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Box No. 3

Local Efforts


Ø  NYSDET letter to Town of Yorkshire Supervisor about three color signal at Route 16 and Old Olean Road

Ø  Comments from NYSDEC to Kenneth Taft on Farmersville landfill proposal

Ø  John Unney (Farmersville) comments on IWS landfill proposal

Ø  Letter to Kenneth Taft on IWS permit from Colin Kremer of Hinsdale, NY

Ø  Town of Farmersville Report Examination

Ø  Village of Allegany Recycling Guide

Ø  1994 Cattaraugus County Directory of county and town officers

Ø  Senator Cathy Young pamphlet

Ø  1996 Cattaraugus County committee assignments

Ø  Gilly Burlingham letter/facts against proposed Farmersville landfill

Ø  Local Law No. 1 of 1991 on Farmersville landfill

Ø  CCCC proposed interest in preventing IWS permit

Ø  Local law filing procedure Town of Farmersville

Ø  Little Valley town planning board information session notes from 5/22/97

Ø  2003 letter from John Milks (Secretary of Catt. Co. Trappers Assoc.) to Kenneth Taft (NYSDEC) opposing the IWS proposed landfill in Farmersville

Ø  Olean Mayor John J. Ash letter to U.S Senator D’Amato, Post-Office Task Force

Ø  Letter from the Cattaraugus County legislature to Mayor Rudolph Giulani on the export of NYC municipal waste 5/12/99


Ø  Cattaraugus County legislature list of legislators 1/01/94

Ø  “Bullish on Farmersville”

Ø  Local residents’ emails/letters to Kenneth Taft opposing proposed IWS landfill in Farmersville

Ø  “Beware of the Dump Fairy” (blue colored ad)

Ø  (Yellow-clipped envelope) Gary Abraham to Mark Philips on reports of rare species in Olean


Ø  1994 letter from Mr. Adriance to the NYDEC

Ø  Cattaraugus County Soil and Water Conservation District letter to Gary Abraham on water storage capacity of Carpenter Brook

Ø  Brockport letter to the citizens of Wyoming County

Ø  Village of Gowanda letter to the sewer superintendent

Ø  Snyder Falls landfill debate press release

Ø  NYPIRG on waste 4/02/93


Ø  Fishing surveys and general environmental reports

Ø  Bird banding Farmersville station, Donald F. Clark 1990


Ø  Property values information in Farmersville

Ø  Dept. of Transportation---traffic issues related to landfill

Ø  Tourism and recreation issue notes concerning landfill

Ø  Cattaraugus County legislature to Jeff Same of NYDEC 3/23/92

Ø  Cattaraugus County planning board 3/30/92 Re: Route 16 Development

Ø  Cattaraugus County Planning and Land Use Statement on scoping documents 3/1992


Ø  Pathway to the Future Planning for the 21st Century---31st Annual Report by Cattaraugus County planning board 3/192

Ø  Citizens Against Radioactive Dumping--- Press release 3/17/92

Ø  Scoping comments 3/19/92 and landfill comments


Ø  Letters from local residents and local area congressmen

Ø  Scoping members 3/1992

Ø  Information document for public scoping meeting---Supplemental Environmental Statement 3/24/99

Ø  6 NYCRR 360 Permit Application (CD-ROM)

Ø  Fact sheets on local candidates to vote for and letters from local churches

Ø  “Pathway to the Future-Planning for the 21st Century” 31st Annual Report by the Cattaraugus County planning board


Ø  Cattaraugus County planning board information


Ø  Public Scoping information document for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Clarence Materials, Corp.

Ø  Public Scoping document Glacial Aggregates Delevan, NY 7/1997

Ø  The Ten Informal Rules of Lobbying

Ø  Common Cause-Citizens Environmental Coalition

Ø  The Hazards of Burning Toxic Waste---Citizens Environmental Coalition

Ø  “Farmersville”---More Than a Concept 4/08/92

Ø  “Let’s Present A United Front  Against The Farmersville Dump Proposal” 3/11/92

Ø  (VHS tape) Debate at St. Bonaventure University between Gary Abraham and Ms. Burns of IWS on proposed landfill, hosted by St. Bonaventure JMC students 4/16/94

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