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  General questions about the Farmersville proposal

  Christmas edition of CCCC newsletter 1991

  CCCC raffle and elections info 1991

  CCCC answer to town boards letter 1994

  2/17/92 CCCC information about public scoping meeting

  1992 CCCC calendar dates

  CCCC timeline of events 1992

  7/15/92 scoping documents, to be final by 7/27

  8/17/92 results of 3/18 and 3/19 scoping meetings

  Dumpsters Unlimited Road Rally 10/17/92

  CCCC Newsletter 3/93

  CCCC Newsflash 6/93

  CCCC Vol. 2, No. 1 , 12/15/01

  CCCC Vol. 10, No. 1, 3/9/02

  CCCC Vol. 11, No. 2, 9/30/03

  CCCC Vol. 12, No. 1, 2/09/04

  CCCC Vol. 13, No. 1, 4/2005

  CCCC Vol. 12, No. 2, 12/15/04


  Letter to Gary Abraham from Kathy Kellogg

  CCCC membership form

  CCCC membership form with citizens alert

  CCCC Newsletter 7/1995

  CCCC Newsletter summer 1996

  CCCC ad for local elections

  CCCC Newsletter 8/1997

  CCCC Fall update 1998

  CCCC Treasurer Romy Knittel 6/29/95

  Draft for CCCC newsletter on public comments

  CCCC summary for siting concerns

  Press release from CCCC 9/22/93 on formal review Farmersville Dump Committee

  CCCC info sheet for 6/15/93 talk by ICES at St. Bonas

  CCCC newsletter to residents of Angelica, NY

  Village of Allegany Water Dept. letter to residents

  NYSDEC letter to CCCC providing IWS response to Notice of Complete Application

  CCCC petition and comments on IWS air permit

  Hudsonia letters and pamphlets to CCCC

  Senator Jess J. Present letter to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC concerning the dump proposal

  CCCC press release 8/20/94

  Kathy Kellogg comments on dump proposal

  CCCC letter to Gary Abraham on EIS

  By-Laws of CCCC

  IRS statement to CCCC 6/1993




  Letter to CCCC board from the By-Laws committee

  CCCC letter to concerned local citizen Edith Schrot 1/26/92

  12/01/93 CCCC letter to By-Laws committee members

  9/05/93 letter from By-Laws committee to CCCC

  CCCC proposed amendment to its constitution

  CCCC certificate of incorporation

  1994 incorporated amendments

  CCCC registration form

  NYS Notice of Registration form and filing date

  NYS Dept. of State Division of Corporations and State records filing receipt

  IRS letter to CCCC 7/18/93

  CCCC tax grant form

  CCCC Act No. 17-2001, recreating the CCCC Farmersville Task Force

  3/10/04 letter from Gerald Fitzpatrick, chair of CCCC legislature, to Gary Abraham announcing Abraham as a member of CCCC Farmersville Task Force

  5 Cattaraugus County memorandums to CCCC Farmersville Task Force

  CCCC Farmersville Task Force meeting notes and agenda

  6/02/95 CCCC letter to Jess Fitzpatrick, chair of Cattaraugus Co. legislature

  CCCC Farmersville Task Force members list

  Cattaraugus Co. memorandum, to CCCC Farmersville Task Force 1996

  CCCC letter to Mark Williams, chair of Public Works Committee, from Gary Abraham, about solid waste proposal 3/2001

  CCCC entry list, contributors list, meeting agenda list 2004

  You Have a Right to Know The Farmersville Landfill (Kathy Kelloggs copy)

  CCCC letter to Gary Abraham 5/26/1999



  CCCC well surveys (over 100) of local residents with wells for water source

  CCCC fishing surveys and comments


  University at Buffalo legal advice to Kathy Kellogg, President of CCCC

  CCCC letter to George Pataki 1994

  CCCC to Judge Casutto on proposed salt mine

  Oral comments from legislature session 11/2/95

  CCCC press release 10/13/94..Rural NY Environmental leaders challenge Cuomo and Pataki to a debate

  CCCC Special Edition: Farmersville 3/09/02


  CCCC request of Mayor Griffin

  CCCC Farmersville Task Force release

  CCCC hopeful about Farmersville town board cooperation

  CCCC trial notes

  Letter to Kathy Kellogg from NYSDEC 1/11/93

  CCCC letter to board members 10/23/92

  University at Buffalo legal assistant Nils Olsen to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC 12/18/92

  CCCC correspondence between CCCC and Judge Stan Lundine 1993

  Kathy Kelloggs copy of Trout Unlimited


  Dimensions, Inc., letters to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC 1991

  CCCC site studies 2/24/92

  NYSDEC: In the Matter of the Application of IWS-Petition for Full Party Status

  Kathy Kellogg of CCCC correspondence to U.S Dept. of the Interior on wetlands


  Mitigation measures 8/28/93

  Letter to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC from Linda Higgins, Tonawanda, NY, about Farmersville landfill

  6/13/92 letter to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC about IWS liner system

  2/22/93 letter to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC from Rich Klein about land usage

  Letter to NSA members from Charlotte, sludge update 6/1997

  Correspondence between CCCC and local schools to setup talks about Farmersville landfill proposal

  Correspondence between Kathy Kellogg of CCCC and NYSDEC on Farmersville landfill proposal

  Army Corps of Engineers correspondence to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC

  CCCC letter to Rob Freeman, Committee on Open Government 9/03/91

  CCCC fact sheet


  IRS tax data and correspondence between IRS and CCCC

  CCCC application to IRS for 503(c) permit status..denied 5/06/93

  CCCC By-Laws, incorporation, draft of amendment documents


  12/15/94 letter to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC from Arnold and Porter, LLP (Mike Gerrard)

  NYSDEC letter to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC 2/12/92

  U.S Dept. of the Interior and U.S Fish and Wildlife Service letters to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC


  CCCC groundwater survey and results of local residents


  CCCC Newsflash and calendar events 1993

  CCCC newsletters, voting information, and organization information 1993

  Correspondence between Kathy Kellogg of CCCC and local churches and Environmental Action Problems 1994


  CCCC fact sheets and order forms

  Kathy Kellogg of CCCC fathers video about IWS landfill sent to local residents by IWS


  Citizens Clearing House for Hazardous Wastes, Inc. (CCHW) letter to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC

  Terry Martin, Bill Sprague, Bill Andrews-Dept. of Economic Development, Tourism, and Planning, to Kathy Kellogg of CCCC 11/15/93

  An Invitation to Join CCCC membership forms

  How to Win Public Hearings

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