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Provisional Charter Incorporating St. Bonaventure's College, 1875

University of the State of New York

By the Regents of the University of the

            State of New York:________

________________     Whereas, John

Molloy, Michael A. O’Connor, ______

William Butler and John J. Stanton,

citizens of this State, have by their peti-

tion presented to us, the said Regents,

pursuant to the Statute in such

case made and provided, set forth,

among other things, that they have

organized and successfully conducted,

for fifteen years past, a Literary Institution

at Allegany in the County of Cattaraugus,

in this State, the course of instruction

in which embraces the branches of

education usually taught in the various

Colleges of this State; that they are

desirous that the said Institution

should be incorporated as a College by

the name of St. Bonaventure’s College

and have nominated the persons

hereinafter named as the first

Trustees thereof __________________

_____  And Whereas the said Petitioners


have by their petition represented

that they hold and are possessed of suit-

able College grounds and buildings

at Allegany aforesaid, and suitable

furniture, Library and Philosophical

Apparatus of the value respectively as

therein stated, and that it is their

intention to made such provision for

the care, conduct and management

of the said College, as shall ensure its

efficient working and its permanent

establishment.  And having considered

the said affiliation, which is found

to be in due form of law, and being of

the opinion that the same ought to

be granted, We, the said Regents, do

therefore, in consideration of the

premises, and in pursuance of the

authority in us by law vested,

hereby grant, ordain and declare

that an Institution by the name

hereinafter mentioned for the

instruction of Youth in the learned

languages and in the liberal and

useful Arts and Sciences, shall be

and the same is hereby founded


and established at Allegany aforesaid;

that the Trustees of said Institution

shall be ten in number; that Charles

Da Nazzano, James Titta, Michael

Rebaudi, Leo Da Saracena, Tranquilline

Da Monselis, Theophilus Pospisilick,

Boniface Brogantini, Anacletus Da

Roccagorga, Eugene Dickovick and

Thomas Devereux, the persons named

in that behalf by the said Petitioners,

shall be the first Trustees thereof,

and that they and their successors

shall be a body corporate by the name

of  __________________________

_____  St. Bonaventure’s College  ____

and shall have, possess and enjoy

all the powers and privileges and

be subject to such limitations and

restrictions in all respects as are now

or may hereafter be prescribed by the

Statutes of this State in regard to

Colleges, or by the Ordinances or

Regulations of us, the said Regents,

in conformity to Law; and that the

said Institution shall have and

possess the general powers of a


corporation under the Revised

Statutes of this State. __________

______  Provided always, and these

presents are upon the express condi-

tion, that if within the term of

Five years from the date hereof, the

Trustees of the said College do

not present to us, the said Regents,

satisfactory evidence that they

have invested for the use of the

said College, funds amounting

to at least One Hundred Thousand

Dollars, either in Bonds and

Mortgages on unencumbered real

estate in this State, worth at least

double the amount secured thereon

or in the public debt or stocks of

this State or of the United States,

at their market value at the

time of the investment, or in

Bonds or Certificates of indebt-

edness issued under special au-

thority of law by any incorporated

City of this State, at not more

than their fair, or in any

one or more of said securities,


or that they have made such other

provision to ensure the efficient

working and permanent establish-

ment of the said College as shall

be satisfactory to us the said Regents,

then this Charter and all the

provisions thereof, may, by a declar-

ation of us the said Regents to

that purport, to be entered on our

minutes, be declared to be a absolutely

void and of no effect; but if evidences

of such investment be so furnished,

then and in that event, and

on the declaration of us the

said Regents, under our

Common Seal in that behalf,

this Charter shall thenceforth

become and be perpetual. _____

_____  And it is hereby declared

that the said College shall

be subject to the visitation

of us the said Regents and of

our successors, in such manner

as is now or may hereafter

be prescribed by law or by the

ordinances of us the said


Regents, and we, the said Regents,

for ourselves and our successors, do

hereby reserve the right, at any

time hereafter, to alter, modify,

or repeal these presents. _______


____  In Witness whereof, the said

Regents have caused their Common

Seal to be hereto affixed, and their

Chancellor and Secretary to

subscribe their names; this

first day of March in the year of

our Lord one thousand eight

Hundred and seventy-five.

                        [signed] John V. L. Pruyn

                      Chancellor of the University

                                            [signed] S. B. Woolworth



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