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Environmental Bulletins


Ø  “Integrated Waste Sees rapid growth continuing” by David Robinson, Buffalo News

Ø  “Organizing Toolbox: There Outta Be a Law!” by Brian Lipsett

Ø  Everyone’s Backyard Vol. II, No. 4 September/October 1993

Ø  “Integrated Waste To Close Tire-Shredding Plant” by David Robinson, Buffalo News

Ø  “IWS in Farmersville? Let the Record Speak for Itself”

Ø  “Kimmins Returning to Garbage Industry” by Carolyn Kuma McKeekin

Ø  “Waste firm, union battle not what it seems, some say” by Michael Bebbe 10/1991

Ø  “Buffalo-area firm: Unique Concept Regarding Landfills” by Joan Dickenson

Ø  “Ruling Limits SEQRA, bad actor review”

Ø  The “bad actor” provision

Ø  How Tuxedo Dump was stopped

Ø  “Integrated Waste plans to sell some operations to CID group” by Thomas J. Dolan 7/22/94, Buffalo News

Ø  EBIC pamphlet

Ø  “Waterfront bar drowning under $1.56 million in tax debt” Buffalo News

Ø  “City overpays as hauler bills trash as garbage” by Susan Schulman, Buffalo News 5/08/94

Ø  NYS Waste Management Newsletter 5/1994

Ø  “How does privatization look now?” By Thomas P. Mullen, Buffalo News, 5/18/94

Ø  “Integrated Waste diverting itself of collection business” by John T. Ebert, Olean Times Herald

Ø  “Local stocks post best performance in 5 and ½ years” by David Robinson, Buffalo News

Ø  “Integrated Waste posts $18 million loss” by David Robinson, Buffalo News 4/05/95

Ø  “Gross jailed in racketeering” by Dan Herbeck 1/23/97

Ø  “Use of funds raised with Nanula’s aid questioned” by Robert J. McCarthy

Ø  “Integrated Waste Expects $4.3 million quarterly loss” Buffalo News 4/23/92


Ø  “Integrated Waste delisted from Nasdaq market” 6/10/1997

Ø  “Integrated Waste Services sees profitability arriving soon” by David Robinson 9/20/96

Ø  “Taxpayers burned in refuse-billing dispute” by Thomas J. Nolan 6/19/99

Ø  “Integrated Waste profits increase 192% in quarter” by David Robinson, Buffalo News, 8/08/90

Ø  “Integrated Waste ends SEC registration” 1/17/98

Ø  “Profits will pick up in second quarter, half, Integrated Waste’s stockholders told” by David Robinson, Buffalo News 7/30/92

Ø  Environmental Impact Statement

Ø  “Three WNY counties on list of ozone violators” by John F. Boafatti, Buffalo News, 12/07/03

Ø  “Cattaraugus County saves $1.2 million by recycling” by Rick Miller, Olean Times Herald, 4/21/95

Ø  “Chromium-laced soil to come out at Vander Horst” by Tom Donahue

Ø  “Salamanca Waste Water Plant recycles 100% of treated biosolids 1/22/01

Ø  “Garbage rate increase hearing slated” by Rick Miller, Times Herald, 5/21/01

Ø  “County to hold hearings on smoking waiver, refrigerator disposal” by Rick Miller, Olean Times Herald, 1/27/04

Ø  “County Implements New Recycling Rules”

Ø  (Yellow-clipped folder) General news articles


Ø  Mayville letters

Ø  WNY Trout Talk---Trout Unlimited Volumes

Ø  PA Environmental Newsletter

Ø  Albany Report

Ø  Citizens’ Campaign For the Environment Newsletter

Ø  Citizens Environmental Coalition to Judge Casutto 1/15/92

Ø  Wall Street Journal on garbage 1993

Ø  “The Egg” An Eco-Justice Quarterly, Spring 1993 Vol. 13, No. 2


Ø  “Waste Not” 8/29/91

Ø  Monroe County dump facts and news articles

Ø  “Cattaraugus County Advantage” newsletters

Ø  Journal of Environmental Permitting, Vol. 1, No. 4 Fall of 1992

Ø  “Everyone’s Backyard” bulletins


Ø  “New York Waste Management Reporter” newsletter


Ø  “Environmental Coalition” and various newsletters


Ø  “Everyone’s Backyard” editions


Ø  “Everyone’s Backyard” editions


Ø  “Need’s” newsletter



Ø  Cornell Waste Management Institute


Ø  Misc. environmental bulletins


Ø  “Citizens Environmental Coalition” newsletters and posters


Ø  “Everyone’s Backyard” newsletters and Citizens Clearing House pamphlet

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