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Behind the Headlines with Douglas Edwards.  Vol. 1, no.2, The Space Age (February 1962), Organization of the American States (Feb. 1962). SLPE 2002.  New York: Stand, [1962]. 33 1/3 rpm, 12" disk.

Douglas Edwards. 4 Dec. 1982.  Reel-to-reel audiotape.

Douglas Edwards and the News, 10/14/46, 1. New York: Empire Broadcasting Co., [1946]. 33 1/3 rpm, 16" disk.

Douglas Edwards and the News, 10/14/46, 2. New York: Empire Broadcasting Co., [1946]. 33 1/3 rpm, 16" disk.

Douglas Edwards, News. New York: Rockhill Recording, Rockhill Radio, n.d. 33 1/3 rpm, 16" disk.

Douglas Edwards, Take One.  Eldorado S-1860.  New York: Rockhill Recording, Rockhill Radio, n.d. 33 1/3 rpm, 16" disk.

Douglas Edwards Tribute [December 1942-April 1988.] CBS Radio Network, [1988]. Audio cassette.

Ford Strike-CBS Network. (from label on box.) Reel-to-reel audiotape.

KLBJ/CBS. 40th Anniversary Celebration. Audio cassette.

Sounds of War, Vol. III, Men at War. IP 6834. 1978.  7" disk.

Wendy Warren and the News.  with Florence Freeman as Wendy Warren and Hugh James as Bill Flood.  CBS, [ca. Dec. 1946 & ca. Nov. 1949]. 2-15 min. programs. Audio cassette.  Donated by Jack French, editor: RADIO RECALL-


Andrea Doria, 3/24/76. 3/4" Video cassette.  This does not include any commentary by Edwards.  It was part of his personal collection and dealt with an event he had covered.

VHS material added 2008 (2008-026): 

1)      Lowell Thomas Award, Entertainment Tonight, 4/25/1986.

2)      BMNY/St. Bonaventure.  In Their Words: Memories of D. Edwards & Dr. R. Jandoli, 10/11/1991. Charles Kuralt

3)      Emmy Award Winning “For Our Times-To See a World”.  The Wilhelm Schole, Houston , Tx. , 1984.

4)      1/6/87. CBS Morning News.  Starts halfway through reel.

5)      12/31/86. CBS Early Morning News.

6)      Pfizer Labs.  (1990?) “Introducing New Once-a-Day Procardia XL (nifedipine) Extended Release Tablets.” Edwards introducing new product.

7)      Edwards being interviewed by Dennis Wholly-PBS Late Night, WTVS, Detroit, 10/7/82.  Reminiscing about WXYZ radio in Detroit .  Ice show in Alpena, ping-pong match, Mike Wallace, Wendy Warren and the News, beginning of television news, World News Roundup, Evening News (August 15,1948), clip from Douglas Edwards with the News (5/30/1958), audience call-in, Van Sauter, Ted Husing, salaries, Andrea Doria, Bernard Baruch.

8)      NBC Local News. Douglas and May Edwards on News 4 New York , 4/3/1988.

9)       Edwards and Bob Faw. 9/29/1987.  CBS Morning News.

10)   Edwards obit on TV.  10/13/1990. FP-90-5491.

11)   8/21/86 & 8/22/86.  CBS Early Morning News with Faith Daniels & CBS Morning News.  Edwards sitting in. 

12)   25th Anniversary, 1998 Communication Hall of Fame. University of Alabama , College of Communication & Information Sciences. Charles Osgood comments on Edwards.

13)   8/4/1987.  CBS Morning News, sitting in for Faith Daniels.

14)   Democratic Convention.  Aug. 1980. 8/12/1980.  CBS Evening News.

15)   1/8/1987. CBS Early Morning News.

16)   Edwards on CBS Morning News on 65th birthday. (7/14/1982).  Also 69th birthday noted on Entertainment Tonight.

17)   12/23/1986.  CBS Early Morning News with Faith Daniels.  Edwards sits in. ( Victoria Corderi-Voyager landing).

18)   Entertainment Tonight: CBS Evening News.  “20 Shows that Changed TV” no.14(?), 1986.

19)      3/25/1986. CBS Morning News 1986 broadcast.  

20)       Weekend News. Edwards Obit.  10/13/90.  FP-90-5489.

21)       Edwards w/ Tom Snyder. Final 1 hr. format show for Tomorrow, 8/?/1980.  Andrea Doria clip, notes 8/15/1948 beginning date for CBS News, comments on John Cameron Swayze, Huntley-Brinkley, Cronkite, early days, CNN.

22)       Edwards on Good Morning America .  2/22/1988-Announcing retirement, reminiscences, clip from 1957-Hurricane Audrey, 5 min.; Edward R. Murrow, Charles Collingwood, Walter Cronkite.

Other videos in the collection:

23)  Remembering Douglas Edwards.  Two television obituaries.  CBS News.  Sunday Morning.  10/14/1990.  Charles Kuralt remembering Edwards' career.  Entertainment Tonight. 2010.14.93

24)  Considine Lab Dedication.  SBU.  1991. With Edwards, Don Carter, John Daly, Charles Kuralt.

25)  In Their Own Words:  Memories of Douglas Edwards and Russell Jandoli.

Click here to see a short video of Edwards from an event at SBU's School of Journalism.

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