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Incorporation of the Society of the Friars Minor of the Order of St. Francis, 1871


Chap. 408

______ An Act  _______

To incorporate the Society of The

Friars Minor of the Order of St.

Francis __________________


Passed April 11. 1871.  _______

_______   The People of the State of New

York, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows: _________________


_________   Section 1.  Charles Danazzano,

Michael Rabauti Maximus Cassini,

Tranquillino Damonselice.  James Titta,

Anacletus Daroccagorgo, Edward Daf-

-assombrone and Eugene Dickovich and

their successors are hereby constituted a body

corporate by the name and title of the “Friars

Minor of the order of St. Francis” the pur-

poses and objects of which corporation shall be

to extend and promote the cause of religion

and education within this State and United

States, and for such purposes and objects


may erect, maintain or establish such

churches, schools or other institutions and

buildings as they may deem necessary:

and said society shall be capable and

authorized to take, receive, purchase and

hold any lands, real estate or other prop-

erty by purchase, will, testament, devise,

gift, grant, demise or otherwise, subject to

provisions of law respecting last will and

testament, and to convey, lease or mortgage

the same the value of which lands and

real estate shall not exceed the sum of

ten hundred thousand dollars. _________

________    § 2.  The affairs of the

said society shall be managed, and

all the real estate, property and effects

of said society controlled by a board of

eight trustees, which board of trustees

shall have the sole power to regulate the

time and manner of electing trustees

and filling vacancies in said board,

and such other officers as they may deem

necessary, prescribe the manner for the

admission and expulsion of members, and

make such other rules and regulations


as they may deem for the best interests of

said society.  The persons above named

shall be the first trustees of said society,

and shall hold their offices until such

time as provision shall be made for the

election of their successors.  ________

_______    § 3.  This corporation shall

possess the general powers and be subject

to the general restrictions and liabilities

contained in the third title of the eigh-

-teenth chapter of the first part of the

Revised Statutes, where the same do not

conflict with the provisions of this act: 

but a non-user or neglect to exercise any

of the powers herein granted shall not op-

-erate to effect a dissolution of this corpor-

-ation or a forfeiture of its charter.  ______

_____    § 4.  This act shall take

effect immediately.


        State of New York,
Office of the Secretary of State

                        I have compared the preceding with the original law on file

in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom, and of the whole of

said original law.

                                Given under my hand and seal of office, at the City of Albany,

                                                                This seventeenth  day of  April

                                In the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one.


                                [signed] Diedrich Willers Jr.                                               Dep.       Secretary of State.


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