magazines	
1964	A	Modesto		Argenio				Tiger by the Tail:  The Saigon Story  (A Comparative Evaluation of the Coverage and Editorial Attitudes of Two Outstanding Catholic Periodicals--America and The Commonweal--Towards the 'Religious Crisis' in South Vietnam	
1964	B	Dianne		Bomkap				A Study of the Coverage of Fine Arts in Chicago by That City's Magazines to Determine the Adequacy of That Coverage	
1964	C-1	Anthony		Cardinale			The Decline in Editorial Influence of U.S. Metropolitan Daily Newspapers Since 1900	
1964	C-2	Leibert		Coppola				A Comparison of Associated Press and United Press International Coverage in Twenty-Five Issues of Buffalo's Evening News and Courier-Express	
1964	H-1	John		Hanchette			"Bells, Flags and Tears:  A Content Analysis of Newsweek, Time and U.S. News and World Report in Regard to Their Coverage of the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy"	
1964	H-2	Francisco	Herrera				A Layman's Interpretation of the Use of Motivation Research in Five Leading Advertising Agencies	
1964	M	William		McGrath				Local Sports Coverage:  A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis (A Comparitive Study of the Buffalo Evening News and Buffalo Courier-Express)	
1964	S	John		Severson			The Importance of National Advertising to Direct-Selling Companies	
1964	W	Robert		Way				"An Analysis of the Network Election Service and Vote Forecasting as Performed by ABC, CBS, and NBC During the 1964 Elections"	
1965	C	Justin		Camerlengo			"The Effects of Time Spent Indulging in Television, Newspapers and Magazines on the Academic Grades of a High School Student Body"	
1965	D	Edward		Dunne				The United States Information Agency Under the Kennedy Administration	
1965	E	Robert		Engelhardt			Student Opinion on the Trend Toward Editorial Neutrality Manifested by Daily Newspapers in the Election of 1964	
1965	G	Joseph		Grano				"A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Two Major Magazines, Time and Newsweek, to Determine the Democratic or Republican Political Slant of Their Respective Writing Styles Before and After the Presidential Election of 1964"	
1965	H	Cornelius	Hannon				"To Be Payed on Not To Be Payed:  A Study Into Three Fields of Interest to the Journalism Major, with Special Attention Given to Qualifications and Analysis of Each.  Under Discussion will be Newspapers,  Advertising and Public Relations"	
1965	K	Thomas		Kraus				The New York Herald Tribune's Fight for a Future in New York City Newspapering	
1965	L-1	Earl		Leake				Newspaper Coverage of Foreign Affairs	
1965	L-2	Sharon		Leone				The Importance and Analysis of a Weekly Newspaper as Exemplified by the Allegany Citizen	
1965	L-3	William		Lynch				To What Extent has Journalistic Education in the United States Progressed Since Its Origins?	
1965	M-1	Joseph		Maviniello			The Negro's Place in the Newspaper Editorial Profession	
1965	M-2	Thomas		Mosser				The College Editor:  His Problems and Their Solutions	
1965	Q	James		Quinn				All About Sports Column Writing	
1965	R	Joan		Roeben				"Newspaper Promotion Directed Toward Secondary School Students:  A Study To Determine the Success of Current Techniques Used by New York State Newspapers with Circulations Over 10,000"	
1965	S	Robert		Summers				Is Television A Significant Contributing Factor to Juvenile Deliquency?	
1965	Y	Judith		Youngstrom			"Methods of Establishing Separate Images For Newspapers Under Single Ownership.  The Democrat  and Chronicle and The Times-Union, Rochester, New York"	
1966	C-1	Michael		Cangialosi			Journalism During the Jacksonian Period	
1966	C-2	Andrew		Carra				"Television Advertising:  Its Immediate Past,  Its Present, Its Future"	
1966	D	Douglas		Delp				The Establishment and Development of a Community Radio Station on a Non-Metropolitan Area	
1966	F-1	John		Foster				Presidential Press Relations From Roosevelt to Kennedy	
1966	F-2	Anthony		Fusaro				A Study of Two All-News Radio Formats Based Upon the Four Stations Using Them	
1966	J	Spencer		Johnson 			A Survey on the Administrative Problems on High School Newspaper Faculty Advisers	
1966	M	Jane		McGuire				"The Lay Editor of the Catholic Newspaper in the United States, 1965-1966"	
1966	N	Timothy		Nesbitt				The Evolution of Daily News Presentation in American Journalism as Evidence by the New York Herald Tribune and the Christian Science Monitor	
1966	R	Timothy		Reagan				Journalism Backgrounds of American Fiction Writers	
1966	S	Shaun		Sheehan				Development in Editorial and Artistic Content of the Laurel	
1967	C	John		Callaghan			Preferences of Western New York Readers Served by the Franklinville Sentinel-Press:  A Case Study	
1967	D	Joseph		Downey				Factors Influencing Advertisers on WHDL and WMNS	
1967	F-1	W. Alan		Fabry				Is the BonaVenture Meeting the Needs of the Student Body?	
1967	F-2	Rita	F.	Fahey				"How Did the Yonkers Herald Statesman Influence the Common Council of Yonkers, NY, in the Vote Against Bus-Bench Advertising:  An Analysis of the Methods of Investigation and Presentation Used by the Herald Statesman in July-August, 1966 Editorial Campaign"	
1967	F-3	Thomas		Franczyk			"A Research Study to Determine the Change, If Any, Since 1949, in the Types of Educational Aids Supplied to Schools by Industry"	
1967	G-1	John		Garner				"Does the SBU Radio Station, WOFM, Meet the Desires of the Student Body, in the Expressed Opinions of 200 Members of that Student Body?"	
1967	G-2	Gary		Gleason				"An Experimental Study to Determine the Academic Cost of Holding the Position of Editor-In-Chief of the BonaVenture from September, 1951 to May, 1967"	
1967	H	Thomas		Hohensee			Can it be Said that Television is Largely Responsible for the Success of the American Football  League?	
1967	K	James		Koelmel				The Extent of Freedom on Weekly College Newspapers in the United States	
1967	M-1	Susan		Mikula				"An Investigation Into Trends in Editorial Policy of the BonaVenture, Campus Newspaper at St.Bonaventure University, During a Twenty Year Period"	
1967	M-2	Gerard		Monaghan			Phoenix:  A Newspaper's Struggle for Rebirth	
1967	M-3	Mary Jo		Murray				"To what Extent are Suburban Newspapers in the Buffalo, New York Area, Community Oriented?"	
1967	P-1	Charles		Piontkowski			Newspaper Readership Traits of the Junior High School Student	
1967	P-2	Carol		Prozeller			Is Participation on a High School Publication a Factor in the Academic Success of Students Majoring in Journalism at St. Bonaventure University?	
1967	S	James		Sweet				Why the Portville Post Failed	
1967	Z	James		Zehnder				A Study to Determine Whether WHDL and WMNS Have Balanced Programming	
1968	B-1	Kathleen	Brady				A Study of the Literature to Determine Recent Trends and Theories in Undergraduate Journalism Education	
1968	B-2	Margaret	Breen				An Analysis of the News Judgement of the Editors of Ten Leading American Newspapers Concerning Their Coverage of the Outbreak of the 1967 Detroit Riots	
1968	C-1	Colin		Campbell			A Comparison of the Programming of WMNS to the Program Standards of the Federal Communications Commission and the National Association of Broadcasters	
1968	C-2	Catherine	Cashman				To Ascertain the Number of Women Editors-In-Chief on College Newspaper Staffs in the U.S. in the Fall of 1967 Relative to the Proportion of Women to Men on Such Staffs and to Analyze its Possible Significance	
1968	D	Michael		Del Negro			Do College Journalism Teachers in the United States Meet the AEJ Suggestion of Having Three to Five Years Experience in a Professional Field?	
1968	G	Paul		Ganley				A Quantitative Analysis Survey of the Editorial Content of Three Metropolitan Boston Newspapers During the Legislative Debate of the Massachusetts Transportation Bill of 1964	
1968	H	Marylou		Heran				"A Content Analysis of Teen Section of Daily Newspapers in New York State, With a Comparison to an ANPA Analysis"	
1968	J	Ronald		Janis				A Survey of the Influence of Mass Media on High School Teachers in Olean During the 1968  Presidential Election	
1968	K-1	Arthur		Kearney				A Content Analysis of 1966 NCAA Prize Winning Football Brocuhures Selected by the Football Writers Association 	
1968	K-2	Peter		Kuhn				An Investigation and Evaluation of Public Relations at St. Bonaventure University	
1968	L	Georgia		Lawton				Is CIESPAL Realizing Its Goal of Creating Responsible and Well Educated Journalists?	
1968	M	Joan		Monaco				A Case Study of Two Metropolitan Magazines to Determine the Relationship Between Content and Circulation	
1968	N	Monica		Nollet				An Analysis of Presidential Election Coverage by the Boston Globe Since 1952	
1968	T	Jacqueline	Trescott			A Case Study of the Presidential Election of 1964 and the Chicago Daily Defender and the Atlanta Daily News	
1968	Z	Michael		Zavadil				"A Content Analysis Comparing the News Coverage of a Television Network News Broadcast, THE Huntley-Brinkly Report, With That of a Daily Newspaper, The Long Island Press"	
1969	B	Francis		Buckley				"How Does the New York Times and the New York Daily News Compare in Their Coverage of the March on the Pentagon of October 21, 1967?"	
1969	C	Rebecca		Chayka				Is the Shopping Guide an Effective Method of Direct-Mail Advertising in Weedsport?:  A Case Study of Its Weedsport Audience	
1969	D-1	John		Demeter				"A Content Analysis of Selected Issues of the Guardian, 'Independent, Radical Newsweekly,' Between Fall 1966 and Fall 1968 Will Show a Visible Change in Coverage and Treatment of Particular National and International Issues"	
1969	D-2	Michael		Dodd				"A Make-Up Analysis of the First Six Pages of the Presidential Campaign Coverage of the New York Daily News and the New York Post from October 1, 1968 to November 5, 1968"	
1969	E	Susan		Emmerling			"A Quantitative Content Analysis Comparing Coverage of the Vietnam War by the Buffalo Evening News and the Buffalo Courier-Express on Pages One to Five from November 20, 1967 to December 30, 1967"	
1969	G	Daniel		Goodman				"A Quantitative Analysis and Editorial Study of the 1968 Presidential Campaign as Reported in the Olean, New York Times Herald and the Oil City, Pennsylvania Derrick"	
1969	L	Kathleen	Laurie				An Empirical and Quantitative Analysis of the Demise of the Reporter Magazine	
1969	M-1	Joyce		Martinez			Does Editorial Endorsement of a Candidate Make a Difference?  A Study of the New York Times' 1968 Presidential Coverage	
1969	M-2	John		McGinnis			An Analysis of the News and Editorial Coverage Given to the Accused Assassin of Senator Robert F. Kennedy by Three Western New York State Newspapers 	
1969	P	James		Peppard				The Preference of Three Western New York Newspapers in Their Use of Associated Press and United Press International	
1969	R	Joseph		Roland				A Comparison of Coverage of Local Government News in the Falls Church Globe Before and After Its Sale to the Daily News Publishing Company	
1969	S-1	Michael		Sette				Time and Newsweek and the Republic and Democratic Conventions	
1969	S-2	Charles		Skinner 			An Historical and Content Analysis of the Newark Courier-Gazette 	
1969	S-3	Patrick		Slattery			To What Degree Do Local Commercials Aired on Radio Station WOFM Affect the Listening Audience?	


1970	A	Lawrence	Arnold				A Comparison Between Offset and Letter Press Lithography (Film- 2 Reels)	
1970	B	Francis		Brieaddy			Newspapers of the College Center of the Finger Lakes:  A Comparitive Content Analysis	
1970	C-1	Teresa		Castle				Editorial Decision-Making:  The Kennedy-Kopechne Accident	
1970	C-2	Richard		Claro				Subliminal Perception:  An Advertising Technique Advantageous to Both the Advertiser and Consumer Public	
1970	C-3	Joseph		Culella				Advertising's Sex Fraud	
1970	E	Paul		Ehret				A Comparison of the Coverage of the Flight of Appolo II in Two Competitive Newspapers	
1970	J-1	Leonard		Janichki			The Dilemma of the Cigarette Advertiser	
1970	J-2	Michael		Jankowski			A Comparitive Analysis of American Football League Team Radio-Press-TV Guides from 1963-1967	
1970	K-1 	Edward		Kelleher			The Interplay of Religious and Political News in the National Catholic Reporter:  A Content Analysis to Determine the Roles They Play in that Paper  	
1970	K-2	Christine	Krysiak				The Well-Balanced Catholic Weekly:  A Comparison of the Long Island Catholic and the Catholic Universe Bulletin	
1970	K-3	John		Kucij				How Did the Transition from Letterpress to Offset Printing Affect the Amityville Record?	
1970	K-4	Charlotte	Kuzmich				Columnist Pearson's Effect of the Editorial Policy of the Waterbury Republican During the 1966 Dodd Scandal	
1970	L	Dominic		Lasora				A Content Analysis of the Reader's Digest Magazine During a One Year Period	
1970	M-1	Robert		Maslyn				A Study to Determine the Basis of Membership and the Extent of Censorship of Publications Boards	
1970	M-2	Gregory		Mitchell 			A Study of 14 Newspapers' Objectivity in Their Coverage of the First Vietnam Moratorium	
1970	M-3	Linda		Mitchell			Coverage of a Radical Disturbance by the Niagara Falls Gazette	
1970	P	Michael		Pitel				The Effects of Nineteenth Century Journalism on the Development of the American Indians	
1970	S-1	Sister Dianne	S.	Salt			The Usefulness of the National Catholic News Service to Catholic Weeklies	
1970	S-2	E. Patrick	Smullens			A Comparison of Campus Media for Advertising to Resident Students	
1970	Z	Joseph		Ziolko				"An Analysis of Granma, the Official Organ of the Communist Party of Cuba"	
1971	A	James		Auagliano			News Preference and Believability Survey of Subscribers to the Olean Times Herald	
1971	B	Gary		Baranik				Content Analysis of the 1970 Senatorial Election in New York State	
1971	C	William		Clapper				"How WMNS Radio, Olean, New York, Can Improve Its Operational Procedure and Become a Modern Radio Station"	
1971	D	Kevin		Donovan				An Investigation into the Changes in the BonaVenture Editorial Stance 1949-1971	
1971	K	David		Kirby				"Coverage of  a Campus Crisis at St. Bonaventure University by The Daily News, Olean Times Herald, Buffalo Evening News and Buffalo Courier-Express"	
1971	M	Mary Jane	McAvinue			The Uses and Potentials of the Free Radio and Underground Radio Stations in the United States	
1971	Q	Timothy		Quinlan				Advances in Political Semantics and Marketing Techniques and the Subsequent Necessity for the Emergence of the Professional-Intellectual Journalist	
1971	R	Joette		Riehle 				"Sensationalism's Existence in the Coverage by Life and Time of the Apollo Space Program and Human Heart Transplants, 1967-68"	
1971	S-1	Patricia	Stepien				A Critical Evaluation of How Two Methods of Investigation Result in Depth Presentation of the News Today	
1971	S-2	Margaret	Stomierowski			A Readership Survey of the Olean Times Herald	
1971	T	Ronald		Tabano				The Difference of the Sportscaster and the Color Commentator	
1972*	A	Peter		Aliberto			A Content Analysis of the Coverage of the 1972 Republican and Democratic Nominating Conventions in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times 	Missing
1972	B-1	Tim		Beecher				Upstate Magazine:  An Analysis	
1972	B-2	Richard	E.	Brand				The Radio Listening Habits and Programming Preferences of the Undergraduate Students of St. Bonaventure University	
1972	B-3 	James		Brown				A Readership/Reader-Interest Survey of the BonaVenture	
1972	B-4	Linda		Byam				"An Analysis of a Campus and City Newspaper in the Coverage of a Controversial Event:  A Content Analysis of the New Haven Register and the Yale Daily News, May Day, 1970"	
1972*	C-1	Cynthia		Campbell			Fictional Articles Vs. Factual Ones in Magazines:  A Reader-Interest Survey of St. Bonaventure University Students 	Missing
1972	C-2	Susan		Capodagli			Involved Journalism:  Myth or Reality?	
1972*	C-3	Diane		Ciminelli			Job Satisfaction of Newspaper Reporters in New York State:  An Analysis 	Missing
1972*	C-4	Stephen		Cocca 				Media Preference and Influence on the Voter in the 1972 Presidential Elections:  A Survey 	Missing
1972*	C-5	Paul		Colangelo			A Comparison of Sports Page Publicity Given the Buffalo Braves in Three Western New York Dailies	Missing
1972	C-6	Daniel		Collins				A 10 Year Survey of the Editorial Content of the BonaVenture at St. Bonaventure University	
1972	D-1	Charles		Desvernine			Student Reactions to Nixon Press Relations:  A Media Preference and Believability Survey	
1972	D-2	Matthew		Dudek				The Effect of Individual Attitude on Reporting Preference:   A Survey	
1972*	J	Gregory		Johnson 			"A Case Study of Three Buffalo Sixth Hour News Programs:  WBEN-TV, WKBW-TV, and WGRZ-TV "	Missing
1972	K-1	Frank		Kehoe				"A Survey of Newspaper Reading and Radio Listening Among Women in Salamanca, NY"	
1972	K-2	Rosemary	Kelly 				An Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages for Newspapers of Membership in the Gannett Newspaper Group	
1972*	K-3	John		Kerr				A Comparison of Local Government Coverage in the Monessen Valley Independent and the Monengahela Daily Herald:  A Content Analysis Summer 1972 	Missing
1972*	K-4	Edward		Kie				A Study of the Advertising Effectiveness of the Olean Penny Saver 	Missing
1972	K-5	Robert		Kochersberger			Who Organizes the Campus Press in New York State?	
1972*	K-6	Gene		Kuberka				A Survey of Buffalo's Two Major Dailies:  Can the Sports Section of a Newspaper Influence Its Circulation? 	Missing
1972	L	Kevin		Loweree				An Analysis of the Prime Time Access Rule	
1972*	M-1	Jacqueline	McGoff				Single Ownership of a Community's Two Newspapers:  A Content Analysis of Local Coverage 	Missing
1972*	M-2	Mary	L.	McGuire				"An Historical Analysis of Bee Publications, Inc.:  A Look at Centralized Printing *missing"	Missing
1972	M-3	Terence		McGuire				Close Circuit Television as a Teaching Device	
1972	N	Deborah		Nettle 				"ASurvey to Determine the Value of a Catholic Newspaper in the Diocese of Syracuse, NY"	
1972*	O-1	John		O'Brien				Newmen's Privilege--Right Vs. Obligation	Missing
1972*	O-2	Michael		Occhiogrosso			A Case Study:  WABC-TV's Eyewitness News Format 	Missing
1972	P-1	Patricia	Petraske			Reader Response to Typography as a Stimulus of Interest Recall	
1972*	P-2	Dorothy		Privateer			Priority Problems of Newspaper and Yearbook Advisors at the Secondary School Level:  A Survey 	Missing
1972	S-2	William		Schmitt				The Alternate Press--Is It Filling an Information Gap Left by Conventional Media?	
1972	S-1	Steven		Schwagler			A Job Satisfaction Indication of Advertising Agency Personnel in New York State	
1972*	S-3	Mary		Slocum				The Department of Public Relations at St. Bonaventure University:  An Organizational Analysis 	Missing
1972	S-4	Theresa		Smith				"A Content Analysis of the Four Newspapers Which Service the Yorktown Heights, NY Area"	
1972*	S-5	Robert		Webb				A Content Analysis of the Coverage Given to the Attica Prison Insurrection by the Buffalo Evening News and the Buffalo Courier Express 	Missing
1972	W	Margaret	Weegar				The Newspaper Fund Copy Editing Internship Program:  A Survey	
1973	A	Nicholas	Aramino				"Choosing College Football's National Champion, Polls or Playoffs?  A Survey"	
1973	C-1	Kenneth		Cerino				"The Pittsburgh Pirates and Roberto Clemente in Sports Illustrated, Newsweek and Time During the 1960 and 1971 World Series:  A Content Analysis"	
1973	C-2	Linda		Clasen				Crime and Violence in the New York Times and Newsday:  A Content Analysis	
1973	C-3	Margaret	Cucinell			How Women Perceive Their Role in Journalism:  A Survey	
1973	F-1	James	J.	Fazzone				A Study of the Readability of Time and Newsweek Magazines Through Their Writing Styles	
1973	F-2	John		Foley				The Coverage of the Watergate:   A Content Analysis of the New York Times and the Times Herald Newspapers	
1973	G-1	John		Gavagan				A Typology of Undergraduate Journalism Internship Programs:  A Survey	
1973	G-2	Peter		Gigliotti			Changing to Offset and Its Effect on a Newspaper's Readers	
1973	G-3	David		Giguere				Catholic Diocesan Newspapers in America:  How Healthy Are They?	
1973	G-4	Peter		Gray				A Study of the Local Autonomy Concept on the Syracuse (NY) Herald-Journal and Post-Standard	
1973	G-5	Stephen		Griffith			Chicago Journalism Review and Point of View:  A Content Analysis and Survey	
1973	K	Kathleen	Kozdemba			Performance of the Elmira Star-Gazette in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster:  A Content Analysis of the Flood of 1972	
1973	M-1	Thomas		Madden				"Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report and Their Coverage of the Watergate Scandal"	
1973	M-2	Christine	Martin				A Content Analysis of the Locally Originated Editorial Cartoons of the Buffalo Evening News and the Buffalo Courier Express	
1973	M-3	Evan		McElroy				How 12 Daily Newspapers Covered the 1972 Presidential Election:  A Content Analysis	
1973	M-4	Thomas		McElroy				Newsmen's Privilege:  An Historical Analysis and Survey of New York State Legislators	
1973	M-4	Gene		Moretti				A Typology  of Journalism Programs in a Selected Number of large and small Colleges and Univerisities in the United States Over the Past Six Years	
1973	M-5	Kevin		Murphy				Journalism Curriculum in Two-Year Colleges:  A Field Survey	
1973	O	Diane		Okonski				The Effect of the Newsprint Crisis on Art in Newspapers:  A Field Survey	
1973	R-1	Steven		Romano				Advertising Effectiveness in the BonaVenture:  A Variable-Oriented Study	
1973	R-2	David		Ryan				A Content Analysis of the Coverage of Two Major Newsmagazines Regarding Vietnam War Reporting	
1973	R-3	Patricia	Ryan				The Olean Times Herald's Coverage of Local Events:  A Content Analysis	
1973	R-4	Patrick		Ryan				An Alumni Evaluation of the Journalism Program at St. Bonaventure University:  A Survey	
1973	S-1	Michael		Spain				A Comparison Between the Presidential Press Conferences of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Milhouse Nixon	
1973	S-2	Joseph		Starkey				A Comparison of the Editorial Pages of the Buffalo Courier Express and the Buffalo Evening News for a Period of One Year:  A Content Analysis	
1973	S-3	John	B.	Stevens 			"Organization and Management, Audience, and Program Analysis of Radio Station WMNS"	
1973	T-1	Michael		Tanner				"The Reliance of the Arcade, NY Area People on Either the Local Weekly or Three Dailies for Local News:  A Survey"	
1973	T-2	Donald		Then				Content and Readability of Editorial Support for 'The Selling of the Pentagon':  An Analysis	
1973	W-1	William		Wetmore				"Coverage of the Buffalo Sabres in the Two City Dailies, the Evening News and the Courier Express:  A Content Analysis"	
1973	W-2	Christopher	Wloszczyna			News Preference and Believability of Subscribers to the Niagara Gazette	
1974	B	Carole		Barkewitz			Opinions of Cattaraugus County Government Officials and Reporters Toward Each Other:  A Survey	
1974	C-1	Michael		Conroy				"Coverage of the Rochester Red Wings in Two City Dailies, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and the Rochester Times Union:  A Content Analysis and a Readability Study"	
1974	C-2	Robert		Curran				Causes of the Energy Crisis:  A Content Analysis of the Buffalo Evening News and the Buffalo Courier Express Editorial Pages	
1974	E	John		Engels				Job Satisfaction:  A Survey of Two Western New York Dailies	
1974	G-1	Diane		Greenwood 			"Newspapers in Spain:  Their Role, Organization, and Function:  A Case Study"	
1974	G-2	Michael		Groden				A Field Survey of the Opinions of Women on Television Sportscasts	
1974	H	Carl		Harvison 			"Trial by Press:  A Survey of Olean, NY Residents on the Coverage of Richard Nixon"	
1974	J-1	Elizabeth	Johnson				United States V. Rosenberg:  An Historical Analysis of NEFWS and Editorial Coverage in Selected American Publications	
1974	J-2	Molly		Judge				Learning and Memory Retention:  The Printed Media Versus the Film	
1974	K-1	Mary Jo		Kessing				Perception of Editorial Cartoons:  A Controlled Field Experiment	
1974	K-2	Alan		Kloza				How St. Bonaventure Students Perceive Record Reviews:  An Analysis	
1974	M-1	Henry		Marcelle			A Case Study of the Three Major Network News Programs	
1974	M-2	Joseph		Mink				An Historical Study on Several Characteristics in the Development of Rock Music	
1974	R-1	Joseph		Rakowski			"Content Analysis of Letters to the Editor of the BonaVenture, 1926 through 1974"	
1974	R-2	John		Rich				"A Survey of the Use of, and Discussion About, Computerized Editing Machinery in AEJ-Accredited Schools and Department of Journalism in the United States"	
1975	A	Stephen		Agosto				The Radio Listening Habits and Programming Preferences of the Undergraduates at St. Bonaventure University:  A Field Survey for 1975	
1975	B-1	Marian 		Barone		Lizabeth	Barret 	"How St. Bonaventure University Students Rate the Most Popular Magazines in Four Categories:  News, Sports, Humor and Fashion:  A Field Survey"	
1975	B-1	Marian 		Barone		Lizabeth	Barret 	"	"	
1975	B-1	Barone 75	Lizabeth	Barret 		Marian 	Barone	"How St. Bonaventure University Students Rate the Most Popular Magazines in Four Categories:  News, Sports, Humor and Fashion:  A Field Survey"	
1975	B-2	Richard	M.	Barrett				A Survey of Comic Book Readership at St. Bonaventure University	
1975*	B-3	John 	E.	Bartimole	James	A	Marchiony	"Media Preference and Believability Study of Residents of Olean, New York, Concerning Local, State, National, and International Government News"	Missing
1975	C	Dominic		Cappa				Organizational Membership and Its Influence Upon Reading Habits and Conformity	
1975	F	William		Fagan				An Examination of the New York State Legislator's Attitudes Toward the Press:  A Survey	
1975	H-1	Paul		Hess				An Assertion Analysis of Selected Beatles Songs	
1975	H-2	Michael		Houldin 			"Hank Chases the Babe--Henry Aaron's Chase of Babe Ruth's Home Run Record as Covered by Sports Illustrated, Time and Newsweek:  A Content Analysis"	
1975	H-3	Terence		Hurley				Coverage of the 1936 and 1972 Summer Olympics by the New York Times:  A Content Analysis	
1975	K	Joan		Kurkowski			"A Content Analysis of the Buffalo Evening News Coverage for Candidates Hugh Carey and Malcolm Wilson in the New York State Gubernatorial Election, October 4, 1974 to November 4, 1974"	
1975*	B-3 -look under B3 (Bartimole 75')	James 	A.	Marchiony	E.	John	Bartimole	"Media Preference and Believability Study of Residents of Olean, New York, Concerning Local, State, National, and International Government News"	Missing
1975	M-1	Stephen	M.	Mooney	J.	Brian	Sweeney	The Appeal of Photographs:  A Field Study of College Students	
1975	N	Thomas	E.	Noonan				"Preference and Believability Study of News Media of the Residents of Olean, NY"	
1975	O	Theresa		Oleszkiewicz			The Effects of Romance and High School Journalism Experience as a Major at St. Bonaventure University:  A Field Study	
1975	P-1	Jeffrey		Parker 				The Color Man Vs. the Play by Play Man:  Survey of the Male College Student	
1975	P-2	Nicholas	Pircio				"Radio Listening Preferences of Olean, New York:  Is WHDL Competitive with WMNS in 1975?"	
1975	R	Michael		Ryan				Coverage of the Buffalo Sabres in the Two City Dailies:  The Courier Express and the Evening News:  A Content Analysis	
1975	S	Eileen		Sherman				Content Patterns of New York State College and University Weekly Newspaper Publications for 1974:  A Comparative Content Study	
1975	M - 1	Brian	J.	Sweeny	M.	Stephen	Mooney	"The Appeal of Photographs:  A Field Study of College Students"""	
1975	W	Eileen		Wurtz				A Research Study of Humor on the St. Bonaventure Campus	
1976	A	Sue	A.	Agos				A Functional Analysis of the Buffalo Sabres Public Relations Department- Its Effectiveness as Perceived by the Buffalo Sports Media	
1976	B-1	Thomas		Beiswenger			"An Analysis of the Organizational and Financial Problems of Two and Four Year College Student Newspapers at Non-Journalism Colleges and Universities With Enrollments of 5,000 or Less"	
1976	B-2	Lisa	A.	Biedenbach			A Content Analysis and Readability Measurement of St. Anthony Messenger During 1974	
1976	B-3	David		Bohrer				ECAC Division I Basketball Coaches Views Toward the Press:  A Field Survey	
1976	B-4	Thomas		Bowers				Comparison of Two Newspapers' Coverage of the Genessee County Area:  A Content Analysis of Local Coverage	
1976	B-5	Michael		Burbach				A Survey of Local Interest in St. Bonaventure and Local Opinion of the Times Herald's Coverage of the University's Events and Interest Areas	
1976	C-1	J. Michael	Cassidy				"A Comparison of Sports Coverage in Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, and Time of the Super Bowl from 1967-1975:   A Content Analysis"	
1976	C-2	William		Collins				"A Trend Analysis of the Columns in the BonaVenture at St. Bonaventure University, 1950-1975"	
1976	C-3	Carl		Cucuzza				The Programming Preferences of St. Bonaventure University Students in Relation to WSBU-FM:  A Field Survey	
1976	D	Arthur		Demers				"The 1936 and 1976 Summer Olympics, as Covered by the New York Times:  A Content Analysis"	
1976	E	Eileen		Egan				What First-Graders Prefer in a Black and White Photograph:  An Experimental Proposal	
1976	F-1	Mary Jo		Fairley				"Women as Priests:  A Survey of Religious Denominations in Glens Falls, New York"	
1976	F-2	Carlynne	Freitag				"Women Athletes in the Olympics, 1960 to 1972:  A Content Analysis of the Magazine"	
1976	G	David	William	Glenn				"An examination of writing style preferences among a population of 22 sixith grade pupils in Olean, New York"	
1976	H	Barbara		Heins				"An Analysis of the Success of Two-Year and Four-Year College Public Relations Offices, How They and the Newspapers in the Capital District Area Regard One Another"	
1976	K-1	William	B.	Kelley				"A Field Survey:  The Impact of Cable Television on Residents of Olean, NY"	
1976	K-2	Thomas		Kiernan 			The People of Olean's Reaction to the Warren Commission Report	
1976	K-3	Joseph		Kilcoyne			Selected German-Language Publications--A Content Analysis	
1976	M-1	Robert		McCarthy			"A Content Analysis of the Editorials of the BonaVenture of St. Bonaventure University, 1965-1975"	
1976	M-2	Valerie		Mottes				Reader Reaction to Four Types of Front-Page Design:  An Experimental Study	
1976	O	Deborah		O'Connor		Lisa	Saviola	Relationships Between Editor and Photographer:  A Survey of Selected College Newspapers' Photo Policies	
1976	P	Audrey		Pia				Characteristics of Heroines in Womens' Magazines Fiction	
1976	R	Lisa		Robert				National News:  A Media Preference & Believability Study of the Resident St. Bonaventure University Student	
1976	O	Lisa 		Saviola		Deborah	O'Connor	Relationships Between Editor and Photographer:  A Survey of Selected College Newspapers' Photo Policies	
1976	S-1	Mark		Scott				The Radio Listening Habits of the Undergraduate Students of St. Bonaventure University:  A Field Survey in 1976	
1976	S-2	Mary		Shenise				"Coverage of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in the New York Times, New York Daily News and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:  A Content Analysis"	
1976	S-3	Jo Ann		Special				The State of California V. Charles Manson:  An Historical Analysis of the New York Times' and the Olean Times Herald's Coverage of the Trial	
1976	S-4	Deborah		Stenger				"A Field Survey of the Optimum Media Coverage of Juvenile Delinquent Cases in the Counties of Madison, Onondaga and Cayuga in the Central New York Area"	
1976	T-1	Thomas		Tedesco				"A Content Analysis of Strength and Health Magazine, 1933 to 1973"	
1976	T-2	Jocelyn		Thomas				A Content Analysis of the Coverage of the 1976 Presidential Campaign in the New Republic and U.S. and World Report	
1976	V	Barbara		Valente				Public Officials and the Media:  A Survey of Viewpoints	
1976	W	Anne		Wojtaszek			Reader Reaction to the Tonawanda News' Coverage of Local Politics and Government:  A Field Study	
1977	A	Richard		Adamonis			A Study of the Function and Relationship of Western New York State College and University Public Relations and the Media	
1977	B	Bernadette	Britting			A Survey Analysis of the Reactions and Responses to Television Game Shows Among Students at St. Bonaventure University	
1977	C-1	Julie		Christiansen			The Kodakery- Eastman Kodak Company's Newsletter to the Employees:  Does it Serve the Purpose it Was Meant For?  (A Survey)	
1977	C-2	Steven		Circh				The Effect of Hard and Soft Cell Political Campaign Advertisements	
1977	D	Mary		Diehl				The Practicing Journalist:  A Survey to Determine His Status Among the Professions as Viewed by a Selected Public	
1977	E-1	Clayton		Ellis				The Community Press Vs. the Metropolitan Daily:  A Content Analysis of The Evening Press and The Vestal News	
1977	E-2	Kevin		Emmerling			A Content Analysis of the Coverage of the 1976 Buffalo Bills in the Buffalo Courier Express and the Buffalo Evening News	
1977	F-1	Leigh		Falidine			"Sex, Age, Occupation and Education as Correlative-Units for Listening to Radio:  A Field Survey"	
1977	F-2	Catherine	Finneran			A Field Survey of St. Bonaventure Women Toward Sports	
1977	F-3	John		Flint				A Comparison of the New York Times of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy to Questions Posed by Recent Authors	
1977	F-4	Katherine	Freeley				"A Woman's Magazine Readership Survey in the Village of Malone, NY"	
1977	F-5	Mary		Freeman				"A Survey of a Selected Sample of Judges, Managing Editors and Reporters on Journalistic Confidentiality"	
1977	F-6	Marianne	Fulgenzi			The Significance of Effective Public Relations Techniques to a Community Organization	
1977	G	Trish		Gilmore				Readership Survey of Glamour and Mademoiselle Magazines	
1977	H-1	David		Harris		Brian	McNamee	"A Comparative Study of News Reporters' Image, Believability and Notability in the Olean (NY) Times Herald and Ithaca (NY) Journal"""	
1977	H-2	Linda		Hellwig				Student Attitudes Toward Advertising:  A Survey of Junior and Senior Journalism Majors	
1977	H-3	Frank		Howly				New Jersey Editors' Opinions on 'Free Press-Fair Trial' as it Pertains to the Rubin (Hurricane) Carter-John Artis Murder Retrial:  A Survey Analysis	
1977	I	John		Iamarino			The Sporting News from 1968-1976:  A Content Analysis	
1977	M-1	Camille		Marino				How Women Perceive Their Role in Journalism:  A Field Survey	
1977	M-2	Karen Mane	Mason				"News V. Features:  A Content Analysis of a Suburban Weekly Newspaper, the Gates-Chili News, 1970-1976"	
1977	H-1	Brian		McNamee		Davis	Harris	"A Comparative Study of News Reporters' Image, Believability and Notability in the Olean (NY) Times Herald and Ithaca (NY) Journal"	
1977	M-4	Michael		Melnyk				The Patty Hearst Story:   A Content Analysis Measuring the Degree of Sensationalism in Time and Newsweek	
1977	M-5	Joseph		Mirando				The New Technology in the Newsroom of the Elmira-Star-Gazette:  An Organizational Analysis	
1977	M-6	Lawrence	Moriarty			"The Sports Information Director:  Who He Is, What He Does, and Where He's Headed"	
1977	N	Jeffrey		Noble				"A Study of 'Public Viewpoint', A Public Service Column in the DuBois (PA) Courier-Express"	
1977	P-1	Laura		Paul				Job Satisfaction Among Personnel of Catholic Newspaper Publications	
1977	P-2	Robert		Pauly				The Color Man Vs. the Play by Play Man:  Survey of the Male College Student	
1977	P-3	Mark		Petruniak			Coverage of the Buffalo Bills in the Two City Dailies:  The Evening News and the Courier-Express:  A Content Analysis	
1977	R	Jerry		Reilly				A Reader Interest Survey of the Dunkirk-Fredonia (NY) Evening Observer	
1977	S-1	Linda		Senecal				The Effect of Writing Styles of Similar Readability on the Reading Comprehension of a Group of Students in Allegany County	
1977	S-2	Daniel		Stiles				Career Education in Pre-Professional Undergraduate Studies Within a Journalism Major:  A Survey	
1977	W	Jeffrey		Wilkins				Article Frequency in Playboy Magazine From 1960 to 1974:  A Content Analysis	
1977	Z	Diane		Zielinski			"The Queen, the Princess and the Court Jester Media Objectivity in Covering Women's Gymnastics in the 1976 Olympics"	
1978	A	David		Austin				Andrew Young and the Press	
1978	B-1	Lynn		Burrasca			The Departments of Public Relations at St. Bonaventure University and Houghton College:  An Organizational Analysis	
1978	B-2	Marsha		Bylenok				Coverage of the Arts by the Olean Times Herald	
1978	C-1	Patricia	Cappon				Olean Urban Renewal:  A Survey of Opinion and Media Coverage	
1978	C-2	Susan		Caruso				"St. Bonaventure University:  How the Dress Behavior of Women in Business Affects Their Power, Position, Authority and Credibility"	
1978	C-3	Patricia	Cummings			How Small to Medium Circulation Newspapers are Coping with the Threat of Television News Presentation Today	
1978	E-1	Sandra		Eldred				Motivations and Gratifications of the Modern Soap Opera Viewer	
1978	E-2	Jim		Engelhardt			Pacific Athletic Conference-10 and Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball Coaches' Views Toward the Press:  A Field Survey	
1978	E-3	John		Engels				Job Satisfaction Among Newspaper Reporters	
1978	F	Michael		Fronczak			A Content Analysis:  The Buffalo Bills in the Buffalo Evening News and Buffalo Courier-Express	
1978	G-1	Anna	M.	Gaffney				A Content Analysis of the Three Network News Programs:  CBS - NBC - ABC	
1978	G-2	William		Genello				"Sports Illustrated's Coverage of the 1974, 1975 and 1977 Major League Baseball Playoffs and World Series:  A Content Analysis"	
1978	G-3	Jeanmarie	Gocella				Reader Preference of Writing Styles in the Coverage of the 1978 Baseball World Series	
1978	G-4	J. Scott	Guilmartin			A Descriptive Study of the 1977 Cattaraugus County Democratic Campaign	
1978	H-1	Tracy		Hall				A Field Survey:  Journalism Graduates' Curriculum Impact Upon Job Performance	
1978	H-2	Kathleen	Hart				Believability and Preference of the Media:  A Survey of Olean Residents	
1978	H-3	Daniel		Hollywood			An Examination of the 1978 New York City Newspaper Strike in Comparison to the Strike of 1962-1963	
1978	K-1	David		Kassnoff			Where No Man Has Gone Before:  A Study of Popularity Trends of Star Trek	
1978	K-2	James		Kinsella			Content Analysis of Time's Coverage of President Jimmy Carter's First Year	
1978	L-1	Lauretta	LaValley			Coverage of the Long Trial in Two Buffalo Dailies:  A Content Analysis of 'Sensationalism'	
1978	L-2	Debra		Leitner				A Survey to Determine Why St. Bonaventure Students Choose Business Administration as a Major Field at St. Bonaventure University:  A Field Survey	
1978	L-3	Leslie		Lloyd				Cosmopolitan Since 1970:  A Content Analysis	
1978	M-1	Barbara		Machalek			A Content Analysis of St. Bonaventure University Public Relations Releases in Two Western New York Newspapers	
1978	M-2	Kathleen	Martin				Images of Women as Network Journalists:  A Field Survey	
1978	M-3	Ann		McGowan				A Television News Program-- A Broadcast or a Show/	
1978	M-4 	Deborah		Miller				A Content Analysis of Subliminal Seduction in Magazine Advertising	
1978	M-5	John		Mundt				"Communication Behavior and Public Affairs Knowledge of the Aged in Olean and Allegany, New York:  A Field Survey"	
1978	N	Mary	Dent	Nunn				Article Direction in Glamour Magazine from 1963-1978:  A Content Analysis	
1978*	P-1	Thomas		Peterkin			A Content Analysis of the News Pages of the Bona Venture from 1970-1977	Missing
1978	P-2	Kathleen	Peterson			Why the Hartford Times Failed:  An Analysis	
1978	P-3	Chris		Poissant			The Audiences of WHDL and WMNS:  A Field Survey	
1978	Q	Mary		Quinn				"Who is Affected by Magazine Advertisements, Men or Women?-- A Survey of College Students"	
1978	R-1	Timothy		Rice				"A Deadly Accident:  A Content Analysis, Comparing Coverage by Time and Newsweek of Senator Edward Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick Incident"	
1978	R-2	Glenn		Rossman				"A Field Survey:  Updating the Impact of Cable Television of Residents of Olean, N.Y. Since 1976"	
1978	R-3	Donna		Rucci				"Opinions of the Students, Faculty and Administration at St. Bonaventure University Toward the BonaVenture:  A Field Survey"	
1978	S-1	Andrew		Scherding			Automation in Radio Broadcasting:  A Field Survey of Broadcast Managers on Its Use	
1978	S-2	Timothy		Stratford			Journalism and Non-Journalism Curricula: A Survey of the American Association of Schools and Departments of Journailsm.	
1978	S-3	Audrey		Szczokowski			Photography and the Ability of Students at St. Bonaventure University to Interpret Photographs	
1978	V-1	Judith		Ventura				Film Criticism:  Do Movie Reviews Make a Significant Difference in What the St. Bonaventure Student Views?	
1978	V-2	Rebecca		Vucetich			Thematic Analysis of the Works of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson	
1978	W-1	Gary		Wessely 			Coverage of the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders:  A Comparative Content Analysis of the New York Times	
1978	W-2	Timothy	J.	Wilkin				"A Content Analysis:  Sports Illustrated's Coverage of the Winter and Summer Olympic Games, 1972 and 1976    mmmmmm"	
1979	B-1	Lisa		Barone				Evolution of a Corporate Image:  McDonald's Public Relations Machine	
1979	B-2	Joseph		Brown				Magazine Format and Formula Changes:  A Matter of Evolution	
1979	C-1	Sandra		Carocci				The Daily Newspaper-- More Than ABC's:  A Thematic Content Analysis of News Articles	
1979	C-2	Neil		Cavuto				"Campaign Coverage of the 149th District Assembly Race in the Olean Times Herald September 5, 1978 to November 7, 1978"	
1979	C-3	Mary		Champeau			A Study of the Children's Literature Written by Theodore Suess Geisel (Dr. Suess) and Its Perceived Social and Political Ideals	
1979	C-4	Nancy		Collins				Photography Content of Time Magazine	
1979	C-5	Victoria	Corderi				An Application of Reisman's Theory of Social Character to St. Bonaventure University Student's Reading Habits	
1979	C-6	Paul		Cotter				A Comparison of Career Objectives of Senior and Freshman Mass Communication Majors at St. Bonaventure University	
1979	D-1	Emilie		DeLorenzo			Readability:  Measuring Recall and Understanding Using Cloze Procedure	
1979	D-2	Jody		Draves 				A Readership/Reader Interest Survey of the Salamanca Republican-Press	
1979	D-3	Joan		Ducey				The Coca-Cola Company:  An Advertising Portrait	
1979	E-1	Pamela		English				Undergraduate Mass Communication Internship Programs at Selected American Universities and Colleges:  A Study and Comparison	
1979	E-2	Elizabeth	Evangelista			A Survey of Western New York Advertising Agencies	
1979	F	Ernest		Fera				Background and Public Relations Effort of the Niagara Falls Convention Center	
1979	G-1	William		Genello  			"Sports Illustrated's Coverage of the 1974, 1975 and 1977 Major League Baseball Playoffs and World Series:  A Content Analysis"	
1979	G-2	Elizabeth	Guerrein			Advertising Appeals and the College-Age Woman:  A Survey	
1979	H-1	Anne		Haggerty			The Corning Recall:  A Consumer-Oriented Approach	
1979	H-2	Brian		Hannon				"A Content Analysis of the New York Times' Coverage of the Dade County Referendum, June 7, 1977"	
1979	H-3	Colleen		Hartigan			The Effect of a Performing Arts Center on the Community:  The Samuel L. Clemens Performing Arts & Community Center	
1979	H-4	Gerard		Helper				A Content Analysis Comparing the Coverage Given to the Buffalo Braves and the Buffalo Sabres in the Buffalo Courier Express and the Buffalo Evening News	
1979	H-5	Christina	Homick				"Violence in Television:  A Field Survey of Selected Residents of Olean, NY"	
1979	K-1	Siobhan		Kelley				The Effect of Recruitment Materials from Four-Year Colleges and Universities in Western New York on Prospective Students in Western New York	
1979	K-2	Lauren		Kiefer				The Maze of Olympic Public Relations	
1979	L-1	Anthony		Lanzillo			Fiction/Non-Fiction Preference Among Liberal Arts Students and Business Students	
1979	L-2	Christopher	LaPlaca				Coverage of the New York Yankees and the New York Mets by the New York Times:   A Content Analysis	
1979	L-3	Debra		Leitner				A Survey to Determine Why Students Choose Business Administration as a Major Field of Study at St. Bonaventure University:  A Field Survey	
1979*	L-4	Thomas		Leo				"Coverage of the Syracuse Chiefs in Two City Dailies, the Syracuse Post-Standard and the Syracuse Herald-Journal:  A Content Analysis "	Missing
1979	L-5	Bonnie		Letteieri			Old Journalism Vs. New Journalism	
1979	M-1	Daniel		MacDonald			The Magazine Satisfaction of the Rural High School Student	
1979	M-2	Maureen		Madden				Crisis in Western New York:  How Does the Local Press Cover West Valley?	
1979	M-3	Robert		Marks				Women Sports Reporters in the Locker Room	
1979	M-4	Sharon		Mulhern				Content Analysis:  A Comparison of Time And Newsweek's Coverage of 'Son of Sam'	
1979	M-5	Christopher	Murphy				Pulp Magazine:  A Survey of St. Bonaventure Students	
1979	N	Paul		Niche				"Coverage of the St. Bonaventure Brown Indians in Two City Dailies, The Buffalo Evening News and the Buffalo Courier-Express:  A Content Analysis"	
1979	O-1	Terry		O'Connor			State Sponsored Advertising:  The 'I Love New York' Campaign	
1979	O-2	Mark		Oliver				Comparison of 1978 National Football League Coverage of CBS and NBC:  A Content Analysis	
1979	P	Patrick		Piccioli			"A Survey of the Catholic Newspaper of the Diocese of Buffalo, New York, the Catholic News"	
1979	R	Monica		Ryberg				Television News:  The Uses and Gratifications Theory and a Small Town Audience	
1979	S-1	Jane		Savio				Crisis Public Relations:  Hartford Civic Center	
1979	S-2	William		Sherwood			"A Field Survey of High School Seniors and College Freshman, Their Media Preference and Believability"	
1979	U	Sharon	L.	Umiker				Coverage in Time and Christian Century of Blacks in the Priesthood of the Mormon Church:  A Content Analysis	
1979	V-1	John		VanWhy				An Alumni Evaluation of the Journalism Progress at St. Bonaventure:  A Survey	
1979	V-2	Thomas		Volk				A Content Analysis of the Sports Pages of the BonaVenture:  1960-77	
1979	W	Megan		Westfall			The Evolution of a Corporate Image:  IBM	
1979	Y	Mark		Yawdoszyn			"Cameras in the Courtroom:  Bergen County, NJ"	
1979	Z	John		Zavinski			"Trends in Local News Content in the Warren, (PA) Times Observer 1967-1978:  A Content Analysis"	


1980	B-1	Daniel		Barry				A Comparison of Harold Gray; 'Little Orphan Annie' and the Socio-Political Aspects of the New Deal and World War II	
1980	B-2	Lisa		Black				The Reincarnation of Life	
1980	B-3	Linda		Boyd				The Political Aspects of the 1936 and 1980 Summer and Winter Olympics in News Magazines	
1980	B-4	Roxanne		Branch				"Ladies in the Lockerroom:  Acceptance of Female Sportswriters by Sports Organizations, Employers and General-Audience"	
1980	C-1	Chris		Carola				Legalized Casinos:  Can New York State Afford the Gamble?	
1980	C-2	Carol		Craig				Public Relations:  Pennsylvania Avenue is Getting a 'Facelift'	
1980	D-1	Robert		Dewitt				Rochester Radio Consultants:  Automated Vs. General Programmers	
1980	D-2	Diane		Doxey				"A Content Analysis of Coverage of the Summer, 1979 Gasoline Crisis by Time and Newsweek Magazines"	
1980	F	Carol		Fiala 				An Historical Analysis of Arbitron's Success in Radio Research.  How Have 'The Big Four' Managed to Survive?	
1980	G	John		Gomes				Journalism:  Black Journalists on U.S. Metropolitan Newspapers	
1980	H-1	David		Hall				The Effect of Changing Demographic Patterns in the U.S. Since World War II on Daily Newspaper Circulation	
1980	H-2	Cathy		Harp				"News on Public Television in the 70's, and the Heritage It's Left for the 80's"	
1980	H-3	Paul		Hassen				Public Relations:  The Love Canal-- Hooker's Response	
1980	I	Nancy		Iyoob				"A Comparison of Sports Coverage in Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated of the 1976 Winter Olympics and the 1980 Winter Olympics:  A Content Analysis"	
1980	J	Mary Jane	Johnson				Readability and Reading Preferences of Magazine and Newspaper Articles:  A Study of Sixth Graders	
1980	K	John		Kelly				The Olean Times Herald's Coverage of the Buffalo Bills (1973-1978):  A Content Analysis	
1980	K-2	Peter		Krebs				The Study of Bias and Sensationalism in Time and Newsweek's Coverage of the Jonestown Incident	
1980	M-1	Shawn		McCarthy			An In-Depth Look at Concert Promotions and Promoters in the Rochester Area	
1980	M-2	Kevin		McCue				Alternative Newspapers in Buffalo	
1980	N	Eugene		Nealon				"A Public Opinion Study of Shopping Center Saturation in Rochester, N.Y."	
1980	P-1	Joyce		Pavla				Gannett Vs. DePasquale:  An Historical and Accuracy Analysis of Coverage by Four Daily Newspapers from July 2 to July 4	
1980	P-2	John		Pitonzo				"Over the Shoulder of the Old:  Demographic Variables, Related Newspaper Reading, and Television Viewing Characteristics of the Elderly"	
1980	P-3	Janet		Privatera			"Advocacy Advertisements and Their Effect Upon Sophomore, Junior and Senior Mass Communication and Business Majors at St. Bonaventure University"	
1980	R-1	Audrey		Rayburn				Aging Medicare	
1980	R-2	Nancy		Ross				The Cosmopolitan Image:  A Survey	
1980	S-1	Anne		Schaaf				The Department of Public Affairs and Corporate Communication at Niagara Mohawk Power Company:  An Investigation of Corporate Public Relations	
1980	S-2	Mary		Shay				A Content Analysis of Network News	
1980	S-3	Shannon		Spillane			Historical Analysis of Sacco and Vanzetti	
1980	S-4	Kathleen	Sullivan			'Hype'-- Print Media Overkill and Musical Artists of the '70's	
1980	T	Ms.		Tigure				Analysis of Children's Picture Books-- Specifically Those Written for Preschoolers-- By Means of a Content Analysis	
1980	W	Louis		Waryncia			Magazine Readership and Reader Interest	
1981	A	Catherine	Artman		Rosemarie Benz	Prototype of a Stylebook:  Content Analysis	
1981	B-1	Peggy		Badolato			Soap Operas:  More Than Just a Fad...	
1981	B-2	Randall	L.	Bailey				The Video Display Terminal Revolution:  Buffalo Concentration	
1981	A	Rosemarie	Benz		Catherine	Artman	Prototype of a Stylebook:  Content Analysis	
1981	B-3	Pamela		Blake				Anchor People:  Celebrity Vs. Credibility	
1981	B-4	Charles		Bowen				Government Reporting:  Fire Safety in Olean	
1981	B-5	Patrick		Brennan				Does the Catholic Press Have a Future?	
1981	B-6	Anne		Bristol				The Offshoots of Video Technology and Their Effects on the Growth of Cable and Free Television	
1981	B-7	Sabina		Bummel				Corporate Public Relations:  Carborundum	
1981	C-1	Jeannine	Cady				Municipal Public Relations:  Baltimore Revitalized With a Brief Comparison to Boston	
1981	C-2	Francis		Calpin				Community and Weekly Newspapers:  A New Perspective	
1981	C-3	Larry		Canale 				The Independent Versus Group-Owned Newspaper Dilemma:  No Answer	
1981	C-4	Susan	K.	Capan				How a Person's Clothing Affects Other's Attitudes and Perceptions of Him	
1981	C-5	Judith		Carey				Gubernatorial Newspaper Coverage in Albany:  Rockefeller Vs. Carey	
1981	C-6	Scott		Ciluffo				Censorship	
1981	C-7	Kathleen 	Clary (Magruder)		The Buying Power and Spending Habits of St. Bonaventure University Students	
1981	C-8	John		Curry				Content Analysis of Two Special Interest Magazines:  Runners World and Running Times	
1981	D-1	Maryann		D'Addezio			Political Public Relations:  The Southwest Sewer District	
1981	D-2	Theresa		Denatale			Seven-Up Advertising:  Developing a Product Personality	
1981	D-3	Valerie		Ditonto				Public Relations for Specialized Communities: Chautauqua Institution and Lily Dale Assembly	
1981	D-4	James	C.	Donnelly			Product Identification:  Bully Hill Vs. Taylor Wine	
1981	D-5	Ellen 		Duggan		Joe Zappala	Four Types of Front Page Design of The BonaVenture:  A Survey 	
1981	G-1	Nancy		Genecco				University Public Relations:  How It Affects a Student's Decision in Pursuing Higher Education	
1981	G-2	Beth		Geubtner			Three Mile Island:  National Vs. Local Coverage	
1981	G-3	Gerry		Golden				The Role of the Weekly Newspaper in Today's Society	
1981	H-1	Lisa		Haenn				Cable Television:  Effects of the Philadelphia Community	
1981	H-2	Kathleen	Hanrahan			Texaco:  How Its Public Relations Handles Public's Mistrust of 'Big Oil'	
1981	H-3	Joanne		Hastings			"The Today Show, Morning, Good Morning America:  The War Over the Breakfast Table"	
1981	H-4	Daniel		Hollywood			An Examination of the 1978 New York City Newspaper Strike in Comparison to the Strike of 1962-63	
1981	H-5	Gary		Housey				Ellicottville and Arcade:  Boom Towns in Western New York	
1981	K	Kevin		Keenan				Olean Chamber of Commerce Selling Olean Into the 1980's	
1981	M-1	Mark		Macedonia			Sports Public Relations:  A Comparison of the Four Professional Sports Teams in Pittsburgh	
1981*	M-2	Mary Ellen	Marsjanik			The 1980 Presidential Campaign Coverage in Newsweek and Time:  A Content Analysis	Missing
1981	M-3	Catherine	Martin				Weekly Newspapers in Tourist Towns:  Five Alive in Massachusetts	
1981	M-4	Kevin		Martin				A Restudy of Time Magazine	
1981	M-5	Margaret	McCormick			Newspaper Ownership:  The Newhouse Chain and the Syracuse Newspapers	
1981	M-6	William		Miori				Public Service Programming:  Minority Access to Radio in Buffalo	
1981	M-7	Eileen		Mitchell			Designer Jeans:  A Look at the Industry and the Effect It Has on Adults and Children	
1981	M-8	Maryanne	Monahan				Women in Advertisements:  A Content Analysis	
1981	N-1	Paul		Niche				Coverage of the St. Bonaventure Brown Indians in Two City Dailies--  The Buffalo Evening News and The Buffalo Courier Express--  A Content Analysis	
1981	N-2	John		Nigara				Local Sports Coverage and Cable TV:  Suburban Cablevision TV-3	
1981	O	Keith		Olscamp				Coverage of the Buffalo Mayoral Campaign in the Two City Dailies	
1981	P-1	Thomas		Pallas				Sports Public Relations on the University Level:  Basketball Public Relations in the Eastern Eight	
1981	P-2	Suzanne		Pelisson			Environmental Public Relations:  The Campaign to Save the Whales	
1981	Q	Lori Johnson	Quigley				The Impact of Mass Media in 'Popular Culture':  The Mirror of American Life	
1981	R-1	Joseph		Rakowski			"Content Analysis of Letters to the Editor of the BonaVenture, 1926 through 1974"	
1981	R-2	Thomas		Reen				"Money, Jobs...and Hard Feelings:  The Need for Public Relations by Independent Oil and Gas Producers in New York and Pennsylvania"	
1981	R-3	Lauren		Reidy				The Presidential Press Conference and Its Effectiveness in Making the President Accountable to the American Constituency Through the Media	
1981	R-4	Andrew		Rosky				New Politics:  A New Style in Election Campaigns	
1981	R-5	Anne		Ruisi				Alternative Newspapers	
1981	S-1	Teresa		Sharp				A Media Habit Study of St. Bonaventure Undergraduates	
1981	S-2	Mark		Spencer				Minority Ownership in Broadcasting:  Problems and Outlook	
1981	S-3	Julie		Sullivan			The Attica Riots	
1981	W	Timothy		Wilkin				"A Content Analysis:  Sports Illustrated's Coverage of the Winter and Summer Olympic Games, 1972 and 1976"	
1981	D-5	Joe		Zappala		Ellen 	Duggan	Four Types of Front Page Design of The BonaVenture:  A Survey	
1982	A	Michael		Anderson			The Fate of the Mass Media in the 1980s:  A Bonaventure Prospective	
1982	B-1	Deirdre		Bielak				"Effective Organizational Internal Public Relations:  Is Dresser-Clark Industry, Inc. Being Understood?"	
1982	B-2	James		Brown				Presidential and Congressional Press Coverage:  An Analysis of Content and Perceived Impact	
1982	C-1	Cynthia		Carr				"The Shootings of John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, and Pope John Paul II:  A Content Analysis of Time and Newsweek"	
1982	C-2	Patti		Carr				Lameduck Politics:  Governor Carey as a Lameduck Politician	
1982	C-3	Renee		Caya				"Introducing New Technological Advances in Communications to Olean, New York Via Existing and Proposed Cable, Radio and Telephone Channels"	
1982	C-4	Anthony		Chan				"Computers, Management and Human Relations in the Newsroom"	
1982	C-5	Rosemary	Coghlam				Public Relations:  New York City Parades	
1982	C-6	Mary Ellen	Coleman				Marketing in Higher Education-- Recruiting Students in Economically Troubled Times	
1982	C-7	Irene		Connelly			Individual Retirement Accounts:   AETNA Life Insurance IRA Funds	
1982	C-8	Gloria		Cowper				"With Today's Selling Mentality, Does the Advertising, Public Relations Agency Merger Really Measure Up?"	
1982	C-9	Laura		Cupelo				The American Albatross:  How Responsible Was the Press?	
1982	C-10	John		Curren				How an Afternoon Daily Beat the Odds	
1982	D-1	Sandra		Dennison			Fundraising in Higher Education	
1982	D-2	Theresa		Dicicco				The Importance of the Publicity Department in the Publishing Industry	
1982	D-3	Denise		Doring				Hour-Long Vs. Half Hour Local Newscasts:  A Sampling of Audience Reaction	
1982	D-4	Kathy		Dougherty			Wartime Censorship and Propaganda:  The Hidden Horrors of German Concentration Camps	
1982	D-5	Darryl		Dunn				The Role of an SID	
1982	G	Jeanne		Golanka				Television News:  The Credibility of Women 	
1982	H-1	Heather		Hanofee				Current Trends in Publishing-- The Publication of Diet Books	
1982	H-2	William		Hogan				Municipal Public Relations:  Buffalo Revitalization	
1982	H-3	Robert		Howath				FM Rock Radio:  A Comprehensive Study of the Present and Future Challenges	
1982	J	Eileen		Jackson				Political Cartooning in the 1980 Presidential Election	
1982	K-1	Mark		Kennedy				The History of the U.A.W.:  Changing with the Times	
1982	K-2	Robin		Kibby				An Analysis of Cover & Inside Page Designs of Time and Newsweek and Proposals for Graphic and Layout Improvements	
1982	L-1	Mary-Margaret	LaLiberte			A Study Into the Opinion/Editorial Page	
1982	L-2	Lorraine	Ledermann			A Content Analysis of the Coverage Given Stanley Lundine	
1982	L-3	Anne 	Marie	Lillis				"Commercial Production: Production Work in Atlanta, Georgia	"	
1982	M-1	Larry		Main				A Corporate Takeover Attempt:  Grumman of Long Island vs. LTV of Dallas	
1982	M-2	Monica		Marrow				Public Vs. Commercial Television	
1982	M-3	James		Mauro				"An Audience of Olean, Allegany and St. Bonaventure Evaluates the Likeability of Sports Announcers"	
1982	M-4	Joseph		McCall				A Comparative Content Analysis of the Programming and Design of Cable Networks ESPN and USA      	
1982	M-5	Melanie		Michael				Self-Publishing:  An Alternative for the Frustrated Author	
1982	M-6	James		Mullay				A Critical Analysis of the 1960 and 1976 Presidential and 1982 New York State Gubernatorial Campaigns	
1982	O-1	Paul		Oates				Blacks and Their Roles in the Mass Media:  A Problematic Situation	
1982	O-2	Catherine	Orman				Industry Public Relations:  Layoffs at the Dresser Clark Division	
1982*	P	Sally		Phillips			The American Newspaper Industry Confronts the Evolution of Videotest  *missing	Missing
1982	P	Mary	Beth	Protomastro			The Effects of Isolated Errors in Language Factors on Message Perception.	
1982	R-1	Katherine	Reeves				New Journalism:  Preference and Credibility	
1982	R-2	Stephen		Roche				The Creation of a Paper by Gannett in Westchester County	
1982	R-3	Paul		Rymer				The Analysis of WRVR-FM's Format Switch From Jazz to Country	
1982	S-1	Laura		Saxby				Public Broadcasting in Rochester:  Can it Survive the 80's?	
1982	S-2	Linda		Scharf				Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion:  Cattaraugus County	
1982	S-3	Eric		Schickler			"I'd Rather be in Rochester . . . It's Got It  An In-Depth Review of Rochester's Civic Image Campaign"""	
1982	S-4	Corrine		Segovis				A Readership-Interest Survey of the Balwinsville Messenger	
1982	S-5	Mark		Skala				Public Relations as an Effective Tool on College Campuses	
1982	S-6	Sharon		Smith				Discrimination of Women Reporters in the Buffalo Market	
1982	S-7	Frank		Sobrino				International Communication:  The U.S. Vs. The Spanish and Foreign Press	
1982	S-8	Donna		Swartout			Sports Illustrated's Coverage of Women in Sports:  A Content Analysis	
1982	S-9	Anne		Sweeney				Sports P.R.:  Mets Vs. Yankees	
1982	T-1	Michael		Tedesco				"A Content Analysis of the Sports Coverage of Three Daily Newspapers in New York State:  The New York Times, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and the Olean Times Herald"	
1982	T-2	Jean	M	Thompson			Mass Media and Legislation as a Deterrent to Drunken Driving in Four Anglo-Saxon Countries.	
1982	T-3	Bob		Trimper				CATV:  Advertising and Cable Television	
1983	B-1	Martin		Benson				"Number One, A Year Later:  A Comparison of the Coverage Given the Penn State Football in 1982 and 1983:  A Content Analysis"	
1983	B-2	Lars		Braun				Freedom of the Press and the Military	
1983	B-3	Robert		Buckla				The Effect of Source Credibility on Power of Persuasion in the Aftermath on the Tylenol Scare	
1983	B-4	Mary Ellen	Bushnell			"Local News Content of the Olean Times Herald:  1972 and 1982, A Comparative Analysis"	
1983	C-1	Steven		Carter				What's My Line:  A Survey on the Interview Techniques of the Syracuse Media	
1983	C-2	Christopher	Champeau			Sportscasting:  A Distorted Public Image 	
1983	C-3 	Marianne	Comfort				Three Diocesan Newspapers:  A  Content Analysis	
1983	C-4	Catherine*	Cronin				A Content Analysis of the Portrayal of Women in the Advertisements of Three Women's Fashion Magazines *missing	
1983	D-1	Michael		Dickinson			Covering Controversial Issues:  A Content Analysis of Bias in Sports Illustrated and TIme	
1983	D-2	John		Domino				Covert Racial Prejudice in Television Sports Announcers' Speech:  A Content Analysis	
1983	D-3	Joe		Dunning				How the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns Public Relations Departments Handled Fan Alienation Due to the National Football League's Player Strike During the 1982 Season	
1983	F	Ursula		Foltman				"CNN Vs. CBS, NBC, ABC"	
1983	G	Suzanne		Garr				The Role of Graphics in the Newspaper and the Impact of It Put Upon the Olean Times Herald's Design and Its Readers	
1983	H	Marilyn		Harloff				Assessing Communication at St. Bonaventure University	
1983	J	Julia		Jones				"The Kodakery--Eastman Kodak Company's Newsletter to the Employees,  Does it Serve as an Effective Communication Link Between the Employee and the Employee?"	
1983	K	Robert		Kunzinger			Privilege:  Do Journalists Have Any?	
1983	L	Christopher 	J. Lawlor			The Big East:  A Success Story	
1983	M-1	John		McCarthy			Attracting College Students:  Recruiting Outlook for Olean Business Institute	
1983	M-2	Patrick		McMahon				Content & Format Charcteristics of Two Daily Newspapers (The Pittsburgh Press and Post-Gazette) In Coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers	
1983	M-3	Cathleen 	McNamara			Women's Magazines:  The Portrayal of Women Living Alone in Non-Fiction Magazine Articles	
1983	M-4	Gerard		Meuchner			A Content Analysis of the New York Times Editorial Attitudes Concerning El Salvador's Civil War and United States Involvement in the Crisis	
1983	M-5	Alfred		Miano				Kicking Off - Local Opinion of the United States Football League:  A Field Survey	
1983	M-6	Rebecca		Miller				IBM-FSD Owego:  Sound Employee and Community Relations Through Effective Communication	
1983	N	Kathleen	Nolan				"The Effectiveness of the Cardiac Catherization Slide/Tape Patient Education Program (At Strong Vincent Health Center, Erie, PA)"	
1983	O	James		O'Connor			Subliminal Perception in Pictorial Advertisements:  Does it Persuade an Individual to Purchase a Certain Product?	
1983	P-1	Patricia	Perryman			Buffalo's Talking Proud Campaign:  An Analysis of Campaign Procedures and Community Responses	
1983	P-2	Nancy		Peterson			Magazines & Woman's Changing Role in Society	
1983	P-3	Thomas		Pierson				Viewer Attitudes of Television Commercials	
1983	P-4	Robert		Preston				Business/Economics Journalism:  The Fastest Growing Print Media Field for More Than a Decade	
1983	Q	Julie		Quermback			Newspaper Failures:  An Analysis of the Closings of The Buffalo Courier-Express and The Philadelphia Bulletin and the Subsequent Effect on Their Rivals The Bufalo (Evening) News and The Philadelphia Inquirer	
1983	R-1	Thomas		Randolph			Kansas City Hyatt Disaster	
1983	R-2	Denise		Rekettye			Local Television Journalism:  Is the News Your Favorite Show?	
1983	R-3	Mary		Rose				St. Bonaventure's Student Buying Habits and Community Effects	
1983	S-1	John		Scherer				WSBU Listenership Study:  Does the Station Service the Needs of the Undergraduate Resident Population at St. Bonaventure University?	
1983	S-2	Ray		Schey				The 1981 Major League Baseball Strike and the Public Relations Efforts of the New York Mets	
1983	S-3	Ray		Schuh				Information Needs of the Radio Station Managers:  A Basis for Radio Research	
1983	S-4	Brian		Sill				Coverage of Issues During the Accident at Three Mile Island	
1983	S-5	Linda		Smith				Marketing:  Vital Activity for Public and Private Colleges and Universities in New York State	
1983	S-6	Fred		Stabbert			The Revolutionization of a Semi-Weekly Newspaper Through Offset Technology	
1983	S-7	Michael		Stinton				"Television Revenues Have Had a Major Impact on Collegiate and Professional Football, Thus Changing the Face of the Game"	
1983	S-8	Philip		Stumpf				Comparison Study of Advertising in the Beer and Cigarette Industries	
1983	T	Kathleen	Travers				Men's and Women's Roles in News Magazine Photographs:  A Content Analysis	
1983	W-1	Annemarie	Wess 				"High School Newspaper Advisers:  A Study of How They Measure Up in Erie County, New York"	
1983	W-2	Thomas		Williams			Media Coverage of A Controversial Civic Project:  A Content Analysis of the Worcester Telegram and WORC Radio	
1984	A-1	Kelly		Ackles				The Promotional Strategies of the Epcot Center	
1984	A-2	Gail		Anthony				The Perception and Retention Levels of Male and Female Sportscasters	
1984	A-3	Melissa		Arnold				Media Coverage of Rape 'Every Man I Meet Wants to Protect Me.  Can't Figure Out What From' - Mae West	
1984	B-1	Laura		Bowes				Television and Its Future in the Human Experience	
1984	B-2	William		Briggs				"A Comparision of Sports Coverage of the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games in Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated:  A Content Analysis"	
1984	C-1	Kenneth		Casarsa				A Comparative Analysis of the Newspaper Coverage of the Three Major Amusement Parks in Western New York - 1984 Season	
1984	C-2	John		Crilly				Terrorism in the Media	
1984	C-3	Steven		Cywilko				Media Coverage of the Jesse Jackson Campaign for the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency of the United States	
1984	D-2	Dawn		D'Errico			Levi Strauss and Co.;  Sponsor of the 1984 'Corporate Olympics' 	
1984	D-1	Joseph		Dellaposta			The Mixture of Sports and Politics:  The New York Times Coverage of the Modern Olympics	
1984	D-3	Matthew		Doyle				The Effectiveness of Advertising Photography and Formats on College Students of the Northeastern United States	
1984	F-1	Brian		Fitzpatrick			Independent Newspapers vs. Group Owned Papers:  Will the Independent Survive?	
1984	F-2	Patrick		Folan				Ethics in Journalism:  A Study of Ethical Practices in the Newspaper Industry	
1984	G	Sandra		Giudice				The Image of Women in Magazine Advertising	
1984	H-1	William		Hanvey				What is America's Past-Time?  A Media Analysis of the Super Bowl and World Series	
1984	H-2	John		Hayes				Coverage of Professional Basketball Teams Versus Coverage of College Basketball Teams in The New York Times (1983):  A Content Analysis	
1984	K	Constance	Kelly				Public Relations and the Media:  A Relationship of Turbulence?	
1984	L-1	Theresa		Lalonde				A Field Survey Regarding the Necessity and Appeal of the Exploitation of Human Grief and Suffering in the Newspaper	
1984	L-2	David		Lanzillo			Beer Slogans:  An Aid to Information and Recall	
1984	L-3	Jack		Lorenz				"Television:  Have You Come A Long Way, Baby? - - A Look at the State of TV Programming During the Past Forty Years"	
1984	M-1	Joseph		Martone				The Close of the Courier-Express:  An Analysis of the Battle for Newspaper Survival in Buffalo 	
1984	M-2	Gordon		Marzano				The Cable News Network Vs. the Three Major Networks	
1984	M-3	Donald		McAlpine			Media Coverage of the Gary Hart Campaign	
1984	M-4	Mark		McGuire				Murder in Northport:  The Media Coverage of the 'Satanic Cult Killing' in July 1984	
1984	M-5	Douglas		Mohart				The Bonalumnus:  A Content Analysis and Readership Survey of the St. Bonaventure University Alumni Magazine	
1984	M-6	Paul		Murphy				Time Magazine's Coverage of the 1984 Presidential Candidates	
1984	P-1	Pamela		Peterson			Is Children's Television Sexist?	
1984	P-2	Jeane		Podhany				Political Favoritism in a Long Island Newspaper	
1984	P-3	Pat		Purslano			Hour-Long Syndicated News Feature Broadcasts:  Are They Really a Trend?	
1984*	P-3	Gary		Reddington			Hour-Long Syndicated News Feature Broadcasts:  Are They Really a Trend?	Missing
1984	R-1	Daniel		Reilly				Latin American Issues Under the Reagan Administration	
1984	R-2	Sue		Rienecker			Libel and the Supreme Court:  Yesterday and Today	
1984	R-3	Francis	Pio	Ruggiero			"Discourse on Soviet Communist and Marxist Press Theory: Conflict Within Socialist Media Thought	"	
1984*	S-1	Michele		Schaffer			The Changing Roles of Public Relations Practitioners Within Non-Profit Hospitals 	Missing
1984	S-2	Donna		Seibert				The Cabbage Patch Kid Craze	
1984	S-3	Mary		Siedlikowski			Television:  How It Works and Why We Can Live Without It	
1984	S-4	Carolyn		Sipperly			Newspaper Advertising-- An Indispensable Industry from Its Roots to Present Day	
1984	S-5	Jacqueline	Skrzypczak			"The Political Image Makers:  'An Analysis of the 1960, 1976 and 1980 Presidential Campaigns'-- How Image was Stressed Rather Than Issue"	
1984	S-6	James		Spillane			Mass Media Effects on Presidential Elections	
1984	S-7	Kathleen	Stewart				The Effect of Television Advertising on Children	
1984	S-8	Mary Beth	Sutton				Advancements in the Mass Media for the Hearing and Visually Handicapped	
1984	T	Cynthia		Thropp				"Newspaper Accuracy:  How Editors, Readers and Reporters View It"	
1984	W-1	Karen		Wodarczak			The Initiation and Implementation of the 'I Love New York' Campaign	
1984	W-2	John		Wojtowicz			Religious TV:  A Qualitative Study of Its Effects on Mainstream Groups	
1984	Y	Phillip		Yargeau				Jimmy Carter and the Polls	
1985	B-1	Marylou		Bono				How Television Food Advertisements Affect Children	
1985	B-2	Kevin		Brennan				A Study of the Use of the Television Debates as a Campaign Device in the 1960 Presidential Elections	
1985	C-2	Rebecca	L.	Coast				Subliminal Seduction in Magazine Advertising	
1985	C-1	Rayond 	G.	Collins				The Advent of Television Has Compromised the Integrity of the Presidency	
1985	D-1	Susan		Donovan				Lite Beer from Miller	
1985	D-2	Maureen	A.	Downs				Geraldine Ferraro in the News:  A Comparative Analysis of News Magazines and Women's Magazines	
1985	F-1	Mark		Fisher				The Stifling Effect of the Media Black-Out of the 1983 U.S. Invasion of Grenada	
1985	F-2	Dana		Fusco				Cable Television:  An Overview	
1985	G-1	Lisa		Garufy				Media Coverage of AIDS	
1985	G-2	Maureen	K.	Gilroy				The Effectiveness of the Drunk Driving Advertising Campaign	
1985	G-3	Sandra	J.	Grey				Gatekeepers in the Newsroom:  Processes and Problems Associated with Getting News Releases Ready for Print	
1985	G-4	Lisa	M.	Guido				Public Relations as an Effective Marketing Tool	
1985	H	Everett	J.	Holt				Violence in Television-- The Apathy of the Allegany Viewer	
1985	K-1	William	J.	Kelley				The Effectiveness of Comparative Advertising:  At What Age Does It Stop?	
1985	K-2	Kevin		Kirkland			The New Republic Vs. the Washington Monthly on Entitlements and Health Care	
1985	L	Michelle	A.	Lawler			The Quality of Residence Life at St. Bonaventure:  A Survey	
1985*	L-2	Maryann		Liddy		Karen	O'Brian	The Prominence of Women in the Radio and Television Industry 	Missing
1985*	M-1	Erin		Maguire				Women in Broadcasting 	Missing
1985	M-2	Kathleen	Maloney				The Effects of Magazine Advertisements on Women's Smoking Habits	
1985	M-3	Patrick 	J.	McMahon			Monitoring Study of Television Advertising Directed at Children	
1985*	L-2	Karen		O'Brian	Maryann		Liddy	The Prominence of Women in The Radio and Television Industry	Missing
1985*	L-2	Karen		O'Brien		Maryann	Liddy	The Prominence of Women in the Radio and Television Industry	Missing
1985	O	Anne		O'Donaghue			"Television Viewer Motivations and Attitudes Using the Variables of Age, Sex and Level of Education of Viewers"	
1985	R	Anna		Reynolds			The Advertising Strategies of People Express Airline	
1985	S-1	Paul	M.	Shea				The Falkland Islands:  The Conflict of Untold Truths	
1985	S-2	Carol		Shear				The Clark World-- Dresser Clark's Management Tool-- Is It Effective?	
1985	T	James	D.	Turp				Ex-Athletes as Sportscasters:  Survey Study of Male College Students	
1985*	V	Harvey	T.	Valentine			Comparison of the Amount of Coverage Given to the 1980 and 1984 Presidential Campaigns in the Three Major Newsmagazines 	Missing
1985*	W-1	Allison*	Weicher				The Effects of Magazine Advertising on Women's Smoking Habits *missing	Missing
1985	W-2	Barbara 	B.	Wilkinson		Rock Music and Labeling:  First Amendment Violation or Consumer Aid?	
1985	W-3	Elaine		Williams			Kids and Magazines:  A Winning Combination	
1985	W-4	Laura	A.	Withers				Critiques of Subjectively Chosen Magazine Articles on PMS from 1981 to 1985	
1985	Y	David	R.	Yaun				Commercial Time on the Capital District Radio Stations:  A Content Analysis	
1986	A	John	J.	Altmeyer			Television and the Sport of Ice Hockey	
1986	B-1	Lisa	D.	Bandy				The Cosby Show:  The Advancement of Black Portrayal on Television	
1986	B-2	Elizabeth	J.	Boulos			How Television Food Advertisements Affect Children	
1986	B-3	Kevin	E.	Brautigan			Advertising and Psychology	
1986	B-4	Sean	F.	Brennan				A Field Survey of the Listening Habits and Programming Preferences of the Students at St. Bonaventure University and Archbishop Walsh High School to the Programming of WSBU-FM	
1986	B-5	Lisa	A.	Bullock				A Question of Ethics:  News Stories Vs. Photographs	
1986	C-1	Lisa	M.	Cale				A Comparison of the Heroines in the Fiction of Cosmopolitan Magazine During the Years 1965 and 1985	
1986	C-2	Deborah	M.	Carnavalla			Media and Cocaine Usage	
1986	C-3	Carolyn	A.	Cinotti				Political Television Advertising of Presidential Candidates	
1986	C-4	Elizabeth 	M.	Clune			The Right Choice-- AT&T??	
1986	C-5	Margaret	A.	Coholan			The Portrayal of Women in Advertising	
1986	C-6	Brian	M.	Conley				Television:  An Important Catalyst in Ending the War in Vietnam	
1986	C-7	Barbara	S.	Cox				The Coca-Cola Formula Change-- A Marketing Success or Blunder?	
1986	C-8	Thomas		Crosby				Xerox in the News:  A Readership Survey and Comparative Analysis	
1986	D-1	Laura 	T.	D'Aprix				The Role of Communication in Corporate Restructuring of Downsizing	
1986	D-2	Kathleen	M.	Daly			The Use and Growth of Marketing Within Public Relations Departments in Hospitals	
1986	D-3	Colleen	A.	Deskin				'Ideal' Body Image Portrayed by the Media-- Is It to Blame for Anorexia and Bulimia? 	
1986	D-4	James	M.	Dirisio				Contemporary Front-Page Makeup and Design:  An Analysis	
1986	E	Jeanne	M.	Esti				Television Violence and Its Effect Upon Aggressive Behavior in Children	
1986	F-1	Madonna	M.	Figura				"You're Not Getting Older, You're Getting Fired:  The Future for Women Anchors in Televison News "	
1986	F-2	Beverly	A.	Fillinger			So Our Kids Really Need Rescuing?  The Presumed Necessity of the PMRC Versus Actual Need for Record Labeling	
1986	F-3	Thomas 	M.	Fitzpatrick			The My Lai 4 Massacre and Its Effects On Press Relations With the United States Government During the Vietnam War	
1986	F-4	Lori	A.	Flanagan			Effective Political Communication:  What the Constituent Wants	
1986	G-1	David	C.	Gamble				Videotext Vs. Newspapers-- Who Will Win?	
1986	G-2	Alicia		Gicewicz			Women in Television and Stress	
1986	H-1	Margaret	A.	Hanlon			"Women, Magazines and Make-Up Insecurities"	
1986	H-2	Pamela	A.	Henegan				The Censorship of Literary Expression Within the Public High Schools	
1986	H-3	Gail	B.	Henzel				Television and Newspaper Credibility	
1986	J	Michael	A.	Jaquays				Comic Book Violence:  An Examination of Its Possible Relation to Juvenile Delinquency	
1986	K-1	Kevin	P.	Kiely				The USFL:  Pro Football's Confused League	
1986	K-2	Kathleen	Knowles				Humor-- A Good Approach to Advertising	
1986	K-3	Pamela	A.	Knox				Full Circle:  Three Decades of Family Life on Television	
1986	L-1	Brenda	L.	Laduca				Pornography:  A Catalyst for Violence Against Women	
1986	L-2	Thomas	J.	Lagasse				Gratifications Among Male College Students Who Watch Televised Sports	
1986	L-3	Charlene	R.	Lamanna			Newspaper Editors Have Negative Attitudes Toward Public Relations Practitioners	
1986	L-4	William	A.	Leahy				The Effects of Television Advertising on American Presidential Elections	
1986	M-1	Michael	E.	Maguire				The Big East-- A Star is Born	
1986	M-2	Kevin	P.	Mahoney				Subliminal Seduction	
1986	M-3	Kathleen	M.	Major			Women's Magazines and Social Change as Reflected Through Redbook and Mademoiselle	
1986	M-4	Robert		Mandolene			Procter & Gamble:  A Case Study in Public Relations	
1986	M-5	Mark	L.	McCann				"Vietnam:  When the Untold was Reported, Society Frowned Upon Itself"	
1986	M-6	Timothy	G.	McCormack			"The American Media's Portrayal of the Soviet Union:  A Historical, Analytical and Field Study"	
1986	M-7	Virginia	McCormack			Communicating a Philosophy of Education-- Portville Central High School	
1986	M-8	Deirdre	I.	Montani				Sesame Street's History and Goals	
1986	M-9	Charles		Moore				Adding a Little Color to the Media	
1986	M-10	Megan		Moriarty			An In-Depth and Inside Look of Olean's Advertising	
1986	M-11	Mary	J.	Mulhall				Sex Discrimination of Women in Television Broadcast: The Case of Ms. Christine Craft  vs. Metromedia Incorporated	
1986	M-12	Erin	M.	Mulvey				The Evolutionary Process of Health and Fitness Content in Glamour Magazine from 1964-5 to 1984-5	
1986	M-13	Nancy	L.	Myers				Three Cheers for PBS Programming	
1986	N-1	Lynn	M.	Nieckarz			Terrorist and the Media: A Content  Analysis	
1986*	N-2	Patricia	Noonan				Professor Moriarty never handed in.	Missing
1986	O-1	Sean	M.	O'Brien				Media Believability and Preference: A Study of St. Bonaventure University and Alfred University Undergraduates	
1986	O-2	Julie	R.	Ottaway				'Surprise! You're On Candid Camera!' Press Abuse: The TWA Hijacking and Challenger Explosion	
1986	P-1	Kristina	M.	Podraza			Newspaper Monopolies	
1986	P-2	Leslie	M.	Porter				Defining Obscenity In the Mass Media Rock Lyric Battle 	
1986	P-3	Michael	S.	Powers				The Manipulation of Television News --Television Coverage of the Beirut Hostage Crisis	
1986	P-4	Sanjay	S.	Pradhan				"Portrayals of Minorities in Newsmagazine Advertisements: 1965-1985, A Content Analysis"	
1986	R-1	Raymond	J.	Rigazio				An Analytical Study Of Corporate Public Relations	
1986	R-2	Brienne	M.	Roche				The Impact of Television Dependency: Getting Unplugged	
1986	R-3	Kelly	A.	Rota				Media Credibility: A Statistical Study of The Bona Venture	
1986	S-1	Charles	J.	Scarantino			Our Changing Front Pages: The Advancement on Graphic Design of  the Front Page Of U.S. Daily Newspapers and Its Impact Upon the Niagara Gazette	
1986	S-2	Michelle	A.	Sivick			Social Change as Reflected through the Content of the Women's Section of Two Daily Newspapers	
1986	S-3	Dianne	E.	Sofia				Film Critics-- Are They Reliable?	
1986	S-4	Maria	C.	Spillane			The Changes in the Mass Media to Incorporate the Hearing and Visually Handicapped	
1986	S-5	Charla	N.	Stevens				Crime and Media Use: The Public's Perception	
1986	T-1	Cathy	A.	Tausend				Audience Perception of  Women in Television Broadcasting	
1986*	T-2	Geoffrey	P.	Teeter			The Public Relations Campaign to Restore Union Carbide's Corporate Image After Bhopal	Missing
1986	T-3	Francis	J.	Tommasino			Media Involvement On Sports Wagering	
1986	T-4	Mary Jo		Tuohey				The Portrayal of Women in Magazine Advertisements	
1986	W-1	Molly	A.	Walsh				Good Housekeeping Magazine: Demographics and Lifestyles of Its Readership	
1986	W-2	James	V.	Wasilewski			"Frank Harden and Jackson Weaver -- The Morning Team at WMAL-AM Radio in Washington, D.C. -- Why Have They Been D.C. #1 Voice?"	
1986	W-3	Donald	E.	Whalen				Ex-jocks in the Broadcast Booth	
1986	Z-1	Dana	J.	Zajdel				A Study of Health Improvement Articles in Three Women's Magazines During the Years 1965 and 1985	
1986	Z-2	Kelli	A.	Zenoski				Are Celebrities Worth Celebrating? -- A Content Analysis of Testimonial Advertisements During Prime Time Television	
1987	A-1	James	C.	Aroune				Motives and Behaviors of Television Sports Viewers	
1987	A-2	Paul	D.	Astorino			Coverage of the New York Mets and New York Yankees by the New York Times during the 1986 Baseball Season	
1987	B-1	Christopher	C.	Barton			Trends In Local Front Page News and Picture Play In the Olean (N.Y.) Times Herald from 1973-1985: A Content Analysis	
1987	B-2	Robert	A.	Beretta				The Predictive Value of A.P.'s Pre-Season College Football Polls	
1987	B-3	Danielle	C.	Bessette		"Analysis of Two Predictors on Alcohol Consumption for 15-17 Year-Olds in Olean, NY"	
1987	B-4	Wendy	C.	Blacke				Free Press -- Fair Trial	
1987	B-5	Amy	E.	Brannigan			Customers Insight on Making the Ideal Cutlery Set - Focus: Alcas Cutlery Corporation	
1987	C-1	Timothy	M.	Cavanaugh			A Readability Study of the BonaVenture	
1987	C-2	Ted		Cox				Violence on Television and the Effects on Children	
1987	D-1	Germaine	M.	Daly			Influence of Ideologies on the Reporting of the William Rehnquist Hearings: A Content Analysis	
1987	D-2	Thomas	M.	Devin				MTV's (Music Television's) Effect on Viewers	
1987	D-3	James	S.	Doherty				An Analysis of the Meese Commission	
1987	D-4	Claire	M.	Ducey				A Marketing Mishap: The Two Great Tastes of Coca-Cola	
1987	D-5	Suzan	M.	Dussault			A Content Analysis of the Portrayal of Women in Appliance Ads in Better Homes and Gardens from 1962-1986	
1987	F-1	Mary	R.	Farley				Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year' Cover: A Content Analysis	
1987	F-2	Elizabeth	A.	Fitzgerald		Women in the Media: The Credibility of Women Broadcasters	
1987	G-1	Lisa	M.	Giallella			Obscenity in Rock Music Lyrics: College-Radio and Top 40 Hits	
1987	G-2	Steven		Gustin				A Content Analysis of the Coverage of St. Bonaventure University Basketball in the Olean Times Herald	
1987	H-1	Thomas		Heinle				Increasing Television News Recall: A Study	
1987	H-2	Craig		Hoffend				"A Comparison of Sports Coverage of the Super Bowl and Playoff Games by Sports Illustrated, Time and  TV Guide : 1967-1987"	
1987	H-3	Margaret	S.	Hubbard			The Burger King Herb Campaign of 1985-1986. Its Failure Analyzed and a Look at the Fast-Food Industry Today	
1987	H-4	Mark	V.	Hurley				Effectiveness of St. Bonaventure University's Public Relations	
1987	J-1	Anita	A.	Jablonka			Effects of Media Advocation of the Superwoman Myth on Women's Health and Self-Image	
1987	J-2	Gregory	P.	Jakubowicz			Occupational Autonomy and Job Satisfaction in the Newsroom	
1987	J-3	Robert	J.	Jones				Typeface Variations and Their Effects on Readers Interests	
1987	K-1	Diane		Kasperski			Media Manipulation	
1987	K-2	Marlene	M.	Kehrle				Warning: Cigarette Advertising May be Hazardous to Your Health	
1987	L-1	Mary		Lapp				Bonadieu Captions from 1978-1986: An Analysis	
1987	L-2	Angela	M.	Leonard				Editorial Satire as a Persuasive Tool	
1987	L-3	James	J.	Lignugaris			Activist Groups and Media Access: West Valley Case Study	
1987	L-4	Elizabeth	Lynch				Media Coverage of AIDS	
1987	M-1	Gary	W.	Machina				Content Analysis of Two Magazines and Their Presidential Election Coverage	
1987	M-2	Mary	T.	Mahoney				Rights and Ethics in Photography	
1987	M-3	Patricia	E.	Maloney			Cocaine and the Media	
1987	M-4	Julia		Marson				Content Analysis of Employer Publications of Six Fortune 500 Companies	
1987	M-5	John	P.	McAuliffe			A Survey on the Selection of 'Sensationalistic' Photos	
1987	M-6	Maura	J.	Meskill				Attitudes on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) As Influenced By Time Magazine 	
1987	M-7	Christopher	Murphy				Indiscriminate Television Viewing and the Effect on the Modern American Viewer	
1987	N	David	O.	Nash				Adolescent's Knowledge of Current Events and Media Sources	
1987	O	Michael	N.	O'Donnell			Censorship and the Comic Strip	
1987*	P-1	Mark	L.	Passaro				Sports Illustrated's Coverage of Women in Sports 	Missing
1987	P-2	John	T.	Pepper				A Study on the Effects of Media Use on Media Credibility	
1987	P-3	Michelle	A.	Petrucci		St. Bonaventure Promotional Campaign	
1987	P-4	Joseph	A.	Pinter				Students Perception of the Media in the Olean Area	
1987	R-1	Michele	C.	Reynolds			The Media's Impact on Women's Fitness Trends	
1987	R-2	Ann	M.	Risch				The Effects of Televised News Violence and Fictional Violence on Aggressive Responses of Adolescents	
1987	R-3	Mary	E.	Roche				Attitudes of Western New York College Newspaper Advisers Toward Censorship of the Student Press	
1987	R-4	Barbara	J.	Ruocoo				Does the Magazine Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages Influence Consumption Patterns in College Students?	
1987	R-5	Julie	A.	Ryan				AIDS: Prevention or Panic	
1987	S-1	Thomas	A.	Smith				A Qualitative Study of Libel Law and Proposed Revisions	
1987	S-2	Lynda	L.	Spoor				Gratifications of Television News Viewing	
1987	S-3	John		Stebbins			A Quest of Destiny: A Study of College and Employment in the Media	
1987	S-4	Nanci	M.	Stickevers			"Media Credibility in Olean, Allegany and St. Bonaventure University"	
1987	S-5	Walter		Stubbs				Comparison of the Big East and Atlantic 10	
1987	T	Lisa	M.	Terranova			Magazine Advertising: Decorative Female Models and Body-Image	
1987	W-1	Kathleen	A.	Whalen			A Qualitative Study of Free Press-Fair Trial in New York State	
1987	W-2	Mark	S.	Whitehouse 			Media Gratification Versus Entertainment	
1987	W-3	Theresa	A.	Wutzer				Women's Changing Roles as Reflected through the Content of Automobile Advertisements	
1988	A-1	Liisa		Andreassen			The New York Times as a Trend-Setter for Single Working Women	
1988	A-2	Richard		Armon				Zoo Public Relations	
1988*	B-1	Patrice		Badami				Why Pornography is Detrimental to Women 	Missing
1988	B-2	Lisa		Barry				Dr. Jandoli's Perspectivce of Journalism Within the Past 40 Years	
1988	B-3	Vory		Billups				"Racial References During the 1988 Presidential Election (A Content Analysis)	"	
1988	B-4	Jeanne		Bonisteel			The Health Care Industry: An Advertising Analysis	
1988	B-5	Kathryn		Buckley				Working Woman Magazine: A Content Analysis	
1988	C-1	Jonathan	Campbell 			The Howard Stern Radio Talk Show: Is He Indecent?  An Analysis of Indecency as Defined by the FCC	
1988	C-2	Frank		Collins				The Impact of Polls on Network Coverage of College Sports	
1988	D-1	Kathleen	Dacey				Advertising and its effect on Recognition	
1988	D-2	Thomas		Dembik				Advertising in Magazines:  The Methods of Persuasion	
1988	D-3	MaryJeane	Dickson				A Content Analysis of the Campaign Coverage of the 1988 Presidential Candidates in the New York Times	
1988	D-4	Christopher	Doherty				Ceverage of the New York Yankees and the New York Mets by the New York Times:  A Content Analysis	
1988	D-5	Lesley		Doland				College Students Awarness of Current Events	
1988	D-6	Dean		Driscoll			A Study of Television Viewing and Its Direct Implication on Academic Achievement	
1988*	D-7	William		Druar				Freedom of the Student Press	Missing
1988	E-1	Stephanie	Erhard				Knowledge of St. Bonaventure Students on Current News Events/Situational Factors of why they are Uninformed	
1988	E-2	Lori		Erickson			Covering the Candidates:  Content Analysis of the 1988 Primary Election Candidates	
1988	F	Caroline	Feenick				Humorous Advertising and Spuds Mackenzie	
1988	G-1	James		Gertner				Cable Television in Rochester (New York):  Growth and Development	
1988	G-2	Jodi		Gilano		Wilson	Scanlon Magazine Production:  A  How  to Journal	
1988	G-3	Jacqueline	Gruendike			Are News-like Magazine Advertisements read more than others?	
1988	H-1	Charles		Hayes				A Side-By-Side Case Study of Crisis Management in Public Relations	
1988	H-2	Patricia	Hennessy			Student Attitudes Toward Reportorial Journalism:  A Survey	
1988	H-3	Kevin		Hickey				Is Bob Dyland's Use of Musticism and New Journalistic Techniques Plausible as a Mass Communication Vehicle for Learning to Communicate With God?	
1988	H-4	Glen		Hofmann				A Look at the Big East and Attlantic 10	
1988	I	Gia		Ingutti				The Relative Credibility of Television Newscasts and Daily Newspaper Reports Among Selected College Students:  A Field Survey	
1988	K-1	John		Kane				An In-dept Study of the Mark Hellinger Award	
1988	K-2	Christopher	Keller				Selling the Falls	
1988	K-3	Teri		Knapp				"The Effects of Television Commercials on Children:  A Review 	"	
1988	K-4	Kevin		Kosanovich			Motives of St. Bonaventure University Students for Watching Daytime Soap Operas	
1988	L-1	Patrick		Lafferty			Soldiers Vs. Scriptors:  A Study of Military/Press Relations	
1988	L-2	Deborah		Lipanii				Assessing Communication at St. Bonaventure University	
1988	L-3	Michelle	Lyons				St. Bonaventure University a Readership Study of the BonaVenture Newspaper	
1988	M-1	Tonia		Makitra				Violence in the News:  A Comparison of ABC and CNN	
1988	M-2	Christopher	Malott				Television:  An Analysis and Moral Critique of Children's Programming	
1988	M-3	Jacqueline	Mangioneangione		Public Relations in Business:  A Field Study and Qualitative Analysis	
1988	M-4	Elizabeth	Manning				WSBU Auditorium Music Test	
1988	M-5	Ellyn		McCasland			A Content Analysis of Violent Photographes in the Olean Times Herald and The New York Times	
1988	M-6	William		McCloe				A Day as a Photojournalist	
1988	M-7	Brian		Miller				Audio-Visual Cameras In New York State Courtrooms:  Opinions of Those Involved	
1988	M-8	Jeffery		Mills 				"Coverage of the 1987 N.F.L. Players' Strike in Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustated:  A Content Analysis"	
1988	N	Michael		Nayman				The Descrimination of Blacks in Sports	
1988	O	Michael		O'Conner			Do Tomorrow's Leaders Know Who Today's Leaders are?  Current Events and Media Usuage:  A Field Surey of St. Bonaventure Undergraduates	
1988	P	James		Prendergast			NCAA Sports:  Professionalized and Corrupted by the Media	
1988	R-1	Todd		Randall				Are Americans Really Physically Fit?	
1988	R-2	Elizabeth	Ransom				Newspaper Coverage of Environmental Issues:  Quehanna Case Study	
1988	R-3	Mary		Romano				The Programming Preferences and Listening Habits of the Target Audience of WSBU-FM:  A Field Study	
1988	R-4	Laura		Ruhland				A Study of the Preferences of USA Today over The New York Times by a College Audience	
1988	G-2	Tracey		Scanlon		Wilson	Gilano  Magazine Production:  A  How  to Journal	
1988	S-1	Danielle	Schultz				"A Content Analysis of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report's Coverage of Michael Dukakis in the 1988 Presidential Campaign"	
1988	S-2	Theresa		Schumacher			Audio-Visual Coverage of Judicial Proceedings in New York State	
1988	R--3	Robert		Smith		Mary	Romano	The Programming Preferences and Listening Habits of the Target Audience of WSBU-FM:  A Field Study	
1988	S-3	William		Stephens			A Reader Interest Survey of the BonaVenture:  What and How Much do Students Read of the Weekly Campus Newspaper?	
1988*	S-4	Colleen		Sullivan			Censorship...The Dirty Word 	Missing
1988	S-5	Judith		Swankoski			Soap Operas:  Why do College Students View Them and What are the Cultivation Effects?	
1988	T-1	Laurel		Terrell				Cabbage Patch Madness:  An Analysis of the Use of Public Relations Practices in the Marketing of Coleco's Cabbage Patch Kids	
1988	T-2	Terence		Tiernan				Are the Messages Getting Through?:  A Study of the Effectiveness of Campus Media	
1988	T-3	Lisa		Tufillaro			Television's Professional Women	
1988	W-1	Diane		Wagner				The Effects Aids Advertisements and PSA's have on the Average College Student	
1988	W-2	Gregory		Walsh				Mass Media Use and Academic Achievement:  A Correlational Study	
1988	G-2	Bridgett	Wilson		Scanlon	Gilano  "Magazine Production:  A  How  to Journal"""	
1988*	Y-1	Phillip		Yargeau				Missing
1988	Y-2	Stephanie	York				Newsweek Coverage of Oliver North Vs. Time Coverage of Oliver North	
1989	A	Brian	   	Attea				Employee Image of the Public Relations Department:  A Case-Study and Survey of Two Companies	
1989	B-1	Adam		Bissell				Content Analysis of Two Special Interest Magazines:  Rolling Stone and Sin	
1989	B-2	Kristel		Bruinsma			The Information Content of Cigarette Ads in Women's Magazines:  A Content Analysis	
1989	B-3	Bryan		Burkert				An Analysis of Horror Film Appeal:  Predictors of Enjoyment of Frightening Films	
1989	C-1	Lorie		Card				The Coverage of Women's Collegiate Basketball in Sports Illustrated and the Sporting News from 1986-1989:  A Content Analysis	
1989	C-2	Cathy		Cartier				Invasion of Privacy-Northwest 225 & Pan American 103:  An Analysis	
1989	C-3	Robert		Chase				The Effect of Communication Source Attractiveness Upon Task Evaluation:  A Laboratory Experiment	
1989	C-4	John		Colwell				"A Comparison of Coverage in Sports Illustrated, Time and Newsweek of the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympic Games:  A Content Analysis "	
1989	C-5	Eileen		Cope				The Missing Link:  Magazine Advertisements and Their Relation to Eating Disorders	
1989	C-6	Mark		Cullen				Ex-Football Players in Broadcasting Today	
1989	C-7	Monica		Cummings			The Portrayal of Women in Magazine Advertisements	
1989	D-1	Elizabeth	Deck				Children's Perceptions of Television News	
1989	D-2	Joseph		DelBalso			Negro 'Firsts' in Major League Baseball and How the Print Media Portrayed Them: A Content Analysis	
1989	D-3	Andrea		DeVito				Public Affairs:  Sources of Information and Knowledge:  A Survey	
1989	D-4	Brian		DiFonzo				"Subliminal Advertising:  An Attention Getter, A Meta-Research Document"	
1989	D-5	Maura		Dolan				Sexism in Advertising:  A Content Analysis of Ms. Magazine	
1989	D-6	Mary		Dompkowski			Editorial Cartoons in the 1988 Issues of the Washington Post:  A Content Analysis of the Issues	
1989	E-1	John		Eberth				Editorial Endorsements of Presidential Cadidates in the New York Times and How They Affect Candidate News Coverage:  A Content Analysis	
1989	E-2	Regina		Edwards				TV Sitcoms Positive Affect the Attitudes of Teenagers	
1989	E-3	John		Egan				"MTV's Affect on Radio and Record Sales Both Before and After the 1986 Merger with Viacom International, Inc."	
1989	E-4	Beth		Emerson				Presidential Candidates- Their Private Lives and the Media: A Field Survey	
1989	F	Paul		Fetherston			"Comparing the Coverage of Gerry Faust and Lou Holtz in Sports Illustrated, Time and Newsweek"	
1989	G-1	Karen		Gaffney				The Portrayal of Women in Magazine Advertisements--Is it Changing with the Changing Women?  A Content Analysis 	
1989	G-2	Joseph		Gangemi				Coverage of Syracuse Orangemen by Two City Dailies:The Herald- Journal and Post- Standard: A Content Analysis 	
1989	G-3	Jennifer	Gangloff			The Use of Anonymous Sources:  Poilicies of Metropolitan Dailies and Opinions of the Gatekeepers of the News	
1989	G-4	Mildred		Gonzolez			"The Most Latin Magazine in the United States:  A Content Analysis of Vanidades Continental, Cosmopolitan en Espanol and Buenhogar con Goodhousekeeping"	
1989	H-1	Donna		Harradine			Effects of the President's First Address to Congress:  An Agenda Setting Study	
1989	H-2	James		Hendrick			The Increase of Media Coverage of the Final Four:  1968-1988--A Content Analysis	
1989	J	Lisa		Johnson				High Definition Television and the Consumer	
1989	K-1	Douglas		Kates				Regulating Photojournalists:  Taking the Light Away	
1989	K-2	William		Kay				Print Media Coverage of the Buffalo Bills During the 1988 Season as Compared to the 1986 Season:  A Content Analysis	
1989	K-3	Mary		King 				A Content Analysis of Time's 'Man of the Year'	
1989	K-4	Kathleen	Kinney				"The Impact of Press Coverage on the Lyndon Goodell Trial in Genessee County, New York:  A Case Study"	
1989	K-5	Karen		Klein				Hollywood's Vietnam:  Fact or Fiction?	
1989	K-6	Lynn		Kunz				The Effects of Anit-Drug Commercials on the User:  A Research Study	
1989	L-1	Maureen		Lloyd				Televising Sports:  The Impact It's Had	
1989*	L-2	Matthew		Locatelli			The Relationship Between Advertising and Consumption of Alcohol:  A Field Study 	Missing
1989	M-1	Colleen		Maginn				The Portrayal of Women in Cigarette Advertisements	
1989	M-2	Michelle	Manuse				The Effects of Televised Suicide on Overt and Covert Morality Rates:  A Comparison Study Based on a Quasi-Experimental Analysis	
1989	M-3	Joseph		Margraf				Cable Television Regulation and Deregulation:  An Investigation of First Amendment Rights in a New Medium	
1989	M-4	Michael		Mashanic			Coverage of the New York Yankees and the New York Mets by the New York Times:  A Content Analysis	
1989	M-5	Debra		Massaux				The Influence of the Musical Artists of the '70s on College Students of the '80s:  A Field Study	
1989	M-6	Brian		McEnroe				The Role of the Ombudsmen in Creating a More Responsible Press	
1989	M-7	Joanne		Meredith			Communication Education in New York State:  An Overview	
1989	M-8	Christine	Miskiewicz			"Hazelwood School District, ET AL., Petitioners v. Cathy Kuhlmeier ET AL. No. 86-836:  A Content Analysis"	
1989	M-9	Lynn		Mulhern				"Sex in Magazine Advertisements:  A Content Analysis of Glamour and Esquier Magazines, 1966, 1976 and 1986"	
1989	N	Jennifer	Nichols				An Organizational and Operational Typology of College Newspaper in the United States	
1989	P-1	Michele		Petteruti			Men's and Women's Age Portrayed in Magazine Advertisements:  A Content Analysis	
1989	P-2	Kelly		Pondolofino			Attitudes of the Clergy Regarding the Appropriateness of Church Advertising:  A Field Study	
1989	P-3	John		Prise				"High Definition Television, The Wave of the Future:  A Qualitatvie Chronology and Analysis"	
1989	R-1	Mary		Robbins				How Sexual Discrimination Affects Female Media Managers:  A Field Survey	
1989	R-2	Lisa		Romano				The Assurance of Quality of Care:  A Case Study of Aurburn Memorial Hospital	
1989	R-3	Kelly		Rush				Changing Roles of Women as Portrayed in Top Women's Fashion Magazines:  A Content Analysis 	
1989	R-4	Blain		Russell				Rise of the Atlantic 10 Basketball Conference	
1989*	S-1	Robert		Senesac				The Portrayal of Women in Music Videos:  A Content Analysis	Missing
1989	S-2	Margaret	Serowik				"A Comparison of Good, Bad and Neutral News Between a High, Medium, and Low Crime Rate Area"	
1989	S-3	John		Smith				Two St. Bonaventure Univ. Basketball Players Arrested in Burglary.  The Diffusion Process of a Major Campus News Event:  A Field Survey	
1989	S-4	Kristen		Speranza			Twana Brawley:  A Content Analysis	
1989	S-5	Susan		Stanley				Foreigners' Perceptions of LIfe in America:  A Focus-Group Study of American Televison Impact	
1989	T-1	Marybeth	Taddio				Television Advertising and Its Appeal to Women	
1989	T-2	Jeanna		Taraci				The Retention of Television Commercials:  A Laboratory Experiment	
1989	V-1	Michael		Vaccaro				"Understood Excellence:  A Comprehensive History of 'The Bona Venture,' 1926-1988"	
1989	V-2	Maureen		VanNorstrand			Immediate and Delayed Recall and Reconition of Television Commercials:  A Laboratory Experiment	
1989	W-1	Jennifer	Walline				"The Political, Social, Research, and Education Issues of AIDS as Presented in 'The New York Times,' 'USA Today,' and 'The Buffalo News':  A Content Analysis"	
1989	W-2	Jamie		Wilson				Cosmopolitan Magazine on Sex and Sexuality:  1970-1988	
1989	Z	Donna		Ziegler				Women in Television:  The Past 30 Years	


1990	A-1	Frank		Arico				A Content Analysis of Magazine Ads Comparing 1979 to 1989:  Over This Time Span has Advertising Become More Sexually Oriented?	
1990	A-2	Timothy		Attea				Student's Attitudes:  Generalized and Personalized Attitudes Toward the Social Economic Effects of Advertising:  A Survey	
1990	B-1	Kathryn		Baldwin				A Nation's View of Apartheid:  A Content Analysis of the New York Times & the Washington Post	
1990	B-2	Katherine	Barr				AIDS:  A Qualitative Study	
1990	B-3	Thomas		Bausemer			"Sexuality in Advertising:  A Content Analysis of 1969, 1979, and 1989 Magazine Advertisements"	
1990	B-4	Nancy		Bently				Career Attitudes of News-Editorial and Advertising-Public Relations Students:  A Comparative Survey	
1990	B-5	Gregory		Bernard				The Effectiveness of Source Credibility as a Means of Persuasion by the Media:  A Survey	
1990	B-6	Richard		Blake				A Readership Survey of the Independent Press	
1990	B-7	Michele	L.	Bobby				Children's Perceptions of Televison Reality:  An Experiement	
1990	B-8	Claire		Burns				Life Goes On...	
1990	B-9	Matthew	W.	Byrne				How Magazines Shifted Their Image During the Vietnam War:  A Quantitative Analysis	
1990	C-1	Laura	A.	Calanni				The Advancement of Women in Broadcast News:  A Meta- Research Study	
1990	C-2	Lisa	A.	Capellupo			Children and the Benefits of Television	
1990	C-3	Andrew		Carney				Magazine Coverage of Hurricane Hugo:  A Content Analysis of Time and Newsweek	
1990	C-4	Matthew	R.	Carty				The Flip Side of Radio	
1990	C-5	Jennifer	L.	Chadwick		Television as Entertainment for Youth:  A Field Survey	
1990*	C-6	Anne		Clough				* Dr. Mary Hamilton has.	Missing
1990	C-7	Carrie		Cox				To Smoke or Not To Smoke:  A Content Analysis of Women's Magazines' Coverage of Smoking	
1990	C-8	Mary		Craig				Coke and Pepsi Advertising Strategies	
1990*	C-9	John		Crimmins			"The Effectiveness of Anti-Alcohol Promotion on Saint Bonaventure Students, and the Residents of the Surrounding Area  "	Missing
1990	C-10	Elizabeth	Cross				Viewer Perception of Actor/Character Interchangeability:  A Correlational Study	
1990	D-1	Deborah	A.	Davis				How Children Rate Informational Content in Selective Television Commercials:  A Field Experiment	
1990	D-2	Anne		Delaney				A Content Analysis:  The Coverage of President Reagan's Decision to Invade Grenada in the New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor	
1990	D-3	Bridget	E.	Dolan				The Effectiveness of the Media in Making the Public Aware of Enviromental Problems	
1990	D-4	PatriciaDucey					Women as Sports Television Reporters:  Does the Public Think They are Credible Sources?  A Field Survey of Students and Faculty at St. Bonaventure University	
1990	F-1	Brian	T.	Flynn				Attitudes Toward Violence in Sports & Its Effect on Children:  A Survey	
1990	F-2	Dermot	M.	Forde				The Bombing of Pan Am 103:  A Content Analysis U.S. News & World Report/Newsweek	
1990	F-3	Kimberly	L.	Frey			Advertising Strategies of Local and National Amusement Parks:  Case Studies of Darien Lake and Walt Disney World	
1990	F-4	Pamela		Frohne				Increasing Public Awareness of Child Abuse:  A Content-Comparative Analysis of the Magazine Coverage of the Nussbaum-Steinberg Case	
1990	F-5	Catherine	J.	Fuda			"The Change in Glamour's Portrayal of Women in Advertisements, 1965-1990:  A Content Analysis"	
1990*	G-1	Kathryn	M.	Geller				* Dr. Doug Carr has.	Missing
1990	H-1	Donna	A.	Hahn				How the Use of Color Affects the Content of Newspaper Front Page Photographs:  A Content Analysis	
1990	H-2	John	E.	Heffner				"Promising Careers Gone Awry:  A Content Analysis of Promising Baseball Players Whose Careers Faltered, 1973-1990"	
1990	J-1	Jeffrey	A.	Jay				Portrayal of Women in Rock Videos	
1990	K-1	Julie	L.	Kalata				I am Woman Hear Me Roar:  A Study of the Motivations of College Women Communications	
1990	K-2	Patricia	Kempa				A Historical Analysis & Discussion of Global Impact of Contemporary Media Issue	
1990	K-3	William	K.	Kirkpatrick			College Student's Perceptions of Sex in Prime Time Television:  A Survey of Students at St. Bonaventure University	
1990	L-1	Michael	A.	Lang				"Women and the Sports Media:  A  Content Analysis of Sports Illustrated's Coverage of Women's Athletics, 1972-1988"	
1990	M-2	Steven	A.	McConnell			Cable Television at St. Bonaventure University:  A Viewing Profile	
1990	M-3	Christopher	M.	Militello		Assessing the Credibility of Local Television Newscasters:  A Survey	
1990	M-4	Brian		Murphy				A Study on How News is Obtained Based on a Subject's Geographic Location	
1990	P-1	Debbie	J.	Paul				A Study of the Changing Perception of Nudity	
1990	P-2	Michelle	Phelps				College Students' Perceptions of Young Adult Characters in Soap Operas	
1990	Q-1	Steven	C.	Quagliani			Preference and Credibility in the News Media:  A College Survey	
1990	R-1	Susan		Ragognetti			Television and Print Advertising:  A Quantitative Research Expriment	
1990	R-2	John	C.	Randazzo			A Content Analysis of Visuals Used in Print Advertising	
1990	R-3	Patrick	J.	Reynolds			Exploring the Ad-to-Sales Ratio:  How Important is Advertising	
1990	R-4	Kenneth	E.	Roon				A Content Analysis of How the New York Times Dealt with the Tate/LaBianca Defendants	
1990	R-5	Elizabeth	A.	Root			The Advancement of Women in the 1960's and 1970's as Seen Through Mademoiselle and McCall's Magazines	
1990	R-6	Henry	J.	Russell				A Replicative Study on the Use of Colors & Graphics in Newspapers & the Relationship to Readership by Age	
1990	S-1	Joseph		Sanguedolce			Soap Operas:  A Positive Influence on the Viewing Public	
1990	S-2	Lynne	E.	Sherwin				"Experts, Insiders & Close Friends- Anonymous Sources in Tabloid Journalism:  A Content Analysis"	
1990	S-3	Catherine	Smith				A Community Hospital in Upstate New York:  An Image Study	
1990	S-4	Colleen	A.	Smith				Freedom of the Press in the Private Institution	
1990	S-5	Mari	L.	Snyder				"The Perfume Industry's Communication of the Female Image:  A Content Analysis of Perfume Advertisements in Mademoiselle in 1969, 1979, & 1989 "	
1990*	S-6	Lynn	E.	Sparapany			Calvin Klein Advertisements:  A Content Analysis: Articles Written During the Last 10 Years About Clavin Klein or Calvin Klein Industries 	Missing
1990	T	Catherine	Truskey				Variations in Advertising Jingles; 1965-1990:  A Qualitative Analysis	
1990	U	Jacqueline	Urinyi				The Effects of the Computer Revolution on Print Journalism in the 1990's	
1990	V-1	Jeffrey	J.	Van Houtte			Television Violence and Its Effects on Young Children	
1990	V-2	Leslie	J.	Vincen				Teens on Television	
1990	W-1	Matthew		Walsh				How Televison Commercials Effect Children	
1990	W-2	John	J.	Wiedeman			Does Sports Marketing Make Sense?  An Investigation	
1990*	W-3	Jennifer	A.	Williams		Education and the Computer	Missing
1990*	W-4	Kevin	W.	Wood				Frequency of Blacks in Magazine Advertising and the Roles They Play:  A Content Analysis of Time and Ladies' Home Journal from 1982 to 1989	Missing
1990	Z-1	James	J.	Zaniello			"European Community 1992:  How Dentsu Inc., Young & Rubicam and Saatchi Advertising World Wide are Changing to Meet the Demands"	
1991	A-1	Danielle	M.	Apisa				Television Credibility Vs. Newspaper Credibility	
1991	A-2	Christopher	P.	Argento			Pay-Per-View Television and Boxing: A Content Analysis of the Future of Pay-Per-View Television and Boxing	
1991	B-1	Craig	A.	Baroncelli			Sneaker Advertising and Athlete Endorsements:  Content Analysis of Athlete-Endorsed Athletic Footwear and Survey of the Effects on the Viewer	
1991	B-2	Lisa	M.	Battaglia			The Portrayal of Women in Music Videos:  A Survey on Sexism	
1991	B-3	Celine	 	Bernstein			The Birth of Allure;  A Case Study	
1991	B-4	Jason	M.	Beyersdorfer			It's A Matter of Trust:  A Credibility Study of The Bona Venture	
1991	B-5	Darren	J.	Bonaventura			"African-American Coverage in Life Magazine, 1978-1990:  A Content Analysis"	
1991	B-6	Robert	F.	Brewster			Media Usage Habits of St. Bonaventure University Students and Their Knowledge When Put to the Test	
1991	B-7	Jacquelyn	Brown				The Effects of Television Commercials on Children	
1991	C-1	Richard	J.	Cavanagh			The Roles of College Radio Programming vs. Television and Their Effects on the Exposure of New Musical Groups:  A Content Analysis.	
1991	D-1	Jeffrey		D'Alessio			Coverage of Syracuse University Basketball In Two City Dailies: The Syracuse Herald-Journal and Post-Standard	
1991	D-2	Michael	C.	Doyle				Testing Use of Facial Expressions as a Methodology in Lieu of Traditional Questionnaires	
1991	D-3	Eileen	 	Duffy				Coverage of the Persian Gulf War:  A Content Analysis Between Time and Newsweek	
1991	E-1	Korrin	M.	Erickson			The Hidden Persuaders:  An Experiment on the Effects of Subliminal Embeds in Magazine Ads on Behavior	
1991	F-1	Amy	S.	Falk				The Portrayal of Women in Advertisements:  A Content Analysis of Ms. Magazine From 1970-1990	
1991	F-2	William	E.	Flanagan			Banging the Boards for Bucks:  A Study of the Increase of Division One College Basketball Television Coverage as it Relates to Cheating.	
1991	G-1	Joseph	T.	Gannon				The Fact / Opinion Distinction in Newspapers	
1991	G-2	Kellyanne	 Gates				Sexual Innuendoes and Nudity Contained In Glamour Magazine Advertisements	
1991	G-3	Kimberley	M.	Geary			Magazine Readership Among St. Bonaventure's Female Students	
1991*	G-4	Paul	R.	Gould				News Magazines' Portrayal of AIDS & Its Victims	
1991	G-5	Carrie	A.	Gula				The News Audience's Preference of Newscaster Gender:  A Survey	
1991	H	Diana	L.	Heimiller			A Content Analysis of Time & U.S. News & World Report	
1991	I	Wanda		Ineich				Uses and Gratifications of Magazines Among College Students:  A Survey	
1991	J	Sarah		Johnson				A Half Century of Humor in American Magazine Advertising: A Content Analysis	
1991	K-1	RoseAnn	 	Kern				When the Newspapers Become the Newsmakers:  The Closing of The Buffalo Courier-Express	
1991	K-2	Timothy	R.	Kolpien				Sources of Voter Perception of Political Candidates:  A Field Survey	
1991	K-3	Peter	C. M.	Krieger				Compact Disc Market Penetration in the New York Metropolitan Area	
1991	L-1	Michelle	A.	Lancer			The Accurate Portrayal of Young Women in Print Advertisements:  A Survey	
1991	L-2	Jennifer	A.	Lang			Propaganda in Motion Made During World War II:  A Content Analysis	
1991	M-1	Sean	A.	Mahoney				A Comparative Analysis of Three Newsmagazine's Coverage of the AIDS Epidemic	
1991	M-2	William	B.	Martin				The National Media Coverage of the 1990 Buffalo Bills Compared to the 1980 Buffalo Bills:  A Content Analysis	
1991	M-3	Michael	J.	McCarthy			The Effects of Alcohol Advertisements on Today's Young Adults	
1991	M-4	Leslie	A.	McGhee				The Ideal Newscaster:  An Update	
1991	M-5	Michelle	 McGuigan			Portrayal of Women in Soap Operas Compared to Men:  A Comparative Analysis	
1991	M-6	Mark	D.	McKeon				A Perception and Retention Experiment of a CNN Newscast by St. Bonaventure Students        	
1991	M-7	Lisa	 	Meeghan				The New York Post and the Preppy Murder.	
1991	M-8	Steven	J.	Mest				The Heisman Trophy Award:  A History and a Critique	
1991	N	Donna	E.	Norton				An Analysis of the Walt Disney Company Public Relations Department	
1991	O	Keith		O'Brien				The Lack of Informational News Gathering by Saint Bonaventure University Students:  A Field Survey	
1991	P	Elizabeth	A.	Pleva			Servicewomen in the Gulf - A Content Analysis of Time and Newsweek's Coverage of the Persian Gulf Crisis	
1991	R-1	Michelle	L.	Rex			College Students Viewing Soap Operas:  A Distorted Perception of Reality? 	
1991	R-2	Kristen	R.	Russi				Desensitization to Violence:  A Survey of Some College Students	
1991	S-1	Jamie	M.	Sarra				The Portrayal of Women in Commercial Advertisements:  An Experiment on the Changing Roles From 1960 to 1990	
1991	S-2	Ann	 	Schofield			Surviving the Nineties With Cosmopolitan Confidence	
1991	S-3	Kristin	M.	Shea				Color Preference in Magazine Advertising:  A Q-Study	
1991	S-4	Brenda 	I.	Smith				Learning From Television and Books:  A Study of Western New York Sixth-Grade Students From a Semi-Rural Area and the Way They Perceive Media	
1991	S-5	Jennifer	M.	Soder			Inequalities Facing Women in News Broadcasting	
1991	S-6	Christine	A.	Spillett		The Appeal of Humorous Television Advertising Content to Selected College Students at St. Bonaventure	
1991	T-1	Keith	L.	Treco				"A content analysis based on the hypothesis that the McDonald's Corporation, in response to their decision to discontinue the use of polystyrene packaging, will establish an environmentally friendly advertising campaign."	
1991	T-2	Louise-	 Marie	Tulio				"The Perfume Industry's Portrayal of the Female Image:  A Field Survey of Perfume Advertisements in Glamour Magazine in 1969, 1979 and 1989"	
1991	V-1	Catherine	M.	Valenti			College Student's Memory of Negative Political Advertising	
1991	V-2	Lisa		Van den Berge			When Journalists Go Too Far:  Crossing Ethical And Moral Boundaries In Newsgathering	
1991	V-3	Edward	 	Viola				"Crayons and Computers,  the Colorization Conflict"	
1991	W-1	Leslie	 	Wainwright			Crazy Like a Fox:  Can The Fox Broadcasting Company Be Considered The Fourth Network?  A Historical Analysis	
1991	W-2	Kathleen	M.	Walker			Age and Content Influences on Children's Perceptions of the Realism of Television Families:  An Experiment	
1991	W-3	Jacquelynn	S.	Wlos			"Are Women Stereotyped in Advertising?:  The 'happy' housewife, the 'sex object' and dependent on men."	
1991	W-4	Adrian	 	Wojnarowski			A Study of ESPN's Impact on College Basketball	
1991	W-5	Samantha	A.	Wood			A Field Survey:  How St. Bonaventure Students Feel About Their First Amendment Rights	
1992	A	Richard	A.	Archer				A Pilot Study on the Credibility of The National Enquirer	
1992	B-1	James	D.	Battaglia			Industrial Marketing During World War Two and Operation Desert Storm.  Should Industry During Wartime be Sold Like Soap?	
1992	B-2	Pamela	L.	Beagle				Examination of the Corporate Apology Strategy as Used by Exxon during the Valdez Oil Crisis	
1992	B-3	Daniel		Bray				Sports Discrimination.  The Difference Between the Coverage of the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills in the Buffalo News	
1992	B-4	Molly	T.	Brown				The Televised Sitcom:  A Critical Analysis	
1992*	B-5	Therese		Burke				The Influential Effects of Television Advertising on Children:  A Content Analysis	Missing
1992	B-6	Carolynn	A.	Burns 			Cameras in the Courtroom:  Free Press or Fair Trial	
1992	C-1	Amy	K.	Carr				The News Trends of the Bonaventure during the Course of Four Historical Periods:  A Content Analysis	
1992	C-2	Richard	F.	Chrampanis			Market Size in Relation to Television Ratings of Major League Baseball's World Series	
1992	C-3	Gregory	M.	Cicatelli			Subliminal 'Embeds' in Magazine Ads	
1992	C-4	Erin	M.	Coffey				Eleanor Roosevelt in The White House:  Through the Attention of TIme.	
1992	C-5	William		Cook				Subliminal Embeds In Print Advertising	
1992	C-6	Mary Kay	Coppola				Sex-Role Stereotyping in Prime-Time Television:  A Content Analysis	
1992	C-7	Richard		Corwin				"Television Psychology	"	
1992	C-8	Charles	W.	Creme				The Editorial Decision-Making Process.  The Focus:  The Magic Johnson/HIV Story	
1992	D-1	Melissa		Della Penna			Media Coverage of AIDS:  A Content Analysis	
1992	D-2	Alan		Delozier			Paul Harvey News and the Osgood Files  (A Study on Their Audiences and Content)	
1992	D-3	Mark		Donoghue			Do Cartoons Make News?	
1992	D-4	Thomas	E.	Duffy				"Coverage of the William Kennedy Smith, Clarence Thomas, and David Duke Scandals in the New York Times and The National Enquirer:  Is  One Newspaper's Coverage More Sensationalistic than the Other?"	
1992	E	Suzanne	W.	English				"Chain Buyout of a Family-Owned Daily:  Effects on Staffing, Amount and Percentage of Local News Coverage"	
1992	F-1	Julie 		Fischette			Fear Appeals and Source Credibility:  The Media's Plight to Communicate the AIDS Scare to the Public	
1992	F-2	Rachel	A.	Flicker				Percetions of SBU Mass Communication Students Concerning the Strengths and Weaknesses of the MassCommunication Department	
1992	G-1	Christina	A.	Gallo			Children's Television:  A Meta Research of the Last 20 Years	
1992	G-2	Edward	B.	Gillespie			The Babe:  Is the Name Indicative of the Actions?	
1992	G-3	Kristine	M.	Gombatto		The Effects of Television on Adolescents:  A Meta Research.	
1992	H-1	Joseph 	M.	Hafner				Time Magazine's Coverage of Political Advertising during the 1988 Presidential Election:  A Content Analysis	
1992	H-2	Paul	S	"Hartwick, Jr."			"Professional Sports and the City of Buffalo:   A Content Analysis,  USA Today, 1985 vs. 1991"	
1992	K-1	Patrick 	P.	Kelly			"Content Bias, Abortion and the R.C.C."	
1992	K-2	Elizabeth		Kinney			"Tools:  The Use and Alteration of Trademarks, Charcters, and Names to Create Product Recognition and to Reflect Contemporary Times."	
1992*	K-3	Denise		Kwit				none listed	Missing
1992*	L-1	Brian	E.	Larkin				"Thge Pay-per-View Olymoics: Gold Rush and theFuture of PPV Sports Programming''	Missing"	
1992	L-2	Elizabeth	M.	Latus			Cheering for the Home Team:  A Content Analysis of Two Newspapers	
1992	L-3	Kimberly	Lighton				Sex-Role Stereotyping in  Advertising during a Televised Sporting Event	
1992	L-4	Julie 	C.	Loughlin			A Decade of Change:  Women in Advertising  (A Content Analysis)	
1992	M-1	Kerry	P.	MacDonald			Source Credibility:  The Use of Body Imagery in Magazine Advertising	
1992	M-2	Michelle	Maloney				The Perception of American Men v. Women Reporting Local Television News in 1992:  A Field Experiment	
1992*	M-3	Vachelle	T.	Manly			The Regan Administration:  A Review of the Administration's Handling of the Freedom of Information Act with Regards to the Liberatino Theory of the Press	Missing
1992	M-4	Richard	W.	Mason				Newspaper Coverage of Sports Teams in the New City/ Long Island Area:  A Content Analysis	
1992	M-5	Kara	A.	McGovern			Celebrity Cover Photos:  1970-1990	
1992	M-6	Matthew		McGuire				The Effects of Television Advertising:  A Cultivation Analysis	
1992	M-7	Douglas	J.	Miller				My Back Pages.  Media Manipulation and the 1986 Yankees	
1992	M-8	Jason	M.	Mirwald				The Radio Priest:  Father Couglin's Use of Propaganda in Social Justice	
1992	M-9	Jennifer	L.	Monroe			"Coverage of Women in Business Week, Fortune and Forbes 1980 vs. 1990:  A Content Analysis"	
1992	M-10 	Anthony		Morelli				Coverage of Vactican II: American Vs. Time and Newsweek.	
1992	N	Anthony	J.	Napoli				"How Cigarette Advertising Changed in Sports Illusrtated from Jan. 1, 1966  to Dec. 31, 1976:  A Content Analysis"	
1992	P-1	Michael	D.	Piskorski			Television and Free Agency in Major League Baseball and the Problems They Bring	
1992	P-2	Roseanne	Popieluch			"Advertising, the Environment, and Consumer Perceptions:  A Field Study"	
1992	R-1	Erica		Reed				The Limited:  A Case Study	
1992	R-2	Jodi	A.	Ruscito				Sex-Role Stereotyping in a Women's Magazine	
1992	R-3	Megan	M. 	Russell				Radio Management:  Program Versus Sales Promotions in Small and Medium Size Markets:  A Content Analysis.	
1992	R-4	Joseph	C.	Russo				Making Good Programming Decisions through Audience Research:  A Study of the 18-34 Year Old Radio Listener in Olean and Allegany	
1992	S-1	Megumi		Sakurai				Effect Of Mass Mediated Information On Various Cultural Groups	
1992	S-2	Brian	S.	Sanger				Racism in Athletics:  A Critical Analysis of the Black Athlete	
1992	S-3	Stephen	J.	Sickler				The Effect of the Press on the 'Son of Sam' Case:  The Question of a Fair Trial	
1992	S-4	Mary Lou	Singer				Controversy of Female Sportswriters and Sportscasters in Locker Rooms of Male Athletic Teams:  A Qualitative Investigation	
1992	S-5	Jacqueline	Suarez				Does The New York Times Treat Sexual Assault Victims Unfairly?	
1992	T	Lawrence	Tolbert				Are Women Used as Accessories in Magazine Advertising?	
1992	W-1	Colleen	E.	Waldron				Weekly News Magazine Coverage of Environmental Issues:  A Content Analysis	
1992	W-2	Deborah	C.	Walker				"A Content Analysis of Gatekeeping in Letters to the Editor of The Olean TImes Herald January and February, 1992"	
1992	W-3	Gabrielle	Watt				Sexual Explicitness.  The Use of Male or Female Sexual Explicitness in Beer Advertisements on NBC	
1992	W-4	Stephen	D.	Weston				The Political Manipulation of America (Supportive and Attacking Messages)	
1992	W-5	Robert	S.	"Williams, II"			Media During the American Revolution	
1992	W-6	Penny	L.	WilliamsPenny			"The Persuasion power of television Advertising: A case Study Demonstrating Whether Pepsi Gotta Have it"" Campaign Has Increased Awareness About Pepsi"""	
1992	W-8	Mary Ellen	Wohlrab				The 1990's Trail of Tears:  The Use of the Indian Name for Sports Teams:  A Detriment to Those  Teams' Images        	
1992	W-7	Lynne		Woodarek			Stereotypes of Males Displayed in Advertisements	
1993	A-1	Lisa	M.	Amabile				The Portrayal of Women  in Music Videos	
1993	A-2	Krista	Marie	Argeros				The Stereotyping of Women in Films: A Positive or Negative Portrayal	
1993	B-1	Carrie	E.	Brunner				The Growth and Change of AIDS Coverage in Time and Newsweek: A Content Analysis	
1993	B-2	Beth		Buchanan			Portrayal of Women in Motion Pictures: A Study of Effects on the Impact of a Certain Audience	
1993	B-3	Marcy	R.	Burt				Glasnost and its Influence on the Former Soviet Press: A Critical Analysis	
1993	C-1	Katy		Call				Women in Advertising: Images of Unrealistic Beauty	
1993	C-2	Eileen 	R.	Casey				"Female Roles in Non-Fiction Articles of Mademoiselle, Redbook and Ms. Magazines from 1987 to 1991"	
1993	C-3	George	Allen	Clinton				Television Comedy and the Effect of the Perception of '92 Presidential Candidates: A Field Survey	
1993	C-4	Edmond 	F.	Comans				The Comparative Readability of Front Pages and Sports Pages of Daily Newspapers	
1993	C-5	Susan 	L.	Cuthbert			The Effects of Advertising Labels on Adolescence	
1993	AV-1-AV-2	David	Davoli				The Making of 'The Young Riders'  (video documentary and written profile)	
1993	D-1	Sean	J.	Deery				Preference of Media for Newsgathering: A Survey Research	
1993	D-2	Kerry	L.	Donovan				Emotional Response to National Disasters as seen on Television News	
1993	D-3	Marsha		Ducey				A Content Analysis of British and American Newspaper Coverage of  Clinton's Presential Victory	
1993	F	Michele		Fehr				A Comparison of the Number of Male Versus Female Bylines in the Sports Sections of Two Major Newspapers	
1993*	G-1	Brian	Wayne	Gary				Land of the Midnight Sun (play script and video)	Missing
1993	H	Sondra	Dawn	Herman				The Portrayal of Women Sexually in Magazine Advertisements: A Content Analysis	
1993	I	Yeon-Soo	Im				Mass Media: Is it Still a Man's World	
1993	L-1	Patricia	M.	LaBarge			"Undergraduates at St. Bonaventure University Viewing Soap Opera (Days of our Lives""): Is Entertainment the Main Motivation?"""	
1993	L-2	Brian		Larkin				The Pay-Per-View Olympics: Gold Rush and the Future of PPV Sports Programming	
1993	L-3	Diana		Latorre				"A Content Analysis of Gender Stereotyping in the Hanna Barbara Cartoon The Jetsons"""	
1993	L-4	Jennifer	Loftus				AIDS Information Absorption: The Multi-Stage Theory of Developmental Patterns	
1993	L-5	Andy		LoTempio			LSD and the Popular Media	
1993	M-1	Joann	Marie	Maloney				"What Images Do Consumers Get From Companies Who Use Environmental Advertising?"""	
1993	M-2	David	M.	Manzella			The Effects of Photographs on a Student's Ability to Retain News-Story Information: A Field Experiment	
1993	M-3	Barbara	A.	Masse				A Content Analysis of News Coverage of the Rodney King Incident	
1993	M-4	Brian		McArdle				The Bonaventure and WSBU: A Survey	
1993	M-5	Kevin	Robert	McCarthy			Women Sports Broadcasters: The Television Viewing Audiences Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Them	
1993	M-6	Patricia	A.	McDonough		Does Sex Sell?  The Effects of Explicit Advertising appeals on St. Bonaventure University Students: A Survey	
1993	M-7	John	Robert	Mordaci				Sneaker Advertising and Athletic Endorsements: A Field Survey of Athletes Endorsing Athletic Footwear and Their Effects on the Viewer	
1993	O-2	Elizabeth	M.	O'Mara			The Agenda-seting process Between Presidential State of the Union Addresses and The Washington  Post	
1993	O-1	Jennifer	Offhaus				The Importance of Technical Writing	
1993	O-3	Laurie	A.	Overholt			J/MC Students and Stress: Expectations for the Future	
1993	P-1	Richard	J.	Pauza				Do Students Want Their MTV?  Significances of the Uses and Gratifications of MTV Viewing on the St. Bonaventure Campus	
1993	P-2	Carolyn	J.	Pratt				University Hate Speech Codes: A Content Analysis	
1993	P-3	Theodore	W.	Proukou Jr.		How the Media Has Affected the Image of Professional Athletes.	
1993	R-1	Alicia	M.	Regan				The Present Credibility of Women Network News Anchors as Compared to their Male Counterparts: A Field Survey	
1993	R-2	Margaret	Ritz				Photo Coverage of Candidates: A Content Analysis                                                                                                 	
1993	R-3	Stacey		Rogers				Presidential Candidates in Time and Newsweek: A Content Analysis of Photos	
1993	S-1	Christine	Saldis				Cigarette Advertisement Themes in Men and Women Magazines: A Content Analysis	
1993	S-2	Julie	Ann	Shrader				Television to Learn and Rely: A Child's Educational  Helper	
1993	S-3	Ronald	G.	Sladky				Are the Children Being Taken Advantage of?	
1993	S-4	Susan	J.	Smith				Appearance as a Factor in Rating Newscaster Credibility and Popularity	
1993	S-5	Cheryl	M.	Stachura			Advertising and Memory:The Effects of Background Music and Musical Jingles in Radio Advertisements for Familiar and Unfamiliar Products	
1993	S-6	Christopher	J.	Stagnitta		The Differences in Purchasing Effects in Comparitive and Non-comparitive in Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles	
1993	S-7	Sally		Summa				Television Viewing and Loneliness of the Institutional Aging : A Correlation Study	
1993	V	Erin	E.	Vickers				A Study of Violence on the Three Major Television Networks During Prime Time: A Content Analysis	
1993	W	Julie	B.	Walters				"The Portrayal of Women through Articles in Good Housekeeping, 1962 and 1992: A Comparative Content Analysis"	
1993	Y	Kelly		Yavornitzki			"Newspaper Coverage and Crime Rates: A Study Measuring The Effect of Newspaper  Coverage on Crime Rates During January, February and March of 1991"	
1994	B-1	John	E.	Bell				Reading Motion Pictures	
1994	B-2	Martin 	Patrick	Biniasz				Television Coverage of the 1993 Mayoral Election: A Content Analysis	
1994	B-3	Stephanie	Bourgeois			A Corporation's Identity Affects Consumer Attitudes About the Corporation	
1994	B-4	Frank		Brasile				A Statistical Analysis of the Self- and Social-Esteem of Viewers vs. Non-Viewers of 90210 and Melrose Place	
1994	B-5	Juliette	M.	Buerkle			Is there a Lifesaver in the Cesspool?	
1994	B-6	Michael	Emmet	Byrnes				Magic Johnson's HIV Infection has increased public awareness of AIDS	
1994	C-1	Andrew	Washington	Campbell		Reggae: A World Music?	
1994	C-2	Michael	B.	Carey				"A Content Analysis on the Coverage of the St. Bonaventure men's Basketball team by the Olean Times Herald in 1973-74, 1983-94, 1993-94."	
1994	C-3	Timothy	P.	Corcoran			A Content Analysis of Cigarette Advertisement Themes	
1994	D-1	Anthony	Roger	D'Aprix				"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, The Formula for Strategic Crisis Management in Public Relations"	
1994	D-2	Michael	G.	Dabaie				Censorship of the Private College Press in New York State	
1994	F-1	Allan	Eric	Fisher				Guilt by Association: An Examination of the Relationship Between NCAA Probation and University Applicant Pools	
1994	F-2	Scott	M.	Fruehauf			The Effects of Antismoking Policies and Promotions: A Survey	
1994	G-1	Patricia	M.	Geary			A Content Analysis of the Differences in the British and American Styles of Newspaper Reporting  Dealing with Political Topics	
1994*	H-1	Diane	M.	Hardy				A Content ANalysis of Articles Concerning AIDS from the New York Times 1981 and 1985	Missing
1994	K-1	Molly	McCall	Keenan				The Wave of Computers v. the Green Eyeshades effects of Computing Editing Aids on Copy Editing Quality	
1994	L-1	Michael	J.	LeVie				Effect of the Media on Voter Turnout and Candidate Choice: A Survey	
1994	L-2	Tonya	L.	Littlefield			"Women, Violence, and Newspapers: A Content Analysis of the Olean Times Herald"	
1994	M-1	Maureen	P.	Madden				A Critical Content Analysis of Television Violence in Prime Time Programming	
1994	M-2	Karen	L.	McHose				Television Violence Contributes to the Negative Development of a Child's Perception of His or Her Community Safety	
1994	M-3	David	Edward	McMahon				Marketing Disney: It's no 'Mickey Mouse' Business	
1994	M-4	Mary	E.	Meegan				Ethical Inclinations of Junior and Senior Journalism/Mass Communication Majors at St. Bonaventure University	
1994	M-5	Matthew		Metcalf				Women in Sports	
1994	M-6	Thomas	P.	Murphy				Minorities and the Struggle for Print Media Survival	
1994	N-1	Loring	Prescott	Nichols			Consumerism: A Carry Over Effect of Television Advertising on Children	
1994	P	Jennifer	M.	Poccia			Journalistic Skills are Intrinsic to Effective Public Relations	
1994	R	Kelly	"A,"	Richards			Benetton Advertising Technique the Use of Issue Advertising: A Survey	
1994	S-1	Stephanie	M.	Santos			Advertising Misuse on The Weight-Loss Industry	
1994	S-2	Timothy	R.	Sauda				One Hundred Years of St. Bonaventure Athletics	
1994	S-3	Leslee	J.	Shaw				Does Media Bias Differ Between Journalists and Non-Journalists: A Survey	
1994	S-4	Philip		Sweeny				A Content Analysis of the Front Pages of Five Newspapers During the 1988 and 1992 Presidential Campaigns	
1994	T-1	Christopher	K.	Thorpe			"Effects of mediaResearch in Media EffectsRecruitment Publication	"	
1994	T-2	Todd		Trulli				"Writing Resumes in the Media Industry	"	
1994	T-3	Sara	A.	Twargowski			A Content Analysis of the Coverage of the Robert Mapplethorpe Controversy in Time and Newsweek	
1994	V-1	Julie	A.	Vacanti				The Effectiveness of the Alcohol Warning Label on College Students	
1994	W-1	Ellen	Ann	Weigandt			Old-Fashioned Advertising in a New-Aged WOrld	
1994	W-2	Brian	J.	Williams			Television Violence and Perceptions of the World.	
1994	W-3	Rebecca	M.	Winderl				Image Portrayal of First Lady Hillary Clinton in 'Traditional' and 'Contemporary' Women's Magazines	
1995	A1	Peter	Armand	Altieri				The Effect Of Humor In Advertising On Consumers	
1995	B1	Christine	Barrett				Athletes And Their Personal Lives As Portrayed By Sportswriters	
1995*	B2	Vikki	Catherine	Bennett			The Influence of Talk Radio over Political Opinions of Students	Missing
1995	C1	Armenta	Vivian	Chavis				The Affect of Cigarette Advertisements on College Students' Decision to Smoke	
1995	C2	Brian	J	Chimileski			Consumer Purchasing Behavior Related to Environmental Advertising	
1995	C3	Dan		Cornell				"Academy Award Winning Films:  A Content Analysis	"	
1995	D1D'Arcy	John	F	D'Arcy			Effects of Cameras in the Courtroomon the outcome of Trials	
1995	D2	Kevin	Michael	Daugherty			Socializing and G.P.A: a Correlational Study of Men and Women at St. Bonaventure University	
1995	D3	Stephen		Donohue				Frequency of New Journalism Style Stories on the Front Page;   A Content Analysis of the New York Times	
1995	F1	Katharine	A.	Farrell			How Recollection of Television and Print Advertisements Influence a Consumer's Likelihood to Purchase a Product	
1995	F2	Julie	Rachel	Fedor				A Study Of Media Law's Influence On Opinions Concerning Free Press Versus Fair Trial	
1995*	F3	Marylou		Fusco				A Comparison of the Writing Process for Journalists and Fiction Writers	Missing
1995	G1	William	H	Gazi JR.			"The Media's Influence on Publivc Opinion Concerning the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial and O.J. Simpson as a Defendant.	"	
1995	G2	Michael	P	Gentile				Reading and Television Habits of St. Bonaventure University Journalism/Mass Communication Students:  A Survey	
1995	H1	Robert	T	Haenn JR			The Effect of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue:  A Field Survey of Undergraduate Men and Women	
1995	H2	Christopher	J.	Heine			Sports Celebrities Endorsements Of Athletic Shoes: Positive Relationship Of Using High Profile Professional Basketball Players And The Selling Of Nike And Reebok	
1995	I1	Sharon		Ions				Stereotypical Advertising in the Media and Its Effects on Women's Self Esteem	
1995	L1	Anthony	V	LaRusso				The Effect of Advertising Stimuli on Sports Enthusiasts	
1995	L2	Christine	Marie	Leahy			"Extra, Extra, Read All About It-----Or Not?	"	
1995	L3	Kristen	Marie	Lewis				"The Sellingf of Women: An Investigation of Male/Female Responses to Women in Magazine Ads.	"	
1995	L4	David	A	Lockwood			The Lawyer's Public Image:  Before and After Bates Vs. State Bar of Arizona	
1995	L5	Josue	David	Lowe				Media Bias In Sports	
1995*	L6	Andrew	V	Lucyszyn			Rock Album Reviews in Major Music Magazines:  A Content Analysis	Missing
1995	M1	Kerstin		Magnuson			The spiral of silence	
1995	M 2	Michael	T	Mangan				Types of Political Campaigns:  An Experiment of Effects on Voters	
1995	AV1 1995	David	B.	Marciniak		Poems to Video	
1995	M3	Claire		Martoche			Men and Women's Perceptions of Women in Advertisements	
1995	M4	Mark	W	Milne				"Grades and Participation in Campus Media:  A Survey	"	
1995	M5	Michael	A.	Minardi				The Effect Campaign Advertising Has On Presidential Elections	
1995	M6	Amy	L.	Moritz				The New Miserable Experience Of The Relationship Between Media Exposure And The Success Of The Gin Blossoms	
1995	M7	Jennifer	M	Morris			The Death of Kurt Cobain and the Influence it had on His Listeners	
1995	M8	Christine	J	Murray			St. Bonaventure Students' Awareness and Acceptance of The Electronic Newspaper(With Disk)	
1995	M9	Tracey	L	Myers				Effects of Deadlines on Journalism/Mass Communication Students:  A Survey(With Disk)	
1995	N1	Heidi	Ann	Neukum				Sexual Advertising and Its Effects on The Way Men Feel About Intimate Relationships	
1995	P1	J. Christopher	Parker				"The media Career of Father Charles E. Coughlin:  A          content Analysis	"	
1995	P2	Kevin	B.	Petho				Prisoners and Media Violence: A Survey of Perception	
1995	R1	Douglas	S	Rich				"Should Women Reporters be in the Locker Room?	"	
1995	R2Roberts	Donald	E	Roberts			Agenda Setting:  New York Times Coverage of the Conflict in Ireland	
1995*	R3	Thomas	O'Sullivan	Roberts			"Hockey in Sports Illustrated in 1984, 1989, and 1994:  A Content Analysis"	Missing
1995	R4	Elaine	H	Rocchi				"Changes in Editorials:  A Content Analysis of The Bona Venture, 1954-1994(With Disk)"	
1995	R5	Melisa	R.	Rust				Effects Of Negative Advertising and Voter's Decisions	
1995	S1	Karen	E.	Sampson				A Definition Of The Electronic Or Online Newspaper; As It Is And Will Become	
1995	S2	Jennifer	Holly	Schneider		The Perception of Female Tennis Players Compared to Male Tennis Players	
1995	S3	Jared	Scott	Stone				Trends in Ice Hockey Coverage in Sports Illustrated from 1969-1994:  A Content Analysis	
1995	S4	Susan	M.	Szot				The Feasibility Of A Marketing Group Specialized To Agricultural Fairs	
1995	T1	Wendy	Anne	Tepper				The Effect of a Diet Coke Advertisement on the Gender of the Consumer Who Intends to Purchase	
1995	T2	Joseph	Nicholas	Troiano			The Effects Of The 1995 MLB Strike On The Size and Content Of The Olean Times Herald's Sports Section	
1995	W1	Mary	Elizabeth	Warner			Do People Prefer Articles Found in Tabloids More Than Articles Found in Newspapers?	
1995	W2	Joanne	Lynn	Wohlrab				Credibility of Women in Sports M edia:  An Experiment of Perception	
1995	W3	Adam	R.	Wolff				Adam and the Snake: A Queried Content Analysis Examining The Average Person's Likelihood To Use Snakes As Metaphors And Symbols	
1996	A-1	Beth	A.	Achenbach			The Relationship Between Media Coverage of Trials and the Perception of Guilt or Innocence of a Defendant on Trial by Television Viewers.	
1996	A-2	Donnovan	"Andrews, Jr."			By the Few for the Many: Elite Ownership of the Mediums of  Mass Communication and its Effects on a Presidential Election.	
1996	A-3	Lisa		Arno				"Media Agenda - setting effects on college-age audiences	"	
1996	B-1	Stephen	M.	Battaglia			"Listening Habits of WSBU-FM and Other Local Radio Stations	"	
1996	AV-1	Alice	Marie	Briggs				The Woman in Black.	
1996	C-1	Michael	V.	Cimini				People v. O.J. Simpson: A Study of the Attitude of the American Criminal Justice System as a Result of the Viewing Saturation Level of the Simpson Trial.	
1996	C-2	Scott		Colvin				"Media Violence and the public's perceptions on banning and/or restricting violent movies	"	
1996	C-3	Jennifer	A.	Connelly		Self-Concept and Alcohol Advertising.	
1996	C-4	Joseph		Corona				A Study of  the Effects of Television on the O.J. Simpson Trial.	
1996	C-5	Kristina	N.	Croci			"Women in Sports Media: The Man, the Myth, the End of a Legend."	
1996	D-1	Deanna 	Lee	Davis				"Urban Music: A Study of the Acceptance or Rejection of the word ?nigger? by radio stations playing ?urban music.?	"	
1996	E-1	Robert		Ebrech				Courtroom  Coverage of the O.J. Simpson Trial: Did the Extensive Media Coverage Sway Opinions of People who Watched the Trial?	
1996	E-2	Patricia	L.	Ejbisz			Libel Suits Against College or University Student Newspapers.	
1996	F-1	Molly	Frances	Ferguson			The Battle of the Daytime Television Talk Shows: A Descriptive Study of Why People Watch and How they are Affected.	
1996	F-2	Daniel		Ford				A Content Analysis of the Coverage of World Cup Soccer in Sports Illustrated.	
1996	G-1	Michael 	T.	Gosman			A Synthesis Study of Television Violence and Its Effects on Children.	
1996	G-2	Jeffrey	Gerard	Grabowski			"The Roper Question, Newspaper and Television Reliance and Knowledgeability."	
1996	H-1	Denise		Haraszko			Content Analysis of African Americans in Time Magazine and Ladies? Home Journal.	
1996	H-2	Michael	E.	Hill				Human Tragedy Photographs: The Impact Beyond The News	
1996	K-1	Brian		Kasprzyk			A Study of Newspaper and Magazine Reading and the Effects it has on College Students' G.P.A.	
1996	K-2	Andrew		Kogut				The Effects of Anti-Alcohol Campaigns on College-Age Drinking	
1996	AV2	Matthew	A.	Laffey				A Study of the Degradation of Women in Music Videos.	
1996	M-1	Ryan	W.	McKenna				The Effects of the Fox Networks Broadcasting Techniques on the Popularity of the National Hockey League.	
1996	M-2	Kelly	Jean	Murphy				"Condom Advertisements or Condom Facts: Which hold the purchasing power?The relationship between Condom Advertisements and Condom Facts andthe Desire to Buy among College Students.	"	
1996	O-1	Timothy	J.	O?Brien				"The Effect of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.?s Advertising on the Likelihood of Minors (14-17) Purchasing Camel Cigarettes.?	"	
1996	O-2	Jacquelyn	K.	Olsa			"Softening the Call:Changes in Army Marketing Techniques for Recruiting	"	
1996	O-3	Jean	Elizabeth	Osta			Woman's Evolution in the Field of Broadcast Journalism: Comparison of Yesterday and Today	
1996	P-1	Keith		Page				"Television News Magazines and Sensationalistic News Stories	"	
1996	P-2	Jason		Perry				Factors Influencing the Media-Driven Golf Boom.	
1996	P-3	Tessa	Frances	Perry				"Factors in Fashion Adverstising that Influence Purchasing Decisions	"	
1996	P-4	Jill	A	Piscitelli			"A content analysis: The Development of Sports Writing since 1920.	"	
1996	Q-1	Christine	A.	Quinn			A Historical Background of the Media from ?The Crime of the Century:? New Jersey v. Hauptmann (Lindbergh Trial).	
1996	R-1	Amy	E.	Rooks				"White, O.J. Simpson, Black: A Look at the Media Coverage and the Attitudes of Today's Youth on the Simpson Trial	"	
1996	S-1	Tracey	A.	Sedkak				Effects on Recall and Recognition of Magazine Advertisements.	
1996	S-2	Jeffrey	M.	Simms				The Pressure of the Mass Media and the Resulting Effect:College Binge Drinking	
1996	S-3	Nicole	Maria	Skorka				"The effects of media coverage and portrayal of AIDS on the sexual behaviors of St. Bonaventure University students	"	
1996	S-4	William	J.	Spaker				A Study of Multimedia Technology and the Learning Gap.	
1996	S-5	Sean	M.	Sullivan			A Comparison of Frederick Douglass' The North Star and John H. Johnson's Ebony.	
1996	S-6	Matt	E.	Surtel				A Comparison of Attitudes Among Fans of Punk Rock and Alternative Music.	
1996	T-1	Beth	A.	Traina				"The Effect of Advertising on Women's Self-Esteem; A Field Study	"	
1996	T-2	Marc		Tramuta				Prop. 48: Is There Bias in the Media Concerning Student Athletes?	
1996	W-1	Jennifer	Wagner-Kent			Does Media Preference and Brain-Sided Dominance Affect Language Skills Ability?	
1996	W-2	Katherine	P.	Welshofer		The Show Must Go On: How Male and Female Television News Reporters Cope with Covering Tragic News Stories.	
1996	W-3	Peter	J.	Williams			Graduation Rates of High-Profile Student-Athletes Compared to Low-Profile Student-Athletes and How the Amount of Media Coverage Each Group Receives Affects that Rate.	
1996	Z	Claudia	M.	Zavatti				Effects of Sensationalism on TV Talk Shows & How Sensation-Centered Shows Help Viewers at St. Bonaventure University Choose Which Show to Watch	
1997	B-1	Christopher	H.	Bigham			Saints or Sinners?  A Content Analysis of the Portrayal of Journalists in Motion Pictures	
1997	C-1	James	Robert	Canfield III			Aids and the Media	
1997	C-2	Aaron	Patrick	Cappotelli			"Howard Stern, The FCC and Indecency Broadcasting"	
1997	C-3	Stephen	Andrew	Carnevale			A Report on the History of the St. Bonaventure University Football Team.	
1997	C-4	Lauren		Cassara				Female Musicians in the Media: Is Their Coverage Fair in Time Magazie?	
1997	C-5	Philip	M.	Ceppaglia			A History of Obscenity in the Media	
1997	C-6	Jason		Coleman				Good News And Its Power to Reverse Bad News	
1997	C-7	Kieran		Conaty				How Musicians Are Portrayed in the Media.	
1997	C-8	L. Justin	Craig				"The Impact of Technology, Past and Present on Radio"	
1997	D-1	Lisa		Damico				How Effective is marketing on the Internet?	
1997	F-1	Scott	M	Fahy				"The Oxford Experience, a Joyful Enlightening "	
1997	F-2	Christine	S.	Fatcheric		The Exxon Valdex Oil Spill and the Tylenol Crisis:A Comparitive Study in Public RelationsCrisis Management	
1997	F-3	Justin	James	Fazzone				The Portrayal of Sports Teams by the Media During Winning and Losing Seasons.	
1997	G-1	Amy	E.	Genagon				The Tylenol Crises of the 1980's: What James Burke of Johnson & Johnson Did Compared to What Public Relations Experts Suggest to Do.	
1997	G-2	Jacqueline	A.	Grady			Offensive Language and the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show.	
1997	H-1	Michael	J	Hanlon				A Content Analysis During the 1980's and 1990's on AIDS Celebrity Spokesperson in TIime and Newsweek.	
1997	K-1	Evelyn	A.	Kinnah				African News Coverage in the New York Times and the Washington Post from 1970-1995: A Content Analysis.	
1997	L-1	Robert		Latorre				Cigarette Advertisements Influence Teens to Smoke.	
1997	L-2	Stefanie	F. Litschi			What PBS is Teaching America's Children.	
1997	M-2	Sara	R.	Mathews				A Content Analysis of the Howard Stern Radio Show	
1997	M-1	Mary	Katherine Matrone			A Decade of Change?  Uncovering the Gendered Language of Sport in the Print Media	
1997	M-3	Barbara		McGovern			Electronic E-mail: Who Reads Your E-mail?	
1997	M-4	Ryan	W.	McKenna				The Effects of the Fox Network's Boardcasting Techniques on the Popularity of the National Hockey League.	
1997	M-5	Kristen	K.	McMahon				The Media at War	
1997	M-6	Elicia		Michalski			A content analysis and quantitative survey measuring the effects of Calvin Klein print advertisements in magazines.	
1997	M-7	Scott	F.	Mikolajczyk			Calvin Klein-Advertising or Pornography?	
1997	M-8	Amy	L.	Mirando				Literary Journalism: Validity in the World of Journalism.	
1997	M-9	Jill	Marie	Morrison			The Doctrine of Fair Use and Copyright Law on the World Wide Web: Three Case Studies.	
1997	M-10	Casey		Moulton				A Content Analysis of Gendersterotyping in Commercials on MTV.	
1997	M-11	Pamela	L.	Mullin				The Portrayal of Women in Disney Animated Films.	
1997	O-1	Megan	K.	O'Brien				The Effects of Media Violence On Children: An Experimental Design.	
1997	O-2	Rebecca		Osvath				Public Journalism: Friend or Foe?	
1997	P-1	Michele	M.	Passalugo			"The New York Times' Coverage of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972,1977, 1982."	
1997	Q-1	Brian	J.	Quinn				"Examination of the extent of gender bias in the coverage of male and female athletic events in Summer Olympics stories in the Buffalo News covering five sports, 1976 and 1996."	
1997	R-1	Meghan	Elizabeth	Reeder			"THE 1996 SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES: Did Ambush"" Marketers Strip the Gold from Olympic Sponsors"""	
1997	R-2	Sunset		Roberts				Women War Correspondents From World War II to the Present.	
1997	AV-1	Brian		Rovegno				Equus-A student Production	
1997	S-1	William	J. 	Spaker				A study of MultiMediaTechnology and the Learning Gap.	
1997	S-2	Christina	L.	Stanley			Transforming Canton	
1997	T-1	Philomena	Alicia	Tribuzzi		How the Media's Depiction of Talk Shows Coincides with the Opinions of Talk Show Viewers	
1997	V-1	Paul		Vaccaro				The Internet and Student Use: A study of Marketing Trends Towards SBU Students	
1997	V-2	Scott		VanDerveer			Cutting through the Fluff: An Analysis of Rochester's News.	
1997	V-3	Andrew		Vines				Violence On Televison	
1997	W-1	Matthew	John	Wallace				A History of Rolling Stone Magazine and its Changes Through the Years.	
1997	AV-2	Jonathan	R.	Walls			Preserving Life: The Legacy Project	
1997	Z	Mary	Beth	Zielinski			The Subordinate Status and Social Injustice Facing Blacks in Buffalo.	
1998	A-1	Rachael		Astrachan			Uniting the Animal Defense League Through Communication.	
1998	B-1	Aileen	M.	Beirne				Cartoon Violence and its effects on children.	
1998	B-2	Kerrie	K.	Brown				"Michael Salamone, an amazing, everyday superhero, a public relations proposal."	
1998	B-3	Bridget		Bulger				Does theSt. Bonaventure Community Trust Its Campus Media?	
1998	B-4	Brian	M.	Butry				Game of the Week.	
1998	C-1	Steven	J.	Cipolla				Biased Coverage of the 1968-1972 Stadium Situation by the Buffalo Courier-Express.	
1998	C-2	Gerard		Collins				The Spiritual Potential of Film.	
1998	D-1	David		Dahl				USA Today's Impact on Metropolitan Daily Newspapers in the United States.	
1998	D-2	Jim		Davoli				Southern Tier Sport.	
1998*	H-1	Jeremy	F.	Hartigan			The History of St. Bonaventure Women's Basketball	Missing
1998	H-2	Eboni		Hayes				"Jefferson Avenue:  A Dream Deferred, Slowly Transforming Into Hope, Glancing Into The Riot of 1967 and Today 31 Years of Metamorphose."	
1998	H-3	Brenda		Hohensee			"A Look Into Female Athletes: How The Media Report On Female Athletes Differently Than They Report On Male Athletes.	"	
1998	H-4	Jennifer	A.	Hoppe			"SBYou, The Magazine for the Potential St. Bonaventure University Student."	
1998	I-1	Jessica	L.	Isett				Introducing the Special Events Brochure Distributed to St. Bonaventure University and the Community.	
1998	J-1	David	Paul	Jenkins				The Blues Influence.	
1998	K-1	Elizabeth	Keenan				"The Fitness Center, Discover a New You, a PR Campaign."	
1998	K-2	Seth	David	Kelley				Who Do Cartoons Talk To: A Study of Themes and Ideas in Today's Cartoons.	
1998	K-3	Danielle 	D.	Kneller			Media Campaign for the Olean Youth and Recreation Services	
1998	L-1	Philip	J.	LaBella				"Senior Project Recap, 1997-1998 Women's Basketball Media Guide."	
1998	L-2	Tara		LaFredo				A Photographic Work: Franciscanism at St. Bonaventure University	
1998	L-3	Christopher	Lehaney				Game of the Week(6 video tapes that go along with his thesis are in AV1 -98'.)	
1998	M-1	Melissa		Marchese			Gender Stereotyping in Advertising	
1998	M-2	Lisa	B.	Massey				Violence in TV Programming	
1998	M-3	Brian		Matthews	Thomas	Raymond	Gambling in the Southern Tier.	
1998	M-4	Brendan		McDaniels	Beth Schoenhardt "Celebrating 140 years of St. Bonaventure"""	
1998	M-5	Leah		McGrath				An Exploration of U.S. News Reports' Subjectivity in Source Selection and Use on Intact Dilation and Extraction.	
1998	M-6	Sara	E.	Moore				A Content Analysis on the Cultural Impact of LIFE Magazine from 1952-1963.	
1998	M-7	Nancy	E.	Muroski				Development of a Master Music List and Programming Log for WSBU.	
1998	M-8	Tonya	M.	Muscato				Freedom of Information Act with regrads to the Libertarian Theory of the Press	
1998	N-1	Jennifer	Nuhfer				Changing Beauty Ideals in Glamour Magazine Ads Spanning Four Decades.	
1998	P-1	Amanda		Petrak				A New Web Page For The Women's Basketball Team.	
1998	P-2	Elizabeth	L.	Pilato			A Media Guide: The Planning of the Society of Professional Journalists Day.	
1998	M-3	Thomas		Raymond		Brian	Matthews"Gambling in the Southern Tier."""	
1998	R-1	Nicole		Renninger			A study on th bias of disabled athletes in sport magazines.	
1998	S-1	Daniel	S.	Sauda				The History of ESPN and its Impact on Sports Broadcasting.	
1998	M-4	Beth		Schoenhardt	Brendan	McDaniels Celebrating 140 years of St. Bonaventure	
1998	S-2	Keli	J.	Schoonover			The effects of time management on academic performance: A comparison between traditional and non-traditional students.	
1998	S-3	Keith		Schultz				Archbishop Walsh High School Video Promotion Project	
1998	S-4	Timothy	D.	Sciortino			Media Kit for the On tario Knife Company	
1998	S-5	Michelle	Stufft				The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts:  The Creative Development and Production of all Creative Work.	
1998	V-1	Caryn		VanDask				The Influence of Sexality on Consumers' Judgement and Attitude Toward Brands and Advertisements.	
1998	V-2	Kari	L.	Vunk				"The Good Journey, a newsletter to be distributed by the Office of Admissions."	
1998	W-1	James	Robert	Walter				Playing Through Adversity-The 1997-1998 St. Bonaventure University Men's Basketball Season.	
1998	Z-1	Mark	Jason	Zinni				The Production and Direction of Television News Broadcast	
1999	A-1	"Joseph, Jr."	Andreana			Internet Porn.	
1999	B-1	Jeffery		Baker				A Content Analysis of Sex on Prime Television.	
1999	B-2	Jessica	S	Barber				Creation of a Trial of the Century.	
1999	B-3	Brian	D	Bresnan				SBU INFO: The Secret to Success.	
1999	B-4	Jennifer	Burdick				Differences Between Coverage of the Persian Gulf and Vietnam Wars in Two Major Newspapers.	
1999	B-5	Kelly		Burns				Sex In Television: A Content Analysis.	
1999	B-6	Danielle	Burt				"Is Student Goverenment Reaching Its Publis: A Case Study of a Public Relations Campaign and Triangulation Study at St. Bonaventure University.	"	
1999	C-1	Paul	J.	Carmola				A Content Analysis of the Visual Imagery of Automobile Advertisements in Male-Audience Magazines Between 1948-1999.	
1999	C-2	Brian		Conaghan			"An Advertising Campaign for Olean, New York's Digger's Capitol Hill.-Cassettte Tape Attached"	
1999	C-3	Ana	Teresa	Cutting				"The Portrayal and Coverage of Hispanics in The Buffalo News Years, 1993-1997."	
1999	D-1	Johanna	Mary	D'Arcy				The Effects That Print  Media have on Adolescents Smoking.	
1999	D-2	Todd		Dybas				Professional Athletes as American Heroes.	
1999	E-1	Danielle	Erin	Easterday		"A promotional package for Camp New Horizons, of Olean, N.Y."	
1999	E-2	Graham	M	Elliott				How The Buffalo News Print Media Coverage Has Aided And Positively Affected The Seneca Nation Of Indians In Their Efforts To Gain A Class III Gaming License.	
1999	F-1	Larry		Finer				"Leno vs. Letterman,  A Content Analysis."	
1999	F-2	Leah		Floriano			Advertising Campaign for Admissions.	
1999	G-1	Scott		Garzione			Endwell Magazine.	
1999	G-2	Victoria	Christine	Genneke		"Privacy and Freedom of Information: A Discussion on the Collision of Privacy and Freedom of Information, the Laws and the Perception From Both Sides."	
1999	G-3	Julee	A.	Greenberg			From Girls to Women: Do Teen Magazines Help of Hinder?	
1999	G-4	Justin		Gressley			"An Advertising/Promotional Campaign Specifically designed for Buffalo New York's Mexican Cession.-attached with cassette, C.D. and video tape"	
1999	H-1	Mark	R.	Havens				The Relationship Between the Print Media and Baseball Players.	
1999	J-1	Jessica	L.	Juliano				From Allies to Enemies: The press's role in creating and prolonging the post World War II  creating and prolonging the post World War II anti-Communist hysteria.	
1999	K-1	Gregory		Kennedy				Comparing The Atlantic 10 and the Big East.	
1999	K-2	Elizabeth	Kranjac				Fashion Advertising and Images of Women Throughout the 20th Century.	
1999	L-1	"Richard, III"	Michael	Lagowski		A Study of Conflicting Relationships Between Managing Editors and Publishers of Newspapers.	
1999	L-2	Gregory	J.	Licamele			"Plaques, Prizes, and Prestige: The Effects of Adwards on Journalists."	
1999	M-1	Brian		Moritz				Is All News Local?  A Comparison of Local News Coverage Between The Buffalo News and WKBW-TV News.	
1999	M-2	Sara	E.	Mortimer			Saint Bonaventure University Style Guide.	
1999	N-1	Michael		Nieves				ESPN: How it has Changed and Effected Sports Coverage The Last 20 years.	
1999	O-1	Brendan	P.	O'Riordan			Roger Maris and Mark McGwire: How the Media Covers a Chase of History.	
1999	P-1	Michael	S	Pachuta				The History of St. Bonaventure Men's Basketball.  1901-1998	
1999	P-2	Tamara		Paris				"Latinos and the Media, Now and Then (Overview)."	
1999	P-3	Jared		Paventi				1998-99 St. Bonaventure University Women's Basketball Media Guide.	
1999	P-4	Jason		Pieri				Saving Privale Ryan: Fiction of Reality?	
1999	P-5	"Charles, Jr."	H.Provost			A then and now look at The Bona Venture and WSBU-FM.-attached with audio-tape	
1999	P-6	Edgar		Prue				A Promotional/ Marketing Campaign for the St. Bonaventure University Rathskeller.	
1999	R-1	Stephanie	Roussel-Dupre			Up Front: A closer look at front page newspaper design over the past 20 years.	
1999	S-1	Ellen		Savastano			"A Ten Part Series of Articles on Significantly Historical Events or People in the Town of Ellicottville, New York."	
1999	S-2	Christopher	Scales				A comparison of 1930 and 1997 news coverage of poverty and economic issue in The New York Times.	
1999	S-3	Ralph		Schwarz				"International Student Association, 1998-1999 Yearbook."	
1999	S-4	John	Kevin	Shane				Media ownership: Captive Audience or Industry of Choice?	
1999	S-5	Peter	F.	Shane				Is the media experiencing a crisis of ethics or is it a necessary change to stay competitive?	
1999	S-6	Meghan	C.	Smith				A Comparison of Crime Stories Viewed Between Tabloid News Magazines Shows and Local News.	
1999	S-7	Corrie	S.	Spike				A Public Relations Campaign for the Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalsim and Mass Communication's 50th Anniversary Celebration.	
1999	T-1	Matthew	G.	Traub				Analysis of Collegiate basketball Coverage Throughout the 1999 NCAA Tournament.	
1999	W-1	Jennifer	L.	Westerholt		When Does a National Security Threat Constitute a Prior Restraint of the Press.	
1999	W-2	Kelly	L.	Wheat				"The Print Media and Kids Who Kill A Comparison of Local and National Print Media Coverage of Kids Who Killed in Schools From December 1, 1997 to May 21, 1998."	


2000	C-1	Danielle	Cessario			"Can Women Get A Fair Shake?  A Look At Women Sports Reporters, The Struggles They've Faced And The Controversies That Surround Them."	
2000	C-2	Nakeia	Y.	Chambers			Motivate & Educate: A Public Relations Campaign for the Higher Education OpportunityProgram at St. Bonaventure University.	
2000	C-3	Paula	J.	Cline				"The Red, White, And Blue American Barbecue Contest.  A Public Relations Campaign For CUTCOCutlery Corporation."	
2000	C-4	Jason		Conklin				"Why Traditional Print Media Thrive in the Internet Age'	"	
2000	C-5	Chris		Costigan			Renovating The WSBU Production Studio.	
2000	D-1	Marissa		DeAntonis			"Strategic Advertising Campaign for DiTondo's Tavern, a Buffalo Restaurant."	
2000	D-2	Amanda		Dornsife			The Military and the Media-Deciding When America Gets to Know the Truth	
2000	D-3	Amanda	S.	Dover				"A Public Relations Campaign of Ticonderoga, New York."	
2000	E-1	Matthew		Eddy				Senior Circuit Preview 2000 -- A Preseason Guide to Major League Baseball's National League for the 2000 Season.	
2000	E-2	Michelle	Edwards				"When One Door Opens, Another Closes: A Study of Women Sports Journalists Over Time and the Controversies They Still Face Today."	
2000	E-3	Matthew	A.	Ersing				50th Anniversary of the Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication Creating Ethical Journalists.	
2000	E-4	Renee		Evans				The Article Writing and Material Content in Conde Nast Publications Vogue & Glamour in the 1960's compared to the 1990's.	
2000	F-1	Michael	D.	Farrell				Advertising Campaign for 'Farrell's Famous Buffalo Popcorn.' 	
2000	F-2	Brian 	D.	Fees				"Coverage of the St. Bonaventure men's basketball team in The Olean Times Herald, Buffalo Newsand Bona Venture during the eras of Tom and Sam Stith (1958-61), Bob Lanier (1968-70), and Tim Winn (1996-2000). 	"	
2000	F-3	Erin		Fencil				Media Coverage of the Love Canal.	
 2000	F-4	Lisa	M.	Fullone				Sensationalism in Local TV News.	
2000	F-5	Jason	J.	Fulmines			Advertising Campaign for The Dublin House	
2000	G-1	Sarah	L.	Griffith			Language: A cultural barrier in professional athletics; a focus on Latinos in baseball	
2000	H-1	Thomas	R.	Hodges				An Integrated Marketing/Communications Plan for Xerox	
2000	K-1	Dennis		Kelleher			The Hidden Agenda of Media in Campaign Coverage.	
2000	K-2	Mark	D.	Kimmel				A media guide to the 2000 World Series featuring the New York Yankees and the New York Mets	
2000	K-3	Michele		Kohut				An Advertising Campaign for the New Moon Cafe. 	
2000	L-1	Jessica		Loder				"Not handed in yet"	
2000	L-2	Deidre	M.	Lynch				Saint Bonaventure University Bookstore Advertising Campaign.	
2000	M-1	Katherine	M.	Mahar			A public relations plan to introduce women's lacrosse as a Division 1 sport at St. Bonaventure University	
2000	M-2	Rachael		Marinelli			"Public Service Announcementsfro Channel 8, SBU-TV."	
2000	M-3	Jennifer	Ellen	Moore			A Comparison Between the General Attitudes Toward Adoption in  Massena Central High School and in Selected Media	
2000	M-4	Helen	E	Moran				"Old Dogs with New Tricks: The New Journalism of Ambrose Bierce, Bret Harte and Stephen Crane."	
2000	M-5	Jonathan	Logan	Myler			"Little Napolean, ""Eee-yah"", and Sudbrook.  The History of St. Bonaventure Baseball."""	
2000	N-1	Sabrina		Nappa				The Creation of a Psychology  Newsletter: The Psychic Voice	
2000	N-2	Holly		Noonan				The Thriving Print Magazine Industry is in Jeopardy of Deteriorating Due to the Introduction of Electronic Magazines.	
2000	P-1	Thomas	J.	Panasci				"Comparison of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X in the New York Times."	
2000	P-2	Andrew	M.	Pickering			Content Analysis of Print Media Coverage of the Buffalo BIlls over 35 Years.	
2000	P-3	Patrick	H.	Price				PrimeSouth Development Group Inc. Web	
2000	P-4	Bridget	E.	Pulver				Marketing Plan -- Willow Pond Golf Course.	
2000	P-5	Matthew	R.	Pusatere			ESPN: A Television Revolution.	
2000	Q-1	Lauren		Quill				The Media and Negative Effects on Women's Body Perceptions Contributing to Eating Disorders.	
2000	R-1	Emily 	S.	Reese				"A Comparison of Media Coverage: Woodstock '69, '94, and '99."	
2000	R-2	Shawn	P.	Ryan				A newsletter for St. Bonaventure University that highlights the benefits of journalism internships on campus	
2000	S-1	Carol	A.	Sadowsky			Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication Viewbook	
2000	S-2	Timothy	J.	Sahd				A Campaign Strategy for George W. Bush	
2000	S-3	Leah	A.	Shearer				"A Study in Adventure, A  Memory Book for the Oxford Program."	
2000	S-4	Gavin	G.	Sheridan			Mt. Irenaeus: A Chronicle	
2000	S-5	Geoffre	N.	Sherman				A Guide to Journalism and Mass Communication Internships: Are Internshs a Definitive Way To Begin A Career In Journalsim and Mass Communication?	
2000	S-6	Melanie		Shongo				Native American Practitioners in the Field of Journalism and Mass Communication.	
2000	S-7	Elizabeth	J.	Smith			The Sodus Point of View Travel Guide	
2000	S-8	Matt		Stafford			"The Internet Will Not Replace Newspapers, or Journalists."	
2000	S-9	Joseph		Sweeney				The History of Rap Music.	
2000	S-10	Kristin		Switzer				Media Professionals Employing a Variety of Interpersonal Skillsto Communicate Effectively in the Workplace	
2000	T-1	Elizabeth	C.	Tascione		"Nestled in the Foothills: The History of Allegany, N.Y. 1831-1999"	
2000	T-1	Kristen	Alyce	Tinz				Celebrity Journalism In America.	
2000	V-1	Michael	J.	Versluys			Creating Your Own Album and Record Companycd-of his music is attached	
2000	W-1	Daniel	S	Walsh				Examining the Presence of Bias in the Print Media for the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election	
2000	W-2	Kevin		Wilkinson			Advertising Campaign for Genesee Valley united Methodist Church	
2000	Y-1	Jason	M.	Yates				John Rocker and Casey Martin: A Study in the Media Creating 'Good Guys' and 'Bad Guys.' 	
2001	A-1	Megan	Carole	Allaire				Helping the Animals: The Cattaraugus County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.	
2001	A-2	Deidre		Ashe				A viewbook for St. Bonaventure University's proposed master's program in intergrated marketing communications.	
2001	B-1	Lesley		Beavers				Analysis and PR and Media Law.	
2001	B-2	Corrine		Behan				An Audio Presentation of two students' views of media in the year 2000	
2001	B-3	Laura	Anne	Biviano				The Disappearance of Dating: Relationships in the 21st Century.  An Audio Project	
2001	B-4	Kristin		Bowers				"The creation and publication of CONVEX, a campus magazine."	
2001	C-1	Mario	A.	Calabrese			"Crime and Complicity: Mena Arkansas, Print Media, and the Future of our Constitutional RepublicNote: 3 parts: Thesis, Appendices 1-40, Appendices 41-50"	
2001	C-2	Danielle	Charpentier			Is the Media Biased? A Search into the Media Coverage of the Presidential Election 2000	
2001	C-3	Matthew	P.	Craver				"untitled	"	
2001	D-1	Jimmy		Delgado				Comic Book Production: Max Powers	
2001	D-2	Nachelle	Denmark				African American Radio Ownership	
2001	K-10	David		Doemel				"see Mark Kubiak	"	
2001	D-3	Jason		Dusett				How the Globe violated ethics and laws while covering the JonBonet Ramsey Case	
2001	F-1	Katharine	Felschow			Forty Years of Glamour-HAs the Message Really Changed?	
2001	G-1	Julie		Gallagher	Kate M.	Lewis	Public Relations Campaign for Redford Photography	
2001	G-2	Misti	L.	Grant				The Future of Newspaper Readership.	
2001	G-3	Keralyn	A.	Guminey				"One on One Soccer Camps --  Media Relations Campaign.  Including web site, camp brochure, and press release."	
2001	H-1	Robert		Halady				The View from the Press Box -- An Examination of the differences in Buffalo News coverage for two Buffalo sports teams in the playoffs.	
2001	H-2	Karin		Helmbrecht			The Media's Coverage of the Kennedy's Family 'Curse' over the years: There is No Curse	
2001	H-3	Matthew	E.	Holota				Dangerous Days.	
2001	H-4	William	H.	Holzerland			Kennedy and Clinton: Polar Opposites as Bookends in an Era of American Media Coverage.	
2001	H-5	Leah		Hultenschmidt			Editing and Marketing a Manuscript: An Exploration of the Publishing Process.	
2001	J-1	Duane		Johnson				A Public Relations Campaign for the National Online Network (NTN) Online Trivia and System.	
2001	J-2	Nicole	R.	Johnson				Maxim Magazine and How It Sparked the New Men's Media Movement in the U.S.	
2001	K-1	Tara		Keeley				"HATE, It's Not Child's Play.  Booklet for parents included."	
2001	K-2	Jessica		Keltz				"What the Federal Government is up to"" : Does the Freedom of Information Act Help Journalists and the General Public to Better Monitor the Federal Government."""	
2001	K-3	Peter		Kendron				Investigating the Environment of Cattaraugus County: a four-article series.	
2001	K-4	Robert		Kernan				Paparazzi: Guilty of Invasion of Privacy?	
2001	K-5	Rachel	S	Kerr				Public Relations Video for the Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication	
2001	K-6	Robert	A.	Keyser				Rock the Vote	
2001	K-7	Courtney	R.	Klein			Politics and the Media: The United States Media Portrayal of Cuba.	
2001	K-8	Elizabeth	Klotzbach			Make-A-Wish Foundation of Western New York.	
2001	K-9	Michelle	A.	Krasniak		Advertising Campaign for Hands On Therapy Day Spa	
2001	K-10	Mark		Kubiak	David	Doemel		Remembering...The Good Journey.	
2001	L-1	Elizabeth		Lavis			"Images of Women in Popular Media, Primarily film, including television and print."	
2001	G-1	Kate	M.	Lewis	Julie	Gallagher	Public Relations Campaign for Redford Photography	
2001	L-2	David		Longolucco			The Intern Guide to Athletics Communications.	
2001	L-3	Bartholomew	Lush				Creating Internet Access in an Elementary Classroom: Technological Integration in Today'sEducation.	
2001	L-4	Jennnifer	Lynd				Did the Media Portray the O.J. Simpson case fairly?	
2001	M-1	John	P.	Mazurak				Autophile magazine	
2001	M-2	Kristen		McDermott			"A Glossary of terms for: Wayne Overbeck's, Major Principles of Media Law."	
2001	M-3	James	R.	McKay				2000: An Audio Video Presentation of two students' views of media in the year 2000	
2001	M-4	Kristyn	C	Million				The Creation of an Electronic Magazine an Effort to Reach Catholic Youth in the Buffalo Diocese	
2001	M-5	James		Monks				"The Future of Newspapers, Journalism, and Journalism Education."	
2001	M-6	Liam		Moran				"Television and Its Components: Past, Present and Future."	
2001	M-7	Vincent	J.	Moscatello			Pssst Advertising Campaign	
2001	M-8	Brian		Mulligan			"NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Coverage vs. NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament Coverage in the New York Times and Sports Illustrated, 1979-1980."	
2001	M-9	Daniel 	R.	Murtha				Hitchcock Reviewed.	
2001	N-1	Kathleen	Anne	Neeson			A Series of Event Management plans for Archbishop Walsh High School.	
2001	N-2	Carolyn		Norton				The Role of Objectivity in Environmental Reporting: A Case Study of the Love Canal Media Coverage	
2001	O-1	Shannon		O'Connell			"Public Relations Campaign for Bona's C.A.R.E.S Professional Network, Committed Athletes Responsibly Enhacing Society"	
2001	O-2	Joseph		O'Neill				"Bona Sports Today, The Creation of a University - Chartered, Online-Sports Publication "	
2001	O-3	Gabriel	J	Osterhout			News in the Past  4 Years: An  in depth look at the events that Shaped our lives since being in college	
2001	P-1	Carly		Pazakis				Screenplay	
2001	R-1	Jamie		Reese				"Creation of the St. Bonaventure University Trivia Book.	"	
2001	R-2	Charles	H.	Riley III			Senior Slide Show Commencement Show.	
2001	R-3	David	P	Rust				"Newsletter for Prospective Students of the RJJ School	"	
2001	R-4	Bethany	L.	Ryan				"Public Relations Campaign. Genesis House of Olean, Inc. Providing Shelter...One New Beginning At A Time"	
2001	S-1	Kathleen	Schreier			River Trail Nursery. An Advertising Campaign	
2001	S-2	Emily	H.	Smith				Student Use of the Internet.	
2001	S-3	Joseph 	Cleary	Smith				A Look at St. Bonaventure University.	
2001	S-4	Shane		Snider				"Fleecing of Ideas: The Strangulation of Daily, Family-Owned Newspapers by Corporate America."	
2001	V-1	Peter		Van Paassen			"Changing the Image of Corning INC, An Advertising Strategy."	
2001	V-2	Jeff		Vella				Show College Athletes the Money.	
2001	W-1	Nicole		Wall				"Come and Benefit From Our Dream,  A Public Relations Campaign for Mian Rafi's"	
2001	W-2	Alexis	J.	Weider				An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for the Buffalo Zoological Gardens	
2001	W-3	Casey	L.	Weishan				A View Into St. Bonaventure's Community Outreach Program	
2001	Y-1	Heather		Youngman			Persona Non Grata: A Public Relations Plan that Allows Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to Survive without Stewart	
2001	Z-1	Christine	Zalocha				Wolf Soup--St. Bonaventure's only student life/humor magazine	
2001	Z-2	Sheila-Katherine Zweibel			"Research, Development and Proposal: History of Journalism Course."	
2002	A-1	Heather	L	Ahern				Start Ups Internet Deli/Cafe ... a public relation campaign	
2002	A-2	Amy	A	Anastasia			The 'Write' Business    The Business of Writing and Publishing 	
2002	B-1	Richard		Barone				Bonaventure Intramurals: Live the Experience   An Advertising Campaign for the Intramurals Department	
2002	B-2	Anthony		Battaglia			Controversy of Politics in the Olympics	
2002	B-4	Theresa		Boucher				Make Responsible Choices	
2002	C-1	Cristin	M	Chase				An In-Depth Look at the History of The Mark Hellinger Awards Ceremony	
2002	C-2	Tanner	W	Close				Work With Me Here The Relationship Between Police And The Media 	
2002	C-3	Rachel	R	Coiro				Coming Soon to a TV Near You ... 'Live from the Execution Chamber' 	
2002	C-4	Christina	Cole				Public Relations Campaign for Vidal Massiah	
2002	C-5	Rory	W	Connellan			A Sponsorship Proposal for Rick Ware Racing	
2002	C-6	Michael	J	Cummings			Welcome to St. Bonaventure   -PR Video for incoming freshman    * video w/ Daniel McAndrew's thesis 	
2002	D-1	Daniel		Davidson			Segment analysis for Food Lion Supermarkets laundry detergent program	
2002	D-2	Jessica	M	Driscoll			"Struggle in History and the Future of Women in Sports: Women, Men & the Media "	
2002	E-1	Stacie		Enright				An Overview of St. Bonaventure University's Athletic Community Outreach Program	
2002	E-2	Christopher	Ryan	Esposito		More Than Meets the Eye: The Life of St. Bonaventure through the stained glass windows in the  Doyle Chapel 	
2002	F-1	Brett		Fagan				Mt. Irenaeus: A Photojournalists' Perspective	
2002	F-2	Charles	A	Fiegl				Content Analysis of The New York Times Coverage of Vermont's Civil Unions	
2002	F-3	Crystal	Grace	Fitzsimmons			Sidelines A Practical Guide to the Good Journey For the Bonaventure Parent 	
2002	F-4	Mary		Flynn				A Look the Good Journey   - A Magazine	
2002	F-5	John		Foley				"Late night TV talk shows: From Carson to Conan 'The faces and personalities have changed, but  the bedtime rituals are the same.'  "	
2002	G-1	Sara	Elizabeth	Graham			"Diana, Princess of Wales and the Media: Invasion of Privacy or the Public's Right to Know "	
2002	G-2	Joel	D	Grosz				An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan For Dafmark Dance	
2002	H-1	Amber	M	Healy				Don't Judge a Book by its Cover & Cover Articles	
2002	H-2	William	C	Hoppe				SBU Basketball Daily: A Sports Web Page	
2002	J-1	John	C	Jumper				The St. Bonaventure Athletic's Booklet: A Student-Athlete's Guide to the Media	
2002	K-1	Patrick	J	Kennedy				Public Relations for WNED Buffalo Niagara Guitar Festival	
2002	L-1	Daniel	J	LaRusso				A study on trends of college enrollments and careers associated with journalism/mass communications	
2002	L-2	Kylee	C	Lindell				Pathways - A Magazine for the St. Bonaventure Woman 	
2002	L-3	Michael		Lindsley			The History of the Reilly Center 	
2002	M-1	Benjamin	M	Mages			Advertising Stereotypes of Gender in Men's and Women's Magazines	
2002	M-2	Patricia	K	Matarazzo		The effects the media has on the television and movie industry and how it relates to society	
2002	M-3	Daniel	M	McAndrew			Welcome to St. Bonaventure   - PR video for incoming freshman	
2002	M-4	Stewart		McCloud				How the Music Industry Exerts Control Over the Media	
2002	M-5	Angela		Mirarchi			Journeys: A Magazine for College Students 	
2002	M-6	Brendan		Morrissey			Developing a Morally-Based Guide Through Journalistic Ethical Decision-Making 	
2002	M-7	Brigid		Mullen				A Study of Literary Journalism as Present in the Writing of Joseph Mitchell and Joan Didion	
2002	M-8	Jennifer	Muscato				The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts 	
2002	O-1	Paul		O'Dowd				The Field of Public Relations: An Introduction	
2002	O-2	Elizabeth	Ortega				Media Law	
2002	P-1	Jennifer	Patterson			Woman In Soap Operas: How daytime television depicts the changing roles of women 	
2002	P-2	Matthew		Pochily				"September 11, 2001: Radio's coverage of the Events and the Effects on the Media"	
2002	R-1	Alyson		Reising				The comparsion of reporting the Vietnam War verses the reporting of the Persian Gulf War on two distinct levels: the conditions the reporters faced in each war and the logistics of each war  	
2002	R-2	Jody		Roselle				Aranazos: Using Online Journalism to Promote Spanish Reading Proficiency	
2002	R-3	Justin	R	Rybinski			"Newspaper Coverage of the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse: A Content Analysis   "	
2002	S-1	John		Salzler				Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Sports Reporters?	
2002	S-2	Pamela	Helen	Say-Martinez			"The Researching, Interviewing and Writing Processes Involved with Media Profiles for Magazine  and Newspaper Publication"	
2002	S-3	Angela		Scalzo				Living Up The Legend - A Video Exploring SBU's 2001 Ranking by the Princeton Reviews	
2002	S-4	Eric		Schroeck			A Study on Journalist/Source Confidentiality	
2002	S-5	Brooke	J	Sherman				Media Monopolization and the Depoliticization of the American System	
2002	S-6	Lauren		Silberstein			Lifting the Film on Seniors in the Cinema	
2002	S-7	Kristin		Smith				Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Plight of Asylum Seekers	
2002	S-8	Kathleen	Smucinski			Native Americans and the baseball tradition-A sports journalist's commentary 	
2002	S-9	Penny	Elizabeth Soto				An Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan: The Renaissance Faire at St. Bonaventure 2002	
2002	T-1	Emily		Trenz				The New Jersey Cardinals - A Public Relations Campaign	
2002	W-1	Megan 	P	Williams			"BASEBALL IN TROY, N.Y. - the team, the players, the history"	
2002	W-2	Heather 	Mary	Wirth			Timothy McVeigh: A Local and National Print Media Response to the Man Behind the Bomb	
2002	Z-1	Amity		Zaprowski			America Struck by Terrorist Attacks: A look at how the Advertising Industry Reacts 	
2003	A-1	Matthew	A.	Anderson			War and Public Opinion: The Media's Influence and War Reporting	
2003	A-2	Meghan		Arnold				Fear of Color: Deconstructing America's Romance with Blackface Minstrelsy	
2003	A-3	Carlton		Ashton				St. Bonaventure's Challenge: Filling the Gap An examination of the university's questionable efforts to promote diversity.	
2003	B-1	Alton	J.	Barnes				"The Importance of Internships, and How to Get One.A thesis in furtherance of the idea that internships are truly important to a professional career."	
2003	B-2	Katie		Bates 				BonaVenture OutA magazine on the different experiences that a small college town offers.	
2003	B-3	Nora	J.	Bealey				Advertising and 9/11: A Study on How the World Can Change in One Day.	
2003	B-4	Brendan	J.	Behan				The Media's Influence on College Football and College Basketball: An Exploration of the Relationship Between College Football and College Basketball.	
2003	B-5	Alison		Birk				"REACH, A Magazine for Parents of Mentally Impaired Children or Adults."	
2003	B-6	Elizabeth	Bittle 				Duke Dictatorship: What Values Drive the Media to Focus on Winning College Basketball Teams Year After Year.	
2003	B-7	Alicia		Blodgett			The Impact of Photography on Journalism	
2003	B-8	John		Brewer				How the Media Portrays Brain Attack Victims; Hollywood vs. Medical Science	
2003	C-1	Rebecca	S.	Campana				Intersection of Style: How Journalistic and Literary Writing Learn From One Another.	
2003	C-2	Scott		Carroll				2002 Olean Men's Football Media Guide.	
2003	D-1	Matthew		Deapo				The Motion Picture: How It Reflects and Interprets Reality While Shaping Our CultureA proposal that film directors and their visions leave lasting imprints on everyday lives.	
2003	D-2	Elizabeth	Demcsak				All Things WSBU: A Guide in the #1 Student OrganizationA view book for students outlining the history and components of the campus radio station.	
2003	D-3	Matthew		Dougherty			Changes in Sports Media: How Television and the Internet have Influenced Sports Coverage.	
2003	D-4	Emily	M.	Dupuis				Journalistic Ethics in Transition: Moving from News delivery to Commentary. (Honors Project)	
2003	E-1	Rebecca		Eschler				"Know Your PlaceAn environmental publication for St. Bonaventure University students, which seeks to create environmental awareness and concern through local land appreciation."	
2003	F-1	Jennifer	Farugia				St. Bonaventure Sports: the Athlete's Struggle to Level the Playing Field.	
2003	F-2	RaeAnn	M.	Feenaughty			"Baseball: Is America's National Past-time in Jeopardy of Losing its Fans?A examination of Major League Baseball's recent woes, and how the best solution may be to do nothing."""	
2003	F-3	Jillian		Filipowicz			A How-To Guide for St. Bonaventure Students Studying Abroad.	
2003	F-4	Katie		Fish				Simply SubmissionsA magazine that focuses on writing well.	
2003	F-5	Jeffrey	T.	Folck				May Fortune Favor the Bold... Advertising to Gay Males: A Risk Worth Taking.	
2003	F-6	Jocelyn		Fotiadis			A Promotional/Advertising Campaign for the St. Bonaventure University Rathskellar.	
2003	G-1	Jessica	E.	Galasso				An Illustration of Collegiate Literary Publications: From Academic Institutions Comparable to St. Bonaventure University.	
2003	G-2	Lianne	P.	Gantert				Freshman Fifteen: An Informational Magazine for First-Year College Students.	
2003	H-1	Courtney	D.	Hall			Heart's Ease: An Alternative Health Guide.	
2003	H-2	Katie	C.	Hall				Escaping Death: The Life of a Holocaust Survivor.	
2003	H-3	Colleen	Marie	Hannon				The Reality of Women in Public Relations: a Literature Perspective.	
2003	H-4	Emily	A.	Hargrave			"Come Eat: An Advertising Campaign for 'Mangia,' a New York Style Pizzeria."	
2003	H-5	Dana	M.	Herbst				"Life Is Short, The World Is Wide: Study Abroad."	
2003	H-6	Courtney	Hite 				"Coping with DiabetesAdvice for the College student, an informative web site."	
2003	H-7	Victoria	Horton				Managing an Important Internal Relationship: Public Relations Research and Proposal for Clare College and the Student Body.	
2003	I-1	Jennifer	Iannone				"Kidnapping Cases in the Media: Has There Really Been an Increase in Kidnapping?	"	
2003	J-1	Kristyn		Johnson				The Other Side (with regard to media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict)	
2003	K-1	Jennifer	Kane				The Connection Between Women' Body Images in Magazine Ads and Eating Disorders in Female Adolescents.	
2003	K-2	Andrew		Keenan				News Radio Coverage in Post  9/11 America: Remembering the Forgotten Medium.	
2003	K-3	Hannah		Keenan				"Fear and Loathing in Allegany: On the Thesis Trail 2002.  How Hunter S. Thompson, Doctor of Gonzo Journalism, Influenced Social and Political Aspects of Rolling Stone Magazine and Society."	
2003	K-2	Jane		Keenan				A Study of the Cultural Origins of 'Thin-Depicting' Media and their Effect on Women's Body Image	
2003	K-4	Emily	K.	Klamm				"Advertising Existence in America: How the Advertising Industry Came to Be What It Is Today in America, and How It Has Impacted American Culture. Insight into how previous advertising trends and lessons resurface in modern marketing."	
2003	K-5	Breanne	M.	Kraly				A Public Relations Research Campaign Proposal for the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.	
2003	L-1	Marisa		Lampert				The Emergence of Zine on the College Campus	
2003	L-2	Shane		Liebler				The Simpsons' Societal Reflection and Influence.	
2003	M-1	Kris		Magliarditi			"Journalism and Alcoholism: Past and Present Effects on Work, and Future Prevention.In which the author seeks to answer the question of why so many writers take to the bottle."	
2003	M-2	Frank	N.	Mancuso				The Airwaves Struggle: The Adverse Effects of Radio Conglomerates.	
2003	M-3	Jessica		Mandell				Public Relations in Today's Society and its Affect on the US Army.	
2003	M-4	Kathleen	A.	Mannion			The Media Coverage of the 1919 World Series and How the Coverage Impacted America's Pastime.	
2003	M-5	Rayna		McCartney			The Other Side: Erasing Stereotypes 	
2003	M-6	Sean		McGarry				Community Relations and Volunteer Recruitment for Greece Volunteer Ambulance.	
2003	M-7	Megan		McGlone				An Analysis of Tabloid Television and its Negative Effects on American Society. 	
2003	M-8	Stacy		Monaghan			"Tabloid Journalism: The History and Influence of Tabloids on Today's Society, Media, and Celebrities"	
2003	M-9	Thomas	G.	Moore				The Truth Behind MTV's Influence on Generation X: A Look into America Youth Culture.	
2003	N-1	Jennifer	Nicol				Fresh Start: A Magazine Proposal for St. Bonaventure Freshmen.A magazine mockup that would help incoming students speedily become acclimated to the wave of stimuli their new world produces.	
2003	O-1	Daniel	M.	O'Gee				St. Bonaventure Men Ice Hockey Sports Guide.	
2003	O-2	Kevin	G.	Okun				My Lord and My Job: A Study of How Journalism and Religion Intertwine for People of Faith Who Tell the Truth to Readers and Viewers Every Day.In which the author seeks to determine if reporters can serve both God and the readers on a daily basis.	
2003	P-1	Heather		Patterson			"Children, Pornography, and the First Amendment: Where Does the Protection of Children Overstep the First Amendment?"	
2003	P-2	Gary	W.	Payne Jr.			The Influence of the Internet on Sports Journalism.	
2003	P-3	Megan		Perry				"The Legacy of National Geographic: The History, Media and Contributions of Women in Exploration."	
2003	P-4	David		Press				Drive: Celebrity Journalists	
2003	R-1	Shannon		Reed				A History of Project Life War Orphans Rehabilitation Program.	
2003	R-2	Katherine	Reynolds			Advertising Campaign for University Ministries.	
2003	R-3	Linda		Reynolds			The Changing Face of War Coverage: A Look at How Journalists Are Reporting on Operation Iraqi Freedom and What Has Changed Since Vietnam.	
2003	R-4	Kevin		Ross				The Media and the Presidency: A Relationship that has Shaped our Country.	
2003	R-5	Amy		Rumschik			Allegany-Limestone Varsity Football Media Guide 2002.	
2003	R-6	Eileen	P.	Russell				NY XPoSed: A Magazine That Unravels the Lore of Western New York.	
2003	S-1	Traci	M.	Saltzman			Three of the Peak: Reaching the Summit of Everest.	
2003	S-2	Nicole	S.	Schuman				"The Gender Issue in American Newsrooms: Do Journalists Think and Perform According to Gender Perceptions?A look at whether sex determines treatment of the news, or inspires objectivity."	
2003	S-3	Stephanie	Stay				"Balance: Taking Life Further.A magazine dedicated to the assistance and guidance that is often needed among young students, while providing entertainment and fun."	
2003	S-4	Aleksandra	A.	Syska			Imagio Magazine-'Created in God's Image': Advancing Authentic Female Beauty Through the Creation of a Magazine Prototype for Ladies.	
2003	W-1	Jessica		Ward				"Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for Ellicottville, NY."	
2003	W-2	Margaret	Whalen				"Forces of Change: A Look at the Icon of a City Cop in Buffalo, New York."	
2003	W-3	Amanda	L.	Wilton				The History of the Zippo Brand: A Historical Analysis of Cigarette Lighter Made by Zippo Lighters Are Such Sought-After Collectibles.	
2003	W-4	Lisa	A.	Wright				Journey of the Heart Through the EyesA book-length photographic essay of how disability challenged individuals can fulfill the same dream as others.	
2003	Z-1	Joseph	S.	Zappia				Sporting Review: A Magazine About Sports in Our Society.	
2004	A-1	Matthew		Alpaugh				Promotions Campaign for Hot Hot Heat Concert Sponsored by G106.3FM Your Rock Alternative and Yuengling	
2004	B-1	Robert		Barrey				The Ski Wing Murders: Study of a Cold Case	
2004	B-2	Katie		Bartosik			The Journey of Print: An Evaluation designed to take a look at the basic methods and theories behind effective print advertising.	
2004	B-3	Alicia	J.	Becker				The Media's Coverage of the War on Iraq: How the Pentagon Produced A Propaganda War	
2004	B-4	Adam	James	Bednar				The Real Media Bias: Examining Whether Liberal Media Bias Exists	
2004	B-5	Elliotte	Bowerman			Academics and Finances: A Symbiotic Relationship in Need of Further Discussion at St. Bonaventure	
2004	B-6	Denis		Brosnan				The Role of Media in Politics	
2004	B-7	Erica		Buschner			Reality Television: America's Guilty Pleasure	
2004	C-1	Jessica		Campbell			The Future of St. Bonaventure's Journalism/Mass Communication Program: The Professional Generation	
2004	C-2	Felix		Castro				Latino : A  Magazine Proposal	
2004	C-3	P. 	Torre	Catlano				"Revolution - A New Novel About the Life of a Student Journalist	"	
2004	C-4	Matt		Churpita			Drugs in Sports	
2004	C-5	Seth	J.	Conley				The Evolution of College Radio as Influenced by Record Promotion	
2004	D-1	Kathryn	M.	Danna				A Study of the Cultural Origins of 'Thin-Depicting' Media and their Effect on Women's Body Image	
2004	D-2	Sarah		Dardeno				The Curse of the Bambino - a documentary	
2004	D-3	Dave		Demarest			"Code Disaster: The School Shooting at Olean High School December 30, 1974"	
2004	D-4	Margaret	DiVita				F@#* This! A Brief History of Music Censorship in America	
2004	D-5	Laura		Drahushak			"The Current State of Newspapers in the Classroom According to Educators. Examines the current concerns and opinions of teachers, grades kindergarten through 12th, on using newspapers as a teaching device in the classroom"	
2004	E-1	Carolyn		Evert				An Inside Edge: A look into the World of Figure Skating	
2004	G-1	David		Gahr				CNN and Fox News: A study of the Slippage in TV News Ratings	
2004	G-2	Carri		Gregorski			"Ethical Journalism: Traditional Newsgathering, Journalism in Film and an Examination of 'All the President's Men' "	
2004	H-1	Laura		Hawkins				The Francis E. Kelley Oxford Program: A Detailed Paper for the Comprehensive Student View Book and Tip Sheet	
2004	H-7	Chelsea		Heller				Media's Influence on Body Image	
2004	H-2	Jeremy	A.	Hurlburt			400 Hours: A look at the J/MC internship requirement	
2004	I-1	"David, II"	Iman 				Challenges in Reporting the Issues of Poor Rural Mental Healthcare	
2004	J-1	Pete		Jablonski			The Correlation Between Children's Diseases and Indirect Exposure to Harmful Agents	
2004	J-2	Paul	A.	Jannace				The Curse of the Bambino	
2004	K-1	Kimberly	M.	Karcher			"Sex in Advertising:  The past, present, and future of sexually related content used in advertising. How society comes to terms with erotic advertisements"	
2004	K-2	Jane		Keenan				Fighting Words: A Comparative Analysis on War and Music From Bands to Rock.	
2004	K-3	Jennifer	Kiefl				Entertainment Media and Politics: How Late Night Television Impacts a Politician's Campaign and Image	
2004	L-1	Kevin		Lenehan				The Amazon Rainforest	
2004	L-2	Jennifer	Liebel				On Campus: A national magazine for undergraduate students which provides articles for entertaining recreational reading	
2004	M-1	Shannon		Malone				"Advertising Campaign for the United Way of Cattaraugus County, Inc."	
2004	M-2	Lyndsey		Maurer				"The Creation, Organization and Promotion of Lyndsey Maurer's Basketball Camp"	
2004	M-3	Lauren		Meyers				A Selection of Opinion-based Articles Humorously Written Regarding Life Through the Eyes of a College Student	
2004	M-6	Mark	G.	Migliore 			A Gambler's Memoir      print	
2004	M-4	Marissa	G.	Minier				" 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours:' The relationship between the funeral industry and the media"	
2004	M-5	Nicole	Leah	Moore				Andy Warhol's Mass Media: An Undergraduate Communication Course that Explores Conventional Elements of Journalism Via Unconventional Pop Artist Theory	
2004	M-9	William	T. 	Myers				"Video Games do not Cause School Shootings, There Have to be Other Factors Involved       video"	
2004	N-1	Elizabeth	Niebauer			Cambridge Springs: The Way it Was	
2004	N-2	Sheren		Nuruzzaman			St. Bonaventure University Guide For Students of Color	
2004	P-1	Kristen		Page				Over the Top: Vic Carucci with Kristen Page	
2004	P-3	Amanda		Pesono				"An Honest Heart and  a Knowing MInd""A Biographical Examination of a Promising Life Cut Short"""	
2004	P-4	Vincent		Pezzimenti			Production of a weekly magazine that provides in-depth information on the Buffalo Bills and the NFL	
2004	P-5	Lorraine	M. 	Phillips		Police/Media Relationships: How Does Media Affect Police Work:	
2004	R-1	Marybeth	Redner				"An Examination of the Media's Role in Covering Effexor, a Drug to Treat Depression"	
2004	R-2	David		Robinson			"Raising Circulation through the Acquisition of the Young Reader, and the Options Available to Newspapers.      print"	
2004	S-1	Michelle	Samson				The Bonaventurian	
2004	S-2	Doug		Scanlon				A Policy of Honesty in the Crisis Communication	
2004	S-3	Jason		Stupp				Rolling Stone Founder Jann S. Wenner: A Study In Human Nature And Its Effect on the Magazine	
2004	T-1	Thomas		Tabaczynski			A Semester in Public Relations at the Rathskellar	
2004	T-2	Peter	C.	Taboni IV			Homer Simpson: A Journey Through the Life and Times of Springfield's Favorite Father 	
2004	V-1	Rebecca		Valenti				 'Search for Miss Applebottom:' A Portrayal of African-American Women in Music Videos	
2004	W-1	Paul		West				The Reasons Why the New York City Police Department is the Best in the World	
2004	W-2	Sarah		Whitaker			No Worries: A Guide to Bond University	
2004	W-3	Brion		White				Peace and Justice at St. Bonaventure; One Bonaventure Women in her Ministry of Compassion	
2004	W-4	Ryan		Wilcox				An Examination of the Associated Press and Its Role in Today's Media	
2004	W-6	Taylor		Wilson				Simply Because We Were Jews	
2004	Y-1	Maurice	A.	Young				The Demands and Difficulties of being a student athlete playing collegete basketball	
2004	Z-1	Kara		Zale				The History of Gymnastics	
2005	B-1	Jillian		Bannister			"A Study of the Glamorization of Drugs in movies, its influence and how the portrayal of drugs has changed over the years    print"	
2005	B-2	Lisa		Barnard				"Inside the Classroom, Under the Radar: Rolling back education equity in America        print"	
2005	B-3	Laura		Bicicchi			The Potential Impact of the Farmersville Landfill Proposal on Human Health and the Environment   print	
2005	B-4	Annette		Boglev				"Picture Perfect: A Feminist Perspective On The Extreme Measures Women Take To Embody The Ideal"" Woman Often Presented In Advertising""     print"	
2005	B-5	Kelly		Boquard				"Through Various Sources, the Media has Portrayed Adoption Unfairly to the Public     print"	
2005	B-6	Stephanie	Boyle				An analysis of factors promoting or hindering the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States       print	
2005	B-7	Carolyn		Brolley				An In-Depth Session of Interviews that Reveals the Intrinsically Bias Nature of the Media        print	2004
2005	B-8	Julie		Bush				The Negative and Positive Influences of Advertising on Shopping Behaviors for different Generations   print	
2005	B-8	Julie		Bush				"'The Negative and Positive Influences of Advertising on Shopping behaviors for Different Generations.""   print"	
2005	B-9	Anna	E.	Button				Obesity in Citizens of the United States: The Growing Trends of Obesity in U.S. Citizens and the Negative and Unattainable Sterotype Media and Advertising Place on Body Image    print	
2005	C-1	Kimberly	A.	Carlevatti		"Class, Style, Pride: A documentary on the Webster High School Marching band.    video"	
2005	C-2	Erin		Collins				Everlasting Memories: A Chronicle of My Family's History      print	
2005	C-3	John		Corbin				The Independent Baseball Leagues of America with a focus on the Somerset Patriots.  print	
2005	C-4	Joseph	(Matt)	Cormier				"The Crisis of Administering Proheart 6: An Ethical Case Study For Journalist   print	"	
2005	C-5	Jessica	A.	Critton				"The rise of the Atkins diet through public relations, marketing and advertising campaigns.      mass comm"	
2005	D-1	Lexie		Davies				50 and Fabulous      print	
2005	D-2	Irene		Demkou				Eight Page Insert For The Cattaraugus County Council On Alcoholism And Substance Abuse         mass comm/ print 	
2005	D-3	Kathleen	V.	Dempsey			Are Latina Women Negatively Portrayed in the Media and Advertisements?    print	
2005	D-4	Louis		DiPietro II - The Rise of Apocalypticism in New Media and the Catholic Voice in a Fundamental Christian America      print	
2005	D-5	Nate		Dougherty			Ballers with a beat: the influence of hip-hop culture on professional basketball   print	
2005	F-1	Mike		Fanning				How We  Remember It: Stories of Michael J. Fanning & Virginia M. Schaffner. Every story is worth telling.    print	
2005	F-2	Jesse		Fleming				Understanding the Complexities of the Dairy Industry: An Investigation of the Industry Sector Perspectives    print	
2005	F-3	Andy		Fountaine			"My City of Ruins, The Demise of an Industrial Giant in Small Town America.   print"	
2005	G-1	Rob		Galbreath			"Need Title	"	
2005	G-2	Kevin	J.	Gleichauf			Has the Reputation of St. Bonaventure University Survived the Basketball Scandal of March of 2003?   print	
2005	G-3	Amanda		Glenn				Advertising Initiative for John F. Kerry    mass comm	
2005	H-1	Daniel	P.	Hager				How a Lack of Media and A Negative Reputation have Affected the Poplarization and Globalization of Rugby in the United States     print	
2005	H-2	Katherine	Hanny				Did the media influence St. Bonaventure students in the 2004 Presidential election?  print	
2005	H-3	Mary Kathleen Quinn	Hanvey			The Influence of Grassroots Organizations on College Students reguarding the Election.	
2005	H-4	Kelly	L.	Hayes				Will Buffalo Survive?       video	
2005	H-5	Brianne		Heaney				"A Day in the Life of WSBU, 88.3 The Buzz: Why you should be involved with the #3 college radio station    audio"	
2005	H-6	Chris		Heck				The Life of a DJ       audio/print	
2005	H-8	Sarah		Horvath				Does violent media affect the behavior of children and adolescents?    print	
2005	H-9	William		Howard				Vieques: A Globalization Nightmare    print	
2005	H-10	Jason		Hughes				"The Coca-Cola Company, Success, and Advertising    print"	
2005	H-11	Allison		Hunt				Bonaventure Is...      mass comm	
2005	H-12	Leah	E.	Huppe				The Educator: A Magazine for High School Students     print: magazine	
2005	J-1	Jennifer	Jermain				Resolving Correctional Officer Misperceptions Among Young People due to Negative Images Portrayed Through the Media    print	
2005	K-1	Erin	B.	Kearney				The Difference Between British and American Broadcast Advertising: A comparative study demonstrating the influence of culture on advertising.     print	
2005	K-2	Abigail	L.	Krause				Music's affects on society from a historical and present day perspective and an analysis of the significance and lack of subjectivity in media coverage       print	
2005	L-1	Larry		Larsen				"The Japanese Media: Its History, Failings, Future and How it Reflects Contemporary Japan        print"	
2005	L-2	Andrea		Lempges				An in-depth look into how the sitcom Seinfeld affected American thought and communication    print	
2005	L-3	Danielle	Lepper				Oral History and the World of Communications: The Importance of A Life   print	
2005	L-4	Neil		Linderman			The Effects of Profit Pressures and Corporate Owernership on the Newspaper  print	
2005	M-1	Tony		Mannarino			The Yankees and their impact on society  print	
2005	M-2	Ryan		McCarthy			Who Is the Biggest Disappointment In NBA History?   print	
2005	M-3	Holly		McIntyre			Maximizing Communication of Information Through Newspaper Design: Creating A Map for the Reader   print	
2005	M-4	Christie	Mendola				Does Tension Between Marketing and Creative Teams Discourage Creativity and Innovation?      print	
2005	M-5	Tiffany		Michniewicz			An informational brochure on Mt.Irenaeus will encourage student participation       mass comm	
2005	M-7	James	P.	Miller				A Survey of the Practice and Impact of Censoring the Collegiate Press       print	
2005	M-8	Nikhil	Vijay	Murali				An Overview of the Culture of Loss and the Resolution of Grief  print	
2005	N-1	Tracy		Nelson				Rebound: An investigation into collegiate athletic scandals and how academic institutuions recover from them.       print	
2005	N-2	Jeremy		Noeson				Sports Broadcasters: Their education and career path     print	
2005	O-1	Stephen		O'Brien				Media Coverage of President George W. Bush's First Term    print	
2005	P-1	Victoria	A.	Pavone			The Under-Appreciated Sport of Motorcross and its Athletes: The purpose of this project is to create a greater appreciation for the young athletes who engage themselves daily in the sport of motorcross.          print	
2005	P-2	Justin		Pfeiffer			"When the Blood was Red: A look into the past, present and future horror movies.   video"	
2005	P-2	Clarence	Picard				Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation 2005 Annual Report   print	
2005	R-1	Andrea		Reed				Performing Arts at SBU       magazine	
2005	R-2	Kyle		Renner				The Differences and Similarities between real prosecution and television's 'Law and Order.'     print	
2005	S-1	Natalie		Salvia				Remember When: A Campaign for the Warner Theater    mass comm	
2005	S-2	Jill		Schmelzer			Sexual Behaviors in the Media and How it Affects Teenagers   print	
2005	S-3	Nicole		Severino			"The decrease of American credibility in foreign markets since September 11, 2001      print"	
2005	S-4	Ashley		Sindoni				"Brands, Brands, Brands, What labels are you buying into?      video"	
2005	S-5	Michael		Sneddon				MTV's effect on today's youth and society.     print	
2005	S-6	Megan	E.	Sorokes				The File of Life: A Public Relations Campaign*Created for Southern Tier Health Care System Inc.     strategic comm	
2005	S-7	Elizabeth 	M.	Starkey			For All the Smiles of Your Life. An advertising Campaign for Western New York Dental Group      strategic comm	
2005	S-8	Matthew		Sullivan			The Comedy Venture Show      video	
2005	S-9	Ryan		Suminski			Higher Education Marketing Plan For Black Box Network Services  mass comm	
2005	T-1	Geoff		Taras				The Struggle for Female Reporters       print	
2005	W-5	Stephon		(Williams) Johnson		Baseball Stories and Letters: A Short Collection of Stories to Prove that Baseball Is a Sport That Forges Relationships        print	
2005	Z-1	Mark	D.	Zablotny			Inquiry Into How the Televising of Poker is Having Negative Affects On a Young Generation of Poker Players      print	
2005	Z-2	Jamie	L.	Zielonko			How Women Are Portrayed In Print Media: Has It Improved Since Women Have Spoken Out Against It?        print magazine	
2005	Z-3	Kelly		Zientek				The Bonaventure Online: Creating and Maintaining a Web site for St. Bonaventure's students newspaper      print	
2006	A-1	Caroline	Allen				"Promoting Perfection: A look at how overweight women seek to improve their condition, how the media influences them, and how the diet, beauty, and medical industry profits.       print"	
2006	A-2	Jennifer	Anderson			An Integrated Marketing Communication Plan -  Client: Suedehead   strategic comm	
2006	B-1	Meghan		Backus				A Public Relations Proposal for SBU Theater          strategic comm	
2006	B-2	Stephanie	Belke				Making the Grade: The Academic Progress Rate on Intercollegiate Athletics and Its Media Effects      print	
2006	B-3	Lois		Bennett				College Students: Stuck with the Stereotype       video	
2006	B-4	Greg		Biryla				"How Ideological Homogeny, The New York Times and Profit Incentive Cause Cultural Bias in the Media     print"	
2006	B-5	Mandy		Bottomlee			Promoting the Oxford Program through a Magazine Publication   strategic comm	
2006	B-6	Matthew		Braunscheidel			Collegiate Athletic Scandels: How they happen and how an University bounces back.         print	
2006	B-7	Stacy		Brown				The Death of One-Newspaper Towns and the Study of How Competition Fosters Better Journalism        print	
2006	B-8	Matt		Buckley				Bats and Needles: Bud Selig and Major League Baseball's Scandal with Steroids      print	
2006	B-9	Jacob		Buehler				A Comprehensive History of American Punk- (1965-Present)    print	
2006	B-10	Grant		Burchell			"How Drugs Have Been Portrayed Through Various Forms of Media; What the Media Does and Doesn't Tell Us Regarding Abuse, and Its Possible Influence on Addiction.      grant"	
2006	B-11	Mark		Buscaglia			Room for a federal shield law?        print	
2006	C-1	Kevin		Carey				The Surfer's Lifestyle: A series of feature-length articles     print	
2006	C-2	Colin		Cash				Skiing: The Evolution of a Snow Sport           print	
2006	C-3	Rachel		Ceccarelli			The Detrimental Effect of Television and the Media on Teen Girls' Self-Esteem and Sexual Activity - Teenagers beware; Sex is on the Airvideo	
2006	C-4	Chris		Chapman				The Fall of Foreign News Bureaus and the Dangers It Presents.   print	
2006	C-5	Michelle	Clark				30 Years of St. Bonaventure Basketball: Glory and Despair    video	
2006	C-6	Kara		Coleman				The War on Meth: A video documentary of methamphetamine in the Northwest Pennsylvania area          video	
2006	C-7	Chris		Connelly			Online Gambling: A Gambler's Heaven...or Hell?    print	
2006	C-8	Suzie		Coppola				Arts Smarts: Childhood Obesity: Insight into the new American epidemic.                 print	
2006	C-9	Philip		Corrigan			Covering the Iraq War: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Embedded Journalism as Perceived by Journalists and Soldiers   print	
2006	C-10	Maria		Costa				The Story of Coal Mining in the Purgatorie Valley        video	
2006	C-11	Alex		Crafts				Too much or not enough: a look into security in D.C.      video	
2006	C-12	Trevor		Cutaire				"The Mafia: Media's Role in Transforming History Into a Hollywood Genre (Historical Focus on Rochester, New York from 1964-1987)    print	"	
2006	D-1	Rebecca		Dahl				A Glimpse into the Essential Importance of the Independent Press - Zines: Underground Discourse         print	
2006	D-2	Lauren		Davey				Obesity and eating disorders currently affect over half of America's population. This journal is comprised of six articles examining the current weight and health problems in America.         print	
2006	D-3	Katie		DeMarco				The Metrosexual and Ubersexual Trends: An example of media creation and destruction of archetypes for power and profit     print	
2006	D-4	Ayse		Diker				The Portrayal of Racial Diversity by the Media       print	
2006	E-1	Michael		Eddy				Pinthis: The History Above and Below      video	
2006	E-2	Joe		Enoch				9/11 Versus Secrecy: How increased secrecy in the post-9/11 government has changed the FOIA and hurt national securityprint	
2006	E-3	Elizabeth	Ervolina			How are we to prove that stereotypes in music videos aren't in fact truth?        print	
2006	F-1	Justin		Fields				Sports Nation-The American Newspaper-The combination of local and national newspapers result in a national daily sports newspaper         print	
2006	F-2	Adam		Fitzhenry			"Are you ready for some Football?: America's obsession for the game of football, and the contributing factors to this obsession        print"	
2006	F-3	Daniel	R.	Foust				Former Professional Athletes who Transition into a New Sort of Arena: One of a Political Nature      print	
2006	F-4	Carolyn	T.	Frazier				St. Bonaventure University ROTC Public Relations Campaign. This PR campaign discusses how to make students at St. Bonaventure University more aware and informed about the ROTC program on campus and the military science class it offers      stratgic comm	
2006	G-1	Jeffrey		Gasbarre			Steroids Use Among Yourng Athletes and in Professional Sports        print	
2006	G-2	Rachel		George 				Beauty and the Cleats: The effects of media portrayal of female athletes       print	
2006	G-3	Danielle	Gordon				Women in Combat       print	
2006	G-4	Benjamin	Gregg				Analyzing the Films of Michael Mann and His Status As An Auteur In Modern-America Cinema.          print	
2006	H-1	Michael		Hayes				Importance of Oral History: The Great Depression through My Grandparents' Eyes           print	
2006	H-2	Shannon		Howe				Dream.          print	
2006	K-1	Steve		Kemper				Why former Athletes and Coaches end up in the Television Studio After Their Careers are Over            print	
2006	K-2	John	R.	Kennedy				The Effects of a Near-Fatal Experience: Those Involved      print	
2006	L	Joe		Lepsch				A True Bonaventure Story: Stop Seven Music as an Effective Means of Communication      video	
2006	M-1	Jessica		Manocchio			Using the media to communicate the SBU Students In Free Enterprise message and accomplishments           mass comm	
2006	M-2	Peggy		Masters				"A Venerable Communication Medium: A History of the Personal Diary, Including an Example by the author      print"	
2006	M-3	Sara		Maurer				Diversity at Disney         video	
2006	M-4	Terence		McHugh				Building a Video Game Web Site from Scratch    print	
2006	M-5	Andrea		Michnik				Arts Smarts: A Special Event Highlighting Effective Public Relations Tactics for Local Area Arts Educators        strategic comm	
2006	M-6	Deborah	J.	Moore				Public Relations Campaign for St. Bonaventure Disability Support Services        strategic comm	
2006	M-7	Sean		Mullen				An Advertising Campaign Pittsford Farms Dairy           strategic comm	
2006	N	Elaine		Nessle				An Alumni Look at the St. Bonaventure Journalism Experience   video	
2006	O-1	Chris		O'Brien				The sudden rise in gambling addictions and how to get help: A series of feature articles.       	
2006	O-2	Jessica		O'Day				Horror Films through the Decades             video	
2006	O-3	Heidi		Ofinowicz				Media Stereotypes of Arabs and Arab Americans before and after 9/11: A textual analysis of major U.S. newspapers       print	
2006	O-4	Jessica		Omasta				Your Journey steps to a better future: A magazine dedicated to serviceprint	
2006	P-1	Dimitri		Pankas				SBU Hockey          video	
2006	P-2	Heather		Personius 				Joe Science: A Science Magazine         print	
2006	P-3	Jess	L.	Pfohl				Para-Dice Road A Video Guide for Incoming Students on Social Situations in College    video	
2006	P-4	Natalia		Pinto				"The Sixties And The Student March That Rocked The World     print	"	
2006	R-1	Colin		Reilly				The Affects of Embedded Journalism on the Coverage of War   print	
2006	R-2	Callie		Riorden				Live From New York: Saturday Night Stereotypes      print	
2006	R-3	Dan		Roem				Doing Their Duty: The Story of the Oliveto Family in America Presented as Oral History          print	
2006	R-4	Shane		Ryan				The Make Over: A Comprehensive Advertising Campaign Launching the Inn at Sparrowbush to the Upper Delaware River Area and the Tri-State Region           strategic comm	
2006	S-1	Jeffrey		Sabatini			"A Public Relations Evaluation of the St. Bonaventure Men's Basketball Scandal of 2003, And the Affected Public Image of the University.     strategic comm"	
2006	S-2	Christina	Santandrea			The Power of the Media in the Vietnam War: Its effect on Public Opinion and the Legacy it Left Behind for Future War Coverage       print	
2006	S-3	Phil		Schwegler			The cell phone's impact on modern society: An analysis of the social consequences of the cell phone's adoption by the mass public    print	
2006	S-4	Troy		Smith				Race Relations in the Media         print	
2006	S-5	Alexis		Spallone			The Mass Media and the Justice System: A Disputed Relationship    print	
2006	S-6	Lauren		Spokas				"Pet Therapy: Mans Best Friend, Really...      print"	
2006	S-7	Jennifer	Stutz				The Houses of Bonaventure: Off Campus Housing as Bonding Experience        video	
2006	V	Kelly		Voll				Censorship in Medical Journalism and its Effects on the Amerian Public    print	
2006	W-1	Kathryn 	Walsh				Relay for Life         mass comm	
2006	W-2	Joe		Werkmeister			An Analysis of the Print Media Coverage of Hurricane Katrina     print	
2006	W-3	Kevin		White				"Stories from the 2005-06: Ski Season         print	"	
2006	W-4	Joseph	A.	Wolcott				Behind Enemy Lines: Does the Portrayal of Violence in the Mass Media Lead to Further Aggression in Human Behavior?      print	
2006	Y	Kyle		Young				The BonAware.                  print   magazine	
2006	Z	Kathryn		Zenyuh				Impressions for Today           print magazine	
2007	A	Jessica	L.	Ansuini				The Bob Koop Broadcast Journalism Laboratory: Where Legacies Live On.       video	
2007	B-1	Rebecca		Banach				Everything I need to know I learned at St. Bonaventure: St. Bonaventure's impact on the print journalism world.     print	
2007	B-2	Jessica	L.	Bantle				Responding to Natural Disaster: Volunteer Efforts for Hurricane Katrina Victims.         video	
2007	B-3	Dane		Barclay				Unsung Heroes: American Journalists Covering the War in Iraq     print	
2007	B-4	Zachary		Beach				More Important than Life and Death: Malcolm Glazer and the Takeover of Manchester United.       print	
2007	B-5	Robert	T.	"Black, II"			"Knockout Culture: A magazine blending fresh, popular culture with an old-school appreciation of boxing       print"	
2007	B-6	William		Boguski				"Plan, Promote, Execute: Bonaventure Arts & Media Fair 2007          mass comm"	
2007	B-7	Tim		Bontemps			A Look Through Content Analysis at Media Coverage of the Duke Lacrosse Scandal     print	
2007	B-8	Joseph		Bradley				An Uphill Battle: An Investigation Into the Economy of the Southern Tier        print	
2007	B-9	Todd		Brooks				Deadheads: Still alive after all these years an important subculture unfairly maligned?    print- magazine	
2007	B-10	Anna	M.	Bulszewicz			Beauty: An Exploration of the Human Soul        video	
2007	B-11	Michelle	Buntich				A History of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany        print	
2007	B-12	John	P.	Butler				"Did St. Bonaventure football die too early and how is the program remembered today? A History of Legends, Memories and Golden Moments in St. Bonaventure Football           print"	
2007	C-1	Jennifer	Carpenter			Musical Theatre: A form of Communication Overlooked?      print mag	
2007	C-2	Kristina	Carpenter			Media and Politics: discovering the influence behind the Vietnam and Iraq Wars     print	
2007	C-3	Gina		Cesari				American television commercials inaccurately portray the ratio of homosexuals and the different races living in the United States versus the ratio representing these groups in commercials.        print	
2007	C-4	Jessie		Charbonneau			What factor motivates fan loyality in baseball?       print	
2007	C-5	Brendan		Connarton			The Role of Steroids in Today's Sports World        print	
2007	C-6	Alyson		Cunningham			Next Step Magazine: A magazine for the unsure journalist choosing a career path. Targeted towards recent college graduates and soon-to-be college graduates struggling to find a field of journalism they are most interested in.         print	
2007	D-1	Maggie		Delmore				Tatoos: The Cultural Art Form of the Human Body A documentary look into the meanings of tattoos as art        video	
2007	D-2	Rebecca		Doel				An examination of the relationship between different elements of popular culture and MTV to reveal: The Connection of Music Television (MTV) with Popular Culture          print	
2007	D-3	Kathleen	Donnelly			Inside the Bona Bubble: St. Bonaventure University Through the Eyes Of Its Students.         video	
2007	D-4	Kelly		Donohue				The Bonafide Life - A Magazine       print	
2007	D-5	Lindsey		Dueringer			Gender Bias Media: Women Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles to Succeed in Television Sports Reporting.     print	
2007	E	Kelly		Eschberger			An In Depth Look at one Alternative School         video	
2007	F-1	Zach		Ferrari				Why the Buffalo Bills are the Chicago Cubs of the NFL        print	
2007	F-2	Kaitlin		Foley				Walsh: a PR Priority         mass comm	
2007	F-2	Kaitlin		Foley				"	"	
2007	F-3	Jennifer	Foster				"Animal Cruelty and Abuse: Statistical Analysis, Quantitative Data, Local Reporting and Law Issues Surrounding Animal Cruelty.    print"	
2007	F-4	Bridget		Fraize				Capturing Grief: A video documentary     video	
2007	F-5	Jeffrey	K	Freeland			A Tribute to Francis E. Kelley and 20 Years of the SBU Oxford Programmass comm	
2007	F-6	Amanda		Fuller				"Neurological Tests: Nerves, Needles and Electricity       print"	
2007	G-1	Megan		Geary				Dare to be different: An integrated marketing communications campaign for MasterCard     strategic comm	
2007	F-2	DeAnna		Golden-Arabaty			The Palestinian Holocaust -- The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine   video	
2007	H-1	Colleen		Hannon				Inside the World of Cheerleading: A Documentary on the Athletes         video	
2007	H-2	Alex		Harris				The Center for Nonviolence: A Celebration of 25 Years of Peace and Nonviolence Studies       video	
2007	H-3	Katie		Hurley				One More Ingredient in the Recipe for Success: Community Relations.        mass comm	
2007	J-1	Ashley		Jankowski			America around the Globe        print	
2007	J-2	Ryan		Jewell				Olean General Hospital Plans Book	
2007	K-1	Bill		Kenney				Sports in the political arena: An examination of athletes moving into politics and the media's role in supporting them       print	
2007	K-2	Natasha		King				A magazine that presents the way the world views science      print	
2007	K-3	Meagan		Kolkmann			A Fading Medium: A Look at Broadcast Journalism and How Technology is Changing the Delivery of Broadcast News.     video	
2007	L-1	Emily		Lenihan				"CNN: The most trustworthy in news, in reputation and reality. An in-depth look into whether or not CNN is the most accurate and trusted news network          print"	
2007	L-2	Chris		Leonard				Undercover Journalism: Is it Still Worth It?       print	
2007	L-3	Kristen		Loutzenhiser			SBUWREC Season 2006          mass comm	
2007	L-4	Jenna		Luehrsen			Inside the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Program: The 20th Anniversary          video	
2007	M-1	Emily-Rose	Maher				The feminine misconception: Inadequate portrayals of women in American mass media         print	
2007	M-2	Tara		Malloy				Marketing Plan for Tara Lynn Designs (jewelry)       strategic comm	
2007	M-3	Adam	D.	Miller				Minimum Wages: What caused its creation and its effects on workers connected to St. Bonaventure University.          print	
2007	M-4	Adrienne	Minjarez			The Rise of the Hispanic Population in the United States and its Effect on the Media        print	
2007	M-5	Matt		Moodie				Sports Broadcasting: A Study of What Makes a Good Sports Anchorprint	
2007	M-6	Travis		Moshier				Take the Heat: A magazine dedicated to the prevention of fire-related deaths through education         print	
2007	M-7	Kathleen	Moulton				A Case Study on the Changing Media and Political Cultures and the Effects on the Relationships between Journalists and Politicians            print	
2007	N-1	Carl		Nagel				Snowy Pine Winter Ski Resort         mass comm	
2007	N-2	Abbey		Naples				Slices of Syracuse            mass comm	
2007	N-3	Aroldo		Nery				The Evolution of American Airlines         mass comm	
2007	P-1	Matt		Pappano				An Investivative Look into Indian Casinos         print	
2007	P-2	Jayme		Pfaff				The media and its bias against minorities in coverage of missing children cases         print	
2007	R-1	Dusten		Rader				The Need for a Video Tour of  St. Bonaventure      mass comm	
2007	R-2	Kevin		Rhoney				Is country music underappreciated in today's media and society?              print magazine	
2007	R-3	Lucy		Rushanova			"A magazine publication with precise viewpoints on fitness, health and well-being for today's college student          print"	
2007	R-4	Sean		Ryan				"The New Addiction: A study of cellular phone usage, conflicts and dependencies in young adults         print"	
2007	S-1	Jason		Schultz				Internet Censorship and Regulation -- An examination of the Factors Influencing the Present and Future of Life on the Internet     print	
2007	S-2	Jennifer	Sexton				Print Media: The Ultimate Survivor         print	
2007	S-3	Michael		Spong				Buffalo Sabres: Impact on Western New York.           video	
2007	S-4	Ryan		Steele				The explosion of facebook and its influence among college students        print	
2007	S-5	Hallie		Steube				Journey in...A magazine in a pdf format           mass comm	
2007	S-6	William		Sullivan			The Curse of the Bambino      print	
2007	T-1	Joseph		Tavares				SIFE: A PR Campaign         strategic comm	
2007	T-2	Reagan		Terry				They walked among us: An extensive look into the argument of Nature vs. Nurture in three infamous serial killers       print	
2007	T-3	Colin		Toolan				Globalization: A Look at the Formation of a Global Community and What it Means for the Future of America       print	
2007	T-4	Michelle	Torella				A Strategic Public Relations Initiative for the St. Bonaventure Friary     strategic comm	
2007	T-5	David		Tracey				Building Your Own Personal Computer          print	
2007	T-6	Laura		Tucker				Saving Energy at St. Bonaventure          mass comm	
2007	V	Michael		Vierling			The use of war analogies in sports communications         print	
2007	W-1	Christopher	R.	Whitcomb		"Tiger Woods impact on the game of golf and the media culture that surrounds the sport. An indepth-look at how the emergence of Tiger Woods as a agolf phenomenon has changed the way the game is played, covered, advertised, marketed and seen in the world of sports.     print"	
2007	W-2	Kara		Wilson				Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars partners with the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life          mass comm	
2008	A	Jennifer	Ackers				Sunday Best      print	
2008	B-1	Sara		Babiarz				Set to Jet       print	
2008	B-2	Alex		Bauer				Everything You Need (Besides a Good Swing) To Start Golfing     print	
2008	B-3	Nicole		Bigar				Forever Fit      print	
2008	B-4	George		Blas				"Statistical Analysis, Sabermetrics and Scouting: The Perfect Combination to Fielding a Successful Baseball Team      print"	
2008	B-5	Samantha	Bontemps			A Chautauqua Wedding Celebration          mass comm	
2008	C-1	Rob		Cannon				Picking Up The Pieces: A Documentary on SBU Men's Basketball        video	
2008	C-2	Siobhan		Cantanzaro			Relay for Life Plansbook          mass comm	
2008	C-3	Emily		Ciraolo				A Comprehensive Public Relations Strategy for BonaResponds                strategic comm	
2008	C-4	Michael		Cohen				A History of the Alternative Press in America and the Rising Tide of Dissent         print	
2008	C-5	Bryan		Collins				The iPod Revolutions and Today's Digital Age of Music       print	
2008	C-6	Eileen	P	Cotter				Link: Linking Communication Age Gaps Through One Common Publication      print	
2008	C-7	Michael		Crawford			The Disjointed Evolution of Video Games       print	
2008	D-1	Kaitlin		Dean				The Importance of Body Language in Communication         print	
2008	D-2	Christopher	DeMarchis			The Diary of Booking a Concert a St. Bonaventure University     print	
2008	D-3	Matthew		Detisch				The Wasteland         print	
2008	D-4	Katelyn		Dieffenderfer			How the Media Shaped the Development of Dance in America      print	
2008	E-1	Scott		Eddy				"Bringing Energy, Excitment, and Dollars to a Minor League Baseball Franchise in Modern America        print"	
2008	E-2	Chelsea		Eggleston			"Generation Y: Internet, iPods, and Getting Involved.         video"	
2008	E-3	Katie		Eimiller			Ramble On Magazine: A Rock 'n' Roll Magazine That is Dedicated to the Big Names That Made an Impact on the Industry          print	
2008	E-4	Megan		Ellis				Philadelphia's Black History: A Visual Record of the Black Population in Philadelphia        video	
2008	F-1	Madelyn		Fitzpatrick			B-Pack Travel: A Magazine        print	
2008	F-2	Nolan		Fraver				Changing the Game: The Business of American Basketball      print	
2008	G-1	Claire		Glatz				"Our Town: A documentary about life now, then, and tomorrow, in small-town West Valley, NY       video"	
2008	G-2	Melissa		Grabowski			"The Origin of Bluegrass: From the Beginning, To Insturments, To Bands, Until Today       print"	
2008	G-3	Christina	Gray				Green Cusine       print magazine	
2008	H-1	Candace		Henderson			Cooking for Real           print  magazine	
2008	H-2	Molly		Hirschbeck			Parent Violence in Youth Sports: The Impact of Destructive Behavior on the Playing Feild        print	
2008	H-3	Cassidi		Huggler				Megan Ellis: A Semester in Photographs            print	
2008	J	Kelly		Jackson 			Global Warming: An Investigation of A Shift From A Scientific Debate to a Political and Commercial Tool         print	
2008	K-1	Benjamin	Kaiser				Weapons of Mass Distruction     video	
2008	K-2	Meghan		Kennedy				Niagara Falls: Experience The Wonder        strategic comm	
2008	K-3	Meghan		King				Girls on the Run: a PR Campaign        strategic comm	
2008	K-4	Evelyn		Kirby				Kiva: 'Change the World' Campaign            strategic comm	
2008	K-5	Jessica		Kraft				"The SBU International: A Newsletter About International Courses and Studying Abroad Programs at St. Bonaventure University, Directed Towards Prospective Students         mass comm"	
2008	L-1	Michael		Landers				Staying Tuned: The Psychological Appeal and Effects of Media Lines        print	
2008	L-2	Krystle		Loomis				A Series of Articlest that Investigate the Consequences and Effects from living a Political Life        print	
2008	M-1	Jason		MacBain				The Complete Production of a Magazine Prototype Called Beyond Lines          print magazine	
2008	M-2	Jeff		Madigan				"Professional Wrestling and Newspaper Coverage: Finding a Needed"" Connection Between the Two""          print"	
2008	M-3	Anna 		Martorell			Hispanic Immigration: An Unsolved Issue affecting millions that has become a multi-million dollar business for a few       print	
2008	M-4	"Christopher  ""CJ"""	J	Mauer		"The Examination of the Significant Effects of Steroid Use on Sports, the Future Threats They Have and How Increased Awarness Can Prevent Such Problems        print"	
2008	M-5	Sara		McCune				The Relationship Between Blogs and Newspapers      print	
2008	M-6	Matthew		McIntyre			An Advertising Campaign for Stop Seven       strategic comm	
2008	M-7	Patricia	McKeon				Letters Worth The Postage             mass comm	
2008	M-8	Christopher	L	Michel			The Rated X Files        print	
2008	M-9	Michael		Migliore			"ESPN has signigicatly changed the way sports are reported, broadcasted and followed              print"	
2008	M-10	Kyle		Milliron			Protecting the ANF         video	
2008	M-11	Anne Marie	Minnuto				Mambo Italiano        magazine print	
2008	M-12	Katie		Mohagen				A Magazine: Bonnies       print magazine	
2008	M-13	Michael		Moretti				Play Clothes Attention Records       mass comm	
2008	N-1	Stephanie	Nikolaou			"Shake 'Em Up, Piss 'Em Off and Never Be SatisfiedA Front Row Seat At SBU Theatre    video	"	
2008	N-2	Christopher	Novak				An Analysis of The Bona Venture's Coverage of the Men's Basketball Team        print	
2008	O	Anna		Omoregie			"St. Bonaventure's 150 Years Celebration: A Look at the University's Past, Present and Future       video"	
2008	P-1	Amy		Passalugo			Beyond the Books: A deeper Look into the World of Event Planning        mass comm	
2008	P-2	Michael		Postles				The Effects of the Internet on the Futureof Broadcast Journalism          print	
2008	P-3	Eboni		Preston 			An Exploration and Analysis of the World Faith and its Essentiality to a College Student         mass comm	
2008	R-1	Matthew		Retchless			Sport Teams that leave Cities: The Media's Influence and the City that Remains         print	
2008	R-2	Tayna		Reynolds			Publicity in the Theatre: A Comprehensive Written Analysis of Marketing Public Relatons for the Stage       mass comm	
2008	R-3	Natalie		Ruckel				Beyond: Easing Your Way Into Life After College       print maagazine	
2008	S-1	Robin		Sanders				Ring of Honor       print	
2008	S-2	Kaitlin		Sawyer				Wind Power        mass comm	
2008	S-3	Laura		Sewastynowicz			First Book: Publicity Plans Book       mass comm	
2008	S-4	Sarah		Sheldon				"Harmony house Coffe Campaign           mass comm	"	
2008	S-5	Thomas		Shortell			"The Eolution of American Newsapers: Where They've Been, What They Are, and Where They're Going        print"	
2008	S-6	Rachel		Siepierski			Music Magazining: hidden TRACKS       print	
2008	S-7	Iben		Soltau				Danish Caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad     print	
2008	T-1	Jonathon	Ter  Meer			Doolas Designs: A Strategic Marketing Plan       mass comm	
2008	T-2	Kimberly	Trimboli			SPCA in Cattaraugus  County Advertising Campaign       mass comm	
2008	V	Graham		Vosburg				Bathroom Humor Never Gets Old:  Case Study in How I Can Embarrass My Parents Even Further       print magazine	
2009	A	Michael		Avillo				Bursting the Bubble - Print	
2009	B-1	Claire		Bachman				"John Bachman: A Celebration of Life    - Video Documentary	"	
2009	B-2	Colleen		Beaudette			"Dining Out Guide: Olean, NY  - Advertising"	
2009	B-3	Erin		Brauen				The Disease in the Shadows: Dementia	
2009	B-4	Thomas		Burke				The Evolution of Snowboarding and the Current Relationship it Faces with Skiers   - Video	
2009	C-1	Eric		Carlson				Bona's Athletics Insider - Taking Notice...   Magazine	
2009	C-2	Cailan		Cassidy				Monroe Country Club Marketing Management Plan   -  Public Relations	
2009	C-3	Joseph		Centanni			It's In My Blood: The Story of Bonaradio      print	
2009	C-4	Alex		Cole				The New York State Cigarette Tax: Its Effects on People and Businesses      print	
2009	C-5	Patrick		Connolly			Zines: The Importance of Independent Media   print	
2009	D-1	Andrea		D'Angelo			Dance Life Magazine     print	
2009	D-2	Erin		Danahy				A History and Analysis of Fashion from 1950 to Today      print	
2009	D-3	Deandra		Danch				2009 Outlaw Rugby Media Guide - St. Bonaventure University   - Media Guide / Magazine	
2009	D-4	Vanessa		Diaz				Becoming First Coast News Segment Producer       video	
2009	D-5	Emily		Dillon				Transitions: The Magazine for St. Bonaventure University Freshmen         print	
2009	E-1	Joshua		Eaton				The Utilization of Research for Physical and Electronic Press Kits        print	
2009	E-2	Brooke		Ehrhart				Buffalo Soccer Club: A Public Relations/Marketing Campaign     mass comm	
2009	F-1	Emily		Fields				College Life Magazine         print	
2009	F-2	Nicole		Fisk				The Bona-Woman   --- Magazine	
2009	G-1	Megan		Geertson			The Every Day Kid's Guide to Being in a Band       mass comm	
2009	G-2	Kevin		Gray				Roommates  - Two Episodes  - Print 	
2009	G-3	Paul		Grolemund			Fusion Magazine        print	
2009	H-1	Conor		Hale	Natalie		Pronio	Keepers of the Faith  - Video	
2009	H-2	Katie		Heller				Gap Inc.      print	
2009	H-3	Brittany	Henry				A Taste of Italy       print	
2009	H-4	Brie		Hogan				Corning Optical Fiber's Exposure at IWCS Conference 2008     print	
2009	H-5	Jarrell		Hughes				Networking Sites: Why People Choose Them and Where They Are Going       print	
2009	J	Mary		Jeffers				Celebrity Magazine  -  Print/Magazine	
2009	K-1	Eric		Krupka				2008 Minnesota Vikings      print	
2009	K-2	Colin		Kyler				Media Bias Against the Penn State Football Program   print	
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2009	P-1	Katie		Peek				Party for Pink Fundraiser: Raising Money for Breast Cancer Research      video	
2009	P-2	Marisa		Pesono				North Buffalo       video	
2009	P-3	Amber		Pietrobono			Financial Literacy Education at St. Bonaventure University     print	
2009	P-4	Rich		Place				Confederate Flag: From Battle Flag to Embattled Symbol    ---  Video	
2009	P-5	Lindsay		Pohlman				Embrace it Africa: The 2009 Fundraising Campaign        strategic comm	
2009	H-1	Natalie		Pronio	Conor		Hale	Keepers of the Faith  - Video	
2009	P-6	Jessica		Purtell				People of Bonas       print	
2009	R-1	Amanda		Renko				Pushing the Boundries       print	
2009	R-2	George		Roland				MotorTV  - Video	
2009	R-3	Meghan		Rossman				Niagara Falls: Then and Now      video	
2009	S-1	Alex		Sanders				"Music at SBU        video	"	
2009	S-2	Stephen		Sanfilippo			Kloc's Grove: A Creative Message Strategy - Print (Marketing & Communications)	
2009	S-3	Jessica		Schiefer			A Public Relations Plan to raise Awareness and Call for Action from College Students to Support US Troops   - PR Campaign	
2009	S-4	Kristen		Schober				Pilates for Pink at St. Bonaventrue University - Advertising Campaign	
2009	S-5	Elizabeth	Schumer				Babs to Barbie: Women in Entertainment and Women in the Media              print	
2009	S-6	Jennifer	Sherman				"Who will be the next, and 44th, President of the United States of America?: A look at the two main candidates on the issues, their speeches at their respective party conventions, and an analysis of survey on college students' opinion on the issues and the election.    print"	
2009	S-7	Eric		Smith				Modern Tattoo Magazine - Print Magazine	
2009	S-8	Lucas		Smith				From Hysteria to Tourism: Witches in Salem       video	
2009	S-9	Philip		Smith				The 2008 Buffalo Bills 'The Future is Now'    Video	
2009	S-10	Jordan		Steves				The Bunion: St. Bonaventure's Lest Reliable News Source      print	
2009	S-11	Meghan		Stutz				South Buffalo      video	
2009	T-1	Cynthia		Tapper				Caring for the Direct-Care Worker and the Future of Long-Term Care            video	
2009	T-2	Jean		Taylor				Mount Irenaeus Documentary - Video	
2009	T-3	Matthew		Tucci				The History of Professional Wrestling and the Media: A Fan's Perspective        print	
2009	V	Jared		VanDyke				Spirit Made Easy    print	
2009	W-1	Elena		Warden				Ellicottville Brewing Company     mass comm	
2009	W-2	Allison		Whalen				YMCA Buffalo Niagara Bobcats: A Comprehensive Public Relations Plan   strategic comm	
2009	W-3	Courtney	Wilhelm				Western New York Travel        print	
2009	W-4	Alex		Wolff				Ice Hockey  Print	



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Strat Comm

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  B-3 Bidnick                ,   Kacey                                "The Impact of the Counterculture Movement of the 60s and 70s is to be considered a One-Time Deal Due to a Decrease in Social Activism Amongst Yount Adults"

 B-4 Burke                   ,   Anthony                            "Science Fiction Film, 1968-2009: A Genre in Crisis?  "

 B-5 Burton                 ,   James                          "back to bASICS"
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Strat Comm

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Strat Comm

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Strat Comm

 D-2  DeOrdio               ,   Cameron                       "Reviewing Clare College:  A look back at, inside of and forward for Bonaventure's core curriculum"

  E-1  Eckweiler            ,   Talbot                               "What New York State Almost Lost By Proposing State Parks and Historic Sites Close"

 E-2  Enslow              ,   Jarrad                               "OFF BEAT - Entertainment Review from 2000-2009"
Strat Comm

 F  Freeman            ,   Christopher                      "A History of the Disney Resort"

  G-1  Gross                ,   Timothy                            "The View From the Reds: What St. Bonaventure Basketball Means to the Southern Tier"

 G-2  Guastaferro      ,   Joseph                        "Villa Adeste: Escaping Within Paradise Creating Awareness Through  IMC Recommendations"   White Paper


 G-3  Guerrieri             ,   Lauren                              "Social Media Campaign: Epressos Coffeehouse"
Strat Comm

 H-2  Haley                   ,   Meghan                            "Spiedies - A Southern Tier Delicacy"
Strat Comm

H-3  Hansen             ,   Allison                          "embrace it Africa presents:  Washington West Poetry  Slam"
Strat Comm

H-4  Hayes                ,   Maria                                "The Bonavintage: Showing  the value of archived files and library books  in a world of short attention spans and access to Google"


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Strat Comm

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H-7  Hurley                 ,   Shana                           "Ezra, Jane & the Seventh-Day Dream"
Strat Comm

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Strat Comm

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K-1 Kelchlin               ,   Sean                               "Technology, Media and Golf"

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K-5 Kosakowski      ,   Elyse                             "Pharaoh's Hairum Salon  & Spa:  An Innovative  Plan Looking Forward  to the Future"

Strat Comm

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L-2 Leko                     ,   Christopher                   "Soccer and World Media"

 L-3 Lepetich            ,   Terence                         "The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act"

L-4 Levine                  ,   Trevor                               "The Future  of Rugby in North America"

 L-5 Lombardo         ,   Philip                                 "Social Media's  Effect on the Four Major Professional Sports"

 L-6 Lowry                  ,   Erin                                   "The Creation of: The New Nomad"

M-1 Maher                  ,   Taylor                              "30 Minutes to the Valley"

 M-2 Marciniak           ,   Sarah                                "Legends Address Poverty  in Olean,  NY --  St. Bonaventure University Women's Rugby Football Club, The Warming House"

 M-3 Martinelli            ,   Matthew                           "ESPN: A Worldwide Leader in Sports?"

M-4 Masucci            ,   Mary                                "Bona Buddies Raffle"
Strat Comm

 M-5 McDonald           ,   Connor                             "The Community  - A Gaming  Blog by Connor  McDonald"
Strat Comm

 M-6 McGarr               ,   Kevin                                "Suggestions for Major League Soccer"
Strat Comm

 M-7 McKeown            ,   Rebecca                      "Impish DIY - An Immersion into the World of DIY"
Strat Comm

 M-8 McKernan           ,   Michelle                           "The Girl Effect"
Strat Comm

 M-9 Minichiello          ,   Stephen                       "Issues with Media Ethics: A Summary of the rules that apply to the Media and how they are determined."


 M-10 Mitchell               ,   Daniel                             "Social Networking & Twitter: How Twitter has  Shaped Our Society"

 P-1  Parrish                ,   Dajanee                         "Marketing Plans Book: Russell J. Jandoli  School  of Journalism and Mass Communication"
Strat Comm

 P-2  Passannante    ,   Matthew                           "The Original 'Shock  Jock'"

 P-3  Pease               ,   Michael                             "13 WHAM Sports"

 P-4  Phillips              ,   Dana                                  "The Effects of Successful Athletic Programs on Recruitment and University Enrollment"

 Q Quagliata            ,   Justina                            "Changes in Media between the Vietnam and Iraq Wars"

 R  Ribar                   ,   Morgan                                "The How's, the Who's  and the What's  of the Bona Bubble"

 S-1  Sangiacomo     ,   Marissa                             "Knocked off the Pedestal: Celebrity Journalism Then and Now"

 S-2  Schneider         ,   Timothy                            "2010-2011 Section V Wrestling Preview"

 S-3  Scutella            ,   Lindsey                         "Beyond The Bubble"
Strat Comm

 S-4  Seabaugh         ,   Christian                          "The Stig's American  Cousin"

S-5  Serrato                 ,   Andrew                             "Good Music Tough Times"

 S-6  Shelters            ,   Scott                            "Scott Shelters' Sports Opinion Blog"
Strat Comm

 S-7  Sonner              ,   Jacob                             "Considering Law School?: Where  to Begin and What to Look For"

 S-8  Sullivan             ,   Sarah                                "Advertisement Campaign for TOMS Shoes: Souls  for SOLES"
Strat Comm

 T Taylor                  ,   Gabrielle                              "Voices -  A Magazine"

 V Veri                      ,   Caitlin                                  "Bonaventure Women:  Snapshots of History"

 W-1  Wargo                  ,   Marilyn                            "Sports  Nutrition for Collegiate Athletes:  Providing Accurate Nutritional Information and Personal Experience to Enforce  Performance and Healthy Eating Habits for life"

 W-2  Witter                  ,   Elizabeth                       "Documentary: Life as a Twin"

 W-3  Witzel                  ,   Zackary                           "89 Yellow Days"



 A Annis                    ,   Megan                                  "First Year Experience"  (FYE)   Documentary

 B-1 Barie                    ,   ShannonL.                     "JMC Capstone: Campaign Summary"
Strat Comm

 B-2 Bohrer                 ,   Brian                                 "First Amendment Rights for Military Funerals: Family's Right to Privacy, Protester's Right to Demonstrate, and the Public's  Right to Know."


 B-3 Boudin              ,   Kelsey                          "When Moving On Isn't So Simple"

 B-4 Burt                     ,   Kathryn                            "WSBU's Buzz Bash"
Strat Comm

 C-2  Carlson             ,   Erika                                 Shark  Finning  -  "The Industry and its Effects on the World"

  C-3  Colaianni             ,   Michael                            "Citizens of a Third Culture: The Psychology and Effects of Third Culture Living"

  D-1  D'Alessandro   ,   Alicia                                "Bona Buddies Youth Mentoring Program: Outcomes Report 2012" (marketing report)

 D-2  Davenport         ,   Michael                            "Four Different Worlds, One Game"

 D-3  DeBack             ,   Christopher                  "Steroids and the Media"

D-4  Deragon            ,   Emily                                "Only Place on Earth That Glows Brown"

 D-5  Dibble                  ,   Samuel                         "Salem,  Massachusetts: An Identity in Progress"

 D-6  Diedrich               ,   Tyler                                 "How 'Bout Them Apples: The Story of the 2008 Hilton Cadets"

 D-7  Donovan           ,   Jeffrey                              "The Man in the Fedora"

 D-8  Dubiel                  ,   William                            "Marketing the Syracuse Chiefs to the Millenials"
Strat Comm

 D-10  Duke                    ,   Nicholas                     "How effective is mobile Internet  as a marketing and advertising medium?

 E Ellis                      ,   Ryan                                     "Star Wars The Force  Unleashed III: Expanding the Fiction"
Strat Comm

 F-1 Fera                     ,   Chelsey                          "photography"

 F-2 Flor                      ,   Kaitlin                               "Elk Mountain Ski School"
Strat Comm

 F-3 Foit                       ,   Eric                                    The Golden  Teachers: A SBU Band"

 F-4 Frank                   ,   Jessica                       "Why Is 'I Do' not enough anymore?"

 G-1  Glennon            ,   Katherine                         Memories from St. Bona Venture  Class of 2012"

 G-2  Goris                    ,   Jennifer                         "Hip Hop vs. America"

 G-3  Gorman               ,   Ryan                                 "Missing Capstone - never  handed one in for the Sp 11 class"

 G-4  Graham               ,   Christopher                  "The Explicit Knowledge"

 H-2  Hosken             ,   Patrick                              "Someone Else's Song"

 J Jackson          ,   Bryan                                    "The Perfect Plaintiff?"

 K-1 Kinney                 ,   Erin                                   "Joe's Pasta Garage"
Strat Comm

 K-2 Klein                    ,   Amanda                            "Girls on the Run"
Strat Comm

 L-1 Laubscher        ,   Kaitlin                               "Leading Ladies  of The Bona Venture"

 L-2 Lee                       ,   Matthew                            "Becoming  Extraordinary"

 L-3 Legarsky           ,   Sara                                   "St. Bonaventure University Men's Basketball Throw Back Night"
Strat Comm

  L-4 Lindahl                ,   Kaitlin                               "The Journey of a Pilgrim: Stories and Insights  from World Youth Day 2011"

 L-5 Lindner               ,   Emilee                               "The Bona Venture's Campaign Outline"
Strat Comm

 L-6 Luzzi                    ,   Dominica                       "Advertising Campaign for Street JAM"
Strat Comm

 M-2 Malmgren            ,   Lisa                                   "Bursting the Bubble"
Strat Comm

 M-3 Marin Salcedo  ,   Manuela                           "Illuminar: a non-profit organization"
Strat Comm

 M-4 Mayer                  ,   Stephen                       "How Businesses use  an Internet  Presence to Drive Sales"

 M-5 McKeiver            ,   Candice                        "Veterans vs. Rookies Men's Basketball Tournament"
Strat Comm

 M-6 Minichelli            ,   Cameron                       "Following The Bouncing  Ball"

 M-7 Misiaszek          ,   Jessica                        "BonaResponds"
Strat Comm

 M-8 Mooney             ,   W. Conor                         "Documentary: Violet Crime in Binghamton, N.Y."

 M-9 Murphy               ,   Leah                                 "We Live Hockey"

 O Orbank                ,   Jordan                                  "Sherlock  Holmes"

  P-1  Papaserge        ,   Ryan                                  "Forever  Brown and White: Catching up with former Bonaventure athletes regarding days  gone  by and the biggest game of them all ---- the real world"


P-2  Passero            ,   Christopher                   "Organ Donation  From God's  Perspective: The Religious  Teachings and Views of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam Toward the Concept of Organ Donation"

 P-3  Paternostro      ,   Michelle                            "The Editor in Book Publishing"

 Q Questa              ,   Santana                           "How to Create and Manage an Online Portfolio"
Strat Comm

 R  Robinson          ,   Nathaniel                          "Hip Hop"

 S-1  Schumer           ,   MaryMar                          "Kyle Reid Memorial Challenger League"
Strat Comm

 S-2  Shepherd          ,   Shannon                       "Out of Bounds"     (5 dvd discs)

 S-3  Sorokes            ,   Emily                                "Ambition"
Strat Comm

 S-4  Stubbs              ,   Cassie                         "Skip Beef Not Brekfust: Chicken  for Breakfast Campaign"
Strat Comm

 S-5  Sudore              ,   Megan                               "So What is Hip Hop"   Documentary

 S-6  Sullivan             ,   Kristin                              "Media Portrayals of Women"

 T-1 Thomas             ,   Keith                                 "What is Stuyvesant Town"

 T-2 Threehouse      ,   Elizabeth                        "The Walk Towards the Cure"
Strat Comm

 T-3 Thurner               ,   Jaelyn                           "Fifteen: The Lee Coppola Years"


 T-4 Timkey                ,   Spencer                        "Welcome  to Ellicottville, N.Y."

 T-5 Trimble               ,   CL. evi                                 "The Elitists: The word on the latest  in music and entertainment" (Blog)

 T-6 Tronetti               ,   Emily                                 "Marketing Plan"
Strat Comm

  V Vitron                  ,   Michael                                "2011-2012 Bonnies Basketball Reconnecting the Community  with its Team"
Strat Comm

 W-1  Whalley               ,   Brittany                           "The Good,  the Bad and the Bubble"

W-2  Wilson                 ,   Samuel                        "From Typewriter to Tweets: The Transformation of Sports Writing"

W-3  Woolley             ,   Felisha                         "PARDIGRAS: a story of hope" - Documentary

  Y Young                  ,   Emily                                    "Engaged: A Strategic Proposal for a Wedding  Expo Designed for Branchetti by Rizzo's"
Strat Comm

 Z Zappia                 ,   Kyle                                      "Pearl Izumi"

Strat Comm


A-1 Ameen,   Waheed                "Riches  to Rags: A magazine article about  why athletes lose money"

A-2 Arena,   Alexandra              "BOHO Modernista"  --- Blog
Strat Comm

B-1 Braswell,   Dhaakira            "A Dancer's Life - Jaclyn  Haskell"

B-2 Bucher,   Joseph                   "Social Media Plan for Oswego Health"
Strat Comm

B-3 BurkeKelley                       "Lounsbury  Adaptive Ski Program"
Strat Comm

B-4 Bush,   Danny                        "Crossroads of the Southern Tier: Olean,  New York"

C-1  Caputi,   Lauren                    "Addicts: A Play"

C-2  Carniewski,   Josh                "No Sleep Til' Brooklyn: An All-Access Pass to the 2012-2013 St. Bonaventure Men's Basketball Program"

C-3  Chulick,   T. Robbie              "St. Bonaventure First Year Experience (FYE) Social Media and Website Enchancement Plan"
Strat Comm

C-4  Clark,   Bryan                        "Behind the Scenes of Bryan Paul's Puzzling  NFL Predictions"
Strat Comm

C-5 Cooke, Ryan "Foreign Student-Athletes: A St. Bonaventure Spotlight"

C-6  Crowther,   John                    "Be The Match: St. Bonaventure Rugby Sponsors Donor Program

D-1  Dell ,   Carly                          "Bobble Africa: A Public Relations Campaign"
Strat Comm

D-2  Detmering,   Victoria             "Bona Ventures Into Fashion" -  Style Blog
Strat Comm

D-3  Diefenbach,   Mallory            "The Fall"

D-4  Donaldson,   Edward "T.J."                   "An in-depth  look at the Journalism and Mass  Communication at St.
Bonaventure University"

D-5  Doyle ,   Tylandt                                  "Running the Spread Blog"
Strat Comm

E Ekibenda ,   Justina                                       "Julius Nyerere's Main Ideas on the Rights of Children in Tanzania"

F-1 Frank ,   Daniel                                     "The Modernization of Yorkville, NYC and Its Effects on the Community"

F-2 Frazier,   Leo                                          "This is who Chris is and This is his story"

G-1  Gasper ,   Brittany                                "Measure Twice. Cut Once:  A public relations campaign for M.G. Gasper Construction Inc."
Strat Comm

G-2 Gionet, Maddie                                    "St. Bonaventure University: A definiation of somewhere only we know"

G-3  Gould,   Mary                                     "News Feature Stories: How the Transition  from Print to Digital Media has Affected Media-Related Industries?"

G-4  Grady ,   Elizabeth                              "A PR Campaign for the Wellness Center"
Strat Comm

G-5  Grzasko ,   Heather                                 "All Natural - Musicians - Hip Hop "

H-1  Harvin-Mahiques,    Ariana                                      "Latin American  and Caribbean in WNY - Website"
Strat Comm

H-2  Hefke ,   Kristine                                 "Senior Spotlight: Students graduating with a variety of degrees reflect on their academic experiences at St. Bonaventure University"

H-3  Hennessy,   Thomas                                 "Crisis Communication for College  Athletics"

H-4  Hill,   Bailey                                    "St. Bonaventure University: Then and Now"
Print (missing)

H-5  Horvath,   Gregory                                "Fuse  Science: Marketing Campaign"
Strat Comm

H-6  Hromowyk ,   David                                     "The Buffalo Bills: More Than Just  a Team"

I  Inglut ,   Molly                                            "Don't  Call Me Toots"  (Blog)
Strat Comm

J Johnson, Sara                                    "Twenty-Four: Outline for a dramatic, feature-length motion picture (Not based on a true story)"

K-1 Kauffman,   Samantha                             "Public Relations Campaign for Cattaraugus County SPCA: Rub-A-Dug Dog, a volunteer event  aimed  to improve the quality of living as well as cleaniness of the dogs  in the Cattaraugus County SPCA"
Strat Comm

K-2 Kelley ,   Amanda                                "The Blog Less  Traveled By: Staying  here  will make  all the difference"
Strat Comm

K-3 Kvas ,   Kathryn                                 "Online Portfolio"
Strat Comm

L-1 Lazo ,   Ryan                                       "St. Bonaventure Basketball: Rise From the Ashes"

L-2 Lee ,   TonyD.                                     "How To Blog "        Video/pdf

M-1 Magavern ,   Emily                                     "St. Bonaventure Legarcies"

M-2 Mangiera,   Danyle                                  "Indulge with D - ways to indulge while obtaining/maintaining a healthy lifestyle"

M-3 Mangine,  Claire                                    "Travel While You're Young"
Strat Comm

M-4 Masala,   Ashley                                   "You Oughta Know"

M-5 McCorry,   Kevin                                     "St. Bonaventure Rugby sponsors: Be The Match and the National Marrow Donor Program"
Strat Comm

M-6 Meka, Thomas                                   "Tiger Woods: The Most Influential Sports Athlete of All Time"

M-7 Morey ,   Jordan                                  "Lacrosse: The Future  of American  Sports"

M-8 Murphy ,   Christopher                         "Playing a Game in Erie, PA"
Strat Comm

N Notaro ,   Alexandra                                "A Phased Social Media Marketing Campaign"
Strat Comm

O-1  O'Dell,   Kelly                                      "A Campaign for the Sea World & Busch  Gardens Conservation Fund in
Seaworld Parks"
Strat Comm

O-2  O'Donnell ,   Megan                                   "Ad Campaign Against Drunk Driving"
Strat Comm

O-3  O'Keefe,   Kayla                                     "St. Bonaventure Women's Rugby Webpage"
Strat Comm

O-4  O'Rourke,   Meaghan                               "Empowering Our Future:  One Child at a Time: A public relations campaign for the Salamanca Youth Bureau"
Strat Comm

O-5  O'Rourke,   Sally                                       "Wacky Wednesday"

P-1  Pelczynski,   Kathryn                                 "Missing Pieces: The Search for My Father"

P-2  Popsie,   Joshua                                   "The Road  to the Top"

R-1 Ramdial, Cristabell                                    "The Influence of Propaganda in Relation to Japanese Americans During WWII"

R-2  Rossney-Koneski,   Amanda                                "Al-Anon's voyage to St. Bonaventure"
Strat Comm

S-1  Salvatore,   Stacia                                     "BONAlumni"   Blog
Strat Comm

S-2  Sawaya,   Chelsea                                  "Stories  of the Mountain"
Strat Comm

S-3  Scheppner,   Christopher                           "Cleveland Indians  2012 One Step  Closer:  A Look Back at the Season that was at Progressive  Field"

S-4  Schrock,   Katelyn                                  "A Social Media Marketing Campaign for Corning Incorporated"
Strat Comm

S-5  Scott,   Adam                                     "No-Emissions Transit System"
Strat Comm

S-6  Seitz,   Margaret                               "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn: St. Bonaventure Women's Basketball 2012-2013"
Strat Comm

S-7  Smith,   Kevin                                     "Baseball Out of the Ordinary: Stories Just  A Bit Outside"
Strat Comm

S-8  Speranza,   Scot                                       "St. Bonaventure Men's Club: Lacrosse Team" - Blog
Strat Comm

S-9  Sweeney ,   Brandon                                "Feature Stories: On Major Influences on My Life"
Strat Comm

T-1 Teixeira, Alexander                                    "Bursting the Bona Bubble"

T-2 Tremont,   Joseph                                     "Student's Guide to St. Bonaventure"

B-4 Turnquist,   Matthew                                "Crossroads of the Southern Tier: Olean,  New York"

V-1 Ventura,   Helen                                      "A Woman,  the Literary Magazine"

V-2 Verot,   Ashlyn                                   "Video - Paul needs to burn to a DVD"
Video (missing)

W-1  Walker,   Daquashia                            "Women's Portrayal in the Media"

W-2  Weber,   John                                      "Social Media's  Factor  in Rockaway's Reconstruction During and After Hurricane Sandy"

W-3  West,   Emily                                    "We are SBU Theatre: Who will you become?"
Strat Comm

W-4  Williams,   Jocelyn                                "The Regina A. Quick Center For the Arts"
Strat Comm

W-5  Wood,   Melissa                                 "College Cuisine:  A Personal Documentation of a Developing Cooking Hobby in a College  Setting"

Z Zeis,   Sarah                                         "Marketing Campaign for St. Bonaventure's Men's and Women's Basketball"
Strat Comm

A Alvarez Frederick "Summit: The Shawn Clemens Story" Video
B-1 Belcher Mark "An In-depth Look at the Production of a Sportscast" Video
B-2 Berkhead Samantha "How Happy Is The Blameless Vestal's Lot!: An Informed, Anecdotal Examination of the Correlation Between Mental Illness and Creativity" Print
B-3 Best Mary "St. Bonaventure University: Campus Media Mobile App Proposal" Strat Comm
B-4 Broughton Alexandra NEVER HANDED IN HARD COPY OF BLOG POSTS Strat Comm
B-5 Bruno Marissa "International Adoption in Colombia: One Orphanage's Story" Video
B-6 Butler J. Matt "Overcoming Adversity: Showcasing How Advances in Sports Medicine Have Helped Athletes Com Back From Horrific Injuries" Video
C-1 Cappuccilli Jennifer Never handed in an electronic copy Print, Video,Strat Comm
C-2 Carrigan Michael "Preview of the 2013-2014 St. Bonaventure Men's Basketball Team" Print
C-3 Carson Emily "Blogging in the Social Network" Strat Comm
C-4 Caufield Kevin "NEVER HANDED IN A COPY" Video
C-5 Crino Timothy "The Modern Laurel" Strat Comm
D-1 DeOrdio Ryan "Changing State Marijuana Laws" Strat Comm
D-2 Didio Trey "Shirts and Their Stories: How simple clothing represents experiences" Strat Comm
D-3 Dietrich Jeanette "The Truth About Germany" Video
G-1 Gagen Nicole "Bonas Abroad" - blog Strat Comm
G-2 Gombert Karly M. "Write Well Daily: The blog, the brand, the journey" Strat Comm
G-3 Gunning Rebecca "Knocked Out: Concussions Jar the NFL" Print
G-4 Guzior Charles "The Challenges of College Seniors" Video
H-1 Hagerty Kevin "Hopeless" Video
H-2 Harfmann Timothy "Ads for the St. Bonaventure's Men's and Women's Basketball Teams" Video/Strat Comm
H-3 Heard Jonathan "The Legacy of Margaret T. Bryner" Video
H-4 Holcomb Emmariah "Cooking with Friends" Video
K Kane Devin "The Bonaventure Spirit" Print
L-1 Lannon Andrew "Saving a Small-Business: A New Advertising Plan fro Graybill Real Estate" Strat Comm
L-2 Linsenbigler Kerri "Richard Olmsted Complex Public Relations Procedures Manual" Strat Comm
L-3 Liuzzo Andrew "The Truth Behind the Lies: The Effectiveness of Social commentary in 20th Century Fiction" Print
L-4 Loney Makeda "This is Bonas" Strat Comm
M-1 Marcus Steven "Profile on St. Bonaventure Student-Athlete Steven Klimek" Print
M-2 McCarthy James "College Basketball In the Shadows of Conference Realignment and Football" Print
M-3 Monahan Heather "Student Media Groups at St. Bonaventure University" Video
M-4 Morehouse William "The Other End of the Table" Video
P-1 Palluconi Meghan "The Modern Princess: The Evolution of Princesses" Video
P-2 Pray Elizabeth "Experiencing England: A Memoir" Print
R-1 Rogers Kevin "Are Newspapers Effective at Defining Super PACs?"
R-2 Roggie Angelia "Misfits and Rebels" Print
R-3 Ross Alexandra "Model Behavior" Strat Comm
S-1 Salerno Alexandra "BonaNeighbors: Examining Town and Gown Relations - A Public Relations Campaign for St. Bonaventure University Department of Student A Strat Comm
S-2 Schiefer Kristie "As Real As It Gets: A savvy girl's guide to basic exercise and nutrition" Print
S-3 Sherwin Dalton "Fall Sports Portfolio" Print
S-4 Simmons Marquise "Behind the Scenes with the Bonnies" Audio
S-5 Slaven Tate "Public Relations Campaign: McKean County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Association Strat Comm
S-6 Smith Brad "Perception N' Reality, Guns 'N Roses" Print
S-7 Spiker Christopher "St. Bona ShootAround"  Six Episodes Video
S-8 Spilman Deirdre "The Top Ten Romantic Comedies" Strat Comm
H-2 Stebbins Dylan "Ads for St. Bonaventure's Men's and Women's Basketball Teams" Video/Strat Comm
S-9 Surmaczewicz Dennis "March Maddness 2K14 - Blog" Strat Comm
T-1 Thieman Madison "Trinity College, Oxford" Print
T-2 Tryon Benjamin "Bonnies Men's Soccer: Coverage of the 2013 Season" Strat Comm
T-3 Tulio Skye "An Advertising Plan for Collegeville Italian Bakery" Strat Comm
T-4 Tuman Sara "American Lung Association: What I would do if I ran an anti-smoking campaign" Strat Comm
W-1 Ward Sara "Striving for Good Vibes: My Journey to Happiness and Positivity" Strat Comm
W-2 Westmiller Michael "Croton Harmony: The Intrumural Basketball Video Blog" Video/Strat Comm
W-3 Winston Paige "The Bakery" Print
W-4 Woods Tori "Public Relations Plan: Niagara Falls Police Athletic Team" Strat Comm
Z Zamiara Kyle "Atlantic A10 Conference 2013-2014 Men's Basketball Preview" Strat Comm


A Arena Michael "Rock Radio WSBU F.M. 88.3 The Buzz" Video
B-1 Bednarowicz Michael "NCAA Sports Scandals" Print
B-2 Brossard Marisa "Mind Over Match"     Video
B-3 Brotherson Jaclyn "Emo[ji]nal Situations" Video
B-4 Buntich Karly "An Experiment in Opinion Writing: My Semester as a Columnist" Strat Comm
C-1 Campbell Shawn "The Future of St. Bonaventure University Athletics" Print
C-2 Catanzaro Kiara "Familiar Faces and Untold Stories" Print
C-3 Ciesla Anna "Searchin' For Sasquatch" Video
C-4 Clark Danielle "Social Media Marketing Plan: Trends With Benefits" Strat Comm
C-5 Clesse Laura "Women's Rugby Promotional Video" Video/
Strat Comm
D-1 DiLaura Elyse "Forever Bonnies" Strat Comm
D-2 Dimitrievski Blagoia "McGraw Jennings Field: Newly Renovated to Tom and Michelle Athletic Fields Complex" Print
E Earl Ashley "I'm Not Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, but I'm Still Dead" Print
G-1 Gallager Robert "Better 2Day Hoops" Strat Comm
G-2 Gathers Jordan "44LivesON" Print
H Hassett Bobbi "The Still Invisible Sport: Inside the Cheerleading World" Print
J Jubenville Tanner "Bona's Business Weekly" Video
K-1 Kaiser Katie "He Did What? A Tribute to Paul Wieland" Video
K-2 Keirnan Margaret "The Ultimate Intern Survival Guide: NYC Style" Strat Comm
L-1 Lanzillo Victoria "Before the Applause" Video
L-2 Lettieri Corinne "SBU-TV Production Truck" Video
L-3 Loffredo Michael "Beat Reporter, Bonnies Women Soccer:" Strat Comm
L-4 Lore Victoria "GoinBeyondthe140" --  Audio/news Audio
L-5 Lucey Ciaran "Sunday Sum Up"
5 videos
M-1  McCorry Kourtney "Bonaventure Has Talent"  --  Event Strat Comm
M-2 Meyers Laura "Kick Out Cancer: Karaoke and Charity Event" Strat Comm
M-3 Moretti Matthew "Music Videos" Video
M-4 Mukendi Aimé "AIMÉzing Words: The Show" Video
M-5 Mullin Joseph "Into The Wolfpack" Video
N-1 Nguyen Casandra "Pet of the Week: Adoption for the Cattaraugus County SPCA Print
N-2 Nigrelli Taylor "The High Screen" Strat Comm
0 O'Brien Sean "The Ballad of Stinky Pete: Surviving - and Outliving - Your Illness" Print
P-1 Pasono Garett "Bonnies Never Die: A Look Back at Bonaventure's Iconic Sports Teams" Strat Comm
P-2 Phelan Joseph "Feeling Just Swell" Strat Comm
P-3 Pinter Joseph O. "Why Enrollment Matters" Strat Comm
Q Quigley Kelen "Quigley Entertainment Magazine" Print/Magazine
R-1 Raff Shea "The Wolf Street Journal: SBU's Premier News Source" Strat Comm
R-2 Rodriguez Jean "St. Bonaventure University Men's Rugby Team: Documentary 2014-2015" Video
S-1 Scott Melissa "Blog site" Strat Comm
S-2 Stark Andrew "The Bonaventure Manager's Minute" Strat Comm
W-1 Warren Zachary "Bona Sports Weekly"    Audio/Video Blog Strat Comm
W-2 West Nate "The Bonaventure Compendium" Print
W-3 Wester Shyanne "African American Males within Higher Education: Problems with Retention and Completion Print



A Allan Alexandra "88.3 The Buzz"     magazine Print
Strat Comm
C Camera Laura "Wegmans"    PR  Strat Comm
D Donahue Jessica "Completed - No capstone on file"
F Ferrer Mariela "Completed - No capstone on file
J Jennings Kailyn "Completed - no capstone on file
K-1 Kasperek Brianna "Joyful Rescues December's Newsletter" Strat Comm
K-2 Konotopskyj Nicholas "Completed no capstone on file"
L-1 Lindahl Gavin "Completed no capstone on file"
L-2 Linehan MacKenzie "Completed no capstone on file"
M-1 Magnusen Connor "Connor's NY Sports Page"   Blog Strat Comm
M-2 McDonough Ryan "Bonnie Women's Basketball" Print
Strat Comm
M-3 Miller Chernice "Completed no capstone on file"
M-4 Miller Jessica "Completed no capstone on file"
M-5 Munley Maeghan "Completed no capstone on file"
N Nesbitt Miguel "Completed no capstone on file"
P Peterson Justin "Completed no capstone on file"
R-1 Roberts Jackie "Video Reels" Video
R-2 Robinson Simone "Completed no capstone on file"
S Stender Jessica "Completed no capstone on file"
T Tovar Gabriella "The Culture Pop"  Blog; 4 discs total Strat Comm
V Vaden Sarah "Jules and the Teeny Tiny Brontosaurus"    Book Print
Strat Comm
W-1 Weltzer William "Completed no capstone on file"
W-2 Williams Amber "St. Bonaventure Women's Rugby Team: More Than A Team" Print
Strat Comm
W-3 Windus Kirk "Completed no capstone on file"
Z Zakrzewski Laura "The Nature of Innovation: Creativity in Individuals and Organizations" Strat Comm




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