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Box No.4

General Environmental Information


Ø  “Incinerator Ash Storage in the Salt Mines of the Genesee Valley: A Solution to a problem or a problem in itself?” By Frances Gotsik 11/08/88

Ø  “Landfill Gas Primer: An Overview for Environmental Health Professionals” 11/2001

Ø  Requirements for state plans for implementing municipal solid waste landfills

Ø  Local topographic maps

Ø  “Garbage fees likely to rise” by Brendan Scott, Olean Times Herald, 7/06/04

Ø  Flood Plan Information for the Alleghany River

Ø  Cattaraugus Co. precipitation levels 1994

Ø  Kenneth Taft on local wildlife, from Stephan W. Eaton, Professor of Biology at St. Bonaventure University

Ø  NYSDEC pamphlets on fish

Ø  NYSDEC conservation pamphlets and fact sheet

Ø  “The Fishes of Olean Creek, Cattaraugus Co., NY” by F. Liegey E. H. Donahue and S.W. Eaton

Ø  1999 Status of Fishes of The Alleghany River Watershed of NYS


Ø  Update of fish species records in Olean/Ischua Sub-basin since 1955

Ø  “Gravity delineation of the pre-glacial Cazenovia River Valley”

Ø  Brochure on radon

Ø  “Recycling adds up”

Ø  Environmental impact articles, various local newspapers

Ø  AVM Gowanda Project Update fact sheet

Ø  CCCC environmental impact statement

Ø  “Conservation Today” bulletin

Ø  “Enchanted Mountains” bulletin

Ø  NYSDEC fish surveys


Ø  AKZO update information Fall of 1993

Ø  Report on NYS garbage

Ø  Earth Dimensions, Inc. Review of Geologic, Hydrologic, and Soils Data prepared for CCCC 1992

Ø  General notes on Farmersville area drainage

Ø  General environmental pamphlets on wetlands

Ø  General environmental information on waste

Ø  NYPIRG information on ash


Ø  Ash management in the aftermath of Chicago v. EDF

Ø  “The Resource and Blazing Tattles” bulletins

Ø  “Where Will the Garbage Go” by Assemblyman Tom P. DiNapoli 1993


Ø  General environmental notes

Ø  Geology of Cattaraugus Co. by Irving H. Tesmer, Buffalo, NY 1975

Ø  “A Study of the Clarendon-Linden Fault Zone in Allegany County” by Dr. Robert Jacobi and Dr. John Foutain

Ø  “The Natural Geological Setting of Central Allegany County and the Implications Concerning the Proposed Hyland Ash Monofill in Angelica, NY” by James R.M. Goodwin 9/27/90

Ø  “Infectious Waste Disposal” by Wayne L. Turnberg, M.S.P.H

Ø  Leachate Recirculation

Ø  “Groundwater Pollution by Municipal Landfills”

Ø  “Municipal Solid Waste Management in Lined Dry Tomb Landfills” 3/1992

Ø  12/03/94 EPA Project Summaries, Landfill Leachate Clogging of Soil Filters


Ø  “N.C Sanitary Landfills: Leachate Generation, Management, and Water Quality Impacts” 3/1989

Ø  “Do Landfills Really Leak Hazardous Materials?”

Ø  Modelling of two-dimensional containment migration in a layered and fractured zone beneath landfills

Ø  Economics, land use, and zoning

Ø  General environmental facts on sludge

Ø  Facts on safety, smudge, recycling, and emergency responses

Ø  Facts on composting and the “NYS Composite Reporter”

Ø  “Political Difficulties Facing Waste-to Energy Conversion Plant-Siting” by Cerrell Associates

Ø  Canadian garbage and foreign garbage fact sheets for proposed IWS landfill

Ø  Ancillary components fact sheet

Ø  Olean Flood Plain Information

Ø  Local wetland information and petition

Ø  Information about the danger of local fisheries because of proposed landfill

Ø  Facts on dangers of waste disposal and contamination of groundwater

Ø  GAO, 4/190, Reports to chairman and subcommittee on Transportation and Health Materials…..Non-hazardous Waste and Hazardous Waste


Ø  Conserving Open Space in NYS 1995

Ø  “Toxics Release Inventory: Public Data Release” 1991 by the U.S EPA

Ø  “Program Planning and Proposal Writing” Expanded version

Ø  Green Party platform summary 2004 (green pamphlet)


Ø  Agenda workshop on Gravel Mine Land Reclamation 6/11/94

Ø  NYPIRG information packet on medical waste

Ø  The Hazards of Burning Garbage, Citizen’s Environmental Coalition


Ø  Dovetail-Ten Key Values of the Greens/Green Party USA

Ø  NYSDEC “Water Week” 5/1-7-94


Ø  Chapter 25D…..Environmental Justice and Equity Issue Synopsis

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