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Box No. 5a

Landfill Information


  IWS ROC comments

  IWS letter to Clark Engineer and Associates about work on Farmersville

  NYDEC memorandum Bad Actor Policy 8/1991

  Bad Actor Policy revised

  Geostow Environmental Management Facility Introduction

  NYDEC memorandum 6/04/96 denying IWS a landfill permit

  Landcom, Inc. letter to offer to sell property in Albion and Murray, NY

  Draft-resolution in opposition to U.S dumping of Canadian solid waste

  NYDEC Preconstruction permit


  Letter to Carol Bellizzi (U.S EPA) from Joe Sciascia of the NYDEC

  U.S EPA letter to Joe Sciascia about the Air State Facility Permit

  NYDEC letter to Mr. Steven C. Riva, Chief Permit Advisor of U.S EPA

  NYDEC letter to Mr. Heitzenrater about complete DEC permits-they are complete

  NYDEC Notice of Public Hearing and Notice of Availability of draft permit to IWS

  NYDEC memorandum to IWS, confirmation of scheduling hearing 5/03/04

  Professional history information by John W. Thackston

  NYDEC letter to William L. Heitzenrater (IWS) on Freshwater Wetland Classification

  NYDEC letter to Heitzenrater about completeness of air quality comments

  URS responses to comments, NYDEC to Kenneth Taft

  NYDEC to Heitzenrater request for additional information regarding 5/24/04 submission

  U.S EPA Part 360 landfill data

  URS agreed parametric schedule

  Federal and proposed state wetlands report Southern Tier Solid Waste Management Facility


  General comments on DEIS pre-draft

  NYDEC memorandum to Ms. Annette Sansone

  NYDEC letter to Heitzenrater---preliminary application review comments

  DEIS letter to Kenneth Taft on IWS permit application

  Weather disposal agreements

  NYS Assoc. For Solid Waste Management letter to Kenneth Taft

  NYSAR letter to Kenneth Taft

  NYDEC fax numbers

  Cattaraugus County Dept. of Public Works Division of Solid Waste letter to Mr. Dave Rivet in Little Valley, NY

  NYDEC Hearing Request 9-0438-00004/00003-9

  Seneca Nation of Indians Environmental Protection Dept. letter to the U.S EPA on proposed IWS landfill in Farmersville

  Set of various topographical maps


  Mark J. Philips letter to Kenneth Taft (NYDEC) requesting the DEC deny a permit for the proposed IWS landfill in Farmersville

  Farmersville IWS site photos (enclosed in envelope)

  Site Review and Update---Olean Well Field 4/21/94

  Superfund Proposed Plan---Olean Well Field 7/03/1996

  U.S EPA public meeting agenda 7/16/96

  (2 packets) Map of site plan Olean Well Field

  Articles about Olean Well Field

  Kenneth Taft (NYDEC) correspondence

  Traffic comments from Kenneth Taft

  Jeff M. Reed letter to Kenneth Taft regarding proposed IWS landfill in Farmersville


  Yellow paper comments on landfill specs

  DEC 1st comment period comments

  Southern Tier West memorandum 5/18/93

  Bergslien email to Kenneth Taft 1/02/04

  Elisa Bergslien information

  Well completion form from NYDEC

  Kenneth Taft emails

  Memorandum request for slope station report


  Comments on AFI Environmentals Hydrogeological Site Investigation Report

  Dr. Rob Jacobi, University at Buffalo, letter to Gary Green : Report on geological mapping in Farmersville

  Statement of facts from IWS

  Kenneth Taft letter from Geoltyclo Cycle, Inc.

  NYDEC application for access to records

  Things You Should Know About the Farmersville Landfill ad


  NYDEC letter from Judge Casutto on NYCRR Parts 622, 624, 481

  NYDEC Notice of Time Extension For Relenting Public Comments

  NYDEC Project Description 1/13/93

  NYDEC Positive Declaration amend SEQRA regulations

  NYDEC letter to Judge Casutto 2/03/93

  Retrospective fact story on the Farmersville dump

  NYDEC news release 5/27/94

  Comments on the Scope of Issues for the Part 360 Permit Application of Southern Tier Waste Services, Inc. To Construct and Operate a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in Farmersville, NY


  Rust Environmental and Infrastructure Farmersville landfill area photos

  Information document for public scoping meeting---Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement 3/24/99

  (Yellow envelope) Ischua Creek photos to Gary Abraham from E. L. Heintz of Franklinville, NY

  Army Corps of Engineers letter to Mr. Pero---Application Incomplete

  Faults and the Farmersville Site by Dr. Robert Jacobi and Dr. Gerald Smith 4/12/04


  State of NYDEC Petition of Town of Farmersville For Full Party Status in Application of IWS, Inc. to Judge Casutto

  A Socioeconomic Impact Report on the STWS Town of Farmersville landfill 9/21/93---revised 12/23/99

  NYDEC correspondence to Mr. William L. Heitzenrater of IWS about the landfill permit application

  Site map

  URS corporation on behalf of IWS 12/14/01

  Clark Patterson Associates Full Site Plan Landscape maps 1/31/02


  DEIS correction comments

  98-Farmersville site soil information with maps

  Jay T. Pierce, U.S EPA, letters 3/14/94

  Sociology Research Project by Nancy Baker, 5/11/92

  Socioeconomic Impact Report 12/17/2000

  Soil Description Report of landfill site

  Cattaraugus County Soil Survey Legend and Soils Descriptions and related maps


  Harwood Lake Multiple Use Area Management Plan 1985 Addendum

  Double liner information

  Using double liners in landfill design and operation by George R. Schevon

  Project descriptions (landfill) from AFI Environmental and IWS 1992

  1992 AFI and Landcom reports on the proposed IWS landfill in Farmersville

  10/30/92 AFI Environmental letter to NYDEC


  NYDEC letter to Mr. Ed Schiller, Baft Environmental Consulting Engineers 4/29/92

  NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets Position paper 6/06/94

  AFI Siting surveys and responses 1991 (yellow envelope)

  NYDEC to Mr. Wachter: Re: IWS landfill proposal 5/20/93

  NYDEC scoping comments 7/21/92

  NYDEC project descriptions for Mr. Sam Ricotta 2/13/1992

  Conceptual Review notes for the landfill along with NYDEC comments

  Archeological information on the site

  Significance, issues, and facts, on IWS Farmersville landfill

  AFI Ecological resources---prior to final acceptance of current DEIS


  The Cost of Municipal Solid Waste Management in NYS by Tom P. DiNapoli


  Kenneth Taft (NYDEC) water issue facts and documents on landfill proposal

  Orleans and Albion Sanitary Landfill information


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