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This collection includes a number of trophies, plaques and other awards, as well as a scrapbook and mementos of Edwards' journalistic career.


Academy of Television Arts and Science Nomination for Best News Reporter or Commentator-1954

Academy of Television Arts and Science Nomination for Best News Commentator or Reporter-1955

Georgia Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame-1986

Kansas City Press Club Annual Griddle Award

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Nomination for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of News-1960

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Nomination for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of News-1961

Oklahoma Immutable Images Award-1960

Publicity Club of Boston, Bell Ringers Award-1977

Saint Bonaventure University. Literarum Doctoris degree. Granted 1967.

Six certificates of recognition.

 KMSU-FM, 4/23/1982, Congratulations on 50 years. (2008-026)

Golden Anniversary Director’s Award, 4/9/1986, OSU. (2008-026)

SBU.  In remembrance of 1st Douglas Edwards Award.  10/10/86. (2008-026)

20th Anniversary KUVY honorary alum. (2008-026)

Citation for Humanitarian Service.  United Cerebral Palsy. (2008-026)

Writers Guild of America , East to DE for Extraordinary Contributions… (2008-026)

New Hampshire Assoc. of Broadcasters, 9/8/1984 (Clock) (2008-026)

WHNT-TV, 6/22/85, Thank-You, DE (cup) (2008-026)

Welcome Home , DE , ABA Spring/Summer Convention, 6/21-23/85. (2008-026)

University of Alabama , School of Communication , 4/11/86. (2008-026)

Oklahoma Assoc. of Broadcasters, Hall of Fame, 1988. (2008-026)

DiGamma Kappa Distinguished Achievement in Broadcasting, U of Ga. , 1/18/82. (2008-026)

Brunswick Junior College , Student Life Advisory Council, 1/29/82. (2008-026)

Key to City of Vicksburg . (2008-026)


Edwards' scrapbook displaying photos, correspondence and other highlights of his career. 38 double-sided pages.

Edwards with Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Thomas

Panoramic collage of CBS newsmen from May 5, 1985, including Edwards, Eric Sevaraid, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Andy Rooney, and others

23 photos of DE by Ric Miracle Photography, 12 b&w, 11 color, 3 ˝ x 5”, head shots. (2008-026)

Color photo of DE at CBS Radio microphone, 9 x 7”. (8 copies) (2008-026)

Color photo of DE at microphone, 10 x 8”.  (3 copies) (2008-026)

B & W portrait of DE, 8 x 10”. (2008-026)

Color portrait of DE, 8 x 10”.  (2 copies) (2008-026)


Seven sheets for various advertisements for CBS News, articles about Edwards and one L'il Abner sheet where Edwards is wished a Merry Christmas by Al Capp.

D-Day poster for WISN radio.  Reprinted from the Milwaukee Sentinel, 30 April, 1944 ed.

Flyers for Edwards' appearances at various events.

CBS On the Air 50th anniversary show poster (2)


From CBS to reporters on assignment in Algiers, including Winston Burdett, John Daly, Charles Daly and Eric Sevareid

Overseas work

A folder of material from Edwards' overseas assignment in London and Paris, including his notes for some events and mementos of his time there.


Edwards' nameplates from door and desk

Three sketches of Edwards done by Nick Maurer, Jan. 20, 1949 during the intermission of the Inaugural Gala.

Two Cradle Roll Certificates

Gone with the Wind program and ticket stubs.

One folder of transparencies introducing Edwards to the 73rd Annual C of C Sunflower Convention

One box of  6 assorted tie tacks

American Legion medal presented 1988

Boeing folder from test flight of Boeing 707 jet airliner.  Includes Edwards' edited script for his report on the flight.

One folder of newspaper clippings and photographs relating to Boeing 707 flight

Donald Porter Geddes.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt. New York: Pocket, 1945.  p.6, 30.  Edwards is quoted twice in this memorial volume.

Marist College paperweight

Press kit in plastic box for Douglas Edwards with the News

University of Alabama Corolla 1966.  Yearbook.  Includes Edwards as one of the illustrious alumni, p. 384, 387.

Congratulatory poster made by WCAU-AM workers on his retirement.

Press Pass. Campaign 1984. (2008-026)

The Immutable Images of Oklahoma . Edward’s copy.  Includes LP recording narrated by Edwards. (2008-026)

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