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Incorporation of the St. Francis Missionary and Benevolent Society, 1855

In relation to

The St. Francis Missionary

and Benevolent Society

Established July 17, 1855

State of New York

Cattaraugus County

                        [    ]

            Clerk’s office

Recorded the 21st day of Aug.

AD 1855 at 8 o’clock A. M. in-

liber [  ] of Miscellaneous Records at

pages 517 and examined.

            M. Beecher.  [  ]  clk.

I approve [often] with-

in certificate & consent

to the filing  of the same

Aug. 16, 1855

            R. F. [   ]

[   ]

[   ]  [  ]

Know all men by these presents that in conformity with

the provisions of an act, passed in 1848, entitled “An

Act for the Incorporation of benevolent, charitable, Sci-

entific & Missionary Societies”, Nicholas Devereux

Mary D. Devereux, John F. Devereux, Thomas B.

Devereux and John Timon, all being citizens

of this State of the United States, have associated

together to establish a Missionary, Scientific,

Charitable, & Benevolent Society, to be located in

the Village of Allegany City, or in Ellicottville, where it

now has its beginning, or in both Villages, in Catta-

araugus Co.  And the said Nicholas Devereux, Mary

D. Devereux, John F. Devereux, Thos. B. Devereux, & John Timon,

further declares that the above referred to Society

shall be known by the name of  “the St. Francis Mission-

ary & Benevolent Society”; - they also declare that

the object of the society which they thus constitute

& establish, is to provide for Missionary duties

in this Western part of the State of New York for aiding

the poor & the orphans, & for instructing the ignorant, by teach-

ing, as far as means permit, divine and human science,

& for no other object. And the said Nicholas Devereux; John

F. Devereux, & John Timon shall be trustees for

the first years existence of said  society; “the St.

Francis Missionary & Benevolent Society”, & the number

of trustees of the said Society shall be three to be

elected & continue as directed in the act above & cited.

  In witness whereof, they, the parties above recited, have

Here unto set their hands & seals this seventeenth day of

July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred fifty five
Thos. B. Devereux                     Nicholas Devereux

John Timon                              Mary D. Devereux

                                                John C. Devereux


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