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Permanent Charter of St. Bonaventure's College          

  University of the State of New York


By the Regents of the University of the State of New York


__________ Whereas the said Regents of the University,

by an Instrument or Charter under their

common Seal, bearing date the first day

of March in the year one thousand eight

hundred and seventy-five, on application

duly made to them for that purpose, did,

in pursuance of the power in them vested

by law, establish an institution for the

instruction of your in the learned lan-

guages and in the liberal and useful arts

and sciences at the Village of Allegany in

the county of Cattaraugus, and did ap-

point Charles Da Nazzano, James Titta,

Michael Rebaudi and other persons therein

named, the first trustees thereof, and did

thereby ordain and declare that the said

trustees and their successors should be a

body corporate and politic by the name

of “St Bonaventure’s College”, with the

privileges and powers therein mentioned:

Provided, however, and it was thereby

declared, that if at or before the expira-


tion of the term of five years from the

date of the said charter, the trustees of

the said St Bonventure’s College should

not furnish to the said Regents satis-

factory evidence that they had invested

for the use of the said College funds

amounting to not less than One Hun-

dred Thousand Dollars in Securities

of the character therein mentioned, or that

they had made such other provision

to insure the efficient working and

permanent establishment of the said

College as should be satisfactory to the

said Regents, that then the said Charter

and all the provisions thereof might be-

come void and of no effect; but in

case the said trustees should furnish

satisfactory evidence that such invest-

ment had been made, that then the

said Charter should become perpetual,

as on reference thereto will more fully

appear:  ______________________

            And whereas the said trustees, by

their application to the said Regents

bearing date the third day of July

in the year one thousand eight


hundred and eighty-two, have repre-

sented that the real and personal

property of the said St Bonaventure’s Col-

lege used for purposes of instruction

is of the value of Two Hundred and

Five Thousand Dollars free of any en-

cumbrance, and that such provision

has been made for the care, conduct

and management of said College as

will insure its efficient working and

permanent establishment; and praying

that they may be admitted to all the

rights and privileges of a college incor-

porated with an absolute Charter; _____

______    And the said Regents, having con-

sidered the said application, and being

of opinion that it is expedient under

the circumstances that the same should

be granted, do hereby, in pursuance of

the authority in us by law vested,

grant, ordain and declare, that the

said proviso in the said Charter of

St Bonaventure’s College herein-before men-

tioned shall be deemed and taken

to have been, and the same is hereby

declared to have been complied with


and fulfilled to the satisfaction of the

said Regents, and that the said Charter

be and the same is hereby made and

declared to be perpetual, subject to the

right of us the said Regents and of our

successors at any time hereafter to alter,

modify or repeal this instrument and

the said Charter._________________

                  In Witness Whereof, we, the

                        said Regents, have caused

                          our common seal to be

                          hereon impressed and

                          our Chancellor and Sec-

                          retary to subscribe their

                          names, this eleventh day

                          of January, in the year

                          one thousand eight hun-

                          dred and eighty-three.

                        Chancellor of the University

[signed ?]



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