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Answer, Please.  1958-     Weekdays.  10 min.

CBS Views the Press.



Report to the Nation.  Sunday evening.  1 hr.  Dramatic re-enactment of wartime events using a full orchestra and a regular group of actors. Edwrads took the show over from John Daly. It lasted a few years, ending around 1945.

Wendy Warren and the News.  1947, June 23-1958, November 12.  Weekdays at noon.

15 min.  A soap opera about a woman news broadcaster. Started with 2 minutes of real news given by Edwards, followed by 1 minute of news given by the character of Wendy Warren. After this the show went into the fictional life of the main character.   

World News Roundup.  1938, March 13-      .  Weekdays 8 a.m.  15 min. First featured Robert Trout in New York, Edward R. Murrow in Vienna, William L. Shirer in London.

World News Today.  Sunday afternoon.  2:30 p.m.  25 min.  Edwards replaced john Daly as host in 1943.

The World of Religion

The World Today.  1940-1946.  Nightly at 6:45 p.m.  15 min.  Edwards replaced John daly as host in January 1943. Later the show was called The World Tonight and aired at 6 p.m.


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